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1925 Grand Ave Suite 127, Billings, Montana 59102 USA

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About Sentry Van Lines

1925 Grand Ave Suite 127
Billings, Montana

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This company IS A SCAM. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND GO WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY. They quote 1/3 of the actual price to move your household goods.

Tyler Wenzel



Sentry is the worst!
My original quote of $6,000 (1,200 CF) increased to $8,000 (1,600 CF) two days before the move. Not a big deal. But then the day of the move, after the movers had loaded up 90% of my house onto the truck, they called me at 9PM and told me my bill was $18,000. And I owed them 75% of the $18,000 that night in cash.
Sentry is a broker, so they weren’t the moving company, but that they would hire a scam artist like this speaks volumes.
After forking over cash (no credit cards allowed - super sketchy) I was assured by Sentry that the delivery would be there in 3-10 days. It took 11. Read the fine print it the terms and conditions though, because Sentry says they have up to 30 days, no matter what the quote says.
Upon delivery, it was discovered that the moving truck only had 1,700 CF of goods. So the $18,000 dollar bill should have been reduced back down to about $9,000. After much arguing, Sentry could only lower the bill to $16,000 but they did say that they would reimburse me $3,000 (their cut for being broker). That was back in February. 8 months later they still have not reimbursed me. I have multiple emails stating that they would pay me, but they now have completely stopped responding. I even sent a demand letter, to no avail. I have spoken to a lawyer, but once again read the fine print. Any legal action must be filed on Montana. I live on the other side of the country. While I would love to sue them, I foresee them dragging this out to the point where my legal fees outweigh my return of $3,000. Please note, they are not registered with the BBB and they do not come up on Google maps.
There is much more to this story, but for the sake of keeping it relatively short, keep this in mind: DON’T USE SENTRY - THEY ARE CROOKS!

Jamal T


Good service

These guys were great! I highly recommend them to everyone! They were on time and very professional. No stress

Barbara Acosta Rozo



I gave this company a little under 1000 USD as a deposit for my move. After reading reviews online, I decided to go with another company and therefore cancelled their services in writing. I got an email from them the day after my cancellation request stating I would get a full refund on the deposit. It has been a month and a half and I am still not being reimbursed. I have called them three times already and their answer is always the same: your refund has already been issued. The merchant (my bank) did not allow it to go through and we don't know why. We can't issue another refund. This will be solved, but it will take time. Just keep waiting until our billing department gets back to you. The customer service representative is unable to connect me with her manager or the actual billing department. Moreover, I just hung up with my credit card people and they said they would never allow for a refund to not go through. Sentry Van Lines are robbing me from close to a 1000 USD plus the interests accrued on the account due to their charges. Be ware of them!

Rukia Yosuf


Sentry Van Lines= liars and scammers

I was looking for a moving company and already had one I was going to work with for half the price of Sentry van lines, but I was going out of town and needed my things delivered within a specific time frame which they guaranteed me they could do. They said if you take off work Friday and let us pick up everything we can guarantee your still will be on the shipment out in 3 days and delivered next week. It’s not next week and they haven’t even shipped my things out yet. They lied to me. Not only that, they gave me an estimate of about 2k and then ended up charging an additional 1k on the day of. When they are trying to get your business they answer all your calls at any house, and then once they have it they completely ignore you and all of your calls. I’ve been calling nonstop for two days and only one lady continues to get back to me just to tell me sorry I don’t know where your stuff is. I’m begging you do not work with this company. They are LIARS. They charge for literally everything and you will end up paying significantly more on the day of than they originally tell you. Also your stuff will get there a month after they actually tell you it’s going to be there. I’m already screwed but I hope this atleast helps the rest of you.

Anna Sokalska



Sentry Van Lines and Mosley Van Lines.... match made in hell! DO NOT USE THEM. They will be calling you and give misleading information and false promises! Both companies are absolutely TERRIBLE. Unreliable and disrespectful. As soon as they receive the money, there is no one to talk to. Everyone is suddenly sick or unavailable. The way they treat customer is a crime. Their license should be suspended. The stuff they deliver is totally damaged and no one is taking responsibility for that. JUST NIGHTMARE. I am sad, that I can attach only 2 pictures..... This how my mattress was "professionally" packed and delivered. There is definitely more stuff to show.....

Your Mamma



They will claim to pick you up on time. They will claim they will will do it cheaper. They had a time frame and a price so I gave them a down payment. They never showed up and I had to put my household goods in storage because I had to be at my new location and at work at a certain time. Now they will not return my deposit. I’ve asked other moving companies about them and they are a scam.



Positive Experience

They are solid mover. No surprises, no secret charges. They came out to survey our household and offered a reasonable quote. We had maximum stuffs packed up before they arrived and they loaded all within short time. Very skilled and prompt mover. We left some big furniture for them to wrap. The guys took apart those like experts. The even detached a part of my cabinet and bed to get out the house door. After the delivery, they reassembled each separate item. I have had the first positive experience with any mover. I recommend Sentry van lines service highly.

Jennifer S


Amazing Job

Waw! Amazing job, very fast, they really take of tour things! I am amazed! They did it so fast! While taking care of everything! I recommend!

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