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150 4th Ave N, 20th Floor, Nashville, Tennessee 37219 USA

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About Moving Forward America LLC

150 4th Ave N, 20th Floor
Nashville, Tennessee

At Moving Forward America, we strive to make your moving experience as stress free as possible. That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of services to help your move go smoothly. A few of our service options include:

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Joel Vallett


Nightmare That Keeps Getting Worse

I contracted out with the company to move my things from Boise, ID to Cedar City, UT on April 03 of 2019. With the storage of my items for a few months, through the end of July. Looking at the BBB website, it appears that something has gone terribly wrong with this company from the end of May to the end of July.

Getting the move set up there were no initial red flags. We walked through the items three times before the move and it seemed like everything was all set. Then the day before the move they called and told me that I needed to move all the things out of my dresser drawers because they were no longer going to secure my drawers shut. After rushing to get that taken care of the day of the move came and they were supposed to be at my home between 9:00 and 11:00 AM.

Around 10:00 AM they called to say they would not be there until after 2:00 PM, which ended up being 3:00 PM. When they moved my things they made no effort to protect my items. They also were not prepared to move my piano, which I had told their dispatch team previously was a stand-up piano. I had to borrow a furniture dolly from a neighbor for them to use. Throughout the entire move, they would move a few things and then take a smoke break. What should have been an easy two-hour move took nearly five hours.

Finally, after I had closed on my home, I contacted them to schedule a pick-up date. All of this has had to occur through email, because their customer service department does not answer their phone (877)566-0331. All their other numbers have been disconnected or no longer receive calls. I am assuming they have blocked my number.

When I have requested to speak with a person, I get no response. When I asked for another copy of my contract (4249180) they do not respond. When I have asked where my things actually are, I get no response. This is after they promised that my things would be stored in temperature-controlled storage space. I doubt that this is the case. The only response I can somewhat get, is they are still waiting to hear from their Dispatch Department to schedule the move. When I asked to speak to dispatch myself, I still get no response.

I really just want to know where my things are and if there is even an estimate of when they will be delivered. After looking at all the other complaints on the BBB site, most of them between June and July of this year, I have no great expectations, just the hope that I will actually get my stuff and it will not be terribly ruined.

Robert A Stanley


Never Again

Pickup on Friday June 21st - Delivery on Sunday June 30th.

I would not use this company again, and I am going to tell my story with 4 lies that were told to me and my family by Moving forward America, along with the terrible customer service and a no call no show.

Now granted we did add a some items, so we were okay with the added expense as my move went from around $4,500 to over $8,000. I spoke with John from Moving Forward America and he said since our move was increasing in size that we would have a truck to ourselves and described the pull behind style of their new trailer and how cool it was because you can fit more than a tractor trailer in it, but it's lower to the ground.
I then made sure to ask that even if the inventory changes we should be good to go on the price because we are getting the whole truck, which he confirmed so I got a cashiers check for the remaining balance. He even said that he was going to keep items off of the inventory to help us with the cost, but not to worry because we are getting the whole truck.

Fast forward - Delivery is getting closer and I receive a call on Wednesday that my move is now going to cost an additional $5000 because of the amount of space we took up on the truck. Wait...John said we were getting the whole truck right?

That was Lie #1 I called customer service and got shuffled around until finally Dylan apologized for the mistake but still insisted on charging me extra for the move albeit additional $3078 as opposed to over $5000.

They also charged me additionally for a straight delivery, about another $1200. I was able to get them to essentially cut that in half, but keep reading for why that was still too much.

Lie #2, The driver himself told me he was going to Aberdeen, North Carolina after our pick up to help with a box truck that his boss told him to help with. That is not a direct delivery.
So I called them on it and explained that I am not paying for a direct delivery.

They said that no one else's stuff is on the truck except ours.
That was Lie #3, because in order to unload my stuff, the driver said he had to unload another families things first. Again, I was supposed to have the whole truck according to John for a little over $8000.

So before delivery, I was told that the drivers should arrive no later than Friday, June 29th. Okay fine, well we wait for delivery with no calls from the company. Finally I call them and ask where our stuff is, and I get told a story that the drivers were pulled over in Texas due to damage to the panels on the trailer and they need to stay in Texas and get it fixed. The damage was there in New York mind you. Well guess where the other families stuff was from that needed to come off first? You guessed it, Texas. Also when the trailer arrived, it was still damaged which raises questions about the safety and security of
my belongings. That was Lie #4.

So I called customer service and they said that my delivery would be on Saturday. Okay, we can still make that work as it was the weekend, I'll spend the day at home and wait. No one shows up on Saturday, and I get no calls from the company. I left 3 voicemails with customer service and finally sent an email using their website. I get an email back from Dylan saying that he apologizes for the inconvenience and is going to personally talk to his customer service team. So my day is gone, but his is sorry, doesn't seem equitable.

Looking now, there are scratches on expensive furniture, washer, and dryer, and my $1500 bed frame is basically useless because there are feet missing from it.

Honestly I am more concerned about the lies and deceptions that the company uses to get more money than I am about the moving crew themselves. If I was just rating the crew, they would have likely been a 3 overall, but Moving Forward America as a company is a 1 to me and my family after this fiasco.



Moving Forward America

I hired Moving Forward America and indicated I would be using my credit card. They set me up with a moving company that didn't accept credit cards and I didn't find out until the movers arrived. They did nothing to assist me nor could I reach the Coordinator Luis as he promised if I needed help. The estimate they provide wasn't accurate and ended up having to pay more. Don't trust them, the moving company AM/PM doesn't provide cubic feet figures on pick-up or a calculation of how many you have. I had to obtain a loan in order to get my household goods delivered. Moving Forward will get their fees and drop you.

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