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107 Trumbull St, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07206 USA

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About Bingo Moving and Storage

107 Trumbull St
Elizabeth, New Jersey

When it's time to move out of your home or business, it's time to call Bingo Moving. We make it easy on you and faster than the other.

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customer service was awful

The actual movers were pleasant, customer service was awful. There were hidden fees, the actual quote that I was given was different after they moved my belongings, there was a two hour minimum that was not told to me, after I paid my deposit then they wanted to tax on extra fees. I was moving into my first house it was suppose to be a joyful experience, Bingo moving really disappointed me, my quote was $89.99 my move ended up being $243.70 minus my deposit.



Most terrible experience

It was terrible. The crew was supposed to be in the apartment at 7:30AM. They arrived at 12:30 (i had to take an extra half a day off from work)
I've been told that they have everything they need for the move (i have to buy only the boxes for my convenience), but they had no material to wrap my dishes and glasses! (i have to move it by myself.
Then they started to disassemble the bedroom, but they didn't have the tools!!!!! I had to go with them in the auto-parts store to by a wrench!!!
They lost a lot of time because of the lack of material and tools and i had to pay $778 for your lack of organization and internal miscommunication.
It was the most terrible experience i ever had with movers, i will not recommend Bingo moving company to anyone and ill make sure that inside my organization everybody will know.



Avoid business with this shady company

They are simply a dispatch company and they do not do the moving themselves. Because of this reason, you don't know who will be moving your stuff. You have to ask them for this information and if you do, they are not happy to disclose the information as if I have inconvenienced them in some way. Avoid business with this shady company.

Joanna Maldonado


Bingo Moving & Storage owes us 1050.00

I am the owner of Mc Queen TruckingLLC. We did a delivery for a customer named Charles Daley. Alex from Bingo Moving & Storage gave us the job and has refused to get in contact with us and has not given us any form of payment.



Stay away! All their ratings are fake

This company takes clients' information and leaks it to other companies. Then multiple people have your information and call you nonstop. Then they don't show up on the day of the move and you're left calling them over and over. Then they will reschedule you and not show up AGAIN. They won't refund your money back, so you're stuck working with them. They will show up whenever they want, and then try to OVERCHARGE YOU !! PS they have your credit card information.

Stay away! All their ratings are fake. If possible, report to the BBB and file a lawsuit or small claims.

Ethan F


0 Stars! SCAM!

0 Stars! SCAM!

This company is not properly insured!!! My building requires Workers Comp insurance to move in and Bingo Moving was not only unable to provide BUT did not respond to emails for nearly a month before telling me they did not have the workers comp insurance the day before the move!

They DID NOT RETURN SECURITY DEPOSIT and could be shut down if they are found out to be operating under these unlawful terms. Over the last month they have lied to me several times saying that the deposit has/will be returned but that is not the case.

Per "If they do not have the (workers comp) insurance, you will become liable for the employees injury, opening yourself up to a possible lawsuit in the worst case scenario"


Saatvik S


Bad company

I had a reservation for a move today(22nd June) for 1-2pm made a month in advance.

Since I received no call from them after the initial reservation, I began trying to contact customer care since yesterday noon. Unfortunately, I've failed to get in touch with them. No one has arrived today for the decided move.

I don't seem to have a choice but contact another moving service now.



Worst customer service

Unacceptable company . Worst customer service. They lost or broke or damaged a lot of my belongings and no one has till date contacted me to apologies. All I got was a claim form in the mail. They charged a fortune for packing, but they never did the packing properly. Items were stolen and tags put on other items. Items came without being packed considering it was getting shipped. No one will ever contact you, you will have to chase them.




I would give negative stars if I could. The worst experience of my life. Any positive reviews on here are probably written by the company to trick you into thinking they are okay. SCAM. I hope this review prevents someone from experiencing what I had to go through.



Poor customer service

Poor customer service and does not respond well to messages, I was forced to hire another moving company at the last minute since Bingo would not respond, therefore fearing I had been scammed.

They were the cheapest quote I received, now I know why. They have very poor customer service.
I wish I would have read the reviews before hiring quacks.



Stressful move

Unfortunately I did not have a good experience. They lost part of my son's table. Said not to worry they will get it and return it. They never did. Damaged every piece of furniture. Dining room table scratched. China cabinet cracked. Book cases water damaged. Couches scratched. Books water damaged. The guy said don't worry you have insurance and nothing happened. Forget about a price quote it was an extra 1000 on top of what he quoted me. This was the worst experience of my life. This company made moving even more stressful.



Find another mover

Would recommend NOT using this company!! Sales people are nice but tell you what you want to hear. Other employees are beyond rude on the phone... they basically no-showed for my move date made up 100 excuses then never answered the phone... find another mover



Admirable movers

My friend told me that Bingo moving and storage handled her move and all her belongings were delivered intact. I had to see it for myself and so I hired them when I was moving. This company knows how to do the job properly. They maintained their timings and the crew was just too skilled. They use a lot of packing materials. But most of it was free so nothing to worry about there. They delivered on time and guess what? My valuables were all safely delivered. All the hype about this company is really true.



Amazing Staff!

Had a great experience using Bingo moving and storage. They were friendly, professional, and hard working. They took great care of my furniture and belongings during the move. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. Will definitely use them on my next move.



This move was seamless

When I contracted with Bingo moving and storage, my deal was pay per hour. I thought it will be done in 5-7 hours and they did it in halt of that. They worked like a robot. And none of my belongings were broken or damaged. But the delivery was a bit slower and changed the arrival time - though they called to let me know and it was no problem. The movers were very efficient I must say. The entire process was seamless and all my belongings arrived safely. I was satisfied with their service.



I have no complaints

I received quotes from many companies and decided to choose Bingo moving and storage for my recent move from NJ to FL. They offered me a quick turn around time for my pick-up and delivery. The guys were great at both ends, everything was wrapped and nicely padded. They offered me a few plastic wraps for the mattresses and sofas which I gladly accepted being that it was such a bad weather that day. I have no complaints. Really happy with the service.



I am very pleased with their services

The only reason why I hired Bingo moving and storage was the amount of things we needed to be moved from NJ to Texas. When I called them, the man on the phone was friendly enough. He asked a lot of questions to come up with an adequate quote. The crew came over to my house on time and they were very well equipped. They packed everything quickly and then finished loading everything. The delivery was made just a few hours later and all our belongings traveled quite well. My move with Bingo moving and storage was very pleasant.



Worst moving company

This is the worst moving company.. don’t go with this company with the fake words they promise you before you book your move. Biggest fraud company and cheaters. They have lot of hidden costs. They don’t move your goods directly they give it some one else and those some one else gives your goods to someone else and so on... and who knows how many hands they keep changing.. By the time you receive your goods they are totally damaged. They are not even a worth penny. They don’t deliver the goods on the promised delivery date. I literally went through a psychological pressure for the 10 days they held my goods. In my initial agreement they didn’t mention they are going to charge me for the elevator. And when they brought my goods they said they are going to charge 75$ extra for elevator and overall they want to charge me 300$ extra for a carry of 100 ft. They left my goods in front of my storage entrance door and I had to move everything by myself in order to avoid the extra hidden costs. Overall they charged me 1800$ for 400 miles distance and 75 cuft space and on top of that I lost my peace of mind for 10 days dealing with this company, their brokers and drivers.





I was told by David that the cost of my move would be $490, +/- $50. I was told that Bingo was going to be a company that didn't low-ball the price and then hit me with charges after the job was finished. David was very nice with me on the phone and I was excited for at first to use this moving company.

After everything was moved, I am told that the cost of moving my furniture was $1000! MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount that I was quoted at. Also, the movers spent triple the amount of time that it was estimated to take.

I am disappointed that this company had the nerve to say that I was "playing games" with them by being upset that the bill was twice the amount of money that they quoted me. Not everyone has an extra $500 to throw around. The drivers even knew without telling me that the job was going to take much more time than David had quoted me. They should have stopped at 2.5 hours and let me know that the job was going to take the whole day rather than expecting me to pay AN EXTRA $500.



Really good

It was a cool move overall. I had some mugs broken, but the company was cool enough to compensate for the loss. The rest of the process was really good, and I would recommend these guys.



Delivery was totally smooth

I got an estimate over the phone before committing the job. It was a peak period and there weren’t any vans available. The customer rep couldn’t fix an actual date. I called again after a week and managed to fix a slot. Even though, it was tough initially, they were punctual once we fixed the time and date.

The Bingo moving and storage people used electronically marked boxes. It made it easy to track them all and know if something goes missing. Ours was a really long journey as it took nearly two days to reach the new destination. The delivery was totally smooth. A company that one can rely upon.




I called for a quote and after that it was phone call after phone call to book then. Really annoying. I decided to not use them. It seemed VERY shady. I asked my neighbor that moved with them her experience and she mentioned that they try to milk the clock. No thank you Bingo Moving!




I give this company nothing. Not even one star. They made my moving experience a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. They cancelled my time frame three times on the day of the move. So of course I couldn't hire anyone else same day with such short notice so I was stuck. When they finally got there two hours after the scheduled time, they seemed to be ok guys. I had packed all of my own boxes so that all they had to do was put them in the truck. Most of the boxes were smaller so they looked like a lot of stuff. They started complaining about all of the boxes. The driver kept complaining to me that there was too much stuff. These guys are in their twenties, one was maybe in his thirties. The one guy who was older every time I wanted to tell him anything he just kept telling me that he couldn't speak English. They started slowing down their work. What should have taken only two hours to do took them SEVEN HOURS to unload a one bedroom apt. I had to repeatedly tell them to keep moving. They were milking the time to make more money. When I called their boss to complain to him about their unprofessionalism and incompetence he kept blaming the situation on me. I lived in a huge complex. Every single one of my neighbors were stunned by their laziness and inactivity in getting the move done in a timely manner. They complained that they had to "go up and down the stairs, there's too much stuff, too many stairs, we had to cancel a job because this one has too many things" on and on and on they complained. I got so sick and tired of hearing the excuses as to why they were taking so long. They broke my bed frame, two lamps, scratched my tv, and damaged my coffee table. SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS after they got to my apt they were finally done loading the truck. Now there was a two hour drive to get my things into my new place. On the way to my new place I called their boss. Three times he changed to cost of the moving. Wanted 1700.00!!!!!! I told him I don't have that much money and it shouldn't cost me for their laziness and incompetence on the job. They were mad because they had "lost the job after mine" so now they wanted ME TO PAY FOR FOR IT. John, the so called boss, kept yelling at me on the phone telling me I'm the reason they took so long to pack the truck and that's it's all MY fault. The nerve . He keep trying to find reasons not to charge me at least 2000.00. He told me that if I posted an excellent review here on yelp, and tipped his guys really good that he would then lower the cost of the moving. This was the WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I've moved ALOT, have had friends and family help and have had a much better experience than with this unprofessional company. They stole the joy of me having to move for the first time into a new house from me. The stress they all incurred upon me was triple the amount of any moving stress that any one should ever have during this process. I'm still reeling from the anxiety of it all. When the driver found out how much the owner wanted to charge me, even he was was shocked. They wanted to leave some of my furniture behind and not even move it at all. They took forever to decide how to move it, how to bring it down the stairs and how to finally put it on the truck. They would goof around, talk on their phones, talk about the stupid tire on their truck, and just milk the time like their was no tomorrow. The driver even said he would work up until one am to make sure I got all my stuff into my new place. Well, of course what he meant was, I'm going to kill the time until that time. And he did. They did not leave my new place until 11:30 pm. They arrived at my apt 11:40 am. They made sure they got 11 and a half hours of overtime because " they had lost a job because of me". They totally took advantage of me. Bunch of SCAMMERS. You'd be better off hiring family then this company.

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