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1711 W Edgar Rd, Linden, New Jersey 07036 USA

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About Precision Relocation

1711 W Edgar Rd
Linden, New Jersey

Servicing customers nationwide we take pride in relocating families just like ours. We specialize in corporate relocation, long distance and residential moving

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Wendy A Pearce




Precision Relocation gave me a quote of $1,300 because I didn't have a lot of furniture, etc., then when they arrived at my house they wouldn't do it for that price, but instead they told me I had to pay them $4,000.00!!! Isn't this a criminal act? I only had a dining table, hutch and chairs, a living room chair, a few specialty pieces and a Hope Chest. I also had my bicycle, glass heirlooms, dishes, and cloths. I should have told them to drop dead, but I didn't have a choice since I was leaving the next day.

They kept my belongings until I was available in my new home with was two weeks later. They arrived with my belongings to my new home at 10:00pm!!! They wanted the balance of the $4000 before they would unpack my things. They would not take my check and demanded the balance be paid in cash. I had to drive 10 miles to the bank to get cash out of the ATM after calling online to ask the bank to increase my withdrawal. The movers said every hour they were waiting for me they would charge me.

After they unloaded all my things, it was too late to inspect my belongings, but the next day after unpacking my things, I was horrified to find that all my glassware was destroyed ~ smashed beyond recognition, my furniture was banged up, scraped and broken as though they were throwing my belongings off the truck onto the ground! They also took my bicycle apart and couldn't put it back together ~ which cost me $35 to take to a bike shop.
The wood in my hope chest was cracked down the middle, and the hinges were broken and bent. It was a beautiful well-made piece. How could they destroy it like that!

I took Pictures of everything that was destroyed. I contacted the company and they told me to go through their claims department which told me to get an estimate of all the damage. The estimate cost me $75 and came to almost $4,000 without taking into account the smashed glass that was unrecognizable and some of my cloths that they lost. Clearly a lot more than the appraisal.

Needless to say, after complying with all the demands of the claim procedure, they offered me a settlement of $70. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Office of the Attorney General and to date, no one has done anything about this. No wonder there is so much corruption with moving companies ~ no one does anything about them!! They should not be able to be in business. All the hardship they cause me is deplorable. I want to get a lawyer on it, but what is that going to cost me? I have to look into a way that I can take them to court and settle this matter.



Worst Experience with Movers

I have moved several times across the country (BOS > LA > MIA > NY).. just so you get the idea. I have hired my share of moving companies, so I already know that some are really tough to work with (surprise fees, etc). However, I was in for a surprise. First off, they quoted me for X amount. When they got to my apartment and had almost half the stuff in the truck, they said they had to charge more because of the flights of stairs. Of course I know this, and I had mentioned this before they sent me my estimate, so I was expecting them to stick to the quote they had given me and the specifications of the 3 flights of stairs, no elevator NYC walk-up sitaution. It was a huge ordeal, we were even at the point of me asking them to get the stuff off the truck, so I spoke to the guy at the office again (I believe Tim) and we came up with an arrangement. Next step: they said they would charge me $200/mo for storing my items. A few months after that (I had already paid them $2000), I call them (it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to reach them. They never answer the phone. Their assistant was not returning my emails) to ask them to ship my items out to the West Coast. I was surprised to see they were charging me $350/month! After exchanging calls and emails, they say: OK we can ship everything next week if you pay us X amount. I agree; I deposit half of it and send them a credit card authorization form (they claim they do not accept cards but they sent me the form themselves) with my CC info and signature. They don't charge the card. The assistant never gets back to me. I wait a week, I call many times, email. Nothing. MONTHS went by, with no call back, no email back. And so here we are, a year after they picked up my things, I actually ended up moving back to the East Coast to be with my boyfriend, with me waiting for them to get back to me and me calling every single extension number there is on their system.... and we finally reach someone. So we ask them to ship the items out to MD instead of Oregon. OK, so they are ready to ship BUT now they say we have to pay for storage for all those months they did not answer or respond to my calls or emails! And of course, they are still going to charge the same amount to Maryland than they were going to charge me to Oregon. UNBELIEVABLE. We ended up coming to yet ANOTHER agreement with them, had to pay for part of this storage time... it was the only way to get my things out to me. Their assistant was SO rude, as are most of the people in that company.

EXPECT THE WORST. Do not believe their quotes. They are scammers. Please save yourself the stress; moving is stressful enough! Hire someone else!



If you have made reservations, CANCEL!

If I could have rated this company something less than one star it would have received a negative 5 star review! I moved at the beginning of June so I have allowed some time to pass in hopes that the company's management team would be responsive and address the issues I experienced. Unfortunately, it is not resolved as they are neither responsive or concerned about a resolution.
I don't normally write reviews on websites; however, the experience was so horrible I want to do what I can to help others. If you have made reservations with this company, my recommendation would be to cancel now and make a reservation with another company.
To make a long story short, I will summarize moving day and delivery day below.
Moving Day:
I thought I had done my research, read several reviews which seemed positive, talked to several company's and found that the most reasonable (not the lowest) but what seemed to be most reasonable price and friendly sales rep with Precision. I explained to the sales rep all my concerns/fears about a long-distance move and the rep did his job so well I was feeling good come move day. Given this reassuring experience I was completely floored when my first interaction with the movers was them being FOUR hours LATE to the FIVE hour window that was set. We had an entire house to load and they showed up to start at 5 pm in the evening when they were scheduled to arrive between 9-1. It takes about 8 hours to load a three-bedroom house which meant that because they started at 5 pm they didn’t finish until 1 AM. Knowing I couldn’t do anything about the delay in arrival, I tried to push my frustration aside and move forward. It was going to be what it was going to be, and it turned out horrendous!
What happened over the next 8 hours was nothing short of shocking. The team conducted themselves in the most unprofessional manner. The crew sat on our furniture in their sweaty work cloths when they would take breaks and decided it was okay to smoke on the property and extinguish their cigarette buds in the driveway leaving them there for us to clean up. In addition to cleaning up cigarettes we also found ourselves cleaning up water bottles and all the packing material they were just throwing around the house while they were wrapping the large furniture. When using our restroom, one of the crew members took it upon himself to remove our cell phone charger and plugged it in around the house to keep his phone charged while he was working. We discovered it was ours when we tried to give it back after cleaning up after them and they informed us it was ours. The crew tipped the wine cooler in the kitchen on its side and water went everywhere. They didn’t clean it up, they left it and continued to walk through it tracking it through the house. About 11 pm, we had to ask them to finish the bedrooms so we could start cleaning as the closing was happening the next morning and their delayed arrival was impeding the process of preparing the home for the walkthrough. By the midnight, they were still not done so we had begun carrier things to the driveway in hopes to speed the process up. At the end of the evening, the final shock and disappointment was that the estimate from the sales reps completely off and the price doubled. At this point, we thought it couldn’t get any worse and were afraid to complain to the company as they now had all our belongings on the truck and leaving the state.

After a few hours of sleep, having our closing delayed as the buyer was unable to see the house empty at the designated time we decided we need to make a phone call to customer service. We spoke with a manager his first response was rather shocking when I told him of my disappointment of the crew showing up 4 hours late. He explained a truck went down and sometimes these things happen. It was surprising that he seemed comfortable with this level of customer service. He then asked me if there “was anything else that was the issue?” Becoming a little frustrated with his lack of empathy for the experience we just had I launched into the moving day experience. With additional details he started to express a little more remorse for the poor customer experience of his company and once again I was told whatever they could to assume me that it was a onetime experience and it wouldn’t happen again. They even assured me that it would be a different crew delivering my furniture. The manager continued by telling me that I would need to pay the remaining balance in order to get my things unloaded off the truck but he would continue to work with me to see if there was anything he could do to compensate for my experience. We ended the call with an understanding that he would be returning my call after our household items were delivered.

Delivery Day:
Long story short, same crew, same nonsense, arrived three-hours late and still had to help in order to get done timely. The unprofessionalism of this crew was unbelievable but given that the response and/or concern of the Precision Relocation management team, I would say their company motto is “anything goes as long as we get their money first.” As a customer, you really feel that your hands are tied because they have your belongings. It is a horrible feeling, a horrible experience, and a horrible company! Please take my advice and cancel if you have a future reservation. Don’t hesitate thinking this was one experience and mine will be different. It won’t be, and the business doesn’t care about the experience. They are still in business because people feel tied into to the reservation, they must pay to get their belongings back and because it is so much work on the back end I am sure most complaints just fade away. We as customers must push back and demand a better experience from these company. We must hold them accountable if anything is ever going to change.

Needless to say, now that it is all over and we paid, no one will return our calls to talk through a possible reduction in cost to compensate for the poor experience and/or the broken items. Yes, to add injury to insult our items were jammed in the truck and our items were broken. We as customers even went the extra route of sorting our boxes from heavy, medium to light weight/fragile to ensure heavy boxes were placed on the bottom. The crew did not even take this and/or things labeled “fragile” into consideration. Our boxes were crushed when they were delivered, and the contents shattered.

I will never use this company again or any associated companies. I will continue to do my part to keep others from utilizing there services.



horrible company

This has to be the worst moving experience that I have ever had. Please do not use this company. They damage my stuff (head board, and kitchen equipment). That is just some of the stuff, they lost my PlayStation 4, vacuum cleaning and an entire box of kitchen equipment. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The First deliver they made to me, was only half of my items. They missed the head board to my bed, a couch, and about half of my total thing pack. Then it took me a month to get 3 more items from them. They never answer your phone calls to find out where your items are. I would call 6 times a day just in hope for them to answers once and they would have no answers, they literally say they didn’t know. They would never call me and give me updates on where my stuff is and when it is coming. I filed a complaint with the BBB just to have their manger say it was it was my fault my things are missing. Please look it up on the BBB website. Save yourself and don’t use this company. They also use other moving companies to deliver your items even thou they say they don’t.

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