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301 D Dominion Drive, Morrisville, North Carolina 27560 USA
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About Marrins Mooving

301 D Dominion Drive
Morrisville, North Carolina

Marrins Moving was established in 1997. Each of our experienced North Carolina moving team members is vetted to the highest possible degree and is dedicated to offering nothing less than an exceedingly reliable and superior level of service and support. Being an ally to you in this often stressful time is our goal, so we strive to make your moving experience as smooth and convenient as possible. Once you’ve contacted us for your moving needs, a veteran Marrins mover will come out and complete a free on-site assessment of what you’re moving and what it will take to be moved. You will then be given a verbal estimate for your move. This will be the final cost of your move, with absolutely no surprises! To help you get started, we can even provide all necessary packing supplies, including FREE blankets and tape!

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Brian Chmura


Very unprofessional and tried to over charge

For those of you getting ready to move I wanted to share my recent (last week) move with Marrins Moving. I had used them for my last move and had a positive experience so I called them again this go round. But this crew was highly unprofessional, careless, wasted time I was paying for and there were attempted overcharges at the end of the day. They arrived with their blankets and straps in a dishevelled heap on the floor of the truck. They took personal phone calls while working, even while moving furniture up or down stairs. At one point when I hadn't seen any of them in a while I went upstairs and found them laying down behind a closed bedroom door. They lost 30 minutes at the move out location due to poor truck planning. They did not wrap furniture appropriately, doing a poor job and often not even bothering. Once we got to the new location, they were very reckless brining things in and marked up the walls in more than a dozen places. Still finding new scuffs and scrapes days on. Once everything was off the truck, the two helpers threw the blankets in the truck and went and sat in the cab where they made inappropriate comments about the realtor on site at the model across the street. I was worried she would hear them. The main guy was still putting furniture together and asked me to help him do that and help him move a few last pieces into place. I was still paying for the time of the guys sitting in the air conditioned truck. I called them on this at settle up time and had him write off the last 30 minutes since I worked and 2/3 of them didn't. Then I found that despite my repeated reminders to them on the phone when I first booked and then called in to give my deposit, they were charging me for full replacement value insurance (a sucker bet on 3 mile move in a truck that never exceeded 40mph). They also tried to charge me $120 for 3 boxes to move flat screen TVs which they didn't box (they tossed an untaped blanket over each one, crammed them in the very back of the truck and "held them in place" with a hand truck. Not worth $120 clearly. They also stole a grill cover (guessing because they weren't happy with my frustration with them). I put it on the truck myself (because their rough handling of the grill led to a door falling off and also the bottom tray so I took the cover off so they could at least see the damage they were causing and carried it to the truck and put it on myself. Not the biggest deal ($60 to replace) but it's the principle of the thing. I know exactly where it was on the truck and it is not here and they know I wasn't happy about the way they handled the grill.

Anyway, just wanted to share so you don't have an experience like mine. I've moved 8 times in the 22 years I've been in NC and this is by far the worst experience I've ever had with a move. Despite disputing the bill, no one from Marrins has reached out to discuss and I've not been asked for any feedback (or thanked for using their service). I don't know if they changed hands or what but they went from a professional operation you could trust and appropriately pay the premium to over lesser service offerings around to a company that delivered a poor value proposition, tried to sneak on charges, was socially inappropriate, and isn't interested in whether their customers are satisfied or have feedback to share.

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