JGentle Van Lines

77 Blauvelt Ave, Bergenfield, New Jersey 07601 USA
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About JGentle Van Lines

77 Blauvelt Ave
Bergenfield, New Jersey

J.Gentle Van Lines was founded in 2006. We believed that our work ethic and quality customer service would grow our business into a trusted company throughout the East Coast. Although we have expanded, we continue to stay true to our small business roots. We offer residential and commercial moving services, and our staff continue to train in specialised areas of relocation, all while preserving our long history of quality customer service. Since those days, our reputable services continue to deliver reliable and professional solutions throughout each and every relocation project. From packing to transit and delivery, our professionals provide a high level of customer service and support to ensure your move is cost-effective, efficient and secure..

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Jason Metz


Scam. Fraud. Threatening. NEVER AGAIN.

Welp, I've had some bad movers before, but JGentle is by far the worst mover - the worst service provider of ANY KIND - I've ever had the displeasure of working with.

The movers did not arrive at my house today until 2:30 pm - over 5 hours after they said they would arrive, and everything went downhill from there. Here's the highlights:

1. Rather than carry boxes into my house, the movers loaded their dollies with 5 or 6 boxes at a time, rolled them up the stairs into my brand new house, and then rolled the boxes while still on the dollies down the stairs into my lower level. I immediately told them this was unacceptable since there were fragile items in many of the boxes, but they responded by telling me that the move would take too long if they carried each box, and I had no choice - they would not carry the boxes. As the dollies crashed down up and down the stairs with my belongings banging around, I could hear glass shattering. In the process, your movers also broke my bottom stair going from the garage into the house.

2. Instead of bringing my furniture into my house and then unwrapping the items, your movers unwrapped my furniture on my front lawn and then brought them into the house, filthy with dirt and grass beneath them.

3. Several of my furniture items were irreparably damaged before they arrived at my house, I'm assuming either in the truck or in your storage unit:
- My brand new platform bed had water stains and mold all over it when it was brought into my house. Several of the under-the-bed drawers have been sliced as well. I've attached photos where you can see the water discoloration and the cut drawers. This bed is smells like death and is now in my garbage can outside, as I cannot sleep on a bed covered in mold. It was in perfect condition when your movers put it into their truck.
- The top of my brand new side table was scratched all across the top and it has been bent about 30 degrees, so therefore I cannot put anything on top of it because the surface is no longer flat. It was in perfect condition when your movers put it into their truck.
- Your mover placed my brand new jewelry armoire cabinet upside down when he brought it into the house, right on top of the over-the-door hooks that hang it on a door, breaking the hooks. The movers also lost the key to the cabinet, making it completely useless to me.

4. Alonso, who was the foreman for both the pickup from NJ and today's drop-off in Michigan, is a nice guy, But he continually banged furniture and boxes on my brand new walls as he was lazily carrying them in today, so much that at one point I actually had to request that he stop banging things into the walls.

5. In order to get some items into my lower level, Alonso took the door off the hinges, but he left without putting the door back on. He also refused to put the bed back together, which obviously doesn't matter because the bed is covered in mold and is now garbage.

6. My BIGGEST problem with the move - beyond the broken items, the broken stair, the disrespect of my home and the bed full of mold, is the fact that I had to pay for final delivery BEFORE the movers would begin unloading the truck. I was actually told by Alonso that I had to pay cash, but I told him I would not do that because I needed proof of payment in case I needed to report a claim. But he told me I needed to pay before he would unload, and then at the end of the move he told me I had to sign the contract without even looking at it to make sure everything that was picked up was delivered.

This is all on top of the problems I had with the initial pick up, which was full of lies, including being charged for 800 cubic feet when my move was only 700 cubic feet.

I've had some bad experiences with movers before, but nothing comes close to this.


Rachel Turkus


Terrible service, broke items

I signed an estimate with the company for a cost of about $3900 to do my move. When they arrived at my house, although they agreed the sq ft estimate was correct, they whent from 2.7 a sq ft to 3.75 sq ft. When I called to complain, I was told by their customer service person Arthur that this was just the moving business and I had to take it. The people who were at my house were nice and understanding. I went ahead and paid the extra. I was told by a Supervisor named Mike that the person who did my quote had been let go because he was under cutting other businesses just to book jobs and then customers has to pay more. I understood and let that go. I was told there would be absolutely no more cost to me upon delivery then what I agree to. Upon arrival the moving head foreman who arrived to my house was rude and demanded $200 in additional to take items up and downstairs. After getting upset, I calmed down and paid it. It was the money for their tip so I handed it over. They have now broken my grandmother china while bringing it into my house. Damaged my ceiling, walls, railing to my basement and it is going to be probably $1000 in repairs. The young men who made the mistakes apologized but the foreman has been rude and accused my husband of being the issue. I am actually afraid to be alone with the foreman and at this point refuse to speak to him. When calling into talk to someone, I was told basically no one can help me until tomorrow. This service is terrible. I would not recommend to anyone. The company really does not care about the people they are serving.

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