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97 East 2str building C , , Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 USA
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About Admiral Van Lines

97 East 2str building C ,
Bayonne, New Jersey

We understand how difficult to find a moving company can be. At Admiral Van Lines, we make it easy to find all the transportation and storage services, where you need them, all under one roof. Don't take our word for it; take a look at the facts!

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Rolando Sanders


I would recommend them

Admiral van lines was phenomenal, from my initial contact speaking to the friendly sales rep, to the three terrific people that revealed up (their 3 men team). They got here in a timely manner and also loaded up my home in record time, they were expert, organized, fast yet careful, and also personalized, every one of them. I would certainly recommend this company.

Brent Jacobs


Very motivated crew

When you’re looking for a professional mover, you want a mover who is honest, professional and who has a crew that is skilled and motivated to move just anything that you’re having in your house. Admiral van lines have these qualities that make them stand out as the cream of the industry. I have used them on two occasions and I didn’t lose any of my things. Besides, their pricing will fit your budget and theirs is a quick and careful service.

Peter Arnold


Trustable helping hand

We had to move apartment and was very glad to use the services of Admiral van lines. They are one of the bests I have dealt with yet. They contacted us several times to reassure us that they would be there as promised. I was little bit worried about moving but I had a great experience. They did a great job packing up my items and delivering on schedule. Only a few extra dollars for some materials they used to make sure things wouldn’t break otherwise they didn’t overcharge me. I would definitely use this company again.

Alfred Gutierrez



My wife wanted to move to a cold place thus we needed to hire movers. We went with Admiral van lines. My wife was completely satisfied with their service. Everything was coordinated. They did not lose a piece of property; they were on time and packed everything. The people running the show from behind were very knowledgeable and always available if we had any questions. They could tell us where the van was whenever we called- that really assured us of their safekeeping. I was very impressed with the level of their organization. It was a good experience.

Alan Stevens


Happy moving

Don’t hire a moving company without checking them. I would like to start out by saying that even before our moving day Admiral van lines earned my loyalty. We just purchased our own home and the entire home buying process was stressful. My husband and I would rather do almost anything than pack up our house and move, but these four movers made the day tolerable and did a great job. It was a very stressful day for us but I appreciated the cheerfulness of this company.

Neal Oliver


Good quality of service

I have moved three times and I’m tired of moving stuff by myself. As it was a long distance move so I hired movers from Admiral van lines. Their sales team was phenomenal. I knew what I was paying for before they got there, and it was very detailed as far as what I was involved in. I have never experienced such service before. I would recommend them for their good quality of service.

Roberto Bryan


I adore you

There is no more doubt about your services. For now, I am fully convinced that you are the right relocation company for me. I hired you out and you played your part in the most amazing way. You came through and convinced me that it is worth seeking your relocation services. I adore you. Those are the kind of services I need even in future. I enjoyed being relocated by your team. My experience with you was a great one. Not only did I relocate with ease but I also spent less cash moving. Thank you for that!

Bradford Curry


Superbly easy move

This was our second move with Admiral van lines and both have been undertaken with friendliness, efficiency and professionalism. The short turn around didn’t seem to faze their team and everything arrived intact, at the right place and most importantly at the right time! They helped turning what could have been a very stressful experience into one that was smooth and carried out with ease. Wouldn't have been possible without this bunch, I guarantee and I am truly grateful for their help!

Alfred Doyle


Great Job!

We just moved to IL from NJ with Admiral van lines. While we were not use to moving a large house, my wife suggested that we get at least 5 bids. After just getting 3, I was amazed at the costs! Having professional and friendly movers that did their job right, didn’t steal anything from us and didn’t lose anything, was worth the price we paid! It just made the move a pleasant experience (and I have moved a number of times before). I am glad I choose them!

Lester George


Very professional

I just moved out from my hometown to the city. Before this move I made some serious research about moving companies and Admiral van lines came top 3 according to reviews. So I just hired them as they gave me the fairest pricing among the rest two. On the day of move they showed up to wrap and pick up furniture and boxes few minutes earlier than the agreed time and they delivered my belongings right on the promised time. I have to recognize the professionalism and kindness of the movers. Overall I recommend them and I will hire these guys if I have to move again.

Dean Ray


Affordable and professional

I was looking at a couple of different companies and noticed that Admiral van lines had good ratings so I hired them. The movers wrapped the items and they were really good-natured. They asked where I wanted furniture placed in the new house and reassembled all items. The movers were so fast at the packing and loading the process. Everything was done to perfections and they checked all the time. I was happy and my parent was happy too. I would like to recommend them.

Omar Strickland


Team of professionals

Admiral van lines was simply amazing while handling our last move- we enjoyed every second of this move just because of these guys. The 3 men that were sent were helpful, good natured, strong and efficient. We thought they were just great to work around and went out of their way to help. Nothing was broken; they negotiated a tight deal and moved us with ease. They were a delight to have around. It was just so easy having them do this job for me. I am pleased we used these guys and will strongly recommend them to others.



Very thorough service

I found Admiral van lines through a friend who swore about their efficiency. I had no prior experience with them but I took my friend’s words and ran with it. The estimator showed up on time to look at the job and give me a quote. He was polite, re-assuring and professional. We wanted most of the stuff moved and some of it held in storage until we found another condo. We had a piano we wanted delivered. It was all done exactly as requested and not a single glass was broken or item lost. Honestly, it was the movers who made the whole move so less complicated. They were efficient, experienced and organized.

Janis W


Admirable management

Their manager was great and I had a good experience him while coming up with a quote for my move. The movers were helpful, respectful and professional. They handled every property carefully and displayed amazing skills while the packing-loading process was taking place. I would highly recommend this company. I checked multiple companies and I was pleased with the professionalism conveyed by this company and its staffs. I felt as comfortable as I think I could have.



Efficiently managed

The whole team of Admiral van lines was capable enough, professional and very friendly throughout. Not a single item was broken or damaged or even wet. Their quote was very competitive. It was a long distance move but the movers constantly kept me informed of their progress. When they reached the destination, they started to unloaded every belongings immediately and before their leave, they made sure there was nothing else they could help me with. They managed the move very efficiently and they were well expert too.

Wilson Moss


Completely relieved

I chose Admiral van lines because of their glowing reviews. They didn’t disappoint me. I did warn them about the amount of work involved but they seemed absolutely unshaken by it. The movers were so capable and experienced that no matter how heavy things you make them carry, they would do that with a smile. I was stunned seeing how strong and efficient they were. They quickly packed and loaded everything from my 4-bedroom house. They made the delivery on time and nothing suffered any damages.

Vickie Nelson


Remarkable job done

I hired Admiral van lines simply because they quoted quite low and I was short on cash. I wasn’t expecting much from them but they really astonished me. The crew of 4 men was very effective. They were experienced and highly skilled. Their packing skills were out of this world. I never imagined how professional packing could look like. Everything was taken care of by these men and we didn’t even have to lift a finger. They delivered everything in great condition and unpacked everything into the right rooms. I wasn’t expecting such a remarkable job with that price tag.

Herbert Hunter


Moving doesn’t get easier

Admiral van lines is nothing like other moving companies I hired in the past. They helped me move 2 months ago. I have seen the best and the worst of the moving companies. These guys sure are the best. There was nothing the movers couldn’t do. They arrived on time, showed amazing skills in packing, their strength was almost unbelievable and they made the delivery on time. To add icing on the cake, the movers helped me unpack and assembled my furniture for me. How can I not be impressed with these guys? They impressed me throughout.

Jerome French


Returning customers

You can always trust in Admiral van lines not to disappoint you. You can always believe in them even when all indications are that there will be failures. You can always believe in them even if you have no valid reason to do so. If I am not wrong, these were the exact words that the review declared. As I went through the reviews, this one caught my eye. That one single review made me hire out Admiral van lines. I did not stop to think whether it was true or false. I only got to verify the information on the actual date of relocation. They did to me more than the reviews had said.



They make it look effortless

Admiral van lines was responsible for moving my belongings in early December. They did an amazing job. The movers arrived on time. They were very friendly and efficient. The whole apartment was boxed very fast. These guys were such well-oiled machines. They delivered everything in good shape just after 2 days. This move could have so easily become a nightmare but these guys made it so easy. Thank you so much guys.



Proper way to move

If you want a hassle free move that wouldn’t cost you too much, your only option is to hire Admiral van lines. They were just wonderful with our last move. Their crew of 5 men arrived right on time on the moving day. The movers had more appointments that day and so they were very fast at the job. I imagined they would be quite tired but they showed no sign of fatigue whatsoever. They carried big pieces of furniture with ease and finished the whole task quite fast. The delivery was made the next day as requested. None of our items got lost or suffered the slightest damage. This move would have been absolutely impossible without these guys!

Andres B.


They made it on time and without any issues

I had to move as quickly as possible due to my new job. So I searched for moving companies that will do long distance and luckily I found Admiral van lines. The salesman was so nice and kind and he told me the process. The moving team showed up on time, all of my belongings were arrived at my house on time and in perfect condition. I would recommend this moving company to anyone that needs a company he can trust. Thank you so much.

Robyn Reynolds


They moved us without a hitch

I’m very happy I went with Admiral van lines. I got so many calls the day I needed to move and only Admiral van lines was the one that gave me an estimate that I can afford. The person I spoke with was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable; I can thank him enough for explaining everything to me. The guys who move my things- all I can say is wow!!! That's how amazing they were. Never did they make me feel uncomfortable. They moved my things as if it was theirs. Now that's how movers should treat customer's belongings, with a lot of care.

Lauren Barker


Well-trained movers

Loneliness is evil! I felt it for 7 years living away from friends and family. Finally I decided it was time to get rid of it. So I quit my job and decided to move back home. I hired Admiral van lines for my move and my interaction with them during the first call was great. The guy in the phone gave me a very assuring quote and said he would he send 3 movers with a van. The movers arrived on time as promised on the moving day and packed everything very quickly. They had a little trouble getting my cross trainer but they immediately had a backup plan and off they went through the window. They somehow managed to do that with grace and pace. I was mesmerized to see how well trained they are! Then they also delivered my belongings back home within 2 days of my arrival. Good thing about big cities is that these guys serve there! I will suggest them without any hesitation.

Jesus Egbert


Perfect move with efficient movers

New place, new home and new people, I was so afraid. But Admiral van lines made my move so much easier. The moving staffs were excellent. They arrived on time and packed everything very efficiently without any damage. Moving is always stressful but they reassured me to leave it in their hands. Thank you guys for making a stress free move and a truly remarkable experience.

Jose Catalan


Easy relocation

Admiral van lines is a moving company that has been in this business for decades and they really understand how to handle a move. This company is just too professional. Every little detail is foreseen by them. The movers I got for my last move were all very capable men who came prepared with all the right tools. They finished the job in such a short amount of time and displayed amazing skills. All my belongings were safely delivered after 2 days and I just couldn’t be any happier. They made this move so freaking easy for me.



Great experience

My husband and I used Admiral van lines at the end of November and we had a great experience. From start to finish everything was excellent. Their sales guy always responded to my emails quickly, the movers called when they were about 20 minutes out, they arrived on time, and worked hard, fast and non-stop. They did an amazing job securing all our staff and were very careful. If you are looking for a reasonably priced moving company with excellent service, Admiral van lines is the best. They did an amazing job!!!

Brandon Volker


Amazing achievement

We wanted to live in the same house forever. But because of my son’s terrible accident we had to move to a new house. I hired Admiral van lines as one of my friends recommended the company. I called the movers of the company and they were very friendly. They arrived on time to pack up our belongings. We had a lot of belongings which they soon realized. But they methodically packed and moved those. They outperformed my expectations completely. I was quite sad having to leave but they were always cracking jokes to uplift my mood.

Antonio Michael


Pure efficiency

Three guys from Admiral van lines just came and moved everything to my new house for me. They were extremely efficient and didn't slack at all! They basically had to move a mountain with my massive furniture to put it inside their truck and got it all in! Amazing job guys! I've used this company every time i have moved, which is about 4 times in the past few years and I will continue to hire them.

Lance C.


Always great

I have moved a number of times before and I have always hired Admiral van lines. They treated my stuff like it was their own. I really appreciated how responsive and fast they were. My previous moves with other moving companies have never been even close. I received everything unloaded and unpacked right on time and everything was in original condition. They always charge very competitively and that only makes them even more worthy of hiring.

Peter Cooper


A true delight

Admiral van lines had the lowest quote and so I was expecting nothing but inefficiency. But their services completely surprised me. Their crew was very prompt and efficient. All my belongings were swiftly packed into boxes. They even gave my furniture a coat of tape to protect them during the journey. They used a lot of packing materials. But these little precautions helped safeguarding my valuables. I suppose not every company who charges low does a bad job!

Mark Adams


Efforts are not needed

For all the people who think relocations are too stressful, you haven’t hired Admiral van lines! It was so easy getting a quote from them. The number was quite low too! I wondered how the actual move would go since cheap usually spells hotchpotch to me. But fortunately the crew I got was very experienced and professional. They took minimum amount of time to finish packing and loading everything. They delivered my belongings on time and in great condition. The final bill matched the quote perfectly. Who knew moving could be this effortless?

Dennis Baker


Great job

I had to move my belongings because of the new job I got. It was quite a long distance and so I hired Admiral van lines to do the job. As there weren’t too much stuff to pick up, the actual packing process took no time. They just put a layer of plastic sheet on the big pieces and covered the corners of the other furniture with cardboard. Then they very efficiently carried everything to the vans. I should really praise the men for how strongly they carried all those heavy pieces of furniture. They delivered everything the next day to my new house. I’m very impressed with the efforts they put into it.

Christopher Williams


They are the best

I've hired at least 3 other moving companies for previous home moves in the past. Admiral van lines was by far the most professional. They were careful with my property, worked fast, non-stop without a break and successfully overcame challenges (needed to haul bedroom furniture over a 2nd floor balcony due to a spiral staircase). They arrived at the arranged time and moved an entire house-load of furniture etc. to a nearby town and completed the job within a few hours. I would highly recommend them.

Alan Adams


I can only recommend this company

Admiral van lines was the moving company we found online and fell in love from the first phone call. They brought a lighter side to the moving process. We started out stressed out of our mind. That slowly went away after we started getting things in order. Everyone there is very organized and on top of every detail. They put together the mist comprehensive list of our furniture out of all the other movers by far. We saved a lot of money working with them are very happy with the level of service that came with it. Personally I recommend them to anyone and everyone. Company’s Ike this need as most exposure as possible so the greedy ones don’t steal the job.

Kevin Sanchez


Perfect relocation

This crew that they sent out knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to moving they made sure that we were smiling the entire time. A few short days later the delivery day came around the same crew that picked us up delivered us and they unwrapped everything and put everything back together and in the correct rooms that we told them to put everything in. There was no damage and nothing was missing. I couldn't be any happier neither could my wife. I highly recommend using dedicated for all of your moving or relocation needs.

Warren H.


Great moving company

There have been many movers in my life that have taken us across country and there was never a mover quite like this. They treat you with respect, they are honest, and they make sure they keep the price the same as what was quoted. I must say that the only hiccup was that they wanted to deliver a day early. They made us happy and made sure our stuff was moved from one location to the next and they did it without any damages or any thing missing. Thank you guys for making this smooth.

Ronald Peterson


They knew their job

Relocations are never simple. It is especially difficult for first time movers like I was. I had asked around and did my research on moving companies. Most people suggested the same name. So, I hired Admiral van lines simply because they were so well referred. I didn’t know what to expect but in the end, they really made my move so easy. Everything was packed and moved out by the crew very methodically and cautiously. I could have never done the same job with half the level of efficiency even with the help of my strongest friends. These movers did everything right and delivered all my belongings to my new place without damaging anything. I'm very grateful to them.



Excellent company

Nov 23, 2019
Local move within Staten Island, NY

If I could give them 10 stars to Admiral Van Lines it wouldn't be enough. I knew from my initial call, just to get a quote, I would be going with them. The guy I made my appointment with (sorry, can't remember his name, that week was a blur) was so helpful and personable. I could tell he really knew his "stuff". He answered all of my questions before I even had a chance to ask. For anyone that has sold and bought a home at the same time, you know how stressful it is. And, you know how much you appreciate someone that makes one part of that process easier.

Flash forward to moving day. Alex and his crew showed up right on time and ready to work! We did a walk through, they asked questions I would have never thought of, and after many jokes and playful jabs, 15 minutes later they told us to go get breakfast or do what we needed to do and they would take it from there. My jaw dropped! We could leave for the three hours it would take them? What?!? This allowed us so much time to get things done I didn't think would be possible. It was a great part of the service I did not expect. Invaluable!

When they were done, one of us went back for a final walk thru and then they headed over. Here is where Just in Time shines. They lay down padding on all of your floors, they cover you corners with padding. They don't just "move" stuff in. They ask you where you want EVERYTHING! They even move furniture once it's down if it doesn't look right. Every 30 minutes or so Alex(?) came to me asking if everything looked good or if he could help in other ways. Simply (too late)! They are the best moving company EVER!

I never leave reviews, and certainly not long ones. But, they truly deserve it. I have used other companies in the past who broke my stuff, scratched my stuff, or just simply lost my stuff. We have now unpacked every box and looked at every piece of furniture. Nothing broke, nothing is scratched, and we had a REALLY fun day of moving thanks to these 3 guys! If you want to have fun on your moving day and not worry about your stuff, HIRE them! It's like having your friends help you move but their actually good at it. We've already given their name out to several friends and will continue to do so.



Scamming and intimidation tactics

I was quoted 149/hour 3 hour minimum, with free storage for one week. then a 10% discount on the move in.

$447 for move out
$407 move in.

I have texts agreeing that that is everything.

The guy shows up to move me out. It's now over $50 added for toils. and now its four hours minimum and some other fees. they want $700 for what ends up being 30 minutes of moving. I am not moving furniture. Its 10 boxes. After going back and forth we get it back down to $550

I have no choice as it's the last day of my lease and I am a woman moving out with no help. ( i did tip because I believe the workers should still get tipped even if their boss is terrible)

I arrange to have my things delivered on Friday at noon. At noon I get a call for 3. I am not home at three, and my building does not allow weekend move ins. We agree to Monday at 8.

Mo day at 9:30 I get a call. Instead of my things a guy waltzes into my apartment and demands $550. He tells me cash now or I can't have my things.

Imagine you're a single woman waiting for your movers and someone comes in and says hand me the money or no things. No where in sight are my things.
I ask about my discount and ask why the price keeps going up. He say fine with discount $500. ( by the way this was after i showed him text messages from dispatch and going back and forth )

During this time, I am told he doesn't care and I can complain all I want because " I own this city"

Every time I call dispatch I get hung up on and told give him the money.
I am sitting in my apartment now waiting to see my things.



Shady company

I hired these movers and i was incredibly unhappy with their services. They completely overcharged me from my original quote. I also found missing items after the move was complete. I do not recommend this shady company. They were awful to work with.



1 star because there's no half or zero star

I'm giving this company 1 star because there's no half or zero star! they moved my stuff about two weeks ago and despite the fact that i don't usually have the time to do reviews, i was compelled to carve out time to do this review because it was the absolute worst nightmare and experience of my entire life! Let's start by saying that the movers were male chauvinists, absolutely rude and speak in derogatory manner to women. Second, they don't care about your furniture, they broke and trashed one side of my expensive bedframe and disappeared before i found out. third, they would try to squeeze you to get way more money than your estimate from the getgo. the mover was screaming, yelling and tried to intimidate me, saying it would take 10 hours than the scheduled 4hour slot. he tried to get me to give me all the money upfront and i refused. if you really don't want to experience what i did please do yourself a favor and don't call this guys. they should be out of business. customer service is not in their dictionary. extremely rude, impatient and racist folks



How this company is still in business

Not sure how this company is still in business or how there are any positive reviews on Google. I wish I would checked Yelp before hiring these clowns. Someone there, owner or dispatcher, never even identified himself, cussed my wife out over the phone because of a payment misunderstanding between their "sales guy", Andy and the owner/dispatcher. The actual workers were very friendly and ready to work but were ordered to remove the boxes they had already loaded onto their truck and put them back into our house.. ON OUR MOVING DAY! Leaving us with no other option but to rent a truck and move everything last minute on our own.

And to the dude who disrespected my wife, please go ahead and respond to this review. I would absolutely LOVE to settle things with you personally.



Not sure how this company is still in business

Not sure how this company is still in business or how there are any positive reviews on Google. I wish I would checked reviews before hiring these clowns. Someone there, owner or dispatcher, never even identified himself, cussed my wife out over the phone because of a payment misunderstanding between their "sales guy", Andy and the owner/dispatcher. The actual workers were very friendly and ready to work but were ordered to remove the boxes they had already loaded onto their truck and put them back into our house.. ON OUR MOVING DAY! Leaving us with no other option but to rent a truck and move everything last minute on our own.

And to the dude who disrespected my wife, please go ahead and respond to this review. I would absolutely LOVE to settle things with you personally.



Dont sign these guys ever

One of the worst movers in my life, the company managers use so much foul language once they load your stuff... they never told that they want money to be handed in full before loading... infact when i booked them i had asked, when do you want me to pay you, do you need any advance? They said, no pay us when the job is done.. then they loaded the stuff and said this move will take 2 trips... i was like fine... but they didnt even load full stuff and truck was half empty and then they said lets drop this off... once they reached the second place they were like we wont unload unless you pay in full... and i had to pay in full to get things unloaded.... so un professional ... they used foul language over phone, threatening to not unload etc.. i was like lets pay and lets these people offf my property asap because the people loomed threatning and i was scared about my family... so worst folks and movers ... dont sign these guys ever...



Great job. Thank you!

I recommend this company! Moving is always stressful, but if you entrust this case to specialists, you may not worry. We ordered the service, the cars arrived on time and quickly transported all our stuff to a new apartment. Very satisfied with the work of the company!



Not recommended at all

The nightmare started when the movers arrived at the pickup location. Instead of the flat fee that was quoted and agreed upon by Frank, we had to pay an additional $100 for the COI. After calling the company and speaking to Gregory, he said that he would lower it to $50. After my father also called Gregory, he said he would lower it to $25.

When the movers showed up to my apartment, Eric knocked on my door and said that unfortunately the couches which I had measured would not fit in my elevator. The agreement was that they would bring it up 5 flights of stairs in the case the couches did not fit in the elevator. I had explained this to him, and it quickly escalated into an argument, which I'm sure woke up all the residents in my building. He proceeded to tell me that it wouldn't fit in the stairwell, in my hallway, and in my doorframe either, one excuse after another. This shocked me since I had measured the couch and dimension of my apartment doorway beforehand. After about 2 hours of arguing, getting out my tape measure to measure the hallways myself, and Eric repeatedly telling me "no fit" and not even attempting to bring it up the stairs, he demanded that I pay him in full at hat moment. I'm not sure if it was laziness or lack of experience (although he said he had 15 years of experience).

We suggested merely trying to bring the couch up the stairs and into my apartment, and to the very moment we got to my door, he kept yelling that it won't fit and this is a waste of time. I do not have 15 years experience in moving and should not be personally lifting furniture, but I asked them to step aside while I started to take this into my own hands. I showed them how to take in the couch from the bottom instead of the top...and it fit. Isn't that what movers are for?

We went back for couch number 2, and they couldn't get the leg of the couch off. Thankfully, the Couch Doctor had arrived already as I was told by Eric an hour prior that the only way to get the couch in was to cut it. I paid extra for an emergency couch doctor to help screw and unscrew the legs of the couch as the movers were incapable of this. Isn't that what movers are for?

I do have to say that the two men working with Eric (don't know their names) were the only ones helping, but unfortunately they took Eric's leadership cue of not doing anything unless he instructed it...which wasn't much. At one point they asked me to take the couch pillows up to my apartment. Isn't that what I paid movers for?

They left all the doors open and unlocked on their way out of the building. I spent 4+ hours of my weekend morning arguing that we had a flat fee, debating that the couch fit, measuring the walls myself, getting laziness from Eric, and showing the movers how to do their job. I am extremely disappointed in the service and would definitely not recommend if you want to get any job done.




This is the worst company Ive ever used. DO NOT USE THEM. They left us high and dry on the day of the move. They really screwed us good!
They obviously took a higher paying job and just told us the truck broke down. Their truck never broke down. We were stuck until DUMBO Moving Co. bailed us out at the very last minute.

The owner also yelled and screamed at me. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.
Think twice before using them.

Donna Henderson


Guys, you are just awesome!

My condo was literally filled with stuff when the movers arrived. I was really in a hurry and being the solo resident, I never had the time to put them in boxes. They were really patient, organized and took their own time to pack them all. The packing quality was simple impressive. And, most of all, they didn’t charge anything more than what was originally proposed. Some of the delicate items were wrapped in multiple layers and meticulously loaded into the trucks. Not one of them got damaged and I was pleasantly surprised with their attention to detail.



Super quick

Can't speak highly enough of the service that Drew, Jeff and Erick gave us with our move. They were on time, worked hard, super quick, careful and communicative. If you are shortlisting moving companies for your move in NJ, save yourself some time and go with these guys. You won't be disappointed. Will use them again for our next move.

Maria G


Price was very reasonable

I have used this company last week. They were very good i had no problems with them and the price was very reasonable compare to the other prices i have received.They sent someone to my home to give me a price the gentleman was very professional and the estimate was very close with the price he gave me when he came to my home. I also referred a friend and they were very happy with them i would use them again great job guys thank you



Stay away from these movers

Total ripoff, dishonest about hidden fees. DO NOT USE THEM.

My $400 original quote came out to $720 in the end after packing supplies (ex: $15 to wrap my sofa in cling wrap, assorted fees for other cardboard boxes, and rolls of tape).

Then they tell you when they arrive at your apartment that it costs $75 per COI, which I needed two for a total of $150. They NEVER told me on the phone during booking that there was a fee for each COI.

Stay away from these movers.

Jennifer w


thoroughly recommend these guys

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for a job well done by these guys. The fee was reasonable. Peter & Starwin did were on time, polite, efficient, had a clean van and their packing was tidy and secure both in the van and at the destination. They helped me move larger items out of my storage unit . I can thoroughly recommend these guys.



Movers arrived on time and did an excellent job

The salesman Tom was knowledgeable and professional. the crew at both ends were timely and careful with the house and my belongings The company moved my parents from Hoboken NJ to ASTORIA QUEENS NY. Really affordable and really good service, The young lady that answer the phone was so polite and professional. She answered all my questions and provided me with accurate information. Movers arrived on time and did an excellent job and finished a earlier than estimated. Their hard work and dedication made me so happy, I can honestly say that they truly care about their clients, They work carefully and fast and have really affordable prices. Thank you.



Highest care

Admiral van lines moved me with the highest care ever. They valued every single thing I have and moved it very nicely and sincerely. They were very kind and supportive too! They did my long distance move very smoothly and easily. I loved how they gave attention to every detail and how they moved the furniture. It was a really smooth move overall. Thanks for all the help! I will use you again for sure and I will tell everyone how good you are! Oh yes, I would like to thank their moving team for helping me so much!

William Miller


Comprehensive service and support

In my experience, there are very few businesses who actually deliver what they promise. Our experience with Admiral Van Lines was exceptional and the best part was that they didn’t try to rip us off. A fantastic job done by everyone involved with our move, but for me the packers would be the stand out.They delivered everything without damage as they promised . Highly recommended moving service.



Lucky me

I feel that I am very lucky because I got know about this amazing moving company. They have truly changed the way how I think about moving companies. They have moved me in such a stunning way! They completely took all the pressure away and completely made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They moved me without any damages, without any extra fees and without any complications. I was very much stressed free because they took care of it all! Admiral van lines is really worth hiring. I very highly recommend them to all.



They are the movers for me

I have wanted to move for a long time but never got the right scope to do it. Finally when the time came, I hired Admiral van lines because my sister recommended them to me. Appointing them was very easy because they were eager to help. On the moving day, a foreman and his two helpers arrived first thing in the morning. They moved all the household items with care and made sure nothing was damaged. They really did care a lot because I saw them unload my belongings and they did it very gently and carefully. Their rates are also very attractive! It was a very good experience and that is why I shall always use them for my long distance moves.




I've shopped around for movers for quite some time and decide to go with Admiral Van Lines after reading all the positive reviews.Tony Daniel Nik and Ivan did amazing job moving our apartment ! The movers arrived right on time 8:00 am sharp.They packed all the furniture really quickly.Every single piece was covered with pads and wrapped.Nothing was damadge,which is remarkable considering that we had a lot of particle-board furniture.Some big items were quicly disassembled and then reassembled at our new place.The entire move 40 miles away took just slightly over 6 hours. Completly stress free expirience.Very friendly , professional,and hard-working people.Something to note is that these guys don't have any negative comments here, which was my experience as.




This company gave one price by phone, said they charge $85/ hour for whatever time they will work and it was completely different price when they showed up next day.
Never mentioned that they charge for 4 hours minimum and refused to charge less despite the fact that they only worked for 2 hours. Charged extra $50 for packing tape and plastic wrap on couch. When arrived they refused to unload until we pay full price in cash. The owner or whoever it was named Sasha was extremely rude. Will never use them again

Andrew Jones


Sincere and strong movers

The movers from Admiral van lines deserve all the good recommendations I can give them. These boys made a complicated move look too easy. I had one house and two storage units full of things, heavy things if I might add, they needed to move halfway across the country. They managed to do so without causing a single scratch on any of the items. I just couldn’t believe my eyes! They almost gave me a heart attack when they handed me the final bill and it was exactly the amount they quoted. Whatever I’ve done in my life to deserve this kind of efficiency! I am the biggest fan of these guys from now on.



They were too good

We were moving two weeks ago. Admiral van lines was referred to me by my girlfriend. I called them and easily got a reasonable quote. The movers arrived early and started packing up my belongings. They loaded everything onto the van very carefully. The delivery was made on time. Nothing broke or got damaged on the way. In the end, I realized that this move was just too easy. I have read reviews where people said how easy their move was. I never thought I would experience one of those. Thanks lot boys!



I am grateful to them

Putting my move in order and handling my wife and children that were not ready to move was a very difficult thing for me to do. But, I am thankful enough for they experience of the guys from Admiral van lines as they were able to work excellent without my order. Everything in my house was packed perfectly without any damage at all. That was due to their professionalism and expertise in service that made my move smooth and great. In fact, that are just the best moving company anyone can hire in the whole country. I anticipated bad move when I hired these guys. But, I was wrongs as they guys sent to me from this company changed the entire thing to suit me. There was not trouble in my move making me to enjoy the entire service. Thank you for the amazing and trouble free service.

Paul Holmes


Couldn't have found better movers

Moving with Admiral Van Lines was probably the best idea so far. Their service proved them as one of the best in business. They were good in pricing. The team who actually carried it through up to the new place was tremendous. They did every possible thing in order to make sure nothing goes wrong. On top of that the final bill was identical with the initial quote. It went exactly how I wanted. Hope to meet them again if ever need to.

Ben Henry


I won’t hire anyone else

I had hired a different company to save money who just went cold turkey on the moving day. After calling them for 3 hours, I decided to ring up Admiral van lines and plead for a crew. Amazingly, they could fit me in and sent over a crew immediately. The crew arrived within a short time and packed up all my belongings quickly. The loading process went smoothly and they delivered right on schedule as well. I should have just hired them from the beginning. But I know now that there is an amazing moving company who wouldn’t disappoint me.



Just fantastic

Admiral van lines was awesome! I wanted to do the packing by myself and appointed them solely for the moving. 12 noon was the start time and they called to say they would be an hour early! I told them I wouldn't be ready as I hadn’t packed up the kitchen yet. They said, no problem, they'd help me pack it up for no extra charge. The leader guy was incredibly fast, efficient and careful. I've never seen anything like it and just got out of his way. He guided the move wisely and was clever enough to handle any difficult situation. They didn't break a thing and reassembled my bed frame at the new house. I would definitely use them again.

Kelly Bennett


Astonishing moving services

If you need quality movers with great attitude go with Admiral van lines. My husband was planning for a move and he hired them. They gave the accurate estimate. They were responsive and informative and the inventory list checked out. They packed everything perfectly and delivered safely. Our move went so smoothly. I am going to use them again.

Monica Paterson


Wonderful move

I moved within New Jersey this past week and couldn’t be happier with my move. The company is very professional. From the men who helped book the job and gave me a quote to the movers themselves, all of the employees took their jobs very seriously and made sure to address all of my questions and concerns. The move itself was quick and easy. The movers arrived early to help with anything else I need, did everything to make sure I had nothing to worry about, and were extremely careful when handling my things. Great job done, would use again and highly recommend for a good moving experience

Jen Kravets


Excellent Move

I used Admiral Van Lines to move from New York to Massachusetts and I highly recommend using this company! They were very professional from the moment I called to discuss a quote, the details, etc. to the moment they left after having completed the move. The quote and the final price matched up and they took care of everything. The movers were on time, very professional and helpful, and made sure to take care of my furniture; it was all carefully handled and unloaded in the same condition as everything was loaded in. They really made this rather exhausting move much, much easier on my part and made sure I wouldn't have anything to take care of or worry about. If I have to move again, I will most definitely use them again. 5/5



Admiral moved me 2482 weeks ago and did an excellent job. They were prompt, professional and very pleasant to work with. All of my things were carefully handled and I had no damage to anything. I would definitely recommend them.



Hired this company first time and was gladly surprised with such a great service. All my furniture was packed and wraped as from manufacturer, therefore, there were none damages. Since I had a lot of stuff, my biggest concern was if everything fits in one trip. That has been done as well. If I need to move again in the future, will definately call this company again. Good luck!!!



Admiral Van Lines did an excellent job. They were on time, polite and finished significantly faster than I had hoped. I would certainly hire them in the future.



The best guys ever ! I have been moving a lot in my life and I have never seen movers who are that professional. They not only packed everything super nicely but handled it with such care like they were dealing with glass objects and not my heavy bulky furniture. The job was done fast and the price was very reasonable. I strongly recommend them.



We moved from Bayonne to Livingston, but our apartment wasn't ready,so we needs to use a storage in transit. After some research ( we did our homework), we choose Admiral Van Lines, because they have a storage & looks reliable. They did a great job! Crew of 2482 people came on time, packed our staff very carefully & professional and put everything into their storage for 2482 months. We've been completely satisfied with their job but waiting to put a review until we'll get our belongings into the new apartment. Finally, our apartment was ready,& we contacted movers to set up a moving day. Our furniture came in great condition, movers assembled it, took garbage away, everything was on time & neatly done. I would consider Admiral Van Lines as a high professional company with reasonable rates. Highly, highly recommend them!



I used services from this company 2482 times for the last 12 years, and my last move was just 2477 days ago. I'm trying to recall what wasn't right and I can't. Everything from calling to the company to order service till saying thanks to the movers after job was done was outstanding. As all previous times, watching guys working, I had no doubts, that everything is going to be ok. For the time since my last move 12 years ago, the quality hasn't changed a bit, and it says a lot. Would definately recommend this company



These guys moved me 2477 days ago from New Jersey to Brooklyn. I was stressed out for the last few weeks, but when the movers arrived, I completely forgot about that feeling. Everybody in their team knew exactly what needs to be done. It took me only one time to explain to the forman what I need. They estimated job for 9 hours, and it came to 10, which is within any limits, as well as I paid only 10% more for the bill, compare to estimate, that is much better, than I expected. I would definately use this company again, if I need in the future, and also recommend to others.



I must admit that I often do not take the time to write a review when a company has done a good job. That is not the case with Admiral Van Lines ?and Alex, Sam and Andrew - they did an absolutely EXCELLENT job during my recent move. I have moved 6 times in the last 7 years, and these guys hands down made my moving day - easy, stress-free and enjoyable (yes, an enjoyable move day). I received several pre-move coordination emails from Jon. The crew arrived on time on move day and was professional, courtesy and flexible the entire move. From efficient packing of the truck to protecting all valuables - everything arrived undamaged and in the correct room(s). I wish there was an option for a bonus star as I would certainly award it in this case. If you are ever considering a move - save yourself the time and hassle - just book with Admiral Van Lines ?and you like me will be awarding them a 2532-star review! Thanks Guys!



For my moving, they came on time, and with all the materials needed. They were very polite, got the job done fast. They were very careful with fragile items and wrapped everything perfectly. I would highly recommend them for your moving needs. He gave us a good base rate, and he gave us a discount for the total price. The monthly bill is also very cheap.



I had to move my daughter from one residence in New Jersey to another residence in New Jersey and Andy of Admiral Van Lines provided excellent customer service and great movers. The movers were professional, courteous, efficient, and quick. They took great care with all of our furniture and fragile items. They wrapped everything securely and nothing was damaged. I highly recommend them for your moving needs. The base rate was $375.00, after tolls and additional boxes, it was $509.00.



Admiral Van Lines is by far the most reliable moving company in my opinion. Their performance while they moved me and my belongings from Huntington, NY to Bayonne, NJ another was very praise worthy and as smooth as I wanted to. Their quote was very accurate, the movers were very capable and everything was very organized.During transition movers were communicated with me so the would put furniture in exact places where I wanted . The best part about this move was the fact that none of my belongings was broken or damaged at the end of the move and that was probably most important part of it all.I would recommend this company to anybody and as far as I concern this is how business is must be conducted



I was not disappointed for moving with this company, although I was little hesitant initially because I do not move that often. The guys show up 2532 minutes before the scheduled time and asked if they need to change shoes in my house. They were very polite and efficient. For all intents and purposes I was completely satisfied. Even my wife who was very nervous before and conveyed this feeling to me was happy. I wound up giving them tips (they were 2482 guys) because they earned it. They moved my 2482 bedroom apt into house for the time that was promised during estimation. I paid $850.00 for all services.



Relocation is very tough! Admiral Van Lines takes on the responsibilities off my shoulders. I hired them to move my stuffs from Cliffside Park, NJ to Miami, FL. They were fantastic. They arrived on time and started packing everything. I was expecting issues here and there. But to my surprise, there were no issues whatsoever. Everything went so smoothly. They maneuvered through my narrow hallway and a tricky front door quite easily. The delivery was made on time and nothing was broken or damaged. I really couldn?t have had an easier move. I suggest everyone to hire these guys. Thanks Admiral Van Lines



If somebody asks me whom to choose from moving company, I will know what to say. I hired a group of professional and skilled movers! Admiral Van Lines was an amazing experience. I would definitely use them again. It is no doubt that I would hire them for my future move! They were low cost, much lower than other companies, provided an honest estimate and everything was moved without a scratch. I moved from Sunny Isles,Fl to Brooklyn, NY .My friend recommended them to me and it was my greatest decision to hire them. They did a wonderful job! Very good customer service, very good behavior. Very soon my sister will need to move and I know whom I am going to recommend to her. Admiral Van Lines- thanks again! You did a great job!



Thanks a lot to Admiral Van Lines. They were excellent to deal with and were very helpful with my short notice move. Big thanks to Frank for his patience with me and being able to help me so quickly. I called around to a bunch of company I found on internet to see if anyone could move me by the end of the month, no one could fulfill my requirements. Frank Notaro made a nice moving plan for me, what can match my tight schedule and my budget. They were very helpful, took a positive approach to solving problems and very careful not to damage house or contents. Nothing was broken; and the price was more than reasonable. I would deal with them again anytime.



Provided 15 free boxes shipped to us before the move, price was fair.They showed up early after calling first, 2482 men were very efficient and courteous (even though 2477 did not speak much English). They thoroughly wrapped TVs, sofa, and mattress. Unload was great too. Only issue was one of our Fathead Wall Decals that was rolled up was lost. Follow up was not great so as long as the move goes smooth, you will be ok



Great moving experience!!! It's all true. Admiral Van Lines were great moving company. Responded promptly to my initial call, make home estimate,easy to deal with, showed up on time, got started right away, totally knew what they were doing, super easy-going, basically Admiral Van Lines movers work without stopping for nearly 7 hours, asked great questions, took care with our things... we could not have been happier with them or their service. They were absolutely worth the money we paid, which was really reasonable. I would recommend Admiral Van Lines to anyone. I think they are efficient, polite, and affordable. I won't hesitate to use them again.



Great, proffecional moving service. They did an excellent job with every aspect of my move. I would recommend the company to anyone who wants to have a proffecional move that is worry free! Such a great work effort. Anthony the sales rep that helped us out setting up the move was very helpful and kind. Both pickup and delivery went smoothly and without any problems. I would advise you to go with Admiral Van Lines because they simply are awesome movers. Thank you!



I never move before to state to state move, is my first time. My brother recommend me Admiral Van Lines his use this company before. The sales rep Frank, was detailed, and seemed like he was going trough every detail of the move. After I provided the list of items, explained all the materials needed for the move, and guaranteed the price based on those items. His price was considerably cheaper than other company( I have online quote from other moving company also), so I booked the move with Admiral Van Lines. I have heard bad stories about moving companies, and had bad experience myself, but I think this team knew how to coordinate the move pretty well. The dispatcher called 24 hours prior to the move as I spoke with Frank. They did a good job wrapping my furniture and pack my fragile items. For delivery I had to wait a few business days for my delivery to North Miami,FL. In 48 hours before delivery the dispatcher called me that the truck is on the way, two days later I had time for de



I use Admiral Van Lines for my move from NJ to Fl. Definitely Admiral Van Lines is top of the moving company and I don't think I'll be using any others in the future. They provided the least stressful move I've ever had, and that's surprising since I've only had in-state moves before! Arrived safely in Florida with not a single scratch on anything. Quote was reasonable and worth every penny. Never had mover workers take care of my our possessions as well as these guys did, surprising work ethic for movers. My fiance and I had been planning this move for a while but weren't sure what company we could trust with our mess of an apartment, but Admiral Van Lines really went above and beyond with their work. Extremely satisfied and would recommend to anyone.



We sold our home in NJ but didn't leave for Florida until 2479 months later so we had to store our belongings. Storage was very reasonable. From the initial meeting with the person who came to the house to give us an estimate to the delivery in Florida we couldn't have been more pleased. There wasn't a single item damaged even a little. Every item was delivered exactly as it was picked up from our home. We've never moved so we didn't know what to expect but this company made our experience seamless and completely stress free. They showed up for pick up and delivery exactly when we were told they would, were extremely professional, friendly and polite. We can't thank the teams enough.



Great moving company. Personal is pleasure to work with.?Pick up and drop off was on time, the movers are fast and??professional. The pricing is reasonable. All the goods were delivered carefully wraped, without any damage and haddled with extreme care. I would definately use the service again. Thank you!



About a month ago, we hired Admiral Van Lines for a second time. The first time was just for offloading moving truck after a cross country move. This second time was a full pick-up and move. They impressed me the first time for being on time, fast, careful, and incredibly polite, so it was a no-brainer to hire them again. When I called to make a reservation they didn't have any availability, which was a complete bummer. 15 minutes later (after calling a few other companies and leaving voicemails), they called back and said they had made an adjustment in scheduling and would have three guys available! Talk about service and hustle! The day of the move, they were fantastic, just like the first crew, and worked their tails off. There was nothing easy about the move thanks to stairs, big furniture, and tight corners. They (George crew) didn't complain, they didn't slow down and they stayed in good spirits throughout the entire move. You can't as for anything more when it comes to a moving



I moved about a month ago from Edison NJ to Piscataway NJ and I was so happy with the service that David, George and Maxim provided. Everything was so professional they pointed out any damages before they moved any of our furniture, they also helped me wrap boxes that were not wrapped so that nothing would get damaged or fall out. These guys also worked hard, fast and had great personalities. It did take from morning to night to move everything but they got it done and I enjoyed their company. I recommend this company and would definitely recommend you to ask for them.



Admiral did a great job moving 2477 bedroom from NY to NJ. The sales associate was friendly, courteous and professional. They called to confirm the move and made me feel they were handling everything without me having to micromanage. The day of the team, the movers came on time, quickly wrapped and packed everything, and were cautious to handle fragile items. The move itself was quick and efficient and the guys didn?t waste any time. The move came out right on estimate and overall was honestly a sigh of relief as I anticipated the process being much more painful. I highly recommend Admiral and referred two close friends who likewise had a great experience.



I wanted to thank the team of Admiral Van Lines! They did an amazing job at helping me move! They were unbelievably fast, even though I had almost twice as many boxes as promised. The price they quoted me was fair and square, no hidden or additional?charges. Most of all, everyone was extremely professional, friendly and helpful and they turned a super stressful day into a manageable?one. I'll definitely?recommend them to anyone who is moving!



I moved from Brooklyn, New York to Miami, Florida with Admiral Van Lines and the entire experience was perfect. My quote for a large bedroom and personal objects was $1600 and that was exactly what I had paid. We had arranged for them to be at my place in NY by 8:00 a.m.?and by 8:00,?they were already outside my apartment, asking what to take/do first etc. All of them worked quickly and didn't procrastinate loading the furniture or taking any prolonged or unnecessary breaks. They told me that my stuff would arrive within 7 days and by the time I was in Florida, they arrived with my stuff, having taken them?only?5 days. After quickly unloading and unpacking everything, I checked to make sure everything was there and it was all perfect condition! Nothing?damaged, broken, stolen, missing, dirty, wet, etc.? I highly recommend Admiral Van Lines because they are very honest, spot-on, and fair regarding the quote vs how much you pay; all of my items had arrived in the same shape as



My fiance & I had such great moving experience with Admiral Van lines. We would like to share with anyone who needs to move & looking for reliable company. We got a quote on internet with company's rate on hourly basis. To be exact, we did a few estimates with some other companies, but choose Admiral. Movers been great! They came on time, loaded our stuff very quickly, ?everything which were necessary they cover by blankets ( no extra charge!!!). Nothing has been broken, movers were accurate & really professional. Highly, highly recommend Admiral Van Lines moving company! Thank you!



I moved from Edison,?nj?to south?brunswick,?nj. Had 2482 large bedrooms and 2477 other rooms to shift to a larger home. With two small kids in tow, we were truly worried.Excellent crew, led by George. They started around 9 am, crisply went about their work. Even though we were not fully ready and packed up, they just pitched in with a smile. They were friendly, diligent, careful and warm. Brought in extra packing boxes/materials too, which was handy (extra charge). Overall took about 10 hrs need to end, but given the magnitude of work, was reasonable. It was almost a miracle that nothing got damaged at all in the process. I will recommend Admiral Van Lines .



I use Admiral Van Lines to my move from NJ to FL. I wanted to thank the team of Admiral Van Lines! They did an amazing job at helping me move! They were? fast, even though I had almost twice as many boxes as promised. The price they quoted me was fair and square, no hidden or additional charges. Most of all, everyone was extremely professional, friendly and helpful and they turned a super stressful day into a manageable one. I'll definitely recommend them to anyone who is moving!



Admiral did a great job moving my 2477-bedroom. The move was local (Brooklyn to Brooklyn) and everything was efficient and professional. The movers were on-time, packed everything carefully, and were cautious in making sure nothing was damaged or scratched. The final cost was on-estimate, which was great as I was really concerned about being scammed with additional costs. All around, thumbs up!? ?



I would like to share my moving experience.When we need to move in December, I started look for the moving company. I did my "homework" - research for the best moving companies in our area, read reviews, check rates, etc. Finally, friend of mine recommend us movers who relocated her parents, Admiral Van Lines. Parents were extremely satisfied with that moving company. We contacted Admirals via email, got a quote, set up a moving date. When the "big day" came, I was very nervous, so many things went trough my mind: what if movers didn't show up, what if they will break our furniture, what...But moving for us became a pleasant surprise. Movers came on time, even 15 minutes earlier. It was a crew of 2482 people, driver/foreman & 2477 helpers. They were really professionals and hardworking guys. They dissemble furniture, covered it with blankets. When we arrived to new house, they quickly unloaded stuff from the truck, assemble furniture, put on the spots which we pointed. Our basement was



They offered us a really great service. The moving team who did most of the job was hardworking people who didn't stop until the van was full with our things. Delivery was also reasonably fast, and there were no damages when we checked the inventory. The communication was also top class. I can't find a single thing which I can complain about. Admiral van lines is truly remarkable!



I chose admiral van lines because my friend recommended them to me. This company was great to work with. Everything went as planned and the crew showed up on time ready to work! Thanks guys for making a hard move into a smooth and easy move. I couldn't believe how well this move went! I was so surprised! I could not have asked for anything more! I will recommend them to all of my friends and family for sure!



I chose admiral van lines because my friend recommended them to me. This company was great to work with. Everything went as planned and the crew showed up on time ready to work! Thanks guys for making a hard move into a smooth and easy move. I couldn't believe how well this move went! I was so surprised! I could not have asked for anything more! I will recommend them to all of my friends and family for sure!



My family and I moved with Admiral van lines and we must say that these guys are really nice! The guys that came to pick up our things were so efficient and caring. They were all about customer service and they gave us the best service ever. I am going to use them again if I ever need to do a long distance move and shall recommend them to all my friends and family.



A friend of mine recommended me to use you guys for my long distance move. The moving team you sent out to help me for the move was well experienced and professional all the way! You were not only careful with my belongings but also you paid particular attention to the walls. It was hard to believe that I finally got a decent moving service. Thank you guys!



Last week we had to move across the state. So after careful research we came to the conclusion that Admiral van lines is best in the business. After getting a rough idea about the pricing we booked our appointment. The men they sent were really polite and professional. They started their work without any delay once they arrived. They packed each of our belongings with maximum care. The moving was fast, smooth and most importantly tension free for us. We are happy with their work and wishing them all the very best.



I wouldn't move with any other moving company now that I know how Admiral van lines works. This company helped me move a long distance in a very short time without giving me a hard time and stress during the move. It was affordable, pleasant and overwhelming. None of my belongings were damaged along the way. The people working there are efficient, kind, polite and caring. Well done guys. I highly recommend this moving company to all.



Moving across the states can be a nightmare if the moving company you have hired is not really sending trained men to do that job. So I am really glad that I called Admiral van lines for it since undoubtedly they do have real professional people to get the job done safely within a short period of time. I was really amazed by the team work they displayed under the directions of their foreman. They worked nonstop for hours to load everything to their car and later delivered them to my new place safely. A job very well done I must say.



Admiral van lines will be my moving company for life. They are an awesome company. Everyone there is polite and friendly. They took care of my move so well! The chandeliers, the furniture, and the glassware were all nicely wrapped. Everything was given back to me without any damages. The foreman and his team were efficient, caring, skilled and wise. They knew what made me happy! Tremendous skills. I highly recommend them.



We moved all our household items to our new place using Admiral van lines. I was pretty amazed to see how friendly its crew was. They were always smiling and so helpful. When you are moving it's not possible to count each and every item in your house. What made me really impressed is the fact that they made sure all the items in my house are loaded and are being moved. I did not have to take any stress. I am very satisfied about how they helped us move. I would surely recommend Admiral van lines to all my friends and family who want to move. I was very happy with their service.



They are really different from other moving companies. They do care a lot! I had a lot of things to be moved and really heavy ones. The foreman and the two helpers that came did a great job handling my move. They worked very hard, quickly and very accurately. All my breakable items were delivered safe and sound. And also the price was under my budget! Not too much but just about right! Admiral van lines shall be my moving company from now on!



I will not forget about this move. This has been a memorable moving experience. I think this is the first time I am actually satisfied with a moving company. The crew that helped me was punctual, efficient and caring. They did not damage a single item nor bump it on any walls. They did not miss anything out. They double checked! They delivered on time as promised and help me here too. It's kind of hard to believe, but it's true. Admiral van lines is not like the other moving companies. They are different and they are way better.



This is the first time I am doing a long distance move. I had doubts at first seriously. I always hear stories about moves going bad. But luckily nothing happened with my move. The guys packed my place very quickly and efficiently. They did it in only 2482 hours. They drove off and after two weeks, they called me to say that they were almost here. After they arrived, I opened everything and saw that nothing was broken. Nothing was damaged. It felt great really! Thanks guys!



So much pleased with our experience with Admiral van lines. It took 2482 hours to empty out our 2477 bedroom apartment! They were like speedsters. Everything moved so carefully and nicely. The guys worked so hard and were very quick, efficient and polite. The price was also very reasonable. And nothing broke! I will definitely be recommending them to my friends. Thanks so much!!



Admiral van lines was on time, professional, fun, exciting and patiently did their job. They don't charge much and gives the best experience ever. These are a few words that describe this organization. I did not have a single problem using this company. These guys are the real deal! They do an AMAZING job and they are so energetic. I'm recommending them to my brother who will be in need of a mover very soon. I guarantee he'll love them.



I'm sooooo into this mover! Admiral van lines is a hero in my eyes. They saved me like a hero. They took me in, whereas no one could not fit me in because I had very less time at hand. They quickly packed my one bedroom apartment and loaded the truck with my belongings very nicely and in an organized way. There was no damage when I checked my items and I was glad to see there were no extra fees on the bill. Everything went so well. I'm a fan!



I am recommending Admiral van lines. Being honest I have decided that if I ever have to move again, I will go for this company. They are little pricy but they make sure that every penny counts. While moving a big family with so many furniture and plenty of delicate items, I was ready to negotiate with some damaged and broken items. But to my surprise, I actually received everything without any damage. Thanks to their moving team. They were superb from the start to finish and never let anything going on top of them. They carefully maneuvered all our belongings and made sure that nothing gets damaged during the transition. In the end I just want to thank these guys for making my day.



Choosing this company - Admiral van lines was the smartest idea ever. I am glad that they were the one I called first. They have been a great help. They managed to take care of my move so easily and professionally. They knew what I wanted and got the job done in the given time. I did not catch them once wasting time! They carefully packed my entire 2477 bedroom apartment in only 2477 hours. Now that is what I call fast! There were no errors at all. The move went really well!



Reviewing one of the best moving companies is turning out to be a matter of pleasure for me. It was last month when I had called them up just for the sake of an advice. Their representative listened patiently to my case and then answered my questions one by one. What surprised was the fact that he did not tempt me to hire their services, did not try to trap me with false discount offer and really did not attempt to make me deposit cash for further processing. That evening, I called them again and asked them to send in their surveyors for detailed survey. They reached well in time, jotted down the details and the move was completed right according to the plan within 2479 days time. What I conclude about Admiral van lines is that they are thoroughly reliable.



I am very frequent to relocate because of the nature of my job. That is why I had to use several moving companies but none were able to serve me the way I wanted. But my last move was the difference maker. I used Admiral van lines for my last week which took place last place. Movers were absolutely top of their work. They came on time, wrapped and boxed all my goods, took extra care of the fragile and sensitive items, completed the move within the allotted time and made sure that there was no damage done to anything. I am also very happy with the amount they charged. Overall, it was a delight using this company.



The sheer harmony and coherence displayed by the movers from Admiral van lines during my last move is absolutely commendable. I wasn't expecting much from the company as I didn't really know much about them. But they were just unbelievable. All four men were very strong and organized. The best part was that when one of them would struggle, others would come and help out. I have never seen 2479 men working in so much sync. They packed and loaded all my belongings properly. The delivery was made on time and the men assembled all my furniture for me. They are cheap too!



I couldn't be happier with the help of Admiral van lines. After calling them after cruising through some review websites, they promptly gave me an estimate, which was quite accurate. Their manager offered me 5 movers for the same price while other companies would send only 2482. The movers were punctual and neat and clean. All the movers were hard working and didn't waste any time. I am sure to hire them again and want to recommend them for everyone.

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