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911 N Buffalo Drive 109, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 USA

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About Oasis Moving and Storage

911 N Buffalo Drive 109
Las Vegas, Nevada

Oasis Moving was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. We have blossomed from a small scale, family owned business into a successful, large scale moving and storage enterprise. And yet, no matter how much we have grown, and no matter how much our capacities expand, we never forsake our core values, and that family-feel character within the company.

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Stephanie Cox



We hired a moving company and were "subcontracted" out to Oasis (without our knowledge). The quoted price of $1500 was increased by $1000 when the driver arrived to load the belongings. We used them because we had had no other choice and were in a time-sensitive situation. Driver was rude and unprofessional. The "professional movers" looked like they had been picked up off a street corner. Was given a delivery estimate of 3-8 days. Items showed up three weeks later. Boxes were damaged, had been opened and re-taped, items were missing and damaged. When we called the office to try to get an actual delivery estimate, Kathleen was beyond rude. DO NOT USE THEM! They prey on people and should be shut down!

Johnathan D Blanco


Police had to be involved

I had to involve the police/sheriffs to get my belongs. The authorities had to get involved after this company threaten me, harassed me, and blackmailed me after I gave them their final payment and forced me to try and give them extra cash in order for them to unload my belongings. They will find every excuse to not give you your things back, they will come up with penalties and extra charges and raise the cash price. If you don’t pay they take your money and belongs to their hub and force you into their trap to pay for extra storage and labor hours. Do not bother calling customer service or anyone elsewhere in their “office”, they will put you on hold and make it seem they want to help you, and then tell you they can’t do anything about it. The majority of my things were damaged and my Motorcyle broken. They will use the “claims” approach and only pay you 10 cent per pound, they wheel to in so they don’t pay you a dime.

Todd Nelson


Terrible Experience

Awful customer service. Very poor communication and rude customer service representative. They broke two antique tables and one antique bed. I would never use them again under any circumstance. Terrible experience. I would give them a minus 5 if it was possible.

Shelly thomas


no damages

They were punctual in arriving at our home despite heavy traffic. They were careful in looking over the job before starting to move things around. There was a complete inventory made of the items to be moved. Even the very large items were carefully wrapped to prevent damage.

Reena Mazhar


If I could give negative ten I would these people are fraudulent

This company is fraudulent the took my deposit and refused to move my home . inventory was complete and a quote was given . They arrived to my home a week late requesting additional $4,000 after an agreement for $1,100 was made a week prior. Avoid!
They are ignoring my calls and refuse to refund my deposit. I will be reporting this company !

Linda allen


The move from hell

This company was horrible we’ve had 11 moves in 10 years and this was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life horrible I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone there word is worthless

Barry Yarkoni


You would be hard pressed to find a worse mover

Simply put, these people are dishonest, lying, sleazy crooks. Horrible packing, major damage, and they overcharged us about $8000. They lied about the cubic footage they loaded (it was a large cross-country move) on 3 separate pick-up truckloads (they lied about the capacity of the pick-up trucks), but when it arrived on one large truck, it magically shrank by 2100 cu ft.

To add even more insult, the driver had a dispute with the unloading crew, and they left early, leaving us with a complete mess, and broken stuff and miscellaneous parts strewn over the front lawn.

Trying to resolve this with them was an exercise in futility. They just keep lying. We have filed Federal and State complaints (NV will not get involved in an interstate move). Our only recourse now is to sue, which we are still considering.

They should be out of business, and in prison. Use them at your peril, and don't confuse them with other movers with similar names that have good reviews. These people are the absolute worst of the worst.

They WILL give you the lowest quote, though, and make it tempting. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THE SCAM!

Also, if you have been scammed by these sleazeballs, please file a Federal complaint. If they receive enough of them, they will investigate and take action.

Kac Y



Everything including a three hundred pound Mahogany head board broken. If they could get into a box something was missing. Estimated damage is around 29,000.00. They even shoved beer bottles in our rolled up carpets. I’m considering filing a law suit as their insurance doesn’t neatrly cover the damages. Original oil pairings worth thousands damaged. Nothing arrived in its original condition. Thank the lord I videoed everything before hand. Just unbelievable incompetence plus alcohol on the job.

Ashley Daigle


They are fraud

They still owe me over $600 Marina and Tamara in accounting have avoided my calls and won't call me back. The owner EREZ won't call me either!! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!! I wish I could give it 0 stars as it seem most people that review this horrid company wouldn't give them any either! I ended up not moving because they want led to charge me over $1200 more than what they quoted me. I knew they would have added at least $200 maybe $300 since I was not home at the time to give every single item. I have used them in the past and paid way less than what they wanted me to pay this time. I had way more items and it was the same distance. They are most definitely frauds!! I waited around in a hotel room because briand told me they would be there Saturday between 8 and 11 but got a call around 1 saying it would be the next day and that the first time frame never existed. Great! Back to them wanting me to pay way more money I declined to pay that much I told them to leave and I want my refund. So when I called I got Kathleen who could care less about the situation and told me if I wanted to talk to the owner I had to email. Haha are you kidding?! I paid a lot of money the first time (stuff was broken and I had boxes that belonged to someone else and they didn't care) they have over $600 of my money and I have to email?!? She hung up on me so I've been calling to talk to marina or Tamara in accounting and have left multiple messages but no call back! Oh and I've been told for the last three days accounting and the owner Erez will call me but no call back! Today is now day 5 of waiting. I just want my money



Worse moving company

Don't do business with this moving company. They charged me more at pick-up for packaging which are already packed in good mannar and also thay still some of my household goods.I filed claim with Anthem and they consider $165.00 for my missing stuff which are worth more than $900.00. I forwarded all related notarized documents to this moving company through Anthem Cliams management. It's been 4 Months still I never get paid my $165.00. Never get satisfied answer from their rude,layer and mannersless customer care.Even now they doesn't give me reply my email. Please stay away from this moving company.

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