Mosley Van Lines

One Bridge Plaza North, Suite 275, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 USA
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About Mosley Van Lines

One Bridge Plaza North, Suite 275
Fort Lee, New Jersey

Mosley Van Lines has been moving families since 2014. Unlike those large, impersonal, moving and storage companies. Mosley Van Lines prides itself on working with you to customize your moving experience to meet your specific needs and exceed your moving expectations. We strive to always be on time and NEVER NICKLE & DIME!

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Michelle Min


Extremely unprofessional


They send drivers who are unable to communicate effectively. The driver kept saying, I’m coming to San Diego? And we said no LA. And he confirmed San Diego. When he felt confused he asked someone from NJ to call us. The NJ guy said he was calling because the driver had trouble communicating with us, but if there was an issue on the day of delivery at 8:30pm to call NJ guy.

The driver didn’t show on time. He was unable to explain what was happening. We tried calling the NJ manager as he had encouraged us to do, but it was 9pm PDT and therefore 12am EST (he knew this the day before...). So he decided the professional thing to do was screen our calls. He did respond to texts to say it was late, call the driver, good night.

When the driver showed, he realized the front entrance of the apartment complex was far from the apartment. He said there would be a fee for the distance but he was unsure how much the fee would be. We suggested instead of the fee coming to the back entrance which was closer to the apartment unit. He was unable to navigate the truck... and when he got flustered he drove off without explanation. We tried calling him several times to see if he was coming back, but he never picked up. We called all “emergency lines” but no one picked up. The manager at Gold Standard explained the next day that it was late so he screened our calls, and in the same breath said we should have tried to reach someone.

The best part? There was no apology. The managers said no one did anything wrong. They threatened in the background to leave our stuff in a storage unit as hostage. Instead of offering compensation for the trouble and delay in shipment, they charged us additional fees for redelivery! Even though we had told the driver we would pay the fee if the back entrance didn’t work out (he probably couldn’t understand us), the driver took off without discussion, and then the company said it was because we refused to pay the fee! Then the company said if they didn’t deliver same day, each day we would have to pay storage fees! How ridiculous is that??

We have been more than happy to pay the full amount agreed to in advance (binding estimate) and have money orders ready. We have been leaving work early to accommodate the delivery time window. What more do these people want?

Now we have scheduled a second attempt at delivery. Begrudgingly we even accepted some of the after-the-fact fees (still don’t think we should have to pay any). We just wanted our stuff and figured we could go through a government agency later to file a complaint.

Guess what? Still no delivery.

We had to call the cops to report theft.

This has been a nightmare, and we have missed valuable time seeing patients at work.

Don’t ever use this company. They accept no fault and instead charge you for their mistakes.

Karen Mark


Also had a bad experience

Small move from Philadelphia to Michigan. Original estimate increased by 1/3 at the pick up point. At delivery, they only dropped off items into garage. Did not move into house or basement as contract provided. They wanted more money for that. Did not respond to phone calls. Terrible experience. Would equate this move to tow truck operator.

Mina Tapel



Mosley Van Lines recently completed a move for me from Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX. My original Binding Estimate was for $1500, which they then tripled on the day of the pickup to a total of $3900. I tried several times to contact Accounting and Corporate to resolve this since the day of the move, but no action has been taken on their part. Communication with this company has been near to impossible from the start. I have been the one initiating all of the calls otherwise there would be no communication at all. In fact, there was a complete lack of communication with the movers on the day of the move. I specifically requested a morning time slot, which they had agreed to but did not arrive until 7 pm that evening. After the driver had packed a majority of the items, he informed me that I would likely come in under the second estimate. This seemed fair given that I had removed some of the larger items from the estimate, including a dresser and armoire. He then returned 20 minutes later and stated that I exceeded the estimate by 150 cubic feet. Regardless, this was a binding quote so he should not have been able to change it.

Initially I was told that delivery would be 5-7 days after pickup. After one week, I called again and was told it would be another 5-7 days. I was eventually given the direct contact number of the driver who told me that my delivery would be on April 4th. He then called me that morning to tell me he was running behind schedule. I understand that there are events out of our control, but the manner and tone in which he spoke to both me and my family was both unprofessional and unacceptable. To give an example, he responded to a question I had asked by saying, “Let me press a magic button and see if I can get that done for you. No the magic button didn’t work.” At the end of the call, the driver stressed that he would only accept money order or cash as forms of payment, otherwise he would not unload my items.

On April 5th, the movers finally arrived. We requested to pay the driver half upfront and the remainder after the move was complete. Having moved several times before, I know that it is customary to pay the driver after the delivery has been completed. He refused and threatened to keep my things until I paid in full. After handing the money order to the driver, my dad asked him to tear off the top portion but he refused. Fortunately, we made a copy. It was apparent that they had attempted to neatly organize my items in the truck, however the items had clearly been mishandled as many of the boxes were crushed, damaged, and opened. The items that were damaged/broken include a desk, mirror, steamer, mattress, and headboard. I was actually appalled to learn that they broke the steamer and taped it back together thinking I would not realize it was broken. There were also several items missing from the itemized list including a coffee table and lamp shade. I also received several items belonging to other customers. The driver told me he did an inventory check and everything on the list was on the truck. I asked him to go through it with me and he refused. I asked him to make a copy of the itemized checklist he was holding and he refused to do that as well. What was even more upsetting was that he threatened my dad and verbally abused him in Arabic. The driver continued to fight us every step of the way and would not take any accountability. I’ve included before and after pictures of all of the damaged items.

This can not even be described as a bad moving experience. It is undoubtedly a scam. This is my last and formal attempt to file a claim and resolve this directly with the company. I have already submitted formal complaints to the Attorney General's Office and the FBI.

Jeff Hawkins


Terrible company

Worse company ever. Our stuff was not securely packed to start. Delivered late. Broken dressers, ripped mattress, several broken boxes and not to mention, they lost a few of our belongings. Huge insurance headache and lost stuff that we will never get back. They clearly don't have a clue on what they are doing. Please look for other companies. I can provide pics if you need. Just horrible. Even one star is overrated.

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