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2313 John F Kennedy Unit 210, Union City, New Jersey 07087 USA

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About Anthem Moving Services LLC

2313 John F Kennedy Unit 210
Union City, New Jersey

Anthem moving is a family owned and operated interstate moving company with over 30 years combined experience. We strive to give each move the attention it deserves. We pride ourselves on the quality of every move, so you can rest assured your belongings are in great hands every step of the way.

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Shaki Salvador



If I could remove stars, I would. Where should I start. From the minute I gave my deposit, this whole scenario was a scam. I completed the inventory with Al on the Telephone, and completed the list to make sure that everything was set. I wanted the most precise estimate. Lo and behold, when it comes to moving day, they stated that my items would take up more space then estimated. This difference was not a small one. In fact, would cost an extra thousand.

The next insult was that they could not fit my washer and dryer. I had to call every single day to make sure they would pick it up---two weeks later!!
Once my shipment was delivered to my new address, the washer and dryer was not with the items. I had to wait 4 WEEKS to get my washer and dryer. (This was after calling every single day).

As far as the delivery of the items, every single item was dented or damaged. Out of 3 chairs, two were damaged and unable to be used. All of my bedroom furniture had major dents that cannot be repaired.

Long story short.

RUN AWAY! Do NOT allow them to convince you that this is a good deal. This is not a way to do business. Save yourself the headache, the loss of funds, and the frustration.

Gail Payton


Very poor service, they need a zero

If you value your items and time. DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS. James is a liar, could not reach him after signing the contract. We also told them the size and number of items we had, the movers came and charged extra. The initial price they quote is not worth the headache you will go through. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE, calling everyday to receive false delivery dates. They also do not tell you that your things will go to a warehouse first and be devanned. BROKEN PROMISES, they say they will call you back, no call. This is a true review, not a paid one. They deserve a ZERO for service. DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS #HORRIBLE. You will spend many nights worrying about your things, trust me it is not the worth the initial quote. Don't believe those reviews that they have good service. TRUST ME, THEY ARE HORRIBLE. #ZERO RATING

Carey Kasky


Read all the reviews!

I waited a month to write this review to give them a chance to find the items that were lost. I’ll start at the beginning.. Adrian gave me all the information for my move & assured me she would be there to answer any of my questions. I found out quickly that was not true. The “direct” line to her was not to her at all. I could never get to speak with her again.
I was told someone would call 2 weeks before my move to get an update, in case I had more or less items. Did not happen.
I was told someone would call me on a specific day to tell me when the movers would pick up my household. Did not happen. Only after I called at 4:30 on that day, did I receive a call back. They said someone would be there in the afternoon. They came at 7:30 at night. They said I had too much more stuff that it would be $1200 more. They only take specific types of payment so you have no recourse if you are not happy with the service. I called Customer Service and couldn’t get through.
I called the number that Adrian gave me to discuss this but was told by a man (Jordan?) that he could not help me but I would have to call customer service. When I tried to explain that I couldn’t get through, he hung up on me. Hung up on me. (Is hen I got through to CS they said he had meant to put me on hold but where you work do you put someone on hold when they are mid sentence?)
It took more calls and 6 days for my things to be delivered at which point the movers said they were going to charge me extra because it was too far from truck to my apartment. (When I made the initial arrangements it was to move in on the 12th of July. It’s in the contract that says it can be 5-7 days depending on drivers time on the road. I moved from Jersey to Massachusetts. You might not see that portion of the contract at initial contact but don’t make specific plans on dates...)
I was delivered someone else’s box and I am missing multiple items. I called Customer Service and was told she would look into my missing items and call me back on Friday. 4 weeks ago. No call back
Bottom line- This was a horrible experience. The company picks up multiple locations and delivers multiple locations at the same time. If you are moving to another state spend the money with a company that values its customers and does what they say they will do. With this one, they get their money and they are done with you.

Eric Montross



Stay far away from this company. It's the most unprofessional and unorganized service we've ever experienced. The driving people themselves were nice but the people running the company are completely not trustworthy.

1. Finished loading after midnight keeping neighbors awake with noise.

2. Promised us we would have our stuff within 3-6 days but took 34 days. Didn't call ever to let us know the status of the move during the month so we had to sleep on the floor for the entire month of July. This caused us some neck pain and chiropractic bills.

3. Lost at least 5 items and broke many more. The actual delivery came in two separate trucks at two separate times. They dropped other peoples items off with ours.

4. Lied to use saying they wouldn't charge us the rest of the delivery fee and then told the drivers that they said no such thing.

The list goes on and on. Do not trust this company with your things. They will take your money and hold your stuff hostage.

Jessica Parlanti


Moving Review

Anthem Moving Services is a terrible company! Don't use them! This experience has been very stressful! I initially talked to Cody at Anthem who promised me a 1-2 delivery, maximum 5-10. We are still waiting for our delivery and it has been 23 days, and we only moved from California to Oregon. I have to call several times a week and, Adam, the manager does not have a drop off date. He says that there are no trucks available in this area. Nobody at the office has called me. I am the one who has to call every few days. They also picked up our things a day late than what I had planned and called me 48 hours before this time to tell me. They told me a 2 day window for a move was normal which I had never heard of. Who plans a big move over a two day window? The movers came to my house very late in the afternoon and finished moving at 1 am. This company is disorganized, terrible at communication, and very unreliable. I just hope we get our stuff soon. I have lost all trust in them. Save yourself the stress and don't use Anthem Moving Services.



Do Not Given Them Any of Your Money

DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR MONEY. If I could give 0 stars I absolutely would.

I scheduled a pick up for 7/15/2019 back in April, 3 months prior to the scheduled services. When it got closer to the move date, I called to confirm, and the date was confirmed as a range from 7/15-7/16. I asked if it could be 7/15 as that is what I initially requested, and I was told they would write down that I preferred 7/15. I was then told I was going to get a call to review the items within a few days and I never did. I called back and was told that they did call me and left a message, but I never received one. The items were reviewed and confirmed.

On 7/14/2019 I got a call to say they movers would be at my house between 9-11 am on 7/16. We waited during that time and never once received a call. At 11:30 am, I called and was told that they would actually arrive at my house from 4-6 pm with no reason as to the delay.

At 7/16/2019 at 6 pm, I called back in to check on the truck. While I was on hold, the driver of the truck called the alternative phone number I left and stated that they were having truck issues and that they could get to our house "late tonight or early tomorrow morning." We said early tomorrow morning would work and the driver stated they would be at our house at 6 AM on 7/17/2019.

At 7 AM on 7/17 we called the driver to check in and was sent straight to voice mail. I then called Anthem and was told that the after hours care would send in a note.

At 8:30 AM we tried calling the driver again and was sent straight to voicemail once more. I then repeated this issue to the after hours care and they said they would mark it as urgent.

I called at 9 AM to talk to someone that actually worked at Anthem and was told that they don't open until 10 AM even though online hours list they're open from 9am-6pm.

At 9:30 AM, we called back to cancel our services. We had a viewing scheduled for our house at 1:30 pm and needed everything out of the house by 1 pm so we could clean and get it ready. Theodore at Anthem (who was actually very nice and helpful) called the driver and actually got in contact with him. The driver stated that he was still in Cincinnati, OH because a job ran over and could be at our house at 1 pm.

This did not settle well with me for multiple reasons. 1) I was told the day prior that they were having truck issues which ended up being a blatant lie as they were still working on another job. 2) Our house needed to be vacant by the time they would arrive. And 3) Cincinnati, OH to my pick up location is an 8+ hour drive and the time frame they gave me was simply impossible.

I then contacted Adam, the General manager, to ensure our services were canceled. He told me I was told the wrong information and our driver was actually in 30 minutes away. However, they were unloading another delivery and wouldn't be able to come to our house until 1 pm still.

I continued to request a cancellation and it was finally "confirmed." However, at 8 pm on 7/17/2019, I got a call from the driver, who was very unprofessional, asking if I wanted them to come to the house to pack our things. I asked if he was told that I cancelled my services and he stated he was told just to call me.

I'm actually relieved they never showed up because I would not have trusted my things with them. We ended up renting our own truck and driving 8+ hours to our final destination and even saved $1000. I'm requesting my $1,100 deposit back as well, but given their track record with non-existent communication, my hopes are very low.

Mary Turner


Can’t meet moving dates

Booked Anthem a month in advance and gave them 2 days to choose from, Thursday or Friday. We paid 30% down payment.

They said they would give 24 hour notice as to which day they were showing up.

They did not!

Once we called multiplr times we got a date of Friday arrival, they said they would give 24 hour notice of time of arrival.

They did not!

We had to constantly call them, they never called us. They hung up on us once and then said it didn’t happen.
Once we complained they said they could not make either Thirsday or Friday dates and now scheduled to arrive on Saturday. It feels like retaliation for complaining!

Number 14 in their contract says no dates or times are guaranteed... consumer beware!

Because on moving day when they don’t show up, it’s too late to call another mover!

Maria Woehr


Horrible Experience - Don’t Use

This was the most stressful move I ever made. The sales and labor aspects of the business don’t work together. Adam Green made promises he could not fulfill, didn’t inform me when the movers would come, never called me back when promised, raised the price of my move twice and yelled at me over the phone when I complained that the movers wanted to raise the price of my move again upon delivery. He did not listen to the customer. He only gave me excuses and acted unprofessional. When I asked for his superior he told me that he was the manager and when I asked to speak to the owner (of the family owned business) he dared me to contact them to complain. On the labor side things were better but several of my items were damaged upon arrival and some never made the van. I had to pack them up in my car. The arrival team was three and one of them was really rough with the furniture. The delivery team was only two men and has to unpack someone else’s furniture before mine so they could unload which took a while and to help move things along I helped them with some assembly. Jessica and Danny were very understanding and nice. If I could have I would have spoken with them directly instead of going through sales, it would have been a different experience. I will go with a big moving company in the future.



Effortless Movers

My family and I have used Anthem Moving LLC for each of our moves over the past 4 years. I had to use them again this last Monday following an unexpected death in our family. I had a short notice timeframe to work in and they made time to accommodate our request and spent time with me to help me to determine the best fit of time slot, truck size and crew that we would need. I couldn't be more grateful for their help as I've been in a fog due to grieving. They made it effortless and took care of everything. They made sure everything was moved carefully, helped me to smile on a difficult day, and did everything in remarkable time. They took apart and rebuilt the furniture without me every saying a word, and had to move a desk that defied possibility to a second floor bedroom. I only wish I could have tipped the crew more for all their hard work, but we have limited resources due to the current circumstances. I hope that others will consider using this company for any moving needs they have. My family will be lifelong customers.



Efficient company

Relocating is always hard. All that packing, loading, moving- and let’s not forget the emotional draining. I guess if you can delegate some of that trauma to a professional moving company, it feels a tiny bit better. If the company you hire is Anthem moving llc, then there s absolutely nothing to worry about. Their men know exactly how to unload your worries. They are very apt at their job, always showing up on time, packing everything with great precision and loading the valuables securely to their vans. My move was as smooth as it could ever be, thanks to these guys.



Remarkable movers

Anthem moving llc was the only moving company that did what was promised. They didn’t charge a cent over the estimate. Their movers arrived on time and delivered everything safely. I have to mention the crew especially because they were simply the hardest working men I have ever encountered. Everything about them was so professional. They packed everything carefully and then carried everything out methodically. I was so impressed seeing these men doing what they do best. They made this move so effortless for me.

Robert Saul


Buyer Beware

Quoted 1-2 days for delivery. Then changed to 1-5 days. Then changed to 5 business days. On pickup left an old chair curbside from a previous delivery. Would not recommend for a timely delivery.

Jim R



Just hired them to move my whole 3 bedroom home in NJ. They were so careful with our things and though they made excellent time, nothing was rushed. They go the extra mile for you and the movers were all SO nice. My husband even willingly helped with the moving because he enjoyed their company. He keeps recommending them to our friends for any jobs they need, big or small. Shout out to Steven because he even stayed to set up our tv stand that we couldn't figure out (we needed to buy different sized screws). They are fairly priced and every dollar was worth it! We'll definitely be using them again for any hauling we have.



outstanding job

We used Anthem moving llc for the first time on Friday and they did an outstanding job from beginning to end. Thank you Anthem moving!

Robert Sanders


Pleasant moving experience

Lovely service. Wanted to book a last minute move and it was organized for the next day. The movers came on time (despite the snowy weather) and let me know of their ETA before arriving. They were quick and courteous. Easiest and most pleasant experience ever with moving!



Highly recommended

I was a bit skeptical at first...Nothing worse than moving
The anxiety always gets to me, because a lot of my art & furniture is extremely expensive.... I was moving from NJ to Florida and these guys were legit the BEST. Easy on the phone, no adjustments with the quotes, and they even let me have a couple of extra boxes with no additional charges. . They also communicated dates well, and followed up after the service was completed. Highly recommended

Don Francine


Best experience

Probably the best experience I have had with a moving company. My family and I have moved several times before, and this was by far the best one! No issues throughout the whole thing, very satisfied.

Juan Pablo



Due to life circumstances I've had to move twice in the last two years and Anthem Moving has made the process so much easier. From the helpers to management everything they do is top notch. If you want a company that is professional and caring, then Anthem Moving is definitely the one.

Rob Sanchez


Great company

Ive had a few different moving company’s over the years but my experience with Anthem beat all expectation. Great company to hire to get the job done. From Texas to Florida with no issues. Friendly and dependable, I would recommended them above anyone I’ve used before.

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