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20 Linden Ave. E, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 USA

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About Liberty Moving Group

20 Linden Ave. E
Jersey City, New Jersey

A Local Move is a move from city to city within a state or in a 100-miles radius from your present location. The industry standard is to charge by the hour based on the number of professional movers and trucks. Liberty Moving Group also offers a Free Onsite Estimate at your location in order to provide you with a Flat Rate for your upcoming move. Our family-owned business has been operating continuously for decades, and we have a long list of happy customers who regularly refer new clients to us.

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Kapil Dham


Absolutely Pathetic and unprofessional business

After running around in circle without any resolution I was forced today to submit a review to BBB. The company and moving foreman are a joke. Came unprepared in a rental truck with no prerequisites like wardrobe boxes, wrapping blankets as included and agreed upon in the quote I got. Broke my TV,glass closet as they didn't even have a dolly to move storage bins/boxes from the truck. On top of that, held my stuff hostage till I give them expected overtime in cash when reached the move-in location, literally dumped my stuff in my new place and fled the scene.
Complaint details below:

Erik Ficke



*****SCAM ALERT*** do not fall for this scheme.

Early May: $1700 estimate -Studio apartment worth of stufff.

May 8th: $2100 visual estimate — Here is where it starts. Once they had my belongings hostage, they upped the charges to almost — $2800. — What can I do at this point but suck it up and sign the paperwork? Oops, I should have told them to leave my stuff on the sidewalk and rented a Uhaul.

Days and weeks go by and I’m told my stuff has shipped. 4 days after being told this I call for an update. “Mistake in the office” stuff hasn’t shipped yet. *manager yells at me and blames me for their blunders when I call to ask for an update around 5 PM on a weekday. He wanted to go home for the day and could not be bothered.

2 days later I hear the truck broke down. Week later “there was an issue in Utah.” During this time I took 3 days off of work because employees from the company chose to continue to tell me to be available rather than checking in with their driver.

*3 weeks after pickup - after not hearing from anyone from the company for 48 hours, to the point I thought my stuff was stolen, I was greeted on the phone by the manager of 13 years who screamed and yelled at me, threatened to bring my stuff back to NY and refused to allow me to email or call the owner of the company.

Now it is June. My belongings arrived after another $350 charge because the amateur driver they sent couldn’t make a right turn. Think this is bad? Just getting started.

I paid extra money to make sure the movers packed a few choice items including my TV and 3 pieces of furniture my father built before he died. All 4 were broken. All 4. It’s not cool that they smashed my tv after promising to pack it “as if you bought it new” but who cares? My dead father’s furniture is broken. He built it with his own hands and then died. Now it is broken. One piece was literally snapped in half. Again, I paid extra money to make sure these were packaged well. They were not. I spent the next 2 hours crying on my floor holding the pieces of my dead father’s furniture in my hands.

*Conclusion: over $3400 to move a studio apartment’s worth of things after a quote of half the price. Absolutely no professionalism whatsoever at any level in the company. Cared more about covering themselves legally than taking care of my most precious belongings.48 hour disappearing acts. Oh wait, there is more, after the movers broke all of my stuff they laughed about it. When I asked them to respect my belongings they laughed more, flipped me off and threatened me physically. They would not leave until I told them i would call security. Still waiting to speak to the owner of the company.

*Short conclusion: DO NOT USE THESE CON ARTISTS!!!! Do not make the same mistake I did. I tried to support a local business and they burned me for it in every possible way.

Check out their ratings and reviews on BBB at the link below. I wish I had before I hired these crooks.

Felecia Levitt


Horrible Company

All I can stay is stay away! They will quote one price and during the pack out double the price. Beware of this company!

Gail Perlman


Horrible, unethical company

If I could leave a negative it would be be minus 100. RUN AWAY DO NOT USE !!! I had an estimate for $999. They charged over $2300. Totally untrue as I verified by measuring and almost all of the boxes were the same size. Missing 7 boxes, and those I did receive were in poor condition, many things were damaged. They lie about using only their own trucks and hire outside contractors. Pickup was in a Budget Rental (registered in Oklahoma) & delivery was another company entirely. Pick up & delivery crews both asked for tips. Multiple Emails and phone calls were not returned. I needed to send a certified letter and it still took 5 days to respond. Then they wer going to call back with a counter offer. Got an email attached to one they claim not to have received telling me he was too tiredu to call that night and it would be the next day. Two weeks later & I am still waiting. They definitely think they can take advantage of a female senior citizen and are 'barking up the wrong tree'. with that. Next step is small claims court.




I will admit it was my fault for not seeing the red flags from the first moment when they called me... I quoted online a move across country and a guy named Derrick called me very politely and friendly telling me that they had a truck leaving to CA (my destination) the next Thursday morning, and it would arrive at the date I needed or even earlier (first red flag, creating a sense of urgency). When Derrick called me I was with my mother returning from her chemo session so I guess my mind wasn't that clear at that moment and I did override the red flag, my fault. At first Derrick quoted me $1300 all included. On a second phone call we added some more stuff so the price went up to $1550. Ok, still good (remember, if it seems too good to be true it IS too good to be true, second red flag).

The next day (May 16th) the movers arrived with a rented truck from Budget (another red flag). They were fast and efficient although they left a mess on the floors. It was a rainy day so we thought "ok, they are working, whatever, we'll mop" but the price went from $1550 to $2300 because "we were using more space in the truck" (the rented truck from Budget, remember?), another red flag. Of course at that point everything was packed and loaded into the truck so my mother signed the paperwork and reluctantly paid.

The nightmare started on May 24th when my mother received a voice mail telling her that the delivery was going to be delayed because the truck was still in NJ. She called back and talked to a person who identified as "Zack" and who apparently was the dispatcher. She explained to him that it was imperative for us to get our stuff at the date promised by them (by Derrick, remember?) because the things we were moving were my grandmother's entire bedroom and her being 96 years old, and with severe dementia, needed to have her stuff at her new place, otherwise she would get really anxious and afraid because she couldn't relate to her new place as "home" despite being with our relatives in CA. Zack didn't care at all about this and kept saying to her that we needed to read the contract and that they had 21 business days to deliver the things (funny thing the contract says that "no oral arrangements or promises are valid", thanks for lying, Derrick!).

We even offered to go to their warehouse with a Penske truck and pick up OUR belongings and get a refund to which Zack laughed and kept saying that that was not possible and we needed to read the contract. So this company not only lies over the phone to get a sale but once you pay them they don't care how or when your belongings will arrive and tell you to refer to the contract fine print, even when they are not keeping their word and are keeping a 96 years old lady and a chemotherapy patient hostages of their lack of professionalism.

A simple BBB, Yelp and Google search and you will read mostly horror stories with this joke of a company, too bad I didn't read them before hiring them.

Anand Patel


Moving (Great Experience)

They packed up our home, stored our move for a few weeks and delivered everything in perfect condition. This was a big move - furniture and 200 boxes. Derek was a very helpful salesman. Moving in and of itself is difficult; LMG ushered us through this process with a great team who were kind and efficient and helped us transition into our new home. I would highly recommend Liberty Moving Group to anyone who intends moving.



Great Service

These guys were great and made my move much easier..I have heard so many horror stories but after researching; I realized its based on what I tell the rep.. I made sure I went over EVERYTHING with them !
Thank you

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