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421 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601 USA

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About First Class Moving and Storage

421 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, North Carolina

First Class Moving and Storage is your go-to moving company when looking for fast, reliable, and affordable moving services for local and long distance needs in the United States. We take great pride in the fact that we are one of the highest recommended movers in the country. We have been serving the industry for many years now and we struggle to always run that extra mile for each and every one of our customers. This is why we only add the most skilled and experienced moving experts to our team. We know a job done right speaks louder than any business card or review. If you are looking for high quality, trustworthiness, and commitment from day zero until your goods will safely reach your new address, your search can stop here.

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OMG!!! My move was on-time, efficient, and very professional!!!

I would recommend this company to anyone! I was a bit skeptical to use a moving company, thinking that they would not treat me furniture with care. The Manager and his crew were amazing these guys handled my furniture with care, they were on time, fast and careful. if I ever need to move again, with no hessitation would I call them back.

Bob Leone


Really friendly service!

I'm calling First Class Moving and Storage again just two months after my last move - I have to move again and there was no question who I was going to call.

These guys are helpful, very professional, fast, and very fair pricing. Nothing was damaged at all in the move. They wrapped everything with both speed and care. My art and framed things were carefully wrapped and protected in a special place in the truck.

Look no further, fellow First Class Moving and Storage. You can feel confident about these guys.



Wonderful, quick, and amazing service! Highly recommended!!

Just moved yesterday and used First Class Moving and Storage. I got a quote super fast when I called and set up was very easy. The team showed up and started moving everything fast and efficiently. They were very professional and friendly. I have a lot of furniture and boxes and they were able to move everything in 3 hours. Highly recommend on your next move. I will definitely be calling them again. I've used three different movers prior and it wasn't as friendly and efficient as First Class Moving and Storage.

Carl Yanez


They moved everything efficiently and service was great!

We had an awesome experience with them. These guys are friendly and cooperative. Our work was done in 3 hrs. And their rates are super competetive
We did the booking in 1 day advance, and these ppl came in time. We had opted for 2 worker and a truck and it was sufficient for us.

Gary Gutierrez


A completely calm and positive experience.

The and his team are awesome! Arrived on time and even had wardrobe boxes for me because I forgot to buy them before.

Efficient and thorough. They did a great job wrapping all of my furniture, ensuring they were covered in blankets, with no hidden costs. Also, because I'm moving cross country, The manager took extra care to explain the process for what to expect from the move experience, and that I understood how important the furniture tags and inventory list were to my move.

Really enjoyed working with them. Highly recommend them to others.

Matthew Rey


They were quick, careful and professional.

The Manager and his crews did a great job moving our house. They were very efficient and hard working!

One caveat... this moving company, and others I've used in the past... give you a discount if you give them a good help review while they are standing there.

It's smart... but it makes it a bit hard to trust all the reviews. That said, the manager and his crews were fine movers and I would rec this company.



Definitely the best choice!

Great, super efficient service. The Manager and hist crews got my 1 bedroom moved in 3 hours, and were incredibly friendly and careful.

Very much worth it, money well spent. Would definitely recommend.

Porfirio Breault


These guys are super efficient and helpful.

A surprisingly convenient and easy way to store your boxes, bike, etc!
I came in yesterday with half of my apartment in boxes and was able to pack away everything safe and secure into pods. They have different sized pods for however much space you need.
Great monthly rate and no additional charge of you want to add more things or take out thing from your pod! (Just a 48 hour notice)

Super close to where I am moving and really friendly service!

Rick Hooks


Great company.

First Class Moving & Storage experience movers were prompt, super fast, and really friendly, nice people. They wrapped all of my stuff up, handled everything with care and then helped put things back together and re arrange my new apartment. I will definitely use First Class Moving & Storage again!



I would NEVER use or recommend this company

Beware of the quoted price. We were quoted 1400. We had exactly the furniture we told them, however we had about 15 additional regular size Rubbermaid tubs. They charged us $700 extra, which seem excessive, but not much we could do at the last minute! Then when they deliverered our furniture they had a 65 ft truck, which was way bigger than what they needed for our stuff. They couldn't get that huge truck into the condo complex so they demanded an extra $500. The Company refused to negotiate or even listen to our complaint. I feel like I got scammed on both ends of the transaction. In other words what we we quoted was 1400. And what we were forced to pay was 2600. In fairness, our extra boxes should have cost between 200 or 300, but not the 700 we were forced to pay. It definitely was not our problem that their truck was to big, and they never warned us that an extra charge was possible for this. I'm feeling scammed! I would NEVER use or recommend this company!!!!



Don't ever use this company

Don't ever use this company!!!!! They lie from day one. Manager said this company has trucks going to Florida all the time and that the move would be pretty fast. The movers that came to my house charged me twice as much was agreed. They left 2 boxes behind and had to come back for them. That took 2 days. it has now been 4 weeks and I still don't have my stuff. Don't use this company!!! They are not truthful, nor do they provide good service.



Awful experience

Pretty awful experience. The two stars go to manager because she was incredibly nice and helpful. The two movers did show up on time but they somehow took 5 hours to move 2 bedroom sets down Divis...hmmm...They also bashed a huge hole in my wall and when they were questioned about it all of the sudden they didn't speak a lick of English. They got lazy towards the final hour (maybe to stretch it and make it last longer?) and actually started carrying in one thing at a time. A few boxes somehow broke on the ride over and they were literally bringing one pack of computer paper at a time. Needless to say, I would look around for other movers.




This company is not accommodating won't attempt to bring truck into driveway. They are rude customer service rep. For instance we asked for manager and told that he would call us. We asked when the lady said I don't know I'm not him. When we set up the appointment told 3 rooms an to them it doesn't include dressers box spring an charge more. A good share of our house hold furniture was broken. I SUGGEST NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.



I'm quite surprised at the good ratings here

Honestly I'm quite surprised at the good ratings here. I'm not sure if mine will be deleted or something, but if it survives and you see it, I want to warn you, seriously: think again before you decide to hire them.

I just had the worst moving experience ever. Over the last 10 years, I used 4 different moving companies, and this one is definitely the worst. My move was a simple one: with all my previous experience, I packed everything well, and stacked all boxes at a height that's easy to get onto the moving carts. I don't have a lot of furnatures (if you come to my house you'll see that 2 bedrooms & the living room is literally empty) since I knew we weren't going to live in the last rental for long. My friend just moved a couple of weeks ago. His house is absolutely more packed than mine, and the floor plans of the old and new places are similar. Guess what: while his moving company spent 3 hrs and 15 minutes to finish everything (the two places were 5 minutes apart, like mine), First class moving and storage, with the 3 movers they sent me, used 4 hrs. I know, that's not too bad, but they charged me 5 hours!!! Why? because they asked to go to lunch after loading up, and said they'll come back in 1 hr and 10 min. Naively, I said okay, thinking that they might just be tired and need a break. 1 hr later, when we came back from our lunch, they have arrived (god knows how long). After unloading, the total time spent in moving is 4 hrs, plus the 5 min in between the places, the charges should be 4hrs and 15 min (they charge in quarters). They said "no no no, it's at least 5 hrs! we're giving you a 15 minute discount already." and guess what, they counted from the time they arrived till the time they finished, with the 70 min in between that they took for lunch! I said I'm not paying for your lunch time, and they said they finished in 10 min and spent the rest of the time waiting for me!!! I said, first, you told me to come back after 70 min, and second, you have my phone number, why not call me, they refused to acknowledge what they said, and said it's my responsibility to be there, otherwise they'll just take their rest. I called their management to complain, and got the same treatment. Being mad and don't want to spend more time arguing endlessly, I paid 5 hours. Well, being a nice guy, I still tipped them, $35 each (at a rate of $7/hr/person). They didn't even bother to say "thank you", instead, looked at the money, sniffed, shaked heads, as if I should have given a lot more. Unbelievably unprofessional and rude.

Now coming back to their service. As I mentioned, I've tried everything possible to make it easy to move, packed well & stacked well, so that the moving can be faster. They managed to still take a long time, because they spent a lot of time wrapping everything, even unnecessary things. I've had other companies moving my stuff and I know how professionals can be very prompt while efficient. I was estimating my home to take at a maximum 3:15 to finish. My wife and I talked about it before they finish, and thought at least they were trying to be thorough and didn't break anything, so let's tip them well, at $10/hr/person, based on 4 hrs moving. We certainly weren't thinking about saving (their service isn't cheap, pretty standard rate) and wanted to reward them, even though I was not very pleased by their speed already. and even after they forced me to pay 5 hrs, I still paid them decent tips (and look what I got...). The attitude including their management response are certainly the worst we've ever experienced.

Enough said. I've managed to forget this worst experience, but do want to warn : if you're thinking about them, beware! Manager sounded sweet over the phone, but she's not trusting me when I complained as a customer, and defended their movers as if all faults were mine. If you get a mover with the last name Ma, request a change immediately. This guy is a total jerk when it comes to charging you, and he's also the one who gave me the attitude at the $105 I tipped the 3 of them. I really regret my $555 spent total on this move: this is almost twice the amount I spent last time, with a full stomach of anger for a day that could be really pleasant otherwise.




This company is nothing more than a big scam. First they showed up 7 hours late. Told me my furniture would have to go back to there warehouse and be delivered the next day. Not what was on my agreement. Then the next day they were only 3 hours late. The minute they walk in your home they start looking for something to charge you more money. Then at the end they told me I could not use my credit card like we originally agreed but I had to go get them cash right now or they would not give me my stuff. They also sent a truck that had a lot of other peoples stuff on it and could not fit all my stuff so they just left it. I had to rent a haul and move it myself. Then they never wrapped any furniture in blankets like they were supposed to. My furniture is ruined as they dragged couches across the ground. I have documented all the damage and I am hiring an attorney. NIGHTMARE SCAM COMPANY....

Allen Stevens


This was easily the best, most comfortable move

This company is very professional, cordial, and hardworking. They moved a 6x12 snooker table for me and it could not have gone any better.

The Manager was a great guy and a very hard-worker. Throughout all the planning and logistics of moving such a heavy item a great distance, the manager was easy to get in touch with via email and phone. The Manager, It table was delivered on time and in pristine condition. It was a pleasure to work with you and your company. Thank you very much.

I wanted to say thanks to First Class Moving and Storage! I have heard many unpleasant moving stories when I asked my friends for recommendations. Last month I mymovingreviews and found First Class Moving and Storage and The manager came to help me move. It was fast, careful, and absolutely professional. I don’t usually take time to write reviews unless the service is really good. Moving could be painful but It truly was one of the best moving experiences I’ve had.

The service was just simply superior that I would recommend to any of my friends when they need to move. Thanks again.

Tommy Ham



I have booked First Class Moving & Storage twice now and really love this company. My first move was small because I was switching apartments within the same building and they were the only ones without a three-hour minimum and all sorts of fees on top.

The second move was from my business with breakable glass items and sensible electrics and they were as careful as could be.

Both moves went smoothly and swift. Their rates are really fair, even low for the service you receive. Both times they were super punctual, extremely careful with the items, bringing all padding and wrapping materials with them, very friendly and also quite flexible with dates, which was great for me because I had to switch moving dates on rather short notice.

My next move is coming up in a few weeks and I will surely use First Class Moving & Storage again.

Michael J


Fantastic job!

Tthese guys rock! We had to move my mom from a cabin back into our house.

These guys showed up early the day after Christmas, wrapped up and moved her heavy furniture down one set of stairs and up another.

Nothing was broken, they had a great attitude and moved her quickly.

We highly recommend these guys and will definitely use them again.

Benjamin Hall


very good too

This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. From the estimator through the last box, this crew was professional, courteous and energetic.

We had a huge move across town so we needed two trucks and four guys. The Manager and his crew packed the trucks and unpacked with ease and care. NOTHING BROKEN. Friendly guys that put in lots of hard work and in quick time. Always polite and took apart and assembled key items with ease.

Highly recommend this service for all in town moves. Well done First Class Moving & Storage.

Raymond Searcy


We were super uber happy with the service we received.

I have been known to move quite a bit and with lots of horrible experiences with moving companies, I always dread this day, after using First Class Moving and Storage. I can confidently say they are the ultimate best of the best. Not only was it efficient, professional, and overall the best moving experience I have ever endured.

Not to mention we had the Manager and his crew were honestly so fast and so accommodating. I am honestly flabbergasted with how amazing and seamless this move went. I would recommend this to my best friend and could go on and on with how amazing these guys did. They did not stop once and they even said to me word for word. we want to make sure this is as easy for you as possible.

He was super sweet and really listened to all my concerns. I had a lot of expensive and fragile stuff and everything was moved in pristine condition. I could go on and on about this company and these men in particular, but I think you get my point!

So pleased and relieved! Thank you times a million to the Manager and his team. You made this day so much easier than I have ever experienced. I am so grateful. Use First Class Moving and Storage.

Kendall White


Overall great experience

Recently moved to a new home. longdistancemovingcompaniesreviews really sold me on these guys. I was not disappointed!!

From the get- reservations to the truck leaving our driveway it was a smooth transaction.

They were on time. Worked super fast and efficiently. We moved a two bedroom townhome in under four hours.

They were friendly and worked really hard. Had all of our stuff set up to our liking and made sure we were all set before departing.

We were super uber happy with the service we received.

Roger Peacock


Very good service!

Highlights first:
-Best movers in Raleigh
-Best Pricing
-Flexible with moving dates
-Super Duper Fast Service

Parker Erickson


They are efficient, friendly, and dependable.

Awesome experience from beginning to end.

- called me back the same day that I filled in their online contact form and got me scheduled.
- called me the day of the move, before their estimated arrival window.
- were on time.
- only charged for the time it took them and not for the total amount of time reserved.
- are super nice guys.

Christopher Blue


The best choice

I emailed on Friday night, got a response within an hour with a quote and was able to set up movers for Saturday afternoon.

On the day of my move, I got a call to let me know when they were on the way.

They showed up on time, worked quickly but efficiently. They took pride in my items and I was very happy with how they wrapped everything and took care of my belongings.

When we got to my new place they worked equally as quick to move everything in and placed all of my items where they needed to be.

I was happy with their work. The quote I received was the amount I paid. No more. No add-ons.

The team were pleasant and very good at what they did.

I would definitely recommend them and would use them again if I need to move.

Thanks for a job well done!

Zachary Turner


Very Quickly Service

The manager and his guys are amazing!! I would recommend them to anyone and for any move. We moved about 45 min away and they managed to move our 3 bedroom apartment in about 5 hours. That is with the place we moved into being on the 4th floor WITHOUT an elevator and the trash truck making them move at out initial location. All 3 guys were very friendly and polite. They wrapped every piece of furniture and nothing was damaged!!

Seriously cant thank them and recommend them enough!!

Ryan Stpierre


Amazing moving experience

First Class Moving & Storage did great... They are extremely professional and affordable. The guys wrapped all the furniture that we asked and we quick and diligent. Perhaps they did not plan for as big of a move is what I described so some items could not fit in the truck.. but we have BIG furniture.

The guys worked really hard and took care of each piece of furniture. Going up the stairs in our new home was extremely difficult but these guys managed it.

I would highly recommend First Class Moving & Storage.

Richard B Schroder


I have to say the service was great.

Great guys to work with. They were very patient and accommodating with everything we asked.

Really cool and chill. Also, the rates are not bad at all.

I had the pleasure of working with the Manager and his team.

Will use them again in the future.



They are professional and courteous

Ive used them on 4 separate moves... All 4 times they have exceeded expectations.

-- They're reasonably priced
-- They show up on time and are detail oriented
-- They take precautions to make sure your stuff is not damaged
-- They provide boxes to help you pack some items if you ask
-- They can move heavy or awkwardly shaped items
-- They help arrange the house the way you want it when you arrive
-- They are professional and courteous

ANY time I move in the future I will continue to use their services.

Gerald Langley


Everything was wrapped securely.

My experience was AWESOME!!! I would highly recommend First Class Moving & Storage.

- Easy, quick scheduling/booking experience with Wolf
- Paul called me 5 days before my move to confirm the date/time, which put my mind at ease
- The movers who arrived, the team were GREAT. They were incredibly kind, professional, and efficient. I couldn't believe how quickly they got everything in & out, and they did it all with a positive attitude. They also disassembled and reassembled my bed during the process and I still can't believe how quick they were able to do it with such a high quality outcome.

Thank you for such a wonderful, stress-free moving experience!!

Donald Hunter


This really was the easiest move I have ever done!

Tthese guys rock! We had to move my mom from a cabin back into our house.
These guys showed up early the day after Christmas, wrapped up and moved her heavy furniture down one set of stairs and up another.

Nothing was broken, they had a great attitude and moved her quickly.

We highly recommend these guys and will definitely use them again.

Darnell Connor


Amazing moving experience!

They are super efficient and wonderfully kind and personable. First Class Moving & Storage was recommended to me by a friend and I would unreservedly pass on the recommendation. You can't find better than these guys, they're fantastic.

Calvin Rock


THEY ROCK.. will definitely be using them again!!!

My experience was AWESOME!!! I would highly recommend First Class Moving & Storage.

- Easy, quick scheduling/booking experience with Wolf
- Paul called me 5 days before my move to confirm the date/time, which put my mind at ease
- The movers who arrived, the team were GREAT. They were incredibly kind, professional, and efficient. I couldn't believe how quickly they got everything in & out, and they did it all with a positive attitude. They also disassembled and reassembled my bed during the process and I still can't believe how quick they were able to do it with such a high quality outcome.

Thank you for such a wonderful, stress-free moving experience!!

Peter Breton


Five Star

Prompt and personable!

Want your stuff moved safely and reasonably? They store your stuff too!

Owner is very easy going and honest!

Love this business!

Jessie Carnes


Excellent service specialized, cautious of items being packed.

They are amazing
Made moving a piece of cake
And they were not pricey at all!
I love the spirit of all the workers... Very nice and kind!!!

Daniel Tillman


Thanks, First Class Moving & Storage!

Five million stars for First Class Moving & Storage. Our movers were projected to arrive between 1-2pm, and they were actually EARLY to start our move, which we really appreciated. Our 3 movers were all friendly and personable and super careful with both our furniture and living spaces.

First Class Moving & Storage finished the job in less time than they had originally estimated, even though our new place is a third-floor walk-up! They had to take the door off the hinges in our new place in order to get the couch in, and they were nice enough to stop the clock (read: not charge us) for the time it took to put the door back on.

Their prices are the best in the area. Our move was quick and painless. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks, First Class Moving & Storage!

Jospeh Walker



These guys are awesome. They have a really extensive online process for getting your estimate where you provide all the details of your furniture and boxes, and they estimated my move time accurate within 15 minutes.

They do all their confirmation online and are really good and quick about email communication, which is great for me.

Then they sent three guys to move my one-bedroom, which made it super efficient since two could carry boxes and furniture and the one could arrange the stuff in the truck. They wrapped all my furniture and didn't charge anything extra for tape or dollies, for example, which a lot of other movers do. All the costs are wrapped up in the hourly charge. They were fast, careful, and super friendly. I would book them again in a heartbeat! They made a very stressful task super stress free.

Leon Deines


Overall, it was an excellent experience.

I used First Class Moving & Storage this past weekend to move from Raleigh to Albany. Overall, it was an excellent experience.

About a week before my move, I contacted them to find out if I would be able to ride in the truck with them, as I don't have a car and would have needed to make other arrangements. They made note of this and said it would be fine.

The night before my move, they called to ask if I still needed to ride with them, as they no longer had room for me. I told them it was too late for me to make other arrangements. They apologized and said they'd see what they could do; called back in 30 minutes to say they had rearranged their schedule to make it work and I would be able to ride with them!

The morning of the move, they showed up about 15 minutes late, which I didn't have a problem with. The lead guy took note of which boxes and furniture I said were mine (my roommate also had boxes and furniture out), and immediately got to work. I was a little nervous at first because it didn't seem like. The team were communicating but quickly figured out that they had worked together for so long, they had their own unspoken language.

Throughout the day, the movers did an excellent job of putting my fears at bay. This was my first time hiring movers and I'm so glad I went with First Class Moving & Storage. The pricing was fair and I ended up well within the quoted range for my job.

Lucas Walters


Very professional and friendly.

I've been through a lot of moves in the past decade and this has been the easiest. I'd finally given up on wanting to pack and be productive so based onFirst Class Moving and Storage, I enlisted them to pack and move me over to my new place.

They showed up a few minutes before 8 to scope out the location and find the best spot for their truck and then went straight to work. They packed my entire place, with very little direction from me. I got slightly motivated to help with packing my closet once their awesome wardrobe boxes were available.

Everything was packed safely, loaded, transported, and unloaded into my new place in less than 5 hours. I was in a second story apartment (no elevator), going into a 3 story townhouse. Amazingly not a single thing broken, no walls scratched, and it felt like 'home' by that night.

Best moving experience I've ever had, and it's the least amount of lifting and stress I've ever had to deal with in such a big transition. Thanks First Class Moving and Storage!

Fernando S Young


100% recommend

The team was incredibly easy to deal with and booking the move was no hassle at all. They were really friendly, respectful and unbelievably efficient. The estimate was spot on and not a thing was broken. I would absolutely use these guys again and highly recommend them!

Charles McLeroy


Highly recommend!! Will use again!

The Manager and his crew was such an outstanding job moving our apartment to our new home. We have a fragile furniture that they flawlessly moved. They were on time, flexible and worked way longer than we originally anticipated them to. They were completely trustworthy and we will definitely be using them again. I highly recommend them. Thank you!!

Patrick Grice


Quick estimate, awesome communication, on time, careful, and fast.

Such a great move, no problems, no breakage, no marks on walls.

Everything was just smooth, and even fun. Team manager and crew were hard-working and so careful. they even offered furniture placement advice, and it was good advice!!

Responded to all my queries quickly and handled the logistics professionally.

Also, I thought the cost was very reasonable. Worth every penny.

Highly recommend!! Will use again!

Kenneth Medley



Highly recommend First Class Moving and Storage!
The Manager and his team are outstanding professional and always willing to work with you. I have used their services twice (including storage and packing supplies) over the last 8 months and both the times the service has been exemplary.
If you are looking for a professional, hard working, reasonably priced, and friendly movers call First Class Moving and Storage.
Thank you First Class Moving and Storage for taking the stress out of moving!

Francisco Kestner


Everything went awesome!

They call ahead for reminders are helpful, friendly and very easy going. They even called me to see if they could come early and so they did. Made it a better day for all of us. I was only having them move furniture from one place to another and they did it very quickly and very reasonably. I quickly loaded the wardrobe boxes and they helped me reach things. I was amazed by everything they did and how effortless.

John Tanner


Great job and thank you!!

These guys are really professionals.
From the moment we asked them for a bid through to the completion of the project.
They were so easy to work with we had some pretty large and heavy pieces to relocate.

Peter Mullins


Amazing experience with this movers!

I hired First Class Moving and Storage for an in town move in North Carolina. Their office staff helped me plan for the move were always willing to answer questions and thorough in their instructions. I appreciated the checkin before moving day and the promptness and speed of the team. They were courteous, fast, and had such great attitudes. I would absolutely recommend this fast, professional, and caring team!

Jackson Cordova


Thank you so much

Just completed a move with First Class Moving and Storage. Very professional and timely. They called to confirm twice and the movers, First Class Moving and Storage an excellent job with the furniture that needed to be moved from an apartment to a home and furniture that needed to be moved within the apartment and home.

Richard McLin


Positive experience!

Great experience, I was very pleased with the service. Very professional, treated my items with great care. The weather conditions were horrible and the move still went very smoothly. Thanks team First Class Moving and Storage! Worth every penny.

Jeffery King


Very Good Service

Excellent service! They were very careful packing and carrying our furniture and boxes. They were very organized at all times. If I moved again would I would re hire them.
Looking forward to working with them again. Would recommend to friends and family.

Kevin Vaughn


Excellent!!!! Excellent!!!! Excellent!!!!!!

Very good service, friendly staff, no damage to items and very good pricing. The staff came on time to pick up the items, they were very friendly, helpful and cooperative. The delivery was on time and the persons who delivered the items were also very helpful and cooperative. They made sure to deliver all items carefully and the stuff was delivered safely. Over all very good experience. There is not more that we can expect from a moving company in addition to this. First Class Moving and Storage you did what was required to the fullest.

William Thomas



They carefully wrapped and protected each piece of furniture, including an upright piano, moved them up a steep flight of stairs and brought them all back perfectly unscathed and even applied protector pads on the bottom of each piece to protect my new floors.

Robert Rose


So Thankful

Highly recommend this moving company. First Class Moving and Storage a family man and knows how important moving. This company is flexible, reliable, cost friendly and trustworthy. When they helped me move I didn't have to worry about anything because I got a comfortable feeling. They have also been in the business for a very long time. You want experience because people's things are fragile.

I've had experiences with movers ruining things.

Miguel Dominguez


Superb moving company!

Choosing First Class Moving and Storage for my move was THE best choice I made throughout the entire process. They were efficient, fast, and as careful as they can be. They were punctual. I don't know what I would have done without them. I would definitely recommend First Class Moving and Storage to any of my family or friends. Thank you so much First Class Moving and Storage for your professionalism and services!

Harold Ramirez


Simply the best.

Service was EXCELLENT. Three guys were sent out for the move, they arrived on time, they were incredibly nice. I had a long move on a very hot day and they just powered through for SEVEN HOURS. I was very impressed and would absolutely refer my friends and family. Thank you for the excellent experience, thank you for making this so much easier on my family.

John Robinson


Love this Company

Team Leader and his team did a great job moving me. I had to move over two weekends and had them do both loads. They were respectful, quick, safe, reliable, and didn't break a thing. Even wrapped pictures to ensure they wouldn't break on a ride. First time using them and hopefully,

I won't move for a long time, but next time only First Class Moving and Storage for me. Thanks, Guys!!

James Gary


NO Problem!!!

So thankful to find these guys!!! They made our move smooth and worry free! There were true professionals and excellent at their jobs. They were more mindful and careful with my stuff than I was. They even fixed some wobbly furniture by tightening their parts!

They are so deserving of a 5 star rating hands down.

Tim Navarro


So Happy

We used this company for our move recently and they did an excellent job! The Manager and his crew arrived promptly and worked very hard. They moved quite quickly and damaged absolutely nothing. They took less time than I expected, despite some difficulties with a low doorway and narrow stairs.

The total cost was a little below the lowest end of the estimate range they provided, which certainly made us happy!

Harry Pugh


Good Service

These guys showed up every day for 3 days straight. The 1st day the guys came in and packed everything into boxes, blankets and made sure all of our artwork and glass table top was packed right too. The 2nd day they loaded up 2 trucks with no problem and even unloaded one truck into our new house on the same day. The 3rd day the guys finished the job and made sure all of our furniture was placed exactly where we wanted it.

I'm glad my friend recommended this company. I'd definitely use them again! Thanks

David Field


5 stars are not at all enough.

The person who answered the phone was courteous and informative. Setting up a time for the move was quick and easy. The movers arrived within the window of time allotted and performed the move quickly and efficiently with kindness. I would definitely recommend this company for a move!

Alex Gross


Worst move of my life!!

I was scheduled for a pickup window of 03/28-03/29. Thursday, March 28th was my preferred pickup date, with the 29th being a backup. I got a call on Wednesday, March 27th from dispatch confirming the pickup date as Friday, March 29th with no time frame given. I asked if it was at all possible to have the pickup on Thursday, the 28th, and she said she would find out and let me know, but I never heard back. That evening I reached out to my point of contact, Jason, who was not in the office and I left a message for. In the meantime, I was transferred to customer service, where the phone rang for several minutes before reaching an answering machine. I left a message, explaining my situation that I needed to be picked up on the 28th, or at the very latest, in the early AM on the 29th, due to move-in restrictions and starting a new job on April 1st. After hanging up, I sent an email to Jason, reiterating the same, but did not hear back from anyone on the 27th. On the 28th, I received an email from Jason at 10:23am saying Thursday would not be an option. We connected on the phone shortly after so I could emphasize how important it was to have movers at my apartment by Friday, March 29th. He said he would reach out to dispatch and call me back around noon. I never heard back from Jason, even after leaving a voicemail and calling a 2nd time. I received a call from dispatch a few hours later asking if Sunday, March 31st would be an option for me. I explained to them that it would not because of the situation surrounding my move. I received another call an hour later asking the same question. I then asked to speak to Jason's manager, Karen, who said she would reach out and see if it was possible to get a truck for Friday, the 29th, but it did not look good. She called back about 10 minutes later saying Friday was not an option and thats when I requested cancellation of service and a refund. I then had to figure out in the next 12 hours, how to get myself and all my stuff to the College Park area (6 hours from me) before 5pm the next day. First Class moving and storage left me out to dry and was anything but first class.

Todd Greco


5 stars

5 stars are not at all enough. They were all so nice. Got out of the truck. And sure enough - they did. Thank you guys so much for making my move so pleasant!!

It truly meant the world to me to have someone handle my things with care but not charge me an arm and a leg to get the job done well.

Use them Y'all! You won't regret it!

Leon Harmon


Awesome Service

First Class Moving and Storage are hands down the best moving company I've ever hired. The Manager and his crew were beyond courteous and professional and patiently listened to all our requests about treating certain items with extra care And I might add that they didn't show an ounce of attitude in the process.

I cannot recommend First Class Moving and Storage enough. Simply the best. While I hope we don't move anytime soon, I'm already glad to know that First Class Moving and Storage exists, as I'll definitely be using them again!

Ronald Johnson


Customer service was top notch!

The Manager and his team hand delivered quality moving boxes to my house 2 weeks before my move for free and even gave me free tape along with it. They called a before the move to confirm and also called 30 mins before arrival to let me know they are coming.

They did not waste time and worked very hard. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

David McGrath


Very Well

Everything went awesome! I've never had better service before! The Manager and his team were fantastic! They arrived on time, a little early actually, they were quick to begin working.

They were able to disassemble, pack, and move all of our things quickly and efficiently. They were professional, friendly, and made us feel comfortable with them handling our things.

I would definitely recommend them and will definitely be using them in the future.

Shawn Mundt


Hard Working

Usually, when I move it's a highly stressful situation, until today.

I called First Class Moving and Storage (after reaching out to multiple movers) on a Thursday and spoke to the Manager and we quickly set up our move for Saturday morning from 8 am to 11 am. The movers showed up 20 minutes early, so by 8 am they all set up and ready to move.

The movers blanketed and wrapped all of our items and handled them with care.

What a great experience!!!!

Kenneth Wilborn


Highly recommend this moving company.

You guys are awesome
And very fast. Recommend to anyone!! Best movers !! Definitely, recommend to all my friends and will use them again they work super fast very nice and so well organized. Took less time than expect and I am very happy with the experience.

Robert Traylor


Very Good

They were not available to help me with my move. The reason why they deserve 5-stars is that of their exceptional responsiveness and communication skills as well as their attention to detail. They were honest, friendly, and helpful.

I'll continue to give them love whenever people ask me for recommendations on movers.

David Hawes


Amazing experience with these movers!

Highly recommend this moving company.
Anthony was very informative, attentive and walked me through the process.
Movers were professional, extremely careful with the Art pieces/paintings.
There price was reasonable and fair
Overall the customer service was top notch!

Jason Devine


Great guys with reasonable price.

They are a great group of guys and similar to what the other reviews have mentioned, the guys are constantly working. Even though this was the case the guys still continued non stop with no breaks. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.

The appointment process was great as well with the manager responding and giving a pretty accurate and honest quote over the phone.

Otha Nichols


These guys are really professionals.

First Class Moving and Storage were FANTASTIC! I would recommend them to any of my friends or family who are moving. First Class Moving and Storage were so quick and efficient and were gentle with all of our belongings. They moved my upright piano, our huge handmade bar chest, and our king bed with no issues, and were patient when we were deciding where to put them in our new place. They showed up right on time, and were very affordable compared to other companies in the area.

Quick, kind, and efficient. I couldn't ask for anything better!

Bill Richard


communicative, fast, efficient, friendly

We've moved too many times in the past 2 years and have too much experience with moving companies.
The Manager and his crew were the best we've had. They were very efficient, very careful and personable. They maintained a good amount of energy throughout the day and that must be hard to do in this business.
I would recommend them without hesitation.

Anthony Hite


They were professional, courteous, arrived on time, and they really hustled.

First Class Moving and Storage did a phenomenal job helping us moving today.
These guys were professional and worked non stop.
The team was on top of everything and even the smallest details.

These guys were on it. Fast, hard workers. I moved my belongings out of my storage. I hired 3 guys. They even swept and cleaned my storage. So helpful.

I highly recommend First Class Moving and Storage for your moving needs and will tell all my friends and family about them.

Richard Dickson


Will use them for all future moves!

Great crews.
Hard workers, dedicated to detail and making sure the job gets finished.
I could not have asked for a better experience.
Thanks, First Class Moving and Storage, your crew was awesome!
Would highly recommend these guys.

Phillip Valasquez


It was easy and enjoyable.

These guys did a great job. They were professional, courteous, arrived on time, and they really hustled. We were very impressed with how quickly they got us moved in.
We were worried about moving our mattress because it was new and expensive, and they wrapped it up for us in thick plastic. Nothing broke in the move.
Would definitely use them again!

Herbert Bender


Very nice hardworking careful people.

We moved our whole house with them and were very happy. Their team packed everything for us and did a great job. At the same time, they were patient with the kids running around and paid attention to all the small details.
Thanks to First Class Moving and Storage for making our move easy.

Jonathan Arana


I am so impressed!

Provided a fast, fair quote. The crews got the work done very quickly and took great care of my items.
They provided outstanding customer service from the bid to the final payment.
I'm very happy I choose to work with them.

John Rose


They were very professional and easy to communicate with via email or phone.

Excellent service! They were very careful packing and carrying our furniture and boxes. They were very organized at all times. If I moved again would I would re hire them.
Looking forward to working with them again. Would recommend to friends and family.

Robert Torres


Amazing is all I can say, fast but careful, very courteous.

These guys are AMAZING
Great pricing, no surprises...super honest, nice & hard working people. Process very well thought out and efficient - from the quote to the execution of the move. We were really impressed.
Thank you so much First Class Moving and Storage.

Brian Lovell


Thank you guys for you nice job.

First Class Moving and Storage has won my heart. They carried out the relocations so wonderfully, beyond my belief. I had expected something good out of them while hiring them out. However, excellence and splendor were not anywhere in my expectation list. So when they rose up to the occasion, it came as a big surprise. I am so grateful because of the wonderful moving surprise First Class Moving and Storage have provided is with.

Dwight Seibert


They delivered all goods without any damage.

First Class Moving and Storage are very helpful and attentive. They made the process a lot easier than I thought it would be. They also did it under the quoted time. Would definitely use them again if I needed too.
They were very careful with our stuff and even helped us put stuff back in our storage after they loaded everything. Definitely, give them a call if you need your stuff moved.

Salvador Roberts


Overall the move went very smoothly.

To sum it up, on time, friendly, knowledgeable crew, no broken stuff, no broken furniture, no hidden charges, and no dilly-dallying. I was delivered more than I was promised.
I have and will refer you to all my friend's others looking to move.
Thank you guys and good luck.

Charles Polson


Satisfied with the services!

I made a great decision in hiring First Class Moving and Storage. The Manager was great, he was very detailed with all the information I needed to know. I called 2 other places before them but the Manager has the most reasonable price and was very attentive to my needs. They came early than the appointment time which was great. They worked fast too and very careful with all of my belongings. These guys were super nice!

I highly recommend First Class Moving and Storage. The manager was very nice and professional. Great guys with reasonable price. Call them and you won't regret it!

I would definitely call them again when needed.

Peter Bannister


We’ll both be using them again in the future.

The crew at First Class Moving and Storage is reliable, simple as that. They showed up on time the day of my move and provided me with an affordable hourly rate for 3 movers. Right within my budget. They are a budget-friendly moving company, so if you're big in saving money then this is already your type of company.

The owner coordinated the pickup and drop off of my things in an organized manner. He spoke with me like I was a customer and not a burden. I enjoyed the speed of service, even though I was on an hourly deal.

All my furniture and boxes were maneuvered inside the correct rooms, thanks to their team. It's very relaxing to know you hired movers you can complete. Thank you so much for everything First Class Moving and Storage! I'll be hiring again if ever needed!

Freddy Nagel


I would recommend them and use them on my next move. Thanks!!

First Class Moving and Storage was great, friendly, efficient, go-out-of-their-way customer service.

I've used First Class Moving and Storage packing crates through three moves now. I've recommended their service to several friends, too. We've all agreed it makes the onerous chore of moving easier.

The boxes are clean. Very clean. They are sturdy and easy to carry. They come on wheeling dollies too. Because they stack, your mover or friends will love you.

Packing goes quicker because you're not searching for and taping boxes and worrying about awkward sizes. Renting these is way better than searching for or buying boxes. Better for the environment too!

As I understand it they're also a locally owned and run business. They couldn't be kinder or more consistent; every time has been smooth sailing. Thank you First Class Moving and Storage!!

Travis Hargrove


A+ rating all around. Affordable too!

We had a great experience with First Class Moving and Storage!

The movers are professional, courteous, and more than helpful with all of the things that go along with the move.

I read all of the reviews and checked out other moving companies, Based upon the outstanding reviews for First Class Moving and Storage, I went with them and it was a great choice!

There were no regrets and the move was completely text book with no problem what so ever. So if you are looking to move then First Class Moving and Storage should be the one.

Gerald Hernandez


The team was swift and careful movers.

First Class Moving and Storage was booked when I wanted to use them (2 months in advance!) but I am writing this review because they took the time to provide me a list of recommendations of other companies that might be able to meet my needs broken out by type.

That kind of customer service to a non customer was really appreciated during a stressful time. Thank you!

Leonard Lolley


I move again

These folks handled my three-stop move very nicely. They were professional, courteous, and creative. They came in under the estimate as well.

They did forget one of my items on the moving truck but returned promptly the next day with the item.

Robert Lombardo


Excellent work!

These guys are spectacular. They are super communicative from the second you make the appointment. Our elevator broke in our condo, and they schlepped our furniture and everything down SIX flights of stairs in a very narrow hallway.

The guys are also really sweet and work their butts off. Do anything you can to work with these guys on your move.

Joseph Maloy


The best.

First Class Moving and Storage rocks!

We used them for a move recently and although I had initially never heard of them before, I could tell we made the right choice right off the bat.

We were professionally greeted upon the start of the move by the team (sorry, forgot your real name)...and they immediately went to work.

What I liked most about the experience was the positive attitude all three exuded, the care that they took for my personal items (lots of awkwardly-shaped furniture), and the efficiency that they used to complete the move as we had A LOT of stuff.

Point being is that the quality of the service you will inevitably receive and the lack of stress involved on your part will greatly enhance this transition period in your life.

You won't even consider using another service in the future. Great job guys.

Kendall Hawkins


Would definitely use again!

I had a move of just a few large furniture items scheduled for Sunday morning. Unfortunately my flight Saturday afternoon was canceled and the earliest I could get back was noon the next day, missing my move. First Class Moving and Storage was great! They took my call to reschedule at 8 pm on a Saturday and texted me to confirm their availability for a new appointment. They were even able to reschedule me the same day at a later time.

The move team led by the manager made the move fast and easy and called me to let me know when they were headed over.

A+ rating all around. Affordable too!

Frank Ham


They always give me the best rates possible.

I can't say enough positive things about First Class Moving and Storage. They were punctual, professional, and all around good guys. The responded to me VERY quickly with a detailed quote about pricing and details. Moving is so stressful and they took all the stress out of it for me. They made moving day not only painless but dare I say fun!

I also have a shy, timid dog and they were great with him too.

Daniel Wilson


Everything amazingly well and quickly.

I had a great experience with First Class Moving and Storage today. The manager and his crew were communicative, fast, efficient, friendly... most importantly everything arrived at my new apartment in just as good condition as it left my old apartment.

In fairness, my move was a pretty small one (studio to studio, the buildings about a mile away from each other) but I was really happy with how speedy yet careful they were. For a moving company that charges by the hour (as opposed to by the weight or square footage like some companies I've used in the past), they didn't dilly dally at all, and I was really pleased with that.

I will definitely recommend First Class Moving and Storage to friends in the NC area when they move, and I'll also look to use them again next time I move.

Fred Beck


Superb moving company!

The Manager and his crew accommodated me at short notice for an in-town move. The estimates, charges, and options were clearly spelled out. The movers were prompt, courteous, and very careful despite working quickly. It was an excellent value for the price and I'd recommend First Class Moving and Storage to anyone.

Also, they answered the phone when I called, which is unusual for small movers since they're usually out moving.

James Beckwith


Hardworking bunch of people!

They were extremely prompt and professional, not to mention stronger.

Not a single belonging of mine was damaged, which I think is a first ever for me. The move was affordable, even after a generous tip but note that you will have to pay in cash and plan accordingly.

I would definitely, definitely choose First Class Moving and Storage again for my next move!

Robert Buckley


I would use them again for sure!

I would recommend First Class Moving and Storage to anyone who is looking for excellent customer service and professional movers. The team was amazing.

They showed up on time, organized everything, wrapped everything with care, and transported it to my new apartment without a scratch. They were nice and answered all of my questions. They even dealt with my narrow flight of stairs with ease! I can't recommend them enough!

Cecil Bull


VERY efficient.

I had a great experience with First Class Moving and Storage. They were on time, efficient, friendly. I was going to throw away a dresser that was broken but one of the movers fixed it for me so I ended up keeping it and it came with me to my new place. The best part was when it was not looking so good for my couch. It is large and my new place had a tight stairway. The movers called their boss who came promptly, and they successfully hoisted it through my window. The whole move including full packing services took only 4.5 hours from start to finish. I was a very happy customer!

I would definitely recommend these guys. They are affordable, determined to please and get the job done, and very professional.

James Congdon


Prices were reasonable.

They were at my house five minutes early so they could asses the situation and get started exactly at 8am. The estimate was for a four hour move and I was signing the final payment form at my new place at noon. I packed up a lot of my stuff. I left the bathroom and kitchen for them and they did it five times faster and better than I would have done. And they pro-rated the packing fee so I'd save money (their idea, not mine).
No breakage, no bumps on walls and no drops.
Friendly and respectful.
Great price too!
I'd use them for my next move and can't recommend them enough.

Rodolfo S Felder


Successful moving experience

Super friendly, efficient, and accommodating movers!

They arrived on time and began loading up the elevator with boxes right away--and then the elevator broke, leaving 3 guys with a ton of boxes stuck for almost 30 minutes. Since I'm on the 5th floor, we couldn't continue the move until the elevator was fixed so I told them we'd have to reschedule--they let me know to give them a call if the elevator was fixed and they could come back later that day!

I ended up calling them back about 30 minutes later and they headed right over to complete the move--they didn't even charge me for the time they spent in the elevator!

Overall, really great experience and reasonable pricing!

Moses Workman


Super friendly, efficient, and accommodating movers!

I have nothing but good things to say about First Class Moving and Storage. I really liked the useful bin rentals (they rent you big, sturdy, stackable blue bins for packing your stuff, deliver them before your move, and then pick them empty a few days later at your new place). The company also works with you to get very detailed information about your move, answer any questions, and make sure that everyone is clear about what's happening, when, and how.

When the day came, The manager and his crew moved my furniture and very quickly and efficiently but also carefully. Nothing was scratched or broken.

Highly recommended.

John Williams


Our estimator was very friendly and efficient.

What a great moving experience! The team was swift and careful movers.

We were particularly worried about our stuff getting damaged and being overcharged (as happened during our last two moves, each with a different moving company...) However, First Class Moving and Storage were straightforward with pricing, very reasonably priced, and took extraordinary precautions with our furniture. No surprises and no stress!

We will definitely recommend these guys to everyone we know!

Robert Terry


They were very very helpful

Everyone knows that moving is always a headache. Thanks to this company I don't have any problems. They did everything very accurate and most important fast. I had a great experience with this company.

Everything arrived on time and without any damage. The truck driver was friendly and easy to work with. I live on a rather small street and he was able to work with me to get everything unloaded without the extra charge of a shuttle service.

I'd use them again!! And will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Richard Mills


Problem free

Amazing staff who are so careful with all of our belongings. Would highly recommend to everybody I know that is moving. The staff were so friendly and made moving so much easier.

Thank you guys for all of your help.

Robert Downard


Excellent and friendly crew

Great crew
Hard workers, dedicated to detail and making sure the job gets finished.
I could not have asked for a better experience.
Thanks, First Class Moving and Storage, your crew was awesome!
Would highly recommend these guys.

Thomas Brown


No hidden fees

These guys are fantastic. They are fast, reliable, careful, always on time, and friendly and polite and never creepy!

I have moved with them twice: first for an in building move, and second from San Jose to Raleigh. The guys were very careful with my things, and I appreciated that they took the time to wrap everything up since it was raining. They even removed a window in order to fit my sofa in the apartment, which was awesome!!! I think they went above and beyond, and it was worth the money!

Their services and been quite happy. I will definitely use them again.

George Gonzalez


Amazing moving experience!

I spent months trying to decide on a moving company that is reliable and affordable. I spoke to First Class Moving and Storage and they gave me a very reasonable quote for my move. The pick up went well, the movers that moved my things were simply amazing and did a thorough job.

I never thought a moving company could make my move so easy and was so happy I hired them. I had a great experience and think anyone seeking an affordable moving company should hire First Class Moving and Storage.

No damages, no hidden fees, and amazing people!! I would use this service again without any doubt.

Thank you!!!

Edwin Morgan


Just really nice people.

Our estimator was very friendly and efficient.
He came out to my house, took all the information quickly and provided me with a written quote the same day real professional and pleasant.
The move was first class in every way and far exceeded our expectations. They had our home packed and amazing.

Ervin Leone


Great Experiences

We hired First Class Moving and Storage to move our one bedroom apartment to a small single family home. They were on time (actually a bit early), courteous, gentle with our things, and never stopped moving. I actually had to ask them if they needed a water break.

Their price was incredibly reasonable considering it included the moving truck, packing blankets for large items, and 3 movers.

If I move again, I will definitely use them. I can't recommend them enough!

Mack Sweeney


Polite, professional, and hard working.

These movers were excellent! We had read great things about them on longdistancemovingcompaniesreviews but were still a bit nervous before they arrived because you never really know. I can firmly say though that they were efficient, careful with our belongings, and very friendly.

I was truly impressed by the way they worked as a team and were able to move our entire apartment in under three hours. We moved into a townhouse that has a spiral staircase so they had to lift the mattresses and dressers over the outside balcony.

They did it professionally and with ease again, very impressive. Again, I highly recommend them to anyone and will be using them again next time I move. Thanks, guys!!

Sidney Green


They were really friendly, they were really nice.

While I booked this service through a third party, I will be sure to book directly the next time.
This was the fastest, most efficient move.
While I don't love moving, I would definitely use them again and will give their info to everyone I know.

Kevin Wood


Always a plus.

Let me start by saying these guys are amazing!!
In all my years of moving this has been the best experience.
These guys are very professional, prompt, hard working, and courteous. Every single piece of furniture arrived without any scratches or incident.
They have all the equipment necessary to provide great service!!!!!
The price is very reasonable compared to other companies. Can't say enough about these guys, I would definately recommend First Class Moving and Storage so...
anyone looking to move, please give them a call.

Thank you First Class Moving and Storage!!!!!!!!!

Lorenzo Biggs


They were fast, courteous, and careful.

Good service all around. I was able to get a reservation at the last minute when they had an opening. Lots of clear instructions and information up front. It helped me be prepared for their arrival which helped cut down on time. They added an extra mover at no extra cost and finished an hour earlier than quoted. They were fast, courteous, and careful.

Their prices are on par with other moving operations, but I feel like I got an even better deal with the extra mover and job done quickly. I will use them again and recommend others to as well.

Laurence Poole


The team were extremely friendly, efficient, and showed up on time.

I've used 4 different movers in the past 2 years and hands down First Class Moving and Storage has been the best. But it turned out to be a perfect experience. The Manager was responsive, offered a great quote and did a great job coordinating the move. The two movers were really fast, and I really appreciated their efforts in making the move a smooth one.

I think they have the best combination of a high longdistancemovingcompaniesreviews review and great prices.

Reginald Gonzales


True professionals & very patient

This is a great moving service. We had nice, friendly movers were very careful with our things and had a great attitude. Even setting up our move with the office was a breeze. Our old building had several policies and requests for insurance, which First Class Moving and Storage took care of promptly.

I definitely recommend them and would use them again.

Robert Nicholson


Thank you. Thank you.

These guys are the reason I never feel stressed about moving

They are:
-Careful with things
-On time
-Reasonably priced

We have used them twice already and will use them again next time we move.

Allen Maloney


THANK YOU, First Class Moving and Storage!

I've used First Class Moving and Storage twice now, and both times have been amazing.

The most recent move was going from a studio down town into a two bedroom near twin peaks. The crew was incredibly friendly to me and the neighborhood. The crew was incredibly hard working and treated all my belongings with care.

Any time someone asks me for suggestions on movers I recommend First Class Moving and Storage.

David Warren


These guys are great.

Just came back from unloading at the storage facility and had to write a review.

This is the second time I have used this company within six months. The crew was different, but efficiency and courtesy was just as good as the first time. They arrived on time, took care to understand what was needed and got to work. I had to force them to take a drink (water!) and treated them to lunch, which they hurried because they did not want to take more of my time.

Everything was carefully packed, moved, and unloaded. People are nice, prices are right, scheduling is painless. They make a difficult situation easy to handle. Next time I need to move, I know who I'll call.

Thank you. Thank you.

Juan Taylor


I highly recommend.

Extremely impressed with the whole service I have received from the entire team. The team has been wonderful and very accommodating due to our North Carolina home. The moving team arrived on time, were friendly, courteous and professional and have been superb packing the contents of a large house with care and expertise.

A wonderful service for a very competitive fee.

Douglas Ransom


Professional, courteous, efficient and trustworthy.

I love people who understand and appreciate their job. These movers definitely knew what they were doing.

Office staff was very nice and helpful. Movers took extra care to protect the furniture. There was no single item broken or missing.

I would happy to use them again.

Leon Pederson


Definitely use them again.

These guys did an outstanding job!
They were fast & assembled the beds, which I didn't have to worry about.
There was no damage to the furniture as they were very careful moving it.
True professionals & very patient to listen to any instructions.
Will definitely call again & again.
THANK YOU, First Class Moving and Storage!

Robert Hubbard


Thank you for the good work!!

The move went exceedingly smoothly. On time for packing and delivery. Whole house packed up and sent to address as requested.
No items damaged or missing.
Excellent all round service and highly recommend.
The employee's at both ends of the move couldn't have been more helpful or friendly either.

Cecil Brackett


I had a great experience with this company.

First Class Moving and Storage did a great job in moving my stuff. I have a hard time giving 5 stars for any moving company that I haven't used more than once, but I would gladly use First Class Moving and Storage again. Their pricing was very reasonable and the moving crew was very experienced. They were able to move all of the stuff out of my apartment into my new place in under 3 hours without damaging or breaking anything along the way. They were efficient, didn't waste time, and were very pleasant during the entire process. Most importantly, they showed up on time to start the move.

I would use these guys again for any in-town move. Good stuff.

As a general piece of advice, don't use anyone who offers you a 2-person team. It's better to pay the premium and get the 3-person team every time.

Joseph Hollis


They worked quickly, taking great care to not damage furniture or walls.

2nd time using First Class Moving and Storage and it was again great! The Manager was fantastic - on time and smooth. Easy to work with and very professional! This is an absolutely fantastic company.

Highly recommended!

Santiago Augustine


Prices were reasonable

Best moving experience of my life!! Fast, friendly, efficient and made the stressful process of moving fun and pain-free. They were professional, all around good guys who got the job done. Thank you First Class Moving and Storage!!

Stephen Reed


These guys are helpful, very professional, fast, and very fair pricing.

The best movers I have ever hired, and the only good ones.
- They arrived on time.
- They charged us exactly what they quoted. No fine-print tricks or hidden fees.
- Since movers get paid by the hour, I was worried about them screwing around to make the process take longer and charge us more. Nope. They were incredibly efficient, speed walking back and forth and quickly climbing the stairs.
- They carried the absolute maximum amount of stuff on each trip to their truck without causing any damage at all. Very efficient.
- They organized our stuff and put them together based on where they were going to the new place. This saved time (which means money) and made it so much easier to move in.

They were just so professional and speedy. They knew what they were doing and seemed glad to do it. If I ever have to move again, they will be my only call.

Loved it. (They were very friendly when we did talk to them.)

Ben Dobbins


Five stars for sure.

This was my 2nd dance with First Class Moving and Storage. The Manager and his team were amazing. They provided counseling in what was a very stressful day for me, a voice of reason and professional guidance. Seriously, the Manager actually said, I love helping people.
Great personalities, easy to work with, and very accommodating. Will definitely use for the next move. Thank you!

Stephen Buckley


Definitely recommending them to anyone who needs a moving service!

This company was wonderful from the people who answered the phone to the movers themselves. I called a couple of times with questions after giving my deposit and each time the person I talked to was patient and kind.
I cannot say enough about the 2 young men who moved me. They had move furniture down a curved stairway. They did an awesome job and got it done safely and quickly.
My friend had used this company recently and recommended them to me. I would recommend them also.

James Atkison


They are great!

Very impressed with the guys at First Class Moving and Storage. We had the pleasure of having The Manager assist us in moving from our 4 bedroom apartment into a new home. These men were courteous, hard working, fast and solution-oriented throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond, helping us disassemble and then reassemble a large desk that wouldn't fit thru a doorway. Great guys.

Additionally, the cost of their services was incredibly reasonable compared to some alternatives out there. First Class Moving and Storage will get my business again should I need it in the future.

James Stuart


I used the uber several times and all the times I was satisfied.

These guys are on time, efficient and amazing!!! Helpful quick and willing to help with unexpected and last minute items.
They were able to accommodate our schedule and they were even early to arrive!

I would recommend to anyone!

Lauren Putnam


Thank you, First Class Moving and Storage!!!

The manager absolutely rocked it when they helped my fiancé and I move apartments.
They were so quick and amazingly conscious not to break anything.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any one I knew was moving.

Thank you Thank you. Thank you!

So amazing.

Felton Dan


Five stars for sure.

Very punctual and friendly.
A Friend With First Class Moving and Storage did a great job.
We used the unloading service with two employees for two hours.
The rate was affordable and their service was fantastic.
Very pleased with using First Class Moving and Storage.

Jacquelyn Holland


Thank you!

These guys work hard and don't waste any time.

They will set up your new place however you want and have good suggestions too.

Ask for 1 or 2 more guys even though it will cost more per hour because you will make it up on the saved time.

Keisha Hurla


The movers were efficient and very friendly.

These guys are the best! So fast, efficient and friendly. I was so impressed with how quickly they moved my entire apartment. They wrapped every single item as I requested and took great care with my fragile items. Highly recommend! You will not regret it! Takes the hassle out of moving. Thanks guys!!

Michael Smith


I will definitely use them again!

My girlfriend and I had to move her out of her apartment this weekend. Thankfully, First Class Moving and Storage was available last minute and was able to get the job done. Two guys were sent over and moved everything in under 3 hours DURING A LITERAL STORM.

Big shout out to them and this company for saving our weekend. There was no way we could have gotten the job done by ourselves. They even wrapped everything for extra protection from the rain!

We'll definitely be using this company again for our next move and hopefully can personally request these two movers!

Michael Winter


Great experiences

With at least five bedrooms in our big house and at least seven family members, it should have been a really tough moving job for any company. But First Class Moving and Storage had it under control right from the beginning. They were clear on what to do and how to handle the entire job with precision.

The packing was definitely top notch. Our family members helped them with some of the goods but we had to lend a little helping hand, as they were more than capable of getting the job done. Moving professionals are supposed to bring packing supplies, equipment to load it into the truck and this company did it for us for a nominal cost.

While some of them were included as part of the package, we hired two additional movers and cartons to get our goods on board. True to their name, the service offered was great and got us through the move with little hassles.

Eugene Mitchell


They were very very helpful…

After checking in and getting many moving companies, we ended up using First Class Moving and Storage and it turned out to be a great experience! Because our move date kept shifting, we had to keep rescheduling the move-in date and they were so accommodating each time (thank you, First Class Moving and Storage!!). On move day itself, despite the torrential rain (seriously... in LA!), we had two movers who we can not speak highly enough about. They were careful with our possessions and incredibly professional throughout the whole process. They got everything done in the time expected, and there were no surprises.

One pro tip: know that there are different sizes of tricks you can rent. We didn't know this and ended up getting the smallest (a 16 footer), which we were worried wouldn't fit all our stuff. It ended up fitting everything nicely but for a while even the movers were worried.

All in all though, excellent experience! Hopefully won't be moving any time soon, but if we had to, we'd happily use them again. Thank you, First Class Moving and Storage!

Lorraine Leblanc


Excellent Communication

First Class Moving and Storage has been my best experience with a personal move in MD. From the call in for scheduling to the move itself, every part was smooth, professional and friendly and the price was reasonable too!

I'd highly recommend using First Class Moving and Storage for your next move.

Robert Winston


They were honest and efficient.

Outstanding service!!!

From beginning to the end I have not one complaint. I've hired multiple mover in the past and would not go elsewhere ever again!!!

They're with you every step of the way. Will use again for future moves! Respectful, careful and highly efficient. The manager and his crew took great care while moving the contents of our homes. Our happiness with the move and their service truly mattered. We were very impressed.
Thank you!

Heather Wright


Outstanding service!!!

I was very pleased with this company. Everything went smoothly except the truck was not big enough for my 2 bedrooms apt so we had to make 2 trips. The central office was professional and very easy to work with. They did not charge me for the 2nd trip. I feel as though I was accurate in describing the number of my belongings. My move was only 15 mins away so it was not too bad. I would recommend this company. They were honest and efficient.

Tommie Rosado


I would recommend them to friends and family.

Like their name, they are very reliable and professional in their profession. Their staff is very friendly and hard+smart worker.
Shifting the items is not a hard job if they are there.
Feel free and easy in moving your office or apartment by using their services. According to me they really know the value of your furniture and equipment.
I recommend you to use their services for comfortability and also their fixing is fabulous.

Michael Sullivan


Would definitely use them again!

I had the pleasure of working with the Manager and his crew, not once but twice in one week as a moved out of two homes into one. And my lead time was less than a week!!

The Manager made it as painless as possible from start to finish - confirmed start time, called when running a few minutes late (and I mean a few minutes not hours like some) and handled my things with care.

The first move was just a few hours but the second was 6 hours and in the rain. I urged for a lot of care on select highly important items and he oversaw those things. All my stuff arrived in the condition I had it in my house.

They were professional, affordable and did everything (even in the rain) without any complaints. Even offering to assist with things that weren't needed.

I would certainly recommend them again to someone who is moving.

Mary Williams


Very affordable price

We were researching for Moving Company to help us move our 3-bedroom house from the MD to PA. We found a company that offered quite cheap hourly rate but after reading the reviews about the company I decided to hang up on them when I was waiting on the phone to book them in for the job.

then I did further research and found First Class Moving and Storage. Their reviews were excellent and I decided to request for a quote. The quote came back competitive and the Customer Service Manager Mr. Holly on the phone was really professional when he called me. So this was a good sign already.

The 2 guys who helped us move our unit were very polite and hard-working. We had a lot of furniture for a 3-bedroom house, including outdoor furniture and they loaded the truck way quicker than I ever expected. And they loaded the furniture off the truck even faster. I was surprised when they said that they are finished because I had expected (and budgeted) the move to take at least 2-3 hours longer.

The furniture was loaded on the truck and came off the truck undamaged. The guys were really careful when moving the furniture, not to scratch the walls or our new shiny floor tiles in the house.

Overall - could not be HAPPIER that we decided to use First Class Moving and Storage for the move. So, if you are looking for someone to do provide you a professional service, including be nice and look after your furniture and belongings, then I definitely encourage you to call First Class Moving and Storage!!!

Shipra Dubey


Fraud company

Worst moving company. They are cheaters and fraud. Didn’t show up on confirmed date of moving, shifted my moving dates 4 times and didn’t refund my 20% advance after cancellation.
I had booked them for moving, they gave me a quote and took 20% advance. While booking their relocation specialist (Chris grant) talked nicely and convinced us that they would help me move on the specified date. He confirmed us the dates and convinced us that they are very punctual and they would carry on the movement on that specified date and that we wouldn’t have to worry. I had to move to another state, so I booked my plane tickets and Informed about my move to my landlord accordingly.

Just after one day prior to the moving date I get call from their customer care that they have moved dates to a day after the date that they had confirmed earlier. When I asked why and questioned them why they can’t stick to the date that I had strictly specified to them and they had time and again confirmed me that particular date while taking the advance, the customer care representative (Tina) threatened me that she is going to cancel the move.
So we agreed, after all it was matter of only a day.
But then again a day prior to the new date and time that they had given me, I get a call from Tina that she has again shifted the moving date to another day. This happened 4 times. 4 times she shifted the date and timing of my move. At the 4th time I told her to cancel the booking as I didn’t trust them to carry out the move at the 4th given date and time, she would just keep on shifting the moving date.
The 4th given date was the end of month, I had to leave the apartment as I had already informed my landlord and booked my flight tickets. I could not stretch any longer. I had to donate all my household items and furniture and throw away the rest. My only mistake was trusting this fraud company to help with my movement.
When I told them to cancel the move, they refused to give my advance back even though it’s their fault that they didn’t show up on the confirmed date. I lost all my household item and the 20% advance.

Justin Horst




I hired First Class Moving to move my small amount of belongings (I live in a studio apartment) from Philadelphia to Minneapolis. The initial price estimate I received in my contract was $1,500. THE FINAL PRICE TO ME WAS $3,000!!! This difference is due to hidden fees. There was a fee because I lived in a large city, a fee for having an apartment that was over 50 feet from the moving truck (like most apartments), a fee for each stair the movers had to climb (in this case the 3 steps leading up to my front door), a fee because the movers “had difficulty parking”, a fee for the materials they used (a few rolls of tape that they used to secure the moving blankets), a fee for having more belongings than I listed in my inventory (even though I didn’t), and a fee for using more gas than they expected (again, because they claimed that I had too many belongings).

In my contract, it said that my belongings would be delivered in 4-5 days. However, after the movers picked up my belongings from my apartment in Philadelphia, they dropped them off at a warehouse just outside the city. My belongings sat in their warehouse for 10 days before even being loaded onto the truck to Minneapolis, because there “were not enough customers going in the same direction to fill a moving truck”. This was never mentioned until after they had already picked up my belongings. The delivery TOOK 15 FULL DAYS for a drive that should have taken less than 3 days. I had to live in an empty apartment for over two weeks, sleeping on an air mattress, eating frozen microwave meals. I had to start my new job with just the clothing in my suitcase.

And finally, when my belongings were finally delivered, I was shocked by the condition everything was in. The movers had broken legs off of two different tables, shattered my wooden bedframe, punched two holes in my bookshelf, snapped a leg off of one of my dining room chairs, and crushed a lamp. The company has told me that there is no way to be reimbursed for this ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF DAMAGE unless the movers saw the damage when they made the delivery. But of course the movers are in on the scam too; they did their best to hide the broken furniture from me. They even turned my ruined bookcase towards the wall and hid my broken dining room chair so I would not see the damage until after they had left.


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