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1 Ackerman Ave, Clifton, New Jersey 07011 USA

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About Radius Moving and Storage Corp

1 Ackerman Ave
Clifton, New Jersey

We specialize in full service moving, storage and packing. We are located in Bergen County New Jersey but service all areas in the United States.

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Great guys

I had a rather pleasant experience with radius, from speaking with the lady who set up my move to the men that came to my home. I can say I actually was a little scared to use them at first because of the reviews that I read. So I at first chose another company but that company was horrible as soon as they came to my home they tried to basically rob me so I sent them away and I called radius and spoke with my customer service rep and I only had 24 hours to get out of my house but I tell you she worked her magic and got the men to me within 3 hours I was so happy. You don’t understand at first I was scared because of what happened to me but she promised me her crew was not like that and they aren’t I had these men come to my home and pack everything and did a great job. I was so happy with there services I booked them for my mother in law also which she will be moving next week. I am just genuinely happy because the only thing that costed me extra was because I didn’t pack everything because I was supposed leave some stuff behind but they gave me a great price for everything so I decided to take everything. My move happened on 7/18 and now I already got delivery do. So I want to say from me and my family to the Radius Moving and storage family thank you we couldn’t thank you enough

John Rogers


Radius Moving and Storage

Company was a lifesaver. We had contracted with another moving company and whether true or not they informed us that their truck broke down and would have to reschedule. We were stuck since the move had to take place when planned due to the time of our closing and need to be in new locations. Called around and finally spoke to Michelle who arranged for a truck and crew within a few hours. Our month down to Florida had a few minor issues but overall we were extremely pleased. Normally I don't write reviews but felt it was important in this instance.



Lies and more lies

I am disappointed and feel misled. I’ve been lied to, disregarded and ignored. Reviews are not something that I take time with except now. I am a sales and customer service professional and I am appalled at the poor service that I have received from Radius Moving.
Please continue to read if you are considering using this company.
As a result of my phone interaction with the company, my credit card number was stolen. I received no help from Radius.
We were sold on the premise that individuals would be reachable. They were not.
Multiple texts and phone calls that I made to individuals and the office were routinely ignored.
The supervisor promised me a call back within 24 hours. He did not.
I was promised a refund of the deposit that was clearly not according to the contract. When I questioned what I read, I was assured that the contrary was the case. It is not.
I cancelled the order not because of the reckless method of estimating the load, but for the unprofessional way that I have been treated, starting with the theft of my identity.
Only when I asked for the order to be cancelled was I contacted.
My profession is sales and anyone on my sales teams that treated customers as I have been treated would be counseled and potentially dismissed. Customer Service is also a professional endeavor.
I cannot believe the sites padded with 5-star ratings. Maybe I am just one of the unlucky one to place my trust in Radius Moving.

Buddy Martinez


Run Away....Fast

In case you dont want to read this entire post, to sum it up. DO NOT BOOK Radius Moving as your Movers.

1. The 5-star reviews here are fake, something I should have picked up in the beginning, but with with buying a home and moving across country, just looked at the reviews and assumed the best. Unfortunately, there are services that allow companies to purchase fake reviews in order to boost their ratings. How do I know you might ask? Just click on the 5-star reviews username and then see what else they are reviewing. These profiles have about 4-6 other moving companies they are also giving out 5 stars at the same time, no one is using 5 companies or makes 5 moves in less than 3 months. These are just sham accounts. Just look take a look at the photos, and that is only from 2 users. There are 100+ fake reviews listed to boost their rating in order to gain your business. Filter by the lowest rating to get actual customer experience.

2. Donavan the sales rep, seems like a great guy at first. A+ sales, he knows how to sell you on a dream and idea. He says he will be your moving specialist throughout the process and help you with any questions, concerns, until your stuff is delivered. As soon as he gets the deposit and the 5 day period of after you refund has passed, don’t expect to hear from him again. He screens the calls, and he will not pickup the phone. While they don’t guarantee your goods will be delivered by a certain date, he certainly upsells the facts that it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks at the most. Legally have 21 business days to transport your items, but who in their right mind would agree to pay this kind of money, to go over 30 actual days. The whole time, he said it should take at most 2 weeks. Our stuff was picked up on 6/12/2018. It was not delivered until 7/14/2018. We spent 3 weeks sleeping on the floor, 1 week on a couch, and had to eat out countless times because of our goods not being here as when we thought they would. Once again legally they were only a few days late, but if you want to wait 32 actual days without having your stuff, by all means go ahead.

3. Be prepared for the price to increase. I knew this going in that this would happen, we added a few things, even though we took off our very large sectional couch and dining table and chairs, I knew we would pay more. You can’t estimate a move over the phone, so I was prepared for the upcharge in cubic feet. However, what I wasn’t expecting is when I paid 625$ in package fees because they said they have to “Crate” certain items like my TV. Even though my contract clearly states I get a TV box for free. They don’t crate nothing. The TV was simply wrapped with cardboard and taped up. I thought maybe they crate it on the move. NO! When the mover got here, I saw my TV on top of all of the boxes near the roof of the Semi Truck. So Yea, I paid 625$ extra just for them to wrap 3 things in cardboard that cost maybe 20$ on their end. Also to top it off, the truck they came in was a rental Penske. They subcontract these moves out even though, we were told this wouldnt happen. Delivery guy was from Navy Seals Movers... While we did get every item back, 1 of our pieces of our adjustable base/boxspring valued at about 500$ has the biggest rip mark at the front corner. Clearly you can tell this was from being loaded, unloaded, loaded again.

4. Now onto the only good throughout the process. 1st Toni was always a pleasure to talk to, I know things aren’t in her control, but she would at least try and get me an answer to my questions as best she could. I am not the only client going through this, so I know she deals with it and daily basis and I honestly feel bad she is working for a company like this as her customer rep role could be best utilized in a different capacity. The movers both at pickup and delivery were great. It’s a shame everything else happens in-between because it was A+ service on that end.

If you made it this far in this review, I applaud you, but walk away, it isnt worth the headache to deal with Radius Moving.

Adam Ruther


Absolute Nightmare

Absolute nightmare. This company picked up my items and had me sign a bill of lading of another company’s that they stole. After leaving with my stuff they told me they were going to split the deliveries in to two. The first delivery arrived in 4 days. The second delivery had yet to come and it has been 70+ days since pickup. The second delivery happens to hold our most expensive items. I have been told certain delivery dates almost 10 times now only to find out there was a new excuse. The company has promised to send a small check for the late fees and still deliver the items but it has been three weeks since James told me he sent the check and I have not received it yet. Please do not make the same mistake I did and do not allow this company to move you.

D Hartsfield



Do not use this company! The price was twice the quote. We were initially told that we would receive our items in a couple of days, it has now been 7 days and we have not received them. Our contact person has stopped taking our calls and responding to our emails. We moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, so we are now sitting in an empty apt waiting for our things to arrive, not knowing when to expect them. I will never use this company again. I would recommend that you research any company before you hire them, I regret that I didn’t take my own advise.



bad moving experiance

moved from Maine to Florida . was told our things would not be moved from one truck to another , wrong , our things were stored in Clifton NJ. then put on another truck after several weeks of storage . the original quote was doubled when truck came . cubic footage was so wrong . they did not add 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot to get a cubic foot .( I was charged for 175 cubic feet and only given a space on a small truck 1 foot by 7 foot by 8 foot at the most . in the math I learned in school that is only 56 cubic feet . ) things were opened and resealed , at least 8 large totes were lost , a two draw file cabinet never came with all my military records , awards , work records from the government which I worked for , for 37 years , boxes of dvd's missing , boxes of paid bills lost , all medical records from the military and my life were in the file cabinet that was lost . very poor help from the shippers home office after our move was told our things were being looked for , for over a two months then told to finally just put in a claim , unbelievable terrible experience

Mary Garcia


Thank you guys!!

The staff I worked with were very professional, even going as far as giving me some fantastic tips on how to properly secure files that are important. They made my office move so easy! It only took a couple of days to move everything into the new office. Thank you, Radius Moving and Storage, for your awesome services.

Kelley Fishman


We would give them a rating of 5 star!

This company is fantastic! They moved us on a day of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow!! We had them. Such hard working men with such positive attitudes. We couldn’t have been more pleased with their professionalism. We would give them a rating of 5 star!

Jimmy Antonucci


Absolute Professionals

Just completed my relocation from Freehold New Jersey to Miami Florida. After shopping around I was referred to Radius by my real estate agent. The pricing was fair, but I was mainly concerned with my belongings arriving in one piece. Terry and the guys made sure to take extra care of all of my fragile items (dishes, wine glasses, mirrors etc) they took apart and wrapped all of my furniture very very well. Upon receiving delivery of my stuff everything seems to be as I had left it. Delivery was right on time and I couldn’t be happier. I am leaving this review as promised and would recommend them to anyone.

Karen Walter


They were courteous helpful and careful

They were courteous helpful and careful. All went over very well and far better than initially anticipated. I truly enjoyed working with Radius Moving and Storage, I was glad to experience a reliable company for a change.

Whitney Trompeter


Radius Moving and Storage are the worst movers


I was deceived into a contract. The person from radius movers pretended to be a guy named Mike who I had been speaking with from another company.
Payment and hidden fees not discussed

Very difficult to contact. They were 28 hours late for our pick up and could not contact anyone to figure out what happened. We finally got in contact with them and they did not know what happened to not 1, but 2 trucks they said they had sent to us. Then they made it seem like they were doing us a favor by getting us another truck for the next day.

Company and owner did not take responsibility for their mistakes and acted as if we, the customer were inconveniencing them. They messed up every step of our move. The pick up was late, the delivery was late, they broke a lot of our things, we are still missing 11 items, and their communication was horrendous.

Not professional

Took very long time to load truck and packed it loosely so they could charge more.

They continuously changed information so that when we called and said we were told something, they changed it to something us.

Said would give us money back, but would not if we did not sign a form saying we would not give them a bad review.

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