A full service mover is usually easy to find and you will have a lot of choices in your locality. But, when it comes to small moves only limited companies offer this service. At the same time, you also have the freedom to do the job on your own because the number of items are usually less and if they are smaller in size, it's quite easy to get the job done.


While some service providers believe that moving a single furniture or a home theater system is not profitable, many companies are there who are versatile enough. They always work with the motto that no job is too big or too small to handle. They are the ideal people who would efficiently solve your requirements in a professional manner. Get an instant moving quote from all the companies that you think will be suitable for you and compare them before you finalize the right one.


The most important phase where you are solely responsible for the safety for your goods because small moves with very limited number of items usually don't receive much insurance. You may have individual items insured but it is different from a moving insurance. Take extra care when you are packing your good. Gather the packing supplies yourself. You can either buy them, rent them or get it for free from you're a supermarket or shopping mall. If you have your item's original box stored in your basement, well and good!


Now, as we are nearing the final phase of completing the transportation, the choice of vehicle matters a lot. You can get a moving estimate from a company that offers this service who will also take care of the rental trucks. But, in order to keep the cost low, always go for smaller sized vans than full sized trucks. Your item may occupy very little space. In other scenarios, some companies allow you to load your goods to a truck which also carries items that belongs to another person. Both of them will be delivered to their respective venues. Just mark and label your content properly so that it can be unloaded without any confusion.


You have the freedom to rent a truck or van on your own to move your goods. Sometimes, if it is really small as a chair, a stereo system or something similar, you might be able to use your SUV or car to drop it off at the desired location. When you do it on your own, avoid trying to stuff the item into the car. Oversized goods will get damaged and it will damage your vehicle as well. Always go with a professional moving company who have years of experience in doing such stuff and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Check with all the reputed movers in your locality and talk to a customer care representative. Feel free to talk to them even when all you have to move is just a chair because a good company takes their customer’s needs into account and would love to serve you without complaints.