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2917 Brookspark, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030 USA

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About Triple 7 Movers

2917 Brookspark
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Relocation involves a lot of work and time investment, which you can make easy on yourself by hiring experienced and capable long distance movers Las Vegas. With the help of Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, not only will your move go by smoothly, but you will also receive exceptional customer service in the process. You can count on our full service moving company Las Vegas to ensure that your belongings are handled with the utmost care, from disassembling, packing and transportation services to unpacking, reassembling and even garbage removal. Whatever you need, our Las Vegas movers can help you out – all you need to do is call us! So, whether you are looking to relocate your household from one part of the city to another or from Nevada to another state, Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are the company to contact. Our long distance movers Las Vegas are among the best in the state, and they are highly regarded for their experience and array of relocation services throughout the state of Nevada. If you are looking for the relocation specialists to help you pack and move your household, apartment, office or piece of furniture, we are the team to reach out to. Contact our full service moving company Las Vegas today and book your move with one of our representatives or get a free moving estimate through our website now!

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Horrible move

I want to say this was a horrible move by far and they over charged for there moving services. They claim to be a family owned and operated business doing business for many years with professional movers well do these movers have a license sense they are professional I don't think so maybe the company has a license for being in business but the movers are no more than the average joe shmo whatever that means.. I don't recommend them ever please look into other company's before you make a sound decision and make sure you know exactly what your paying hands down upfront.
I saw they had a lot of paper work for signing to cover themselves ensuring to get paid but they weren't concentrated on the correct way of moving and handling yr stuff. They also are smart with signing agreement's with VOCP because that is some quick money and it is a lot of money made fast because another service is taking care of the move that's just a quick rip off to me taking advantage of a person hardship situation.

They moved my stuff i was sick I tried telling them how to move my stuff what to move and the one guy kept telling me they got this just relax they do this all the time. I wasn't relaxed at all I was worried to death they were moving my glass and not covering it not wrapping it nor securing it and I asked the manager before the move and he stated they would wrap my stuff but that was a down right lie he told me they put my glass table in the storage with the legs on it they didn't even remove the legs from the table who does that. They put my cocktail table with the table top being glass on the truck wide open then set it on the ground wide open I told the mover that was in charge why didn't they wrap the table why didn't they cover the table he said don't worry nothing will get broke they took my glass mirror down from my 3, 000:bedroom set and walked that into the truck wide open no plastic wrap nothing. They even had there own wrap and blankets and didn't use them They took my wrap and used it for other stuff but didn't cover the most important items to secure from breakage cracks or chips. These are professional movers. He said they would close the boxes that were open yea great job that turned out to be all they did was throw some tape around the boxes that were open instead of properly closing things up and just put them on the truck They charged a hell of a lot of money and did a bad job they not only cost me double money out of pocket but they didn't even take everything cause I'm still in the house removing stuff they didn't take out stuff they should have not touched they picked up and put on that truck instead of listening as if my stuff was there's if my family had been here I guarantee it would have went a different way or they would have been ran out of here they took advantage of me because I was alone and sick and instead of removing things in one room at a time they split up and was going in different rooms and this is how movers manage to steal stuff because it's one of you and 3 of them and you can't watch all of them at the same time and just like the other lady I called and the guy did not get on the phone to talk but just allowed the phone assistant Jenny to do his bidding I think there nothing but another Las Vegas crook still from a person that has been thru a rough time when there more vulnerable because it's easy The service that put me in touch with them should stop doing business with them because last but not least they threaten to auction my stuff off if I didn't get my stuff off the truck forcing my hand to purchase more storage space when the way they moved me they should have covered that cost themselves...

Jay Patterson



I just had the WORST experience moving ever ! To start off this is my 3rd time using this company to move because i referred them to my family. You'd think id get great service right ? WRONG ! I booked a moving time for 7/3 in between 3-5pm. The mover showed up to my house at 1:30 pm and called my phone 10 times. For what ? This isn't the time I scheduled so i asked him to come back. I never received another call from him or the boss. I waited until 4 pm still heard nothing. I called the office , the mover and JASON BLAINE but got no response. Finally got in touch with someone and they said they would arrive in between 5-5:30pm. Around 5pm I got a message saying they would arrive in between 645-7pm. I tried to call the manager but NO RESPONSE. This experience made me late for an appointment and had me stressed because its the day before a holiday, my electricity was already turned off and my whole home was packed. I will NEVER EVER use this company again, I'm embarrassed and regretful that I referred my family and I caution whoever reads this to STAY AWAY !



I would not suggest Triple 7 movers for your move

I hired their service to move my things from an old home to a new one. After the move it was found out that one of their workers stole my wife’s wedding ring. When I asked for them to cover the rings cost after what insurance covered the answer back was “we have no proof the ring existed, or proof that someone that works for them took it.” It’s sad that something so serious was stolen and nothing was done about it. It’s an embarrassing story for this company and I would not suggest using them for your move.



Good Moving Experience

I just wanted to let you know that our moving experience with Triple 7 Movers was wonderful. We had George team and he was fast and efficient. He was also very courteous and gave my mother the assurance that he would get everything done in a timely manner and definitely came through as we were under time constraints by the apartment building. I will refer Budget and specifically George to everyone that I know that needs to move.



Worst Unethical Customer Experience EVER

I recently encountered the absolute most disappointing customer service experience of my life from the sales representative Jason. While I usually write positive reviews to show my appreciation for excellent salesmanship, I find it necessary to provide this feedback so other customers do not have do go through a horrible experience. How Jason conducted himself was outright unethical, unprofessional, inappropriate, and completely shameful.

My uncle recently used this establishment for his relocation across the country. During the moving process, a mover packed my uncle’s overnight bag with his mediations and his clothing with all the boxes and furniture- even though my uncle set it aside. Moving is an incredibly stressful situation as is, and my uncle didn’t realize what happened until he paid, and they left. He was frightened and frustrated by this terrible situation, so I called for help on his behalf.

I explained the situation to Jason and the urgency of my uncle having his overnight bag, for his health. Jason pretended to contact the foreman after I begged him to, and said there was nothing anybody could do, the foreman did not answer, but my uncle could go to the storefront at 7AM sharp the next morning to be helped by the manager, with a 2-hour ($200) minimum fee attached! Even after clarifying the urgency of this, I will quote the shocking response I received from Jason: “Listen… I’ve been on the phone with you for fifteen minutes. In fifteen minutes, I could have made three sales. What do you think now? Go get the f****** bag!” Worse than him cursing at me, he was completely unapologetic about it.

Clearly, this company does not care about satisfied paying customers. Jason’s dishonest character and volatile behavior discredits the management of the establishment. My uncle ended up obtaining his overnight bag, which was left open in a box, by contacting the foreman himself.

The movers sat in a truck after being paid for another half hour and didn’t help. He did compliment the foreman as being very nice, aside from this. The price he paid was only for loading boxes in a rented moving truck. Stay away from this moving company!

Allan Nichols


Bad estimate... charge me 51% more then thequote

Worst company ever!!!

They will give you a low estimate and of course on moving day they'll charge you much more and at this point you can't really do anything about it.
I had a complete list of all my goods from my last move... including the exact number of boxes needed... gave that to my salesperson a month in advance.
The person doing the quote was off by 51%... YES that's right... so at the time of payment I was not ready for a 51% mistake or $750 MORE then the quote.

Any other profession if you were off on a quote by 51%... you would be out of job.

Be warned!

They took my dining room table, leather couch, leather chair and my 60" Sony TV... held hostage till I came up with the additional funds!

Please STAY AWAY for your own good!!!!!

James Frost


stress-free move

We moved down a 3 story walk up and thought the team was wonderful. They were highly personable, professional, thoughtful, and efficient. Couldn't have asked for a better moving experience. Thank you so much for helping us with a easy and stress-free move!

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