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About Systems Relocation

845, 3rd ave, 6th floor
new york, new york

Moving Pros Inc is fully licensed and insured. We have a great reputation of quality service and taking the steps to prepare for and prevent any problems with your move.

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A truly awful experience

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! We had so many awful experiences with them as soon as we signed the contract. It deserves zero stars. Here is a list:
-they arrived 3 days late for pick up because of a "broken" truck and then a "slow" truck, and were still 2.5 hours later than the time promised. I was delayed 2 days getting out of my apt.
-the foreman argued with me about method of payment. He would not accept a personal check despite the contract saying it was okay and then he questioned my integrity and whether the check was good
-the final quote after our stuff was loaded was double the original estimate despite me providing an accurate inventory. It was also based on cubic footage rather than weight.
-movers had questionable cubic footage measurements
-movers demanded a tip
-movers did not take an accurate inventory despite my requests to do so
-we were never given a "Know your rights and responsibilities" pamphlet
-foreman said delivery would be around October 1st. When I called the company a few days before that date, they said our stuff had not even been loaded on the delivery truck and should go out the next week and would take 14-21 days to arrive.
-Company would not return most of my phone calls until the third day after I called on several occasions. It took repeated calls just to get a response.
-Company rep argued with me when I said their communication was awful
-It is impossible to reach someone directly. The only phone number goes to an answering service who takes your name and number
- We spoke with 3 different reps at different points and all provided different info...when they actually called back.
-They would not give me the address of where my stuff was stored
-Two weeks after October 1st, I was finally told that my stuff would be loaded the next weekend and go out Monday (2 weeks after they last told me the same) and I would be notified Monday. The following Wednesday, the driver called to say he just left and would make it from New Jersey to Oregon within 24 hrs. I said this was impossible.
-They later called again to say they could not make it that day and instead hoped for Saturday. The next day they said that another truck broke down and it would be the next week now.
-3 weeks after my requested delivery date, a giant 18 wheel truck arrived, which did not fit in my apartment complex. Nobody had told me or asked if such a truck would fit and the driver blamed me for not telling them (the truck at pick up was a normal 26 footer)
-The movers used dollies to shuttle from the truck to my front door and the foreman said that I should help them carry things to make it go faster (Me moving things was not part of the contract)
-Many of my boxes were dented, torn, ripped, and had the packing tape cut and then resealed.
-Someone had put packing tape across the front of my HD TV screen instead of putting it inside a box as it had been when it left.
-Several boxes appeared to have been opened, rummaged through, and rearranged with new items in them that had not been there before.
-We received boxes that did not belong to us.
-We were missing a floor lamp and another was broken and several furniture items were dented or chipped.
-My wife had hidden some jewelry in one box and now much of that jewelry is missing after it is clear someone rummaged through the box and picked out the valuable pieces and left others. The jewelry had both monetary and sentimental value.
-We've tried calling the company to file a complaint several times but our calls only go to a voicemail that is full. Our emails are not answered either.

I wish I had researched more about protecting my move and the red flags to spot, especially during pick up. I never would have allowed them to take my stuff. I saw a lot of positive reviews before signing with this company but now I believe those reviews must be fake because I'm seeing many more negative reviews appear. The advice on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin website is very helpful and I wish I had read it beforehand.

Do not make the same mistake that we did by hiring this company.



Worst Experience Ever

This was the worst experience with a moving company I have ever had. A couple of my items were delivered bent, bed frame missing part, screws missing, parts all over the place, broken, and nice furniture has gashes in them. I will never use this company again. The customer service team never had any answers as they are just an answering machine for the rest of the company. I wanted to update my contents and get an official typed up quote before moving but never heard back from anyone. The mover showed up on pick up day late and then calculated a new price before loading the truck. Once the truck was loaded the price came to $2,600 more than the original quote and the mover acted as if he didn't know what was going on. This was just for a 1 bedroom with contents fitting in a 450 sq ft room. After all this he left leaving my room a complete mess with tape rolls all over the place. I found a board that he forgot to put back on my TV set just laying around. Then for delivery day they show up in an 18 wheeler just for a studio apartment. Were bringing me boxes and items that weren't even mine. Delivering furniture upside down. I've never seen anything like it it was like out of a horror movie. Never trust this company. They could clearly careless about your belongings and are just in it for the money. Goodbye system relocations! Goodbye!

Hr Somers


stolen furniture

If I could rate this company zero stars, I would. Our furniture has been missing for days, no returned phone calls, employees are mia. Never trust this company. Larry and Ryan, who set this move up for us, has been ignoring all of our phone calls for days. Clearly all of their other ratings are fake, since our furniture has been taken without a single call back. They have been rude and uncaring from the moment they showed up at our house, they doubled the price last minute and were nothing but unaccommodating. I would never in a million years trust this company, along with the rude customer service. Save yourself $10,000 and your time. Find a company who wont steal your furniture. Still waiting here with no returned phone calls and no furniture.



Moving Nightmare Scam

Quoted at 2225, then came and re-estimated the day of the move for $11,676 (with no measuring tape or tools). Jon and Ryan are so nice over the phone, then they someone else comes day of with different price

Tana Lehman


These movers are savage

These movers are savage. It was literally 100 degrees out and they didn't stop. I would've died! They loaded an entire 4 bedroom house. It was only four of them! We bought them Gatorades and waters and gave them a great tip. That definitely good service. Just waiting for our delivery to come in but other than that everything was fine!

Louise Steele



Systems Relocations such an accurate name for this company. The service they gave was more than professional; it was friendly too. Both Tommy and matt helped us up until the date of pick up with questions and packing tips. They told us what to have done to avoid additional charges which were very helpful. I told them I was on a budget and they didn't try to sell me anything that I didn't need. The crew that came to our front door was great too. They did everything by the book and worked very hard to ensure things got done on schedule.

Marty Andreson


Awesome from beginning to start

Systems Relocation was awesome from beginning to start. I’ve never used a company as thorough as these guys were from start to finish. I was actually set up to do business with another company prior to selecting Systems Relocations. I didn't really do my due diligence on my first company and Jon was very helpful in giving me more info on them and even helping me to get the sizable deposit I put down back. Jon wasn't pushy and had an incredible knowledge of the industry. Furthermore the moving crew that showed up was great. They wrapped everything thoroughly and crated our motorcycle. I was expecting a 10 hour day but Anthony and Marvin got their guys to finish everything in about 6. There was a lot of furniture too so I was pretty impressed. If you want a hassle free experience just call Jon he wills latke good care of you.

Rene Carmen Wells


Excellent service

Systems Relocation. got me an excellent service for an excellent price. They were very thorough from start to finish and didn't play games with us. We were promised the crew would arrive at 8am, they arrived at 756. They spent three hours loading everything and making sure it was secure. They then drove DIRECTLY to our new home and got everything prepped. We were completely moved and comfortable in our new home before the day’s end. Really cool. Thanks again Systems Relocations.

Romona Oconnell


Things moved to Boston

So hers what had happened. My family and I needed to get our stuff from a storage unit in Boston. We had been living in Topeka Kansas for 2 years already. I needed a company to pick our items up, store them for 6 months, and then delivery the items, I didn't want to use a company that couldn't store in house so i immediately cut out 3 or 4 companies i was talking to. Systems Relocation was great. They gave me a price for pick up, gave me a month of free storage, and offered a great rate for addition storage. On top of all of that the guys gave me free redelivery after storage to Topeka Kansas. All in the price was super affordable for the amount of work that had to be done. It was an easy decision. My items arrived about a week ago and they were damaged or water logged or musty like I worried. They were just as I left them. I will be referring as many people as I can to this company.

Anibal Cortes


I am left happy from System Relocation

The reviews from previous customers are what ultimately won me over to use Systems Relocations. I take everything from sales representatives with a grain of salt. They’re paid to talk themselves up. But when hundreds of customers spend time out of their day to go online and say they're a great company, I’ll surely trust that. Our move was quite the task. We had a two 10x15 storage unites completely full. Sammy quoted us assuming they were both full and gave us a price. I don't think ever used a company that the actual bill comes out to be less than the estimate. Systems Relocation delivered just that. My move ended up being only $5,400.00 rather than the Estimate at &5,550.00. I was happy to say the least!



Classic move

At first I was a little skeptical that Systems Relocation could really get everything they promised me done. After getting everything done though I was really impressed. They came and packed absolutely everything. They disassembled all my furniture and blanketed it all. They moved it into the truck. I literally did nothing but hang out and watch. They did the same on delivery too! The price was pretty much the same as what it would cost for me to rent a haul so man was it a great deal. The guys were unusually friendly too. It was like something you'd see in a movie about the 1950s. Everyone smiling and happy. They must really be a family run business.

Sherman Mullins


No damages and everything arrived in one piece

Ibrahim was the foreman who's showed up to our house for the move. We were scheduled for pick up from 8am-10pm but they didn't arrive until 1015 which I wasn't very happy about. He assured me it was because of traffic but who knows. Other than that the guys were great. They packed everything professionally and even crated my all glass display cabinet. Overall I could tell these guys knew what they were doing. Everything arrived in one piece with no damages.

Carmen Brown


Very good mover

Picking a mover was pretty difficult for us. We didn't want to get hit over the head but also didn't want to deal with scammers. Systems Relocation seemed to be the perfect combination of good price and good service. However after arriving my items on delivery today I want people to know the service was better than good. The movers went the extra mile for me on multiple occasions. It really means allot.

Melody Schultz


Systems Relocation review

Moving companies are all the same, or at least that been our experience. They tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you to book. Matt at Systems Relocation was different. We specifically asked about things that WE KNEW WOULD COST ADDITIONAL just to see who would be honest. Most of them gave the song and dance and weren't honest. Matt simply told us pricing and explained why there were charges’ don't know whets wrong with most of these companies. Don’t they understand all customers want is honesty and credibly service. Just chose Systems Relocation and make your life easy. Thank you again matt my wife almost killed me lolls!

Jessica Williams


Good jobs guys!

Had a very great experience. This company is very prompt and courteous. This nicest guys came on time and moved me in the rain. Helped me move things around and set up just like I wanted. Very reasonably priced. Would used them again in a heartbeat. Would also refer to my friends. Good job guys!

Rene Shay Carson


Good job and thank you for your help

Did some research on Relocations systems movers, and decided to give them a shot on my recent move. On the day of the move, the crew gave me a call to notify me they were on the way. Once the crew arrived, they quickly got to work. They came off very organized and experienced. They made sure to protect my vital furniture pieces, which i really liked. They completed the job in a reasonable amount of time with no real hiccups. i would definitely hire them again! Good job and thank you for your help

Bryant Carter


Moved and needed some movers to help us move

Moved and needed some movers to help us move.
After making the long drive from California, the last thing I wanted to do was pack and unload ta truck. So through a third party booking (EliteMovingLabor - if I remember correctly) they hooked me up with System Relocation and the rest is history. These guys were great, worked very hard and were incredibly likable. We had Fakir, Nick and Miles and every guy was really nice. Great attitudes, great personalities, incredibly fast and very careful with my stuff. Nick is even a former serviceman in the Army, I'm glad to have had the chance to talk with him about his service when we wrapped up for the day! If I ever move again, I'll definitely be calling these guys again to help load the truck! Thanks guys!

Bertha R


Zach and his team are true professionals

I've used On The Move twice now and they're professional, friendly, and reliable. Moving can be stressful, and these guys help make it so much easier! Zach and his team are true professionals and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a full service moving company. I'll also be calling them the next time I move!

Christopher G


affordable service

MATT and his team helped me move a mty 3 bedrooms They were efficient and very knowledgeable about how best to move the pieces. There would have been no way I could've done it myself, so I am very thankful for their service! Matt was very kind and also mentioned that they help artists with installations, which I would have never thought of! I will definitely be using this business again for exactly that purpose. All around a really great and affordable service.

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