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About Blue Collar Moving

Blue Collar Moving℠ is proud to be the most reliable Long Island Moving Company. You can depend on us to safely and efficiently transport your valuable possessions. Family owned and operated, we treat your items as if they were our own! In today’s world, we understand that most people live on a tight budget. Our mission at Blue Collar Moving℠ is to help more hard working New Yorkers afford full-service professional moving services.

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Dianne Cox


This company is a nightmare and unprofessional

This company is a nightmare and unprofessional it was high pressure to get my deposit once they had it things started going downhill. The time frame for them to pick up my items was two days and told I would have 3 to 4 hours noticebefore they got to my house. I was given 20 minutes notice from a man with a heavy accent that I could hardly understand. I was not prepared for a 20 minute window especially since he would not be getting there until after 8 o’clock PM. Being in elderly widow I was not comfortable having someone in my house after 8 o’clock and being alone.
After much talking with Customer Service it was agreed he should come and pick up my belongings since I was told I had no other alternative there was no one else who could do it, I waited and waited and finally after calling him back I found out he was not coming at all that night, he and his boss decided the mover would just go on to Atlanta and then the packer go to Alabama the following day. After scrambling they (Blue Collar) had somebody else to pick up my things the next day one day before my leave. They were late but at least very cordial, and they did get the job done but it wasn’t until after 10:30 PM when they finally left and they had very little to take with them, My load was a very small, this was an all night affair that I was not prepared for especially when I was told they would be there between 4 and 6 PM.

I was told to choose a date when I would like my things delivered and I told them November 18, 2018 and I expected to hear at least when my belongings would be delivered if they were we’re not going to make that date, instead I heard nothing. When I called the only number I had, they insisted I call customer service I was driving and I could not take the number down and I told him (Andrew) repeatedly that I could not take the number down, And asked him to just connect me to Customer Service. I don’t know if he could not or just would not connect me and when I Asked him to have Customer Service call me I was hung up on. I am not certain if I’m going to get my things or not This company is totally unprofessional, my advice is find someone else

At this point all I can say, is they have not done anything they said they would do and they did not try to even work with the customer.

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