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5722 Williams Lake Rd, Waterford, Michigan 48329 USA

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About Blue Oak Moving and Storage

5722 Williams Lake Rd
Waterford, Michigan

Blue Oak Moving is proud to be family owned operated, serving the local community with over fifteen years of experience. Blue Oak Moving was founded in the early 2000s. The company started with a cargo truck, moving families throughout the community. Today, Blue Oak Moving no longer operates using old cargo trucks, but instead, new commercial vehicles that are designed to move. The companies success can be attributed to the organizations hard work ethic and efficiency. “We forever strive to be the most efficient. The most efficient in transfer and storage. The most efficient in internal operations. The most efficient in satisfying our clients,” says operator Dan Patton Although the Blue Oak Moving team serve multiple families and companies a year, Blue Oak Moving is still committed to offering the most premier service possible with the same personal touch as day one. This personal touch is often lost somewhere over the years of operating, but the Blue Oak Moving team retains that mission every single day.

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Jan Tjernlund


Blue Oak Moving was a nightmare that hasn't ended

I contracted with them as I have had no assistance and alone and needed a company in a hurry. They did get me in quickly and I needed some packing done also. First the team could not find where I was located and would not listen to my specific instructions. Finally the found the location, and I instructed them what I needed packed and large items I needed moved. The packer was another mover and it was obvious he was not skilled and periodically another mover was helping him pack; I don't know why. They left two boxes at the apartment instead of putting them in the van like they were supposed to do. One of the movers, immediately said that I needed to pay at least partially in cash as they expected a cash tip before they even did anything. They then seemed to have very little expertise such as trying to move a sofa out without taking off the legs, I told them very specifically what they should take and what they should leave; that was ignored. They were very nice and I admit that I am overly patient if people seem to be trying. I noticed that they were using my packing tape dispenser instead of their own when they were suppose to have everything they needed with them. That was fine except they took my dispenser with them and I spent money to get a high end dispenser that I still need but it is gone. The started loading things I didn't ask them to load but said that they had room and it would not add to the cost but it did. One of the movers was in my bathroom when it was time to leave for a long time and when he finally came out; he slammed the bathroom door and I later found out that he had locked the door from the inside and somehow probably due to slamming it really hard; activated the lock and I cannot get into the bathroom and I have to have someone take the door handle off and again I have no help. Then, they were supposed to follow me to the new home but without notice when we were on the way; said they were taking 30 minutes for lunch. I again gave them very detailed directions to my new place and they got lost again because they did not follow my directions. Once they arrived, they tried to back in my driveway and the driver had few skills and almost backed over a tree, then drove up across my neighbor's yard and damaged the grass. I called sent pictures of the damage and was assured that they would fix it. The manager was rude the following day and offered me $25 to fix the neighbor's lawn and I said no, they did the damage and they need to fix it. It has been two weeks and no one has come out and fixed anything. Unpacking the boxes was interesting as if I hadn't known they were adults; I would think an 8 year old wrapped my dishes. Then most were missing because they forgot to put them in the truck; they are still at my apartment and I have to figure out how to get them to my place. They were not cheap. I have contacted them repeatedly and a nice lady named Kelly just forwards my complaints to her manager and no one calls me back. Do not use them.

Bill Owens


Blue Oak Moving & Storage

Blue Oak Moving amazed us. We were in quite a pickle considering we waited last minute to hire a moving company. We were in desperate need of the service. Blue Oak Moving was able to fit us in with only a week's notice. It was extremely stressful in the days leading up to the move as we had much to do, but the actual moving day was carefree thanks to Chris and Mike from Blue Oak Moving. 10/10



A plus

Customer service gets an A+. Unfortunately, my apartment plans fell through and I needed a service immediately to help move me out of my current apartment. The man on the phone helped answer all of my questions and he searched for different moving companies to help me find the best option when he didn't have any immediate availability. You will not be cheated by this service, and that says a lot in any industry

Peter Green


Blue Oak Moving and Storage

Blue Oak Moving and Storage was there for us every step of the way. The service did not just stop at the time of the sale, they went far beyond afterwards to be certain the overall experience was pleasant for our family. Moving is very difficult, but Blue Oak Moving took a great deal of the difficulty out of it. We had stress prior, but by the time the day was done all was great. Blue Oak Moving will be my mover of choice next time around.

Peter Green


Blue Oak Moving and Storage

Blue Oak Moving and Storage was there for us every step of the way. The service did not just stop at the time of the sale, they went far beyond afterwards to be certain the overall experience was pleasant for our family. Moving is very difficult, but Blue Oak Moving took a great deal of the difficulty out of it. We had stress prior, but by the time the day was done all was great. Blue Oak Moving will be my mover of choice next time around.

Rebecca Luttrell


Don’t do it!

Terrible! Damaged my bed frame and have not fixed it. Hey gave me the run around first, saying I lived far (Ypsilanti) so they didn’t know when they would get to it. It’s now been 3 months and I can’t even get a response from them. Very disappointed.

Tina Moutzalias


Top Grades for Blue Oak Moving

We scheduled Blue Oak Moving to pack up half of our home in Rochester, place in storage for six months, then deliver to the cottage in Petoskey after we completed renovations. The company sent out a very professional team of three to pack our home. They estimated it would be an all day job, they were able to wrap up the home in all of six hours. Considering we had a budget for the overall move this was nice.

The day of the actual moving, three other staff came out to the prep the home and take care of disassembly. They had the furniture loaded in all of four hours. This too was nice considering we were working with a budget.

Six months after the initial move out we were ready for delivery in Petoskey. All went according to plan. As promised, the same men that had loaded us six months prior moved us into the new home in Petoskey. This made a huge difference as they were familiar with our home, our furniture, and our family. It worked out great.

Laura B


Best Movers I've ever dealt with

You know how moving can be stressful, with this moving company it was a breeze. They were on time, quick, hard working, and pleasant.I was and am very impressed with them. Karen gave me a estimate and it was pretty much on point. No added charges.I would recommend them to anyone looking for a carefree as possible move. Thank you!

Leslie Gates


Blue Oak Moving

In 1994 my husband and I built our dream home in New Albany. Naturally we accumulated about 20 years worth of "stuff." This made the overall moving process rather intimidating and stressful to plan.

We phoned several moving companies in metro Columbus for estimates. After interviewing several companies and visiting their offices, we determined Blue Oak Moving would be the best outfit for us.

They gave us an excellent and thorough estimate. Explained ways that we could save all around during the moving time. Although we did have family help for some of the tasks, we had the Blue Oak Moving specialists handle the majority of things.

The day of the packing and again the day of the moving processes went according to plan. They were properly prepared and kept great attitudes throughout.

After all was said and done, we had the men stay for quick dinner. The care they gave to both our prior home and our new home as well as our coveted belongings was outstanding. Job well done!

Josh K


Fantastic service from Blue Oak!

Gentlemen we’re great. I had manager Bobby and Christian on my service. When the guys first arrived , they prepped the home throughout to be certain all was good and ready. Protection on the banisters and floors throughout. These guys were awesome.

I’ll use these guys anytime I need the work done. Could not have been a easier day going from Hilliard to New Albany. Thanks again guys for a job well done.



Blue Oak Moving was fantastic!

Blue Oak Moving was fantastic throughout all phases of our move. I had phoned the office a month prior to the projected move date to schedule both packing and moving services. Immediately after scheduling the lead in the packing department phoned me to determine what was needed to properly pack our families four bedroom home.

Sure enough, packing day came around and all expectations were met and the job was made easy for me.

The day before the actual move to the new home, the dispatcher from Blue Oak Moving phoned us to clarify what we had going and make certain there were not any special requests. The move day went swell aswell.

It was a huge help having professionals from the initial time of scheduling until the last piece was moved into the new home. Thanks big time Blue Oak Moving.



Unprepared and unreliable

I hired Blue Oak to move us from Brighton to Howell about 15 miles, based on what looked like the most realistic quote and several communications (phone and email) where they sounded very professional. We requested floor covering/protection because both houses had new flooring. It snowed the day of the move and they came unprepared to protect the floor. They also had trouble backing into the driveway because of the snow and decided to split the move into 2 days with the same number of movers both days $$. I called there supervisor and cancelled, they offered to refund my deposit. I hired another mover on short notice, and paid less. I have called several times for the refund they offered and just get a story about how much money they lost (due to their incompetence) and they will make sure I get it.

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