Are you planning to relocate with Ohio movers? Are the residents in your house ready to start packing them bags and move on? Before you prepare yourself for the big day and wait anxiously, here's a simple checklist that will ensure you don't miss out on the important stuff. It will also help you save any stress that might be caused by misplaced items or missing essentials.

Many of the suggestions made in the checklist should be done days before the actual move. To make things easier, you take a print out of these suggestions and paste it in your door. As with newer habits, you can take a picture or note it down on your smartphone for easier access. Set reminders as well to be on the safer side.

Mark and Keep Essentials Aside

On the special day, your sole objective is to move things but not everything should be loaded. Many items including your wallet, important papers, license, agreements and most importantly the contract you signed with the company shouldn't be in the moving truck. If it gets loaded, it is sure to annoy you to the core and searching it once you reach the venue isn't feasible either. Just mark all the things that are not supposed to be loaded and keep them out of reach. Instruct the professionals to not touch them at all. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Remove Flammable and Easily Perishable Items

There is no point in increasing the weight and loading them all. It will obviously lead to higher rates. When you request instant moving quotes, ask them to evaluate only goods like furniture, home theater among other important things. Stuff that are worn out, has to be replaced are better off in a yard sale or dumped as the moving costs might be higher than its worth. You can always buy it once you are set in your new home.

Before you call the company's truck and labors, ask them to confirm the items that they may not load. If you are stuck with those unwanted stuff on the important day, it may waste a lot of time. Instead get rid of them earlier. Similarly, remove items that are in your attic, basement or other crooked areas to save time when loading.

Be Prepared for Kids

Before hiring a moving company to your home, start packing stuff for your kids, if you have any. Most young children are good at taking care of themselves but they need to be taken care of. If possible, leave your kids and pets with a friend or family member as it is a much better idea than trying to keep them near you when the job is in progress.

Keep Parking Space Ready

Moving trucks are huge and most residential owners forget that they need good parking space for half a day or longer. Arrange a nice space closer to your home so that it doesn’t take too long to take those packed goods and load them. Check if it will hinder your neighbors.