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90 Dayton Avenue Suite 87, Passaic, New Jersey 07055 USA

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About Century Moving Services

90 Dayton Avenue Suite 87
Passaic, New Jersey

Century Moving Services is a full service moving and storage company licensed and insured. With over 20 years of combined experience in the moving industry our office and field personnel specialize in Local and Interstate moving services in all 50 States. Our corporate offices are in New York & New Jersey and we pick up and deliver nationwide. At Century Moving Services we maintain a commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive and innovative moving, relocation and storage services in all 50 States, with daily trips from New York City, Maryland and Philadelphia to the west coast.

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Stephanie Larson


They don't care about your stuff

We recently hired this company to move us from Virginia to Iowa.
I think it would have been better if we had just rented a truck and moved ourselves.
First, they quoted us one price, then after they saw our stuff, quoted again. No big deal, that's normal. The drivers and movers get there. They say they don't have enough boxes and they will have to charge us more for more materials. Turns out the company misquoted THEM so they didn't have the right materials to move us and would have to charge us more. They quoted us nearly $2K lower than what we actually ended up paying total. We were told by the driver "no longer than two weeks" for our stuff to arrive at our new place. The two-week mark comes and still no calls at all from the company so we call them. The lady on the line is very friendly and says she will look into it and call us back after the weekend (we called on a Friday). Tuesday comes and no call so we call them again. What the driver was apparently supposed to tell us was "14 business days" which he most certainly did not. A week later, our stuff finally does arrive. Move-in goes well enough. Now we are unpacking our stuff and realizing just how much of our items were destroyed.
Signed posters, hand-built models, a bottle of bleach that they didn't secure bleached a hole into a bag, and that is just the surface.
I will say this now: if you collect pop figures, pack them yourself with extra protection. They will be smushed into boxes by the movers and subsequently dented. If you have irreplaceable posters or paintings, pack them yourself. A couple of my posters were from special events that were SIGNED by the artists performing that night. They had no care for it whatsoever. It looks like they rolled it up before shoving it into the box to have more things thrown onto it. Folding it would have provided less damage. They did not bother to wrap models that had hours of building time put into them.
Overall? If you have things that you value, find someone else or pack it up yourself first with extra protection. Make sure to get their quotes in writing or record all of your phone calls with them. They will bleed as much money out of you as they can by writing different numbers than discussed over the phone.
Also, note that YOU will be in charge of the tape and other packing materials at the end. Boxes, paper, tape, and anything else they use to move you will be your responsibility to throw out. They didn't tell us this until they were unloading our stuff, so be warned lest you get a lovely garbage ball surprise like we did.

Ethan Freishtat


Never Use Them

DO NOT USE THEM!!! They used to be All Inclusive Moving & Storage, but had 17 Better Business Bureau Complaints over the last 36 months and changed their name to not show the complaints. There aren't enough bad things to say about the company. Everything about them is a scam and I strongly encourage nobody to use them. The packing was horrendous and broke over 2 dozen things. They scammed us on the size of our move to make it bigger and get paid more. Their customer service is terrible. When I called to complain they never called back. I am going to the better business bureau and the FTC to see what my rights are. I would also assume that every 5 star review is bogus because they literally don't care about you or your move and just trying to find ways to add costs and pack as fast as possible with no caring to damage.

Maryellen Clark


Worst Possible Experience

AVOID THIS PLACE!!! The delivery date quoted (and on the paperwork) wasn't even in the ballpark of the delivery time date. Four boxes were specifically marked "Fragile" - they must have chosen those 4 boxes to use as soccer practice - things in every one of the 4 boxes ended up broken. They don't return phone calls. They jack up the price from the original quote -- over $1,000 more than original conversation and details allowed. And it would take a lot more character spaces than this review allows to detail out their delivery -- Suffice it to say it involved the driver wearing flip flops and then having the customer GO AND RENT A UHAUL TRUCK to bring the stuff into an apartment complex that has semi trucks in and out of it 7 days a week, but this guy couldn't figure out how to make it happen. Only use this group if you have nothing that you care about ever seeing again.



Buyer beware

Not only was the actual price twice the price quoted but it took them 65 days to deliver our stuff. They finally delivered only after we contacted the American Moving Association who called them and threatened to call the Department of Transportation and police if they didn’t fall through with the delivery. It was an expensive, stressful and emotionally exhausting experience to work with this company and I would not recommend them.

Ava Mandeville



First warning flag: they gave me a 3 day window but said (on the phone - we’ll come back to it) they’d honour specific dates if I had parking or building restrictions. I sent an email an hour later, having booked special parking but didn’t get a written response. Instead, my partner was assured (over the phone) repeatedly that my chosen date was fine. Morning of move date, at 9 a.m, I get a call starting with ‘looks like there’s been a misunderstanding and we can’t move you til tomorrow’. I’m furious, so I say ok and put the phone down to calm down. Call back and explain to them the whole process only to be told that in the written contract it always said 3-day window and it’s in the contract and it’s not their problem what someone may or may not have said.
Second warning flag: they offer to come next morning at 6 to avoid traffic, but don’t show up until 9. At this stage I just want to get it done so I’m like whatever. I watch as two of the guys carry things down and one basically sits in the truck. My boxes, even the ones marked FRAGILE are thrown in with zero care.
We get to the other side, and they spend 30 minutes saying they might get a ticket if they park where I want them to park and I’d have to pay for it. I say fine, but they decide that one guy will stay in the truck and the other 2 will unload. All my belongings are now sitting on an NYC Street, about 200yards from the entrance of the building, and no one to watch over them (I only find this out when I come back from buying them lunch and cold drinks as it’s a hot day. More fool me). Once everything is unloaded, one guy starts driving the truck around the block ‘to avoid a ticket’, which I would have been charged anyway, leaving two guys to do the work. Even though I’m paying for 3 men per hour, not 2.
They break the elevator. We spend an hour waiting for the repairman (again, I’m paying for the time, remember), who comes and says that their pushing on the door unhinged the wheel and he doesn’t have the part.
Now the head office says that if I want them to keep working I’ll hve to pay extra for the stairs and the extra time it will take. I point out it’s their fault for damaging the lift and I get told to pay $1,400 for ‘time already spent’ (even though a good 2hrs at this stage have been just not doing much and the guy in the truck has completely disappeared), threatening to leave my belongings on the street if I don’t pay up.
So I pay, using a credit card I keep for emergencies and which I haven’t used in a few months. One of the movers reads the card details over the phone, which no one questions even though it’s illegal as they shouldn’t accept it other than from the card holder.
Couple of hours later, head office calls again and says they’ll charge me another $400 upfront for the next few hours and if it takes less time then tough, but if it takes more time they’ll charge me again. Again they threaten to dump my things on the street if I don’t comply. Again my card details are given over the phone to someone I don’t know by one of the movers.
Meanwhile I’m carrying my stuff up the stairs to try and get things moving.
Two hours before they finish, the third guy shows up again, says hey should leave my stuff and they can come back tomorrow, but luckily the other two are nice kids and say no.
Finally, 10 hours after the first arrived that morning, they leave. No one walked through with me to make sure everything was accounted for and not broken (spoiler: things were broken, including a sofa), received no receipt for what I paid, nothing.
So I’m disputing the charges, but between the threats, outright racketeering, waste of 2 days’ work for me, an apartment in shambles (everything was just dumped in, furniture was left unwrapped and sitting upside down or on its side), oh and missing a close friend’s funeral thanks to their shenanigans, frankly even if I get some of the money they extorted from me back, I will still feel traumatised by the experience.

Oh and all this was for a move of less than 5 miles by the way. $1,700 and 10 hours. Let that sink in.

Coincidentally, a few days later, two fraudulent charges of over $500 are made on this credit card. The one I had used for the first time that year with them. The one whose details were read to persons unknown who also had my full name and address. I’m not accusing anyone, but make of that what you will.

Bottom line: these people are aggressive, unprofessional, will gouge you for money by threatening to withdraw their services once they know you have no other option, will threaten you, will overcharge, will charge for work not done (the third guy who I was paying apparently but who disappeared for hours, leaving me to do his work and thereby also extending the number of hours they charged me for), and break your stuff.
Do yourself a favour and hire someone else.

Jeremy Flint


Very Fast

What an easy move with these guys! I was looking for an intercity move. Century Moving responded promptly. They were flexible and have a minimal charge, which is why I went with them since I didn't have too much to be relocated. Day of the move, the movers were right on time and did the work in one hour flat! I'm still surprised how easy it all was. They're highly professional, fast and efficient!



Awesome team

Great prices and very quick and efficient. They don't charge you the unexpected extra fees that I've had other companies put on just for moving typical things. I highly recommend and would use them again.

Taylor Rogers


Great Service

Century Moving are awesome! We recently moved from an upstairs apartment to the downstairs apartment within the same lane. While this seemed like an easy move, Century Moving crew treated it like we were moving to another state. Our belongings were carried downstairs with the utmost care. Furniture was wrapped, electronics were padded and protected, etc. We're hoping that we won't have to move again for a long time. But if we do, we know who we will call. Thanks Century Moving!

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