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791 Paulison Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 07011 USA

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About Silver Star Movers

791 Paulison Avenue
Clifton, New Jersey

Mission Viejo company is always at your service on any day of the week. Safe and secure move with one or several movers and one or more trucks will let you focus on other important things. We have a license for providing moving services within California territory.

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Kevin Graham


Silver Star Moving - FRAUD

This "company" is not a real company, they do not have real office space, they do not contract with truckers who actually provide the service.

They routinely book moving schedules with firms that went of business.

They refuse to provide refunds for work never completed, which it never will be, the entire transaction is fraud from the start.

Nancy Khalil


Ridiculous Moving Experience!

Here is the entire story and up to you to decide whether you want to deal with this company or not. Also, check the Better Business Bureau reviews, don't be tricked by the positive ones here (like I did). They are all fake.

On June 26, Silver Star moving company took our furniture from WA state, and said it'll take them 7 - 21 days to arrive to Silver Spring, MD according to Chris Newman. It took a month and 10 days until the furniture arrived. We call Chris, he is not being responsive to any of our emails or voice messages. Calling their Customer Service, Mark Lopez said that they gave our furniture to another moving company called Northwest Relocation - without our contest and without briefing us that they are just a broker and not a moving company. They said the furniture will be loaded from Portland in the weekend of July 27, and will take another 7 to 21 days to arrive. Calling Northwest Relocation, we have been getting contradicting messages every time we call about the status of our furniture delivery. The Customer Service "Vicki - extension 407" said the driver left from Portland on Sunday. Then after an hour, the driver called and said he is in North Carolina!! Two days later, he said he is in VA and will come on Thursday. We took a day off from work waiting for him, then at noon, we called him, he said he is back to North Carolina. We have been sleeping on an air mattress for over a month. Other than being overwhelmed with other expenses and purchases due to the delayed furniture delivery status.

When the furniture arrived, the office chair was broken, cups and plates, a statue - all broken. And the carpets filled/smell weed.
We submitted the insurance claim, and the reply time will take 15-90 days. The entire process has been so ridiculous.

Robbie Adams


Look Elsewhere Before Hiring this Company

My wife selected this company because it was the most responsive of the few she called. They promised her they could meet the timeline, and to their credit, they did. However, before I realized she hired this company for more than $5,000, I had several quotes quite literally for thousands less. The people who moved the belongings were actually from another moving company, US Movers. The first crew was courteous and moved with purpose and efficiency. The only problem was the additional charges for exceeding the number of items. However, the movers counted beds as numerous pieces whereas the inventory said one bed with a parenthetical reference which indicated a frame, mattress and box spring. I was not happy with that hiccup, but perhaps my mistake. Once the movers arrived at the destination house (late), the crew was blatantly careless with the packages, resulting in several items being broken. When I contacted the company, while they were indeed apologetic, they referred me to an insurance company that handles the claims. Still waiting for resolution while I get to dry my clothes at the laundromat. They charged a premium price, but the service fell far short of premium, and quite honestly, I am frustrated with what I received for more than $5,000.00. Expected far more.

Earl Richard


Insured and reliable

When I started looking for a mover, I was so cautious about the insurances they offer. I wanted to make sure my items are in good hands and if something goes wrong, I should be able to claim them without difficulty. Silver star movers offered me the best of worlds in every perspective and not just insurance. They used protector layers for every furniture making it safe from any scratches. These people really took their time in the new residence as well. I was pleasantly surprised at the way they handled the furniture and placed them. The cost was affordable and customer service was excellent.

Shauna Samuelson


beware, Beware, BEWARE!!!

beware, Beware, BEWARE!!! We hired Silver Star (SS), they subcontracted to Executive Moving (EM) who subcontracted to Wheaton Movers who subcontracted to Sammy Services, company who actually delivered. The initial contract was for $1,630 they charged us right at $4,400 when all was said and done!!! They misrepresented, they debited without permission, they overcharged, they were late, itemd damaged and mishandled and there seems to be no recourse, undependable people, most communications were initiated by us. If they had been honest with us from the beginning, we would chosen something else. When red flags flew and questions grew, SS stopped taking our calls! Thomas White was the original sales agent for SS, Cameron the follow-up muscle, and Lisa the CS rep who was supposedly going to get to the bottom of Executive’s inappropriate charges and actions. Several conversations with Lisa... Promises of resolution...nothing. Even after an over-debit of $560 by Executive.
Here’s how it went for us...They first represented themselves as being affiliated with United, a reputable mover who we’ve had move us cross-country twice, but instead are just a broker. They quoted $1,630 (Thomas) to move our son from a 1 bdrm apt in Ogden, UT to SE Georgia (2200 miles), my son having liquidated the bulk of his belongings... no living room furniture, no bedroom furniture, no appliances, no office furniture, just belongings as in books, games, clothing, the biggest items being IKEA bookshelves, and a table and chairs. Two days after deposit of $618, Silver Star (Cameron) increased contract by double $3,200+ and collected an additional $735, for a total to Silver Star of $1,350 as a deposit, supposedly based on a weight estimate, representing that Thomas had no business talking to customers because he didn’t know what he was talking about. I was annoyed but over a barrel. I’m sure they have recordings of all of these calls/conversations. Without any communication or warning, Silver Star subcontracted out to Executive Movers in LV, NV who missed the pickup by a day past the end date and my son was gone out of town and had to leave his stuff in the apt and a key w the Landlord for Executive to enter. THE WORST part... they represented by phone that Executive doesn’t charge by WEIGHT! Executive told him that Silver Star are ‘known in the industry to weigh your stuff with all of their employees standing on the scale!’ Their subcontractor talking mad crap about them. Then Executive revealed the clencher... Executive doesn’t even charge by WEIGHT!... They charge by VOLUME only and then proceeded to tell him by phone that he was 100 sq ft over the volume estimate too, which we’d never heard a word of. Cameron specifically said it ‘made no difference’ how much space it took up. SO NOW WE’VE BEEN CHARGED BY WEIGHT AND BY VOLUME! Executive represented that they would debit an amount not to exceed $935. They debited $1,498.20 without authorization or permission for that amount. I called Executive and filed a complaint with Ashley, who told me it would take 2 days to resolve. I never heard from her again despite repeated calls. Instead of refunding the overage, unbeknownst to us, they dumped off to another subcontractor. Executive Movers, the Subcontractor, then subcontracted to Wheaton Movers’, who apparently subcontracted to Sammy Services. They also arrived a day past the delivery window which was less consequential this time but then held his stuff hostage for an additional $1,498.20 payable in CASH only so the charges could not be disputed. So, in summary, we hired Silver Star to move us and they didn’t. The entire thing was so stressful from start to finish and cost us nearly triple the quoted price... easily double what his belonging were worth monetarily. No recourse. They can treat you and your stuff however they wish with no fear of accountability. THIS WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WE WOULDN'T WISH ON A WORST ENEMY!!!

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