Before hiring a professional mover, as a customer you should always know how to ask the right type of questions. There are many common ones that one could shoot to the Chicago movers. It includes the ones like asking the quote, the additional costs included, insurance and reliability among many others. But, beyond the usual there are a bunch of questions which you may not heard often. Here's a quick overview of those essential stuff.

Are they the mover or a broker?

Professional Chicago moving company is the one you are looking for. But, when searching you might sometimes end up with a broker. They may not wish to reveal it unless you ask them the right question. There are multiple advantages that you gain when dealing with an actual company than a broker. Most importantly, the middlemen will not be able to provide binding quotes and it could drastically vary. They may also be not able to offer assurance for the safety of your goods. Check this in-detail before you commit.

What type of quote they provide?

A binding quote is the one that you should focus at. An instant moving company quote provided over the phone are usually not the final as they could drastically vary. Only when a representative from the company visits your premises, assess the goods within and provide a pricing, you can consider it to be binding as the final bill will either be the same or below it. It wouldn't go above that proposed cost.

When does the pricing vary?

Instead of simply relying on a moving company for everything, you should always be a responsible customer and inform things ahead. Ask them the scenarios where the quote would vary. It might vary when you ask for additional packing supplies, labor, time delays or when you have special items to move. If you own a really huge home theater system or a piano, inform them earlier as such items always fall under the special moving category. They are not part of the basic packages that includes just the furniture and other usual household stuff.

How do they handle loss or damage?

An important query to make to the company because no one likes to lose an item on the way. If losing something is tough, seeing your precious vase broke or some other item damaged is equally depressing. Avoid such scenarios by bringing the question upfront so that you know the one to contact in case a loss or damage occurs. While the insurance is responsible for these situations, you should know how and where to claim it. You can also read the terms under which such replacements are entertained.

How loading and unloading is handled?

When relocating your car or a huge residence, sometimes the companies may have transfers in between. It is very common in long distance moves and you should know about it before you commit with their services. Check the quality of the truck and the experience of the labor which should give you a fair idea.