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53-18 11th Street, Long Island City, New York 11101 USA

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About High Touch Moving

53-18 11th Street
Long Island City, New York

At High Touch Moving, we have been offering innovative and reliable moving and storage services for over 20 years. We strive to please our clients who include major museums, corporations, private collectors and art galleries as well as residents and small businesses.

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Meghan P


AVOID at all costs

Avoid, avoid, avoid at ALL costs! I've never had such a terrible experience with movers.

First, the quote I was given and told be to the "total price, period" was $208 more expensive than the price I paid once the movers arrived. As they packed my small amount of belongings into boxes, I was told each box would cost $20. The the head mover deiced to only charge me $15 per box since I mentioned that he didn't tell me about this charge before they started boxing up my stuff. Not a big deal, but not a great start to the move. He also mentioned that I needed to tip in cash so he wouldn't have to pay taxes on the tip.

We were told they charge by the hour with a four hour minimum, and with three movers and a small amount of stuff the move should've taken 4 hours max. One of the three movers stayed in the truck the entire time, not once did he move a single box. As they other two movers were unpacking my apartment, they filled the small living space with all of my boxes, leaving no room for my couch. After filling my apartment with my bed frame, mattress and boxes, the head mover said that my box spring and couch would not fit up the stairs. I went down to inspect and suggested he take the small legs off of the couch to try to get it to fit, but he refused and said it wound't fit no matter what. I questioned how he could get both the bed frame and the mattress up the stairs but not the box spring, and I was told he was the professional, not me, and that it wouldn't fit. The head mover also told me that if we left the box spring outside of the apartment complex, the city would fine the apartment.

At this point, I realised I had paid nearly $1,000 for nothing, since the only two large pieces of furniture I had were not going to make it up to my apartment. Needless to say i didn't tip, and the mover left the box spring out side of the building despite the fact that he had just informed me that we would get a fine if the box spring was left outside. The movers decided to take my couch that "wouldn't fit' with them, without my verbal content.

After calling and speaking a mangers to complain about this terrible experience,the manager said that he would send over a new crew of guys to try to fit the items up the stairs again (impossible, my furniture is now gone) but they if the movers could fit my furniture up the stairs this time, I would have to re-pay the moving company. I wondered why the manager suspected that my furniture could magically fit the second time when his own movers were so adamant that nothing would fit up the stairs.

All in all, this company didn't complete the job, they took my couch without my verbal consent, they refused to help me come up with a solution and then they suggested I pay them a second time if they could fit my stuff up the stairs, which they should've been able to do the firs time. I will be perusing further action again this company since they refuse to refund me any money for a job that was not completed. Avoid, at all costs.

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