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448 Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11223 USA
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About A&M Relocations

448 Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

A&M Relocations has a strong background and repute in quality moving services. We take pride in providing our customers a hassle free moving experience. A fully insured and licensed firm with well-trained movers make it easier to move, removing worry from the entire process.

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This was the worst moving experience in my life!

This was the worst moving experience in my life! It is bad enough that I did not find out that I would not be closing on my new construction condo until my belongings were on the moving truck but then I completely got hosed by the moving company. Of course when I learned of the delay in closing, I immediately contacted my move coordinator who worked diligently to provide me with a solution and a new quote. However, when I received the charge on my credit card, it was $400 over the quote. I contacted the move coordinator and eventually ended up speaking to the ?President? of the company. Let?s just say that the President could use some remedial training in customer service. He was completed rude and actually blamed me for an inefficient, confusing move ? as if I had planned it that way. He actually ended up providing a credit of $200.

John Thompson


Great moving job

These guys did a great job moving my son into his first rental. They disassembled and reassembled a monster of a bed, and managed to move an expensive and fragile phototherapy lamp without damage. They did all this plus many bookcases, and other furniture in less than two hours. The team was professional and courteous throughout the entire move. The pricing is reasonable and clear, no hidden fees. Communication through email was always handled quickly. I highly recommend A&M Relocations!

Carla Bridges


Best movers

When I was shifting my office from North Carolina to New York, I involved A&M Relocations. I can best say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. There was no pressure relocating and the people involved ensured it was smooth right from the beginning. Most importantly, they kept time and moved my properties with so much professionalism. Keep up the good work.

Frederick Oshea


Great moving company

You cannot expect disappointments where professionals are involved. That is one thing I have come to learn from my experience with A&M Relocations as a relocation team. When I got them to relocate me, they did it in an extraordinary way. Everything, right from the packing to loading and even arrangement of the house was carried out with so much zeal. The result was a kind of excellence I have not experienced before.

Merton Schardt


I recommend them

For those who have moved from place to place do understand better how relocating can be challenging. Anyway, relocation can be made simple when you do a perfect selection on the company to facilitate your relocation. For me, I worked it out the research way. I toured through the internet and found the best company ever. Trust me, you can easily fall for them just by how they do it. A&M Relocations worked out my relocation in a magical way. They made sure I was in my new residence before sunset. I can’t blame them for the heavy jam, but I like how they handled it. It was so remarkable.

Laurence Hendley


Hard Working Guys

I found an easy time relocating from Kentucky to Washington thanks to A&M Relocations. It is because of their hard work, dedication, and relentless efforts that the moving venture became a success. They carried out themselves like professionals, and I would like to appreciate them for that. They were cheap, fast and unique. They reported early and within a twinkle of an eye we were off to Washington. The journey turned to be smooth than I thought. I salute you.



Dont use them

Paid them almost $1800 for less than 8 hours of work and 10 days of storage on a move two weeks ago. Got a quote for $85/hour for 5 additional pieces and was presented with a bill for $237. I had used them several times previous and referred them countless times. Now Mike O, says he is taking me to court because because I am only paying the $85 for less than 1 hour of work and less than 1 mile of drive between houses. I will NEVER refer them or use them again. I did not even go into the 2"x6" hole ripped in the couch they moved. Just too frustrated to deal with them anymore.



I would never recommend them

They came out, they took a look at all the items, they walked through the whole house, they gave me a set price ... And then when they had the truck three quarters of the way full, they started playing games, wanting me to pay them more. ...I ended up paying them an additional $400 more, but that was the lowest I could get it down. They were talking about like $2,000 something more.



Do not use this company

I'm incredibly upset with how unprofessional this company was with me. We were on the hunt for a moving company and came across these guys. Spoke back and forth about a quote and asked someone to come out to give me a better idea of how much a full service move would be. Someone called to tell me he would give me a call when he was on his way the day of. We set a date and time on the only day of the week I have off. I waited around all morning when I had a million other things I needed to get done. No call, not even to say they were running late or wouldn't be able to make it. Wrote an email about no one showing up and didn't even get a response or apology (now two days later).

If they can't even show up to earn my business who's to say they will even show up on move day? Obviously we decided to go with another company.



Great Moving Job

AM moving company did a great job moving my one bedroom apartment across Dallas. They were scheduled to arrive 1-5 in the afternoon, but were delayed on their first move. The customer they were moving earlier in the day was not honest with all they had and the move took longer than expected. They called and told me they were running behind and that I wouldn't be left stranded without movers. It was about 7:30 when they arrived. I know they were tired, but they didn't rush and wrapped all my furniture up in blankets. It was a little after midnight when they finished. Nothing was damaged.



Efficient and Professional

We've used A&M five times; they are always reliable, efficient and professional. Our crew, Logan, Lloyd and Tavon called ahead so we wouldn't worry, arrived early and got the job done in record time. They treat your possessions like heirlooms, wrapping and protecting everything carefully. And, they work quickly - which is nice as you are paying by the hour. Logan's crew had us loaded in less than 2 hours even though they had to deal with elevators and narrow hallways.

Unloading went smoothly and everything was set up completely. All the trash and materials were removed and the whole job cost much less than the estimated maximum. A&M people are always friendly and communicate well. This company will cost a little more, but this is well worth it in the ease, professionalism and quality of services



They were great

I used these guys to move on Sunday October 21st and they were great. They arrived 10 mins early and were polite, efficient and respectful. The whole job was done faster than expected and I appreciated that at the end, they double checked if we wanted any boxes or pieces of furniture moved to different rooms. Shout out to Jorge J, Jorge L and Juan R - good guys.

Louis Epperson


Seemed extremely nice

I contacted A&M Relocations and they returned my call to arrange to price, scheduling etc. - and were extremely flexible/able to meet my needs.

They arrived on time to my house and had no problems loading everything and taking directions. Seemed extremely nice.

Everything was delivered seamlessly we had no issues, which I thought was surprising as I always dreaded dealing with moving companies in the past. I don't plan on moving again for a long time! But If I had to - these are the guys I would call

Noel Welch


Quality service at an affordable price

I have personally used this company for my own moves. It is always easy to deal with; showing up on time and providing quality service at an affordable price.




Such an awful service and very poor customer service!
Never go with this Moving company ever!!
very poor communication between customer service and dispatcher.

1) So, they picked up my stuff on 8/21 and I received at new place on 9/25 which I was very late than I was told

2) some of my stuff was damaged when I received it - futon was ripped off, Guitar was cracked from side
3) Sleeping bag is missing
4) Luggage bag was ripped off





Please don't get fooled by salesman from here.
They under quoted me by $2500 just to get my business. I had to pay cash because they were holding my stuff hostage. Yes, because they didn't give me the "final" bill until they put all my stuff on the truck.
I was also bullied into giving the men who delivered my stuff an extra $400 or they would drive away. "Just go to the ATM," they said. Boxes were missing and items were broken but since their policy is $0.06 per pound for missing/broken items, it wasn't worth crying over. But it is worth spreading the word about how AWFUL this company is and that's what I am going to do.

Jeffrey Pomeroy


Unbeatable Price

I used A&M Relocations for my move from Austin to Long Beach and I was extremely pleased with them. The movers showed up on time and were very professional and efficient. Plus, you really can't beat the price. Believe me, I called just about every moving service in town before I found A&M Relocations - they are definitely the best deal around. Great experience overall!

Herman Barnett


Amazing service from these guys

Amazing service from these guys! The manager and his crew were extremely professional and got the job done quick. Will definitely be using this company again in the future.

Michael Laporte


Great service

They arrived at both locations when they said they were going to. Even before they got to my houses the called me the day before to make sure I was home when they got there. I never felt alone during my move at all. I always had someone to call and answer any of my questions. Thanks, guys



Do not use them!!!!!!!

I have had property stolen from me with this company and I was only having 4 things delivered. Two showed up lost and two are missing!! This is the biggest scam I ha e ever seen!! Do not use them!!!!!!!



A&M Relocations is amazing

A&M Relocations is amazing! It was a very smooth process! There were no hidden fees or extra charges. We would definitely use them again!

John Enos


Moving team was extremely professional

Thank you so much, A&M Relocations.

Our moving team was extremely professional, polite, and helpful! This was our first time hiring movers and it was worth every single penny. The guys worked nonstop, from the moment they arrived at the moment they left with smiles on their faces.

They took great care with all of our things, wrapping and padding all of our furniture before loading it on the truck, and they helped us dissemble and reassemble, and even rearranged furniture after everything was unloaded. Even my (fragile!) handcrafted family heirloom easel made the move without a single scratch or crack.

We did a lot of research before picking our movers, and we definitely chose well. Thanks, A&M Relocations!

Bruce Bergen


Such a great Job

I am so happy I chose to go with A&M Relocations! Moving from Albany to New Jersey is stressful enough but these guys made it so much easier! They packed everything up in a precise manner and very quickly too! I thought it would take forever but it only took a couple hours! The best was they blanket and shrink wrapped all my furniture!

The team was a great job and were careful with everything! They are all great and friendly, very personable and funny! I know they will do an awesome job unloading everything when they get to New Jersey! I cannot praise them enough they did such a great job! Choose A&M Relocations for your move!

Donald Villarreal


I would definitely recommend them

This is our second time using these guys and they were great both times! The guys are extremely polite and quick. The price was what I was quoted. They do a really good job and I would definitely recommend them!

Michael Thomas


What a great experience!

What a great experience! The Team showed up exactly on time and made a pain of a move seem easy. They were both professional and very helpful with some of my last minute items. I was charged exactly what was quoted. I will absolutely use them again.

Trevor Eastep


Money well spent

Money well spent! Only moved about a mile, and considered doing it myself, I am so glad I chose A&M Relocations. The whole move took about an hour. They were professional, polite, on time, and nothing was damaged. Thank you!

John Smith


Please. Please. Please! Do your research! This company is terrible!

Please. Please. Please! Do your research! This company is terrible! The sales people are great! They tell you everything you want to hear when you are moving your family half-way across the country. Things like "we won't nickle and dime you," "We can have your items to your new location in the matter of days." and "You can contact us at anytime." Once the drivers are at your house to load everything up, they will charge your for every. little. thing. If they have to pick up a box more than once, they will charge you, if they need to take a bathroom break, they will charge you to use the restroom in your home. Once they get done charging you for every little thing, they will drive off with your house. Then it will sit in a climate controlled facility in TN for over a week. Why? No one knows, and no one will find out when it will get to you.

The manager of the customer service hung up on me when I asked to speak with his supervisor because he could not tell me when my items will be delivered to me after our home sat in a facility in TN for over a week. I call back, and he doesn't have a supervisor. I asked if he is the CEO. He wasn't, so I got his supervisor. After calling every single day to find out when my items would be delivered, I didn't get a call. I got an email. My 2 yr old could not sleep in her own bed because these folks wanted to hold on to our things for a week!

Long story short, once they have what you need moved, they disappear, cannot be reached, and no one knows where trucks are or when they will be scheduled to arrive to your new location. Once it was all said and done, our original quote was only half of what we paid.




I have too many horrific examples to state and not enough room to write it all. In short they showed up 8 hours late - then left with all of the items claiming an “emergency” leaving my elderly parents scared and with no place to stay. They promised to be back at 8AM the next day. Showed up at 11:30AM stoned out of their mind. It took hours for them to move 2 BR sets and a LR set. So long that I started unloading and moving things myself.

They quoted my parents a price and then tried to upcharge them by hundreds of dollars. They are beyond unprofessional. Additionally they appear to take advantage of the elderly and thankfully I got in my car and drove 2 hours to help and advocate for my parents otherwise who knows what would have happened.

Unbelievably horrid experience.




I have never experience such bad service and the worst/rudest customer service. They picked a move for my daughter with the sales rep promising deliver in 7 to 8 days. 5 weeks later the truck showed up. Their policy is 24 - 48 hour notice for delivery. I received a call at midnight telling me they would be there the next day in the afternoon. This new apartment building had a wonderful loading dock with the freight elevator next to it. then straight to my daughters apartment. But they stated it was beyond the allowable footage and started to take the boxed back to the truck if she doesn't give them $350 cash. AFTER 5 WEEKS. Needless too say their was no one in the office but some rude lady who continued to hang up on me to assist. I choose because they had a good rating. I am convinced this is in-house posting and ratings. -



Not good I don't recommend it at all.

They still have my things in a storage. They picked up our things and a week later they said that we were still missing money to do the moving, I mean why did you took our things in first place if there was money missing? now we paid the extra money they requested, and still they are not giving us a delivery date! What is more, when we are calling they are not answering. What kind of service is that? can't you call a client back when you know they are worried?



saved me a ton of money.

I am ecstatic to be done with this move and I am even happier that they did the move at such a great rate. I mean other companies were charging me almost twice what they wanted and the service was great, they were on time and packed carefully. They saved me money by putting my shipment with another one gimg the same way and saved me a ton of money. Thanks a million A&M movers

Rochester Spike


They were so good

For now, I believe that I am duly settled in as far as relocations are concerned. I believe that I wouldn’t be in need of any relocation company apart from A&M Relocations. They were so good in the last relocation that I engaged them in. I know that they will perform even better if hired out again. Why then would I look for another option? There isn’t any way I am going to do that.

Arlene Hall



A&M Relocations moved my family’s properties from our three bedroom house in New Jersey to our new residence in Providence, Rhode Island in only few days. It was through their superb organization that the safe and fast move was accomplished. By the end of the process, the charging was very friendly to me and their service is very recommendable. I have no regrets for using them.

Steven Sanchez



A&M Relocations handled everything with care and accomplished a stress-free moving for all my family’s properties. I was grateful that everything went smooth and my wife was happy that all her things were delivered in the same condition. Actually I didn’t expect my move from New York to Utah to be completed so fast. Thanks to A&M Relocations, they made everything fast and simple and I had no room for any anxieties. I was able to settle pretty fast in my residence.

Pepper Harland


What more would I need?

What more would I want? I am contented and fully satisfied with A&M Relocations. I am not looking for another relocation company next time I am moving to another residence. I will yet again hire out their wonderful and amazing crew. They did it big when I hired them out last time and I am confident that they will do it yet again when an opportunity presents itself.

Sophie Bush


Great Help!

I sold my house because of some financial needs and therefore I had to pack out of the house as soon as possible. I also had to settle some financial stuff and as a result of this, I needed a moving company who will charge very low for their job. Thankfully, I got A&M Relocations whose quote was quite affordable. I was particularly happy with the services they rendered irrespective of the cheap cost. These guys are the experts everyone should go for.

Simone Forster


The Reviews Are Not Fakes

I chose A&M Relocations because I wanted to change a moving company and also because of their positive reviews. I realized that I chose wisely when the guys came and started working in my home. These are a bunch of experts who are well versed in their jobs. The guys made my move exceptional that I just relaxed and watched them while they did their job excellently. The racing season is a season in which everything goes topsy-turvy. It is a season no mover would want to be busy moving other people’s stuff rather than enjoying the season. However, these movers were different. They still maintained their dedication and focus irrespective of the interesting events in the racing season. This is why I will always hire them for each of my moves.

Lance Reugart


A Move I would Love to Have Again

If you are a regular mover like me, you would not have any problem agreeing with me that moving is not always wonderful. I have learnt by experience that the moving guys you hire determine a lot of what your move would be. That is why I cannot stop thanking the movers from A&M Relocations. These guys have got the skills and expertise I needed for a great move experience. My move was altogether perfect. Thanks for the great job. Somehow I knew the friend who recommended these guys to me was right when he said a lot of good things about them. I followed my gut like I have always and this time around I was happy that I did. A&M Relocations is indeed a wonderful moving company not just for their excellent movers but also for their culture of diligence, humility and excellence.

Shah Jones


Very careful

Above everything else, what inspires me most is their high level of determination and unrelenting focus. I was so happy when the A&M Relocations crew came over to my house and did a super job. I must say the furniture were relatively many and the electronics worsened it off. To them, it did not seem so. It was a normal relocation that wasn’t going to take them more than a day. With that in mind, they set to work and relocated me on the same day, so quick yet very carefully.

Kerline Andino


Better in all aspects

I do love A&M Relocations for many reasons. For one, that crew is super fast in all that they do. When they first worked for me, I was relocated to Georgia in a record time. It actually took me quite some time to come into terms with all that happened. Secondly, the employees of this relocation company are so humble. They know quite well how to handle and deal with customers. During my relocation, they addressed me so well and kept on consulting me whenever they had doubts. Lastly, these people are so great in what they do. I will forever love them.

Kandie Mathis


I got inspired

Right now, I do not have any doubts regarding A&M Relocations. I do not have any reason to doubt that they are the best so far. Some time back, I used to question the decisions of my friends who insisted that this relocation company was the one to watch out for. Maybe I was in doubt because I had not been close to whether they were delivering their services. When I finally got an opportunity of seeing how they worked, I got inspired. It was only once and that once was enough to turn all doubts into trust.

Candace Vogelzang


Awesome relocation services

As things are right now, there are not many options when it comes to movers. I only have A&M Relocations to choose from. Not that I am not aware of other relocation companies, I know quite a number of them in fact. It is only that what A&M Relocations offers me is much more than the others combined. Anyone in his right senses would stick to those awesome relocation services at such marvellous rates.

Julius Casey


Best customer care service

I can still remember the great encounter I had when I went to inquire about A&M Relocations. From the warm welcome and beautiful smiles from the customer care attendants to the eloquent addressing that was done professionally. I had never imagined of the existence of such a formal customer care service since it surpassed all other relocation companies I knew of. Up to date, I have never received such an incredible welcome since that encounter.

Oliver Cabrera


Ideal Movers

A&M Relocations is the ideal relocation company one should opt for. I have all the reasons for saying this. When I hired them out to relocate me from Alabama to Georgia, they proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they were equal to the task. They put up an unrelenting spirit and ensured that the work was done perfectly without any flaws. In fact, there was no mistake. The team leader and the entire crew that facilitated that have remained my heroes. Most relocation companies today specify on the routes they operate. This is so different to A&M Relocations Company that considered offering relocation to all parts of different Cities. I was disappointed with a certain relocation company that advised me to change the location I had set up my mind on. Contact the most incredible relocation company for excellent performance.

Ariana Dickerson


I got touched so much

Before I met A&M Relocations, I never liked relocations. I used to get stressed up whenever relocations were due. Maybe I can blame that on my previous experiences which are not worth talking. With the coming of this reliable mover, however, things changed. I have relocated twice through their assistance and they have all been awesome. They have proved to me that it is still possible to access quality relocation services without getting stressed up. I believe in hard work. I believe in sweat. When I was relocating last week, I got so thrilled when I realised that A&M Relocations holds the same view as me. I was happy to learn that they were willing to do anything to ensure that their clients were truly happy. The manner in which they worked for me proved that they were ready to lay it bare for my sake. I got touched so much. Such an experience is so encouraging and I would enjoy having it yet again.



Worth every penny

Honest and reliable. That is my review for A&M Relocations. They were timely and they charged me very reasonably, plus that they showed professionalism of the highest level handling my things. I recommend them. The service I got from A&M Relocations was prompt and top notch. What I liked most is their affordable pricing. They gave me a top quality service at a very affordable price compared to other movers whom I contacted and were charging me more for the same services. They thus helped me save!

Tessa Townsend


The movers were true professionals

A&M Relocations gave us a very devoted crew that was so nice to work with. The movers were true professionals and showcased their skills as they moved our things down the round staircase. Even when it came to our heavy equipment, these guys did not complain and instead used their experience and the various professional moving tools they had to make the day a success. Their charges were reasonable and they are not like other movers who leave you feeling overcharged.

Penelope Melton


Rare relocations

Such moments are rare. That is why I treasure them so much. They bring with them unique and pleasant feelings that everyone would want to have. Such moments like A&M Relocations moving are not being forgotten that easily. I recently got in touch with this team to help out my cousin in his relocations. The last thing I wanted was a disappointment, and I prayed so hard for it not comes. God was faithful enough, and he granted me my wish. I believe it wasn’t only me. I want to convince myself that every other person would have gotten that or even better. I was relocated in style, and that surely motivated me. At times, I stopped to think why they were giving me such a special treatment. It was an executive relocation that you could not be guaranteed elsewhere. If they do this to every customer, they can comfortably count all my friends in because I will convince them to try this out.

Owen Sandoval


I will never look back

Since the very first time I hired them out, I have never looked back. It has been over five years now and I have no plans of changing my mind. They have worked for me on three separate jobs and what they offered was all marvellous. The first time when I was relocating to Oregon, it was average. The second time was super and my latest experience was nothing short of excellence. I would want to have more of that even in the future and that is why I will always stick to A&M Relocations for my relocations. I have always been fascinated by diligence and hard work. I like it when a service provider does all that is in his reach to ensure that the customer gets what he wants. So when I realised A&M Relocations was all about diligence and hard work, I got so much thrilled and hired them out immediately for my relocation to Oregon from North Carolina. No disappointment was evident because it all happened just the way I had expected!

Peter Coltish


An impressive move

From what I heard my elder brother said about them, I knew they were a perfect choice. My brother had described A&M Relocations with all sorts of praises. However, I had known him to be so full of exaggeration so all that he said was never a guarantee of the entire truth. Things turned out differently this time round. All that he had said about the company was all true and I really appreciated that. The relocation experts came fully geared to deliver and nothing was going to stop them. They had decided to give their best and that’s what they did. Thumbs up to them.

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