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1 Bridge Plaza, 201, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 USA

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About Frontline Vanlines

1 Bridge Plaza, 201
Fort Lee, New Jersey

Frontline Vanline has managed to build its reputation on 20 years of proven results. Our professional crew will be happy to assist you in any way possible ensuring everything is done and planned in an orderly fashion.

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Ingemar Goldingorneely



Finally a mover we can all trust with our things. Frontline Vanlines delivered my things on schedule and charged me so reasonably that I didn’t have any problem paying even though my budget was limited. Do not worry about the size of your budget, just call Frontline Vanlines and you they will take you home.

Christle Abenson



Frontline Vanlines gave me a very dependable team of movers who did the job absolutely well and I loved every bit of our collaboration. The movers carefully packed all my things such that when the delivery was made, not a single item was damaged. I highly recommend them to everyone in New Jersey and the Colorado. Honest and reliable. That is my review for Frontline Vanlines. They were timely and they charged me very reasonably, plus that they showed the professionalism of the highest level handling my things. I recommend them.

Gaby Boockers


So easy, so fast

I have never known that relocations could be that easy. I have never stopped to think that moving from one state to another could be that effortless and free of hassles. Thanks so much Frontline Vanlines for being an eye opener. I know it could have been otherwise if not for you. You made it simpler, more enjoyable and absolutely relaxing. You are amazing!

Anne Irvine


They are the best around

When I wanted to move, I asked a few friends for recommendation and they all recommended Frontline Vanlines. I had to go for them and now I am happy that I did. I will recommend them to any other person who wants to move because I enjoyed every bit of the move I had with them. Thanks guys for the great job you did. My last move with Frontline Vanlines was remarkable. Their good demeanor, courtesy, diligence, respectability and so forth are worthy of note. All through the stages of the move from the packing, moving and unpacking of my stuff, it was perfect. I recommend these movers to anyone who wants to have a different move and enjoy every bit of his move. They are the best.

Brandon Wells


Nothing to regret

I like it when it is done perfectly and professionally. I like don’t like it when I remind service providers of their duties and that is why I went for Frontline Vanlines when I got a transfer to Pennsylvania. I wanted professionals and not amateurs to handle my properties. The last thing I wanted was a disappointment and sure enough there was none because I made the right decision. You can always make that decision even now and you will have nothing to regret.

Lucy Cormier


You are the best choice I made

I have always relocated to different Cities. I have actually relocated ten times in my life. Most experiences I have actually been using different relocation companies. During the process, I have lost most of my property due to irresponsible handlers. Recently before meeting Frontline Vanlines, I encountered a very unfortunate incident when I lost my entire valuables when relocating to Virginia. Being introduced to Frontline Vanlines is the best thing that has ever happened to me since no blunders were done in the process.

Kevin Beale


Still fresh in my mind

It is important that we give credit to deserving parties in life. Frontline Vanlines is a relocation company I will always acknowledge and give credit on relocation matters. My future relocation plans will be well implemented with an honest and best relocation. I cannot mess up my plan by handing over such a delicate task to a less deserving company. Frontline Vanlines is the better option for me.

Leo Reilly


Came when I needed them most

I was relocated by Frontline Vanlines two weeks ago. They came to me when I needed them most. I was in need of a reliable mover which could see me through the long distance relocation. They came for me and they proved to be more than that. I know they are capable of doing that to any other person and not me only. That is why I recommend these movers to every person out there. You will not be disappointed because I wasn’t either. To most people, relocation is never a good experience. In fact, so many people have come to believe that this is always a hectic process that is often marred by boredom. I was part of those who held the same belief till late when I came across Frontline Vanlines. It was a turnaround of thoughts because they proved me wrong all that I had believed in them. The relocated me so peacefully and so wonderfully without any drama. If anything, it was so enjoyable.



Incredible relocations

That was truly incredible! I must admit. It was more than I had expected from you! You not only proved to me that you were the most perfect relocation company within and beyond but also turned out to be very good friends. Your crew is so friendly and I do appreciate their efforts in ensuring that I moved into New Jersey safely. Truly, such an experience is worth thinking over again and again. I will opt for this relocation company again. Even if it isn't me moving, I will select it for someone I am close to. I believe that those people around also need to feel the same way I did. I also they also have a right to be made happy the way I was done to. I am hoping that this relocation company would not let me down when I recommend my close friends to them.

Angela Powers


I highly recommend them to everyone

Frontline Vanlines gave me a very reliable team of movers who did the job absolutely well and I loved every bit of our collaboration. In addition, the pricing was very reasonable for my three day moving to Georgia. The movers showed that they were well trained by carefully packing all my things such that when the delivery was made, not a single item was damaged. I highly recommend them to everyone in Indiana and in the Georgia. I had a very awesome moving courtesy of the guys from Frontline Vanlines. They were very gentle and careful with my things, motivated and superfast. I like everything about Frontline Vanlines!!

Stephanie Miller


Use a trusted and dependable mover: Frontline Vanlines.

If there’s a mover I would recommend anytime and anywhere I go, it’s Frontline Vanlines. They understand the moving industry well, including the set regulations and will always adapt to ensure that your things are always on the safe side of the truck loading rules. Do not let unscrupulous and unreliable people handle your things because you might end up on the receiving end of deep pains after losing or damaging your things. Use a trusted and dependable mover: Frontline Vanlines.



So reliable

It feels so awesome to know that there is someone outside there who will always be there for you when you need them. You feel not only secure but also satisfied. That is exactly how I feel right now knowing very well that Frontline Vanlines crew will be there for me when I am in need of relocation services. On two separate occasions, they have proved their reliability. I do not have any reason to doubt them. I hold the same belief that they will not disappoint you. If they didn’t let me down, why should they do that to you?

Scott Robinson


Pleasant Experience

I didn’t want my son to go through a bad moving experience that I went through when I was younger. I did my research and we found Frontline Vanlines. Thankfully we had a pleasant experience and my son knows what a good moving company is like.

Jonathan Bell


Great customer support line

Dealing with a terrible customer support line is what drove me to Frontline Vanlines. I heard they had a reputable service and their customer support was outstanding. I was happy to see that the things I heard rang true.

Harold Bennett


They Took Care of Everything

I’ve used different rental truck companies in the past with backbreaking moving endeavors. I’m getting too old to do that now, and went with Frontline Vanlines instead. I’m so glad I did, because moving is a young man’s game.

Kathy Thomas


Long Journey Made Easy

I couldn’t find another company that came as highly recommended as Frontline Vanlines when it came to long moving journeys from one coast to the other. They took my things from Texas to Washington and did it in what seemed to be record time with care.

Rose Brown


Family Is Happy

My family and I needed to move from New Jersey to Kansas, and we were happy to find a moving company that could meet our needs. Frontline Vanlines is one of the few companies who can actually handle a large scale move like that without having special requirements.

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