The time has finally come when you have to leave your beloved home and move to a new one. While it is emotionally tough to leave your neighbors and the place where you enjoyed being for years, you can at least save yourself from the stress of relocation hiring professional movers.

House moving costs aren't high as some people assume and companies are more than willing to provide you a customized solution. There are different types of packages provided by the company from which you can choose what you actually need and skip the rest. Full service moving is always the best because everything right from packing your goods to loading them and hiring the truck will be handled by the service provider. You can also choose to reduce costs by taking control of some of the aspects of the move.


Before you hire a company, it is mandatory to get an moving company quote from them. It will help you get an idea about the costs involved in the relocation. A typical full service move for a two bedroom home could cost somewhere between $2000 and $3500. It is based on the number of items in the residence and charges are always decided based on per pound.

Many residences have more than two bedrooms and in order to move three or four bedroom houses, the cost could vary anywhere between $3500 and $6000. All these costs are specified only for local moves or for locations that are within a couple of miles. If you are going to go for long distance move, it will be much higher because the truck rentals will increase along with fuel cost, surcharges, toll fee and state taxes, in case you are going for cross country moving.


When you have a necessity to go out of state, always go for companies that specialize in such services. Ask them for long distance moving quotes which will help determine the costs involved. A three bedroom home may typically cost $10,000 or higher to move to a new state.

You can also consider hiring the company for specific services while others can be covered in an a la carte model. If you are planning to hire labors, they may charge $120 per hour for a team of four professional movers. You may have to increase the number of people if you have heavy items in your household including home theater system, grand piano, couch among others.

Similarly, the moving supplies cost can be reduced by acquiring the necessary cartons from the local supermarket. But, you may have to spend time to collect them all in time and pack your goods in it. Renting vans for long distance relocation is a good idea but the costs wouldn’t be much lesser. You may be able to save a few hundreds which is why it is always convenient to go for full service van lines as the company will provide you comprehensive solutions. All you have to do is just instruct them on packing the goods. Save yourself from moving stress.