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1031 Waterford Drive, Edison, New Jersey 08817 USA

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About Boost Express Van Lines

1031 Waterford Drive
Edison, New Jersey

Welcome to Boost Express Van Lines, one of the best moving companies in New Jersey. We specialize in helping families and businesses to relocate all across the eastern United States. If you are searching for the most affordable company with a trusted reputation, you need look no further. If YOU move with us, YOU move with the best in industry!!!

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Taneshu Collier


The most horrible moving company ever

I wish I could point out every single detail about how horrible this company is
1) showed up late 3pm to pack an entire 3 bedroom house. Spent the entire first day until 8 pm taping boxes that were already taped
2) we were to close the next day at 10 am. They showed up at 8 am. Didn’t finish until after we closed. Left our furniture thrown on the grass outside
3) didn’t receive our furniture on other side until 3 weeks later. Every week they said the movers will be there next week. It got so bad my 9 year old said I’m just not gonna believe anything they tell us. We had nothing had to rent beds, buy towels, a fridge, pots and pans etc. they promised us a discount for our inconvenience.
4) furniture is finally arriving. No discount because they didn’t feel they did anything wrong. Balance due went up from $3000 to $4700.
5) they charged us $800 worth of supplies for the boxes they taped.

If you like your sanity and peace of mind pay for some people with better reviews. We didn’t book them but booked through safe and secure who booked these jokers.

Carrie Roncone


Worst moving experience ever

I contracted with American Van Lines. Before the pickup I was notified that they had truck issues and were using a subcontractor, Boost Express Van Lines. I was told nothing would change with my contract. My pick up window was 6/9-6/11. The Boost drivers did not show up until very late on 6/11. The driver told me repeatedly that I needed to tip them or they would charge me extra for stairs and heavy items. All things American Van Lines was aware of when I contracted with them. I tipped for fear of what they would charge me or how they would handle my things. They were there until past midnight and still did not get my things loaded. They came back the following day to finish and were there for over five hours. This caused me to incur extra costs, as I had cleaners scheduled to do a final cleaning of the house and my things were still in the house. Boost also used a small truck rather than a large moving van and were cramming boxes in, even put some in the cab of the truck, to fit it all in. I watched them pull things from my trash pile and put them in the truck. Those items did not end up at my new home, so I assume they just took them. They also used a tool set I had set aside to put in my car. I had no problem with them using them, but they ended up stealing them. My delivery window was 6/12 -6/26. My belongings were not delivered until 7/16. I had repeated calls with American. They had no idea where my things were or when they would be to my new home. I incurred so many costs. I had to replace so many items for everyday living that were in the van. I was told multiple times by American that they would compensate me, in addition to what the contract called for in per day late delivery costs. American started to avoid me and refused to call back. When I got the call from Boost that they were finally making the delivery, they advised me that they would have to use a shuttle, ,based on my location, and would be charging me an additional $700+. Again, American knew my delivery location and had not put that in the estimate. Boost threatened to not deliver my things, if I did not pay. American finally stated that they would cover the cost of the shuttle because of the late delivery. However, they said I would have to sign a settlement agreement before they would cover the cost. They also said I had to sign the agreement before my things were offloaded from the truck. Again, I felt like I was being extorted just to get my belongings. In the end, as with the whole ordeal, there was no communication between American and Boost. My things were offloaded and I did not sign the agreement. These drivers also referenced tipping them on multiple occasions, again in lieu of extra charges for stairs, etc.. As the drivers were preparing to leave, I noticed my treadmill in the garage. I told them which room it belonged in. They took it in the room, but would not put it back together. Their drivers took it out of my old home in one piece. Where or why it was taken apart, I have no idea. I told them that they took it apart and they should put it back together. They refused. After I put it back together myself, I found it was broken in at least two spots. The boxes were in horrible shape. I assume from being moved from van to truck to van to truck and whatever else they did with them while in their possession for over a month. We also found that most of the furniture had anywhere from minor dents and dings, to completely crushed drawers and backs. Things not visible on initial inspection. I filed a claim with American, per their process. American offered a whole $105 for a broken treadmill, cracked antique desk, completely destroyed nightstand and stolen tool set. The offer to give me $150 was contingent on me signing a settlement agreement. As the $150 does not come close to replacing or repairing the broken and stolen items, I opted not to take their money or sign their agreement. I felt it was more important to warn the public and file a complaint.

Mary Ann F


Never Ever Use Boost Express

My inter-state move was made complicated when the original moving company I hired had a truck break down and they sub-contracted my move to Boost Express. Thus began the nightmare. My furnishings arrived after a month, well outside the two-week commitment. Furniture was broken. Boxes looked like they'd been through war. Some boxes were missing and unaccounted for.

The truck was packed randomly, which increased the chances of those missing boxes. When the truck finally arrived, other people's items had to be unloaded in order to get to my things. Add to this, their boxes and furniture were placed on wet pavement and left in pouring rain for four hours as my move-in was done.

To boot, the driver came alone, saying "his guys" were right behind. Well, those guys had been hired that morning off of Craigslist. No vetting. No experience. Strangers now know where I live and what I own. The driver himself was verbally rude the entire time to me and to the Craigslist guys.

That rudeness was experienced with everyone I dealt with at Boost Express. Vague and full of excuses as to when they were showing up. Trying to insist on cash only at delivery (they got and accepted a cashier's check over their objections).

Do not ever hire this company.

Daniel M



I had a great experience with Boost Express Van Lines. Looking at all of my stuff I could not think that it would be so easy to move. I am that kind of guy that can carry a lot of stuff on my own and thought if being helpful, but when the guys from boost came they said to get my self a coffee and enjoy the process. They did everything in about 4 hours (I had 2 bedroom apartment). Packed, loaded into the truck. Nothing was broken, nothing was lost. Katy from costumer office led me through the whole move. Thank you for an easy move and defiantly ill use the Boost express van lines on my next move. Already advised them to one of my friends.



Good move from BOOST EXPRESS

I recently moved from Illinois to New Jersey, It was good smooth move by company named Boost express. I had friends that did move with boost and they were satisfied. I liked it also, no damaged items everything was packed professionally and unpacked also. Costumer service was also informative. I would give em a good job. recommend!



Great move by Boost Express Van Lines

Had a big pleasure working the team from Boost express van lines. They asked me to write a review after the work will be done. But i told them that if i dont like the way you worked i will write a bad review. They agreed. Well nothing bad i cant write about this company. Girls from the office kept in touch with me throughout the whole trip. I knew exactly times when and what is going to happened. Guys worked fast and safe. nothing was broke or damaged.
I could write a lot about every step but its too much. All i can say that i would needed to move ever again i would certainly use BOOST EXPRESS VAN LINES.

Wish you all the best guys!

Sun Lee


bad experiences with this company

The experience to move households from PA to CA was the worst experience in my life. Here are 3 things that I suffered from this company.

1.Delayed delivery:
At first, it was going smoothly. Movers came to my home at PA and shipped households on May 20. At the time, the expected delivery date was set for​ July 9. To make a long story short, the households were delivered approximately 2 months later and was delivered at 10 p.m.

2. Damaged households:
Delivered households were damaged. The bed frame was not even usable because the mover lost items to combine. Bookcases and chairs were crashed. Wardrobes​ were torn down so I lost my clothes. I lost 2 book boxes which include at least 60 books. Movers did not even apologize for ​the loss and even asked me whether I can give them tips for their service.

3. Unpaid lost items based on the settlement:
This company contracted the settlement ​claim to I provided the form of claim and supportive documents. It

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