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253 Bond Street Brooklyn, New York, New York 11217 USA
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About EZ Moving

253 Bond Street Brooklyn
New York, New York

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Stephanie West


Terrible Service & Fraudulent Behavior

This company is the worst moving company I have ever had experience with. They work largely through third party contractors, making it extremely difficult to get in touch with someone who can help. We had multiple experiences of being left on hold, them not returning phone calls, and so on. The pick-up crew advised us the move would cost 51% more than originally quoted, despite having received a full inventory list prior to pick-up. They did not inform us that the inventory list would be needed for any claims, and did not have us review it prior to leaving with our belongings. The arrival crew was a day late, and on arrival, the driver leaned out of the truck and immediately began berating me in an extremely unprofessional fashion, telling me he wouldn't unload the truck because there was a fire lane. We told him to pull forward and block the parking spots, which we had cleared with the apartment management. He continued to tell me he couldn't do that, and then turned around and walked away while saying he was leaving and would have to arrange another time. He seemed to be leaving without even coordinating another time or making any effort to calmly explain his side. He then tried to charge us more for stairs because he claimed multiple flights (we live on the 2nd floor, with one flight of stairs only, and I had confirmed no additional stair charge with the pick-up driver). They refused to put some of our belongings into a storage unit in the next building over either, citing a '2nd drop off', so I moved those items myself. As they began unloading the truck, without use of a ramp or straps of any kind, it became clear that items were not packed properly. Some of the furniture was not wrapped, and as a result, several items were severely damaged. Our file cabinet was literally in pieces, as was 1 of 2 TV stands (the second was damaged, but reparable). Several wooden items that were handmade by my father were gouged and scratched, multiple plastic bins were in pieces and cracked, our garbage can was severely dented, our table leaf was scratched, and a nightstand was missing (along with a broom and a mop). Many other items were scratched or dented to a less extreme level. I was on the receiving end of rude, unnecessary comments by the driver after expressing outrage over the amount of damage done (not directed at him or anyone in particular). The driver also spoke very differently to me than to my fiance. He was condescending and rude to me, to the point of downright snottiness, then would turn around when my fiance was present and speak calmly and would try to explain things when he was in the room. When I expressed that I was upset about the damages and did not want to sign the inventory form (which was missing items and was nearly impossible to make sense of), which stated that by signing I was indicating items were received in good condition, he attempted to walk away with the contract and all documentation, while stating that without signing, he wouldn't sign, and we wouldn't be able to file a claim. My fiance got him to sign with a handwritten statement advising that we were not accepting that the items delivered were in good condition. We filed a claim, and although the company's settlement letter indicated they would only pay for coverage of $0.60 per pound, they offered us only $62.00 - an insultingly low amount, considering the total weight of the damaged & lost items was 441 lbs. Based on their own calculations, this should have been a minimum settlement offer of $264.60. We disputed, and their second offer was $92.00. In addition to all of this, the company failed to respond to a complaint we filed through the Better Business Bureau. We are now looking into legal action against them. This has been especially difficult because the company hired was EZ Moving, but Sovereign Moving picked up our items and we were never notified which company was actually delivering. We were also never told the items would be moved from one truck to another after pickup. The way this company and those they contracted with have behaved has been unprofessional, unethical, and, we feel, fraudulent. We will be pursuing legal action for the $1,300 in damages they did.

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