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6217 Columbia Park Road, Hyattsville, Maryland 20785 USA

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About Unified Moving Services LLC

6217 Columbia Park Road
Hyattsville, Maryland

We are committed to providing superior-quality, cost effective moving services in a technological environment driven by the fast pace of change. Our company is intensely client-oriented, emphasizing accessibility and personal attention. Through our result driven approach to moving services, we offer many innovated services aimed to contribute to the overall success of your move.

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Ron And Judy


Satisfied customers

We recently used this van line to relocate from Sacramento to Milwaukee. We are satisfied with our overall experience but the part that we are most thankful for is that all of our items were delivered on time and without any damages. Our sales rep Kyle was very helpful and easy to reach on several occasions when we called for assistance. Our moving crew, led by Andre, was fantastic. They took their time to carefully wrap our items with blankets before they began loading the truck. Andre was very specific with how things were loaded and stacked inside the truck and that helped to consolidate the amount of space that we used. Thanks to his expertise with loading/stacking and not wasting space, our final cost was less than our original estimate. Kudos to Unified and we definitely recommend them.



Very professional moving

The crew that moved me did their best to stay focused on making the relocation successful. They didn't waste time at any point, and their hard work bore fruits. I was heading to Oregon with my family after a job transfer, and this company seemed the right ones for the job. Good thing I was right. All our belongings were delivered to the destination on time and in full. None was missing. I would recommend the mover to anyone seeking a mover to handle their relocation. You will get value for your money.

Cassandra Fisher


Really great job, me and my daughter

My husband passed in 2015 and I wanted my granddaughter in Texas to have the grandfather clock he received in 1997 as a gift for 40 years of service to his company. I contracted with unified and the entire experience was smooth, efficient and the clock arrived early at its destination and in good working order!! The gentlemen who picked up the clock in NC were friendly. They explained with they were going to do and the clock was out of my apartment within an hour. Unified kept me informed during each phase of the move process and the clock arrived in Texas earlier than estimated. My granddaughter had the same level of service excellence on the receiving end of this transaction. The team who showed up at her house was friendly, fast and they had the clock unpacked and in her home within 90 minutes. I could not have been more pleased with how all of this worked out. Thanks, unified for a great moving experience and I'd recommend them to anyone who needs to transport special items across the country!!

Nick Frazier


All around great company

They were compassionate, courteous, and professional. Treated me with respect and generosity. They helped me move my entire collection of furniture in a timely and professional manner. My thanks goes out to the crew of this company and the management.



Happy I chose this company

Very professional and courteous. I'm very happy I chose this company for my valuables. I trusted them and will definitely refer my friends to choose here.

Macee Miletta


Moving from NJ to Miami

They were honest and on time, love them! I'll definitely be referring my friends. They are very nice and they are very professional.

Andrew Przedpelski


Moving New York to west palm beach

Great service on time with pickup and delivery. They came in under the estimate and the crews went above and beyond what was necessary. Love these guys

Mallory Kuhar


My move

This company was professional and timely! Everyone was so friendly and easygoing. They helped make my move stress freewhich is exactly what I needed during this time in my life! I will most definitely be referring all of my friends to this company!

Christina Vignola



Excellent service! This moving service was very easy to use and the movers were kind. I would definitely recommend this moving company to anyone moving long or short distances, small or large furniture!

John M


Great job

Used unified moving services and they did an excellent job. They did not make a scratch on anything they did a excellent job I highly recommend this moving company



I think all the 5 star ratings are from unified van lines themselves

I think all the 5 star ratings are from the company themselves..and its funny how they tell you to bbb unified moving services which has an A...but the actual company is unified van lines has no rating...i think i might go to maryland attorney general fraud dept. Too....i want my stuff delivered ASAP

Mike Jr


Can’t complain

I gotta say they did a great job the movers were very professional and all my items arrived on time. My only complaint is I had to pay an elevator fee but I would use this company again for sure

Josh Stone


they saved me

So I booked with a broker that lied and told me they were a carrier once they showed up they told me I had to pay more and it can take up to a month to receive my items, I was so mad I refused everything and cancelled even though I lost my deposit. So I called unified and they showed up the next day packed loaded and had my items shipped in less then a week with no hidden charges or tricks. they were such a relief after the nightmare I was dealt initially. I'm so happy I made the right choice by cancelling with my other mover and going with you guys they crew was as good as it gets

Rich Mundee


the right choice

Well this is my second move using Unified and there service never fails. The crew was terrific they helped me out big time. The cost was decent but they always honor what we agreed upon so that's why this carrier has such a great reputation. I recommended my son in law to go with unified also 3 months ago and he also said they did a great job so I had to write a review for you guys because it was well deserved.



it was great

The guys did a great job. Being I needed my items picked up and delivered asap I was very pleased with the service. They wrapped all my items and handled everything with care im extremely impressed and I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat.

Pat White


Illinois to CA

We used Unified van lines in Baltimore. They lied to us from the start. We were quoted 4k. They picked up our furniture promptly, but instead of shipping it they put it in storage for over 2 weeks. Did not return any phone calls until I threatened to turn them over to the Maryland Attorney General's fraud Dept. Then they said they would release it as soon as they received a wire for $6639.19. I had no choice but to send it. It's finally on the way (I think) but I received another bill with the grand total of over$12K. They are a complete scam and If I can prevent anyone else from falling for their lies,I will be happy. I haven't received it yet so I don't know the condition of the furniture Don't use Unified Van Lines.. Please



First time movers

Great movers! First time we caved and got movers and will definitely call Unified again. Though it took twice as long as we expected, it is not from lack of trying. The 3 guys who came seriously hauled butt...we just tons of junk! There was even a small dent in a cheapo Ikea side table, and they discounted our supplies cost a bunch to compensate for it. Pretty sure the discount was more than the table was worth. Even had a follow up call a few weeks after we moved to make sure we hadn't found any other damage or problems now that we were more settled. Honest, reliable, and fast.



Russian Scam Company

Absolute scam company. They offered an enticing price and based on the reviews here, it sounded like the best choice. Wow, was I ever tricked. They have help my good hostage for over a month and are demanding an additional $560 over what I already paid them to deliver my stuff.

It's almost impossible to reach anyone there on the phone. I leave messages but they no longer get returned. They don't respond to emails.

Everyone in the moving crew was Russian and the truck was a rental truck. I should have known better.



Thank you Unified

I’ve been really stressed out about finding a reliable moving company to get us moved from Chicago to Baltimore because I’ve had really awful experiences with moving companies in the past. From things being broken, things going missing and companies just not arriving at all, I just don’t trust many. But since this was a cross state move I really needed to find a company that I could trust to be there for me. Well I cam across Unified online and the reviews seemed good so I gave a call. They were great from the start! They were patient, took the time to explain all their prices, services and processes to me, and didn’t make me feel pressured to go with them. Then after I decided to pull the trigger and hire them, they made sure everything was inventoried with me so nothing would end up lost and IF it were they would reimburse me (nothing did show up missing though so that wasn’t even an issue). I packed most of my stuff, but they took apart shelving and wrapped up mirrors and art for me, and then they showed up with all they moving stuff they would need — very prepared — and loaded things up while ensuring everything was properly secured and cared for. Finally, when we got to my new place, they unloaded everything, reassembled the shelves and various things they’d taken apart and moved all my furniture into the places I wanted them so I didn’t have to. It was really helpful and throughout the entire process I did not experience a single difficulty or complaint where Unified itself was concerned. They really did a wonderful job and I am so thankful I found them.

Daryl Laduke


Stay Away from Unified Van Lines

I don't know how these guys can sleep at night. We were taken advantage of. Broken promises. Gave low quote to get business, then charged more once they packed us up, delivered 12 days past the time they were supposed to, Would not return phone calls, demanded additional $850 in cash before they would deliver. Then had the nerve not to put our furniture back together. We are senior citizens. Stay away!!!!!

Muna Hanker



Well I must say I was very impressed and surprised at the service from start to finish. My sales rep Ernie gave me the best advice and was detailed in how to go about my move since this was my first time. He explained why brokers are cheaper and he saved me because i was considering a broker before I found out there on the ripoff report. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone moving

George Katt



I moved my me and my family twice already with unified in the last 4 years and they really did a great job both times.

Thomas Moles


Warning - Do Not Use

Here I am on the 23rd of February, with no confirmation that my things are showing up. Mind you, I left California on the 9th with the expectation they would at least make it to Spokane Washington by the 16th, with multiple departments saying it is an average of 2 - 4 days for that length.

But let’s rewind so you can all have an accurate picture of my journey with Unified Van Lines. Prior to our move, I receive a few estimates from competing companies, but United far excess my expectation with a cost of $1900 to get my two bedroom from San Jose to Spokane. However, the individual that sent me the quote just disappeared. With too good of an offer, I called in and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the sales team picked up the phones and help me get started. After going through a secondary quoting process, my total was closer to $2400. Fine. “Let’s lock this thing in”, I said. Little did I know, this was only the start.

On February 8th, I was called by Unified’s quality assurance department to get a final estimate. They said it was because I was closer to my move and now will have a more accurate quote. Something that was never convided would occur by the sales team. We go through the process again, and wouldn’t you know it, it now cost $3000 to get my stuff up there. O, how I wish that were the end.

The 9th, the movers come 4 hours after the window. Before any work starts, I am introduced to a longer contract that has additional fees that could occur. Like stair fees (although this was already discussed during the initial quoting process and built into the quote)). This third party had their own rules. Long story short, I am at $4100 before they leave my home. But before they leave they ask me when I would like my stuff there - to which I reply Friday the 16th would be nice. Considering the new cost - I thought 7 days would be a breeze.

Thoughout the following days, I call to get an update on my stuff. However, unlike there great sales team keen on picking up the phone to find their next victim, customer service and dispatch goes straight to voicemail. I left dozens of messages. If you call sales and ask to be patch through to someone who can help - they say, it’s a total different floor. Here I thought phones did not have to worry about distance, but at Unified, the number of floors severely hampers the phones ability to transfer... They would put me on hold for 20 minutes and then I would magically be dropped off the line.

Thursday, the 15th, one day before my hope of receiving my stuff. Please remember, I left California on the 9th and arrived in Spokane 2 days later. I finally receive a call back from dispatch saying all your stuff is in a California storage facility because you indicated you could not receive anything before the 16th. WHAT THE F***, I exclaimed!!! To add insult to injury, dispatch says the next truck leaves on Monday and not a single say sooner.

This is when I lost it. I begin to go through the stages of grief. Denial and anger come swiftly. I even begin bargaining and saying to give back my stuff and I will pay someone else to bring it up. Nothing works. There is no way to get your stuff out of our storage facility, they say.

It is now Friday, the 23rd. On Monday, dispatch said my possessions would “definantly” be there by Friday. Here I stand in my empty home with zero response to any of my inquiries this week. I call and call and straight to voicemail.

I have this sick feeling that even when they do show up, I will get hit with some stair fees and a storage fee, as they of course need to charge me to hold all my wealthy possesions for now two weeks.

Please, if you are even considering this company, do not do it. Stop, and take the higher quote. This company con’d me. They stole my right to a free market by lying all through the quoting process and only tried to get an accurate quote one day before the mover showed. They will kill you with additional fees at pick up and will not honor any agreement.

Of course, I noticed the contract say they reserve the right to 16 days for this move at the start. But the sales individual said, in his tenure he has never once seen anything close to that length of time for only 900 miles and there is zero chance it takes over 7 days.

These people are crooks. Use anyone else. You have been warned.

Cathy Larkins


Excellent job

The very first phone call explained all that we could expect before during and after the move. I was really excited for move day. When the guys showed up (looking professional) might I add, they got the house packed up and ready to move in very little time. The pickup went smooth, they stayed in contact with us and then when delivery day arrived they set up all of our furniture in the rooms that we specified. Nothing was marked up, scratched, or broken. I have to say pricing was fair and the service was outstanding. I am very happy I'll make sure to always tell people about the service.

Tiffany Bass



The moment we decided to hire a mover we were called by a lot of people from many different companies. The only guy that seemed to care or even have knowledge that Alex from Presidential had. He never pressured us or made us feel like we were talking to or dealing with a used car salesman. The 4 guys that packed up all 5 bedrooms and all other rooms were extremely professional and so kind. They day they delivered us it seemed so great to have 4 men insync and no damage happened. We are thrilled and beyond thankful. Thanks team and Alex.




Use someone else
I received a few quotes online, then decided to reach on to Unified to get some more information on the quote they sent me. I spoke with Ernie, in regards to getting an estimate done, and getting the move underway. I was asked to select two dates for my pickup. I selected 2/9 and 2/10 as a backup. I was told they rarely miss the first date, but the get the backup just in case. Ernie then sent a contract for me to E-sign. I was told after I signed the contract, the movers would come out on my date, and move my stuff to Virginia that day. In the contract, it lists that this could take UP TO 12 days, but I was assured that was "legal mumbo jumbo in case of a snow storm or hurricane". The day before we are scheduled to move, I get a call that says they need to utilize my backup date. Okay that fine, these things happen, I thought no big deal. I was told the movers will call me the next day and let me know when they are 30 min away. However, the next day there was a phone call at 11:30 to inform me the movers were outside my apartment. The movers show up with an 11ft Enterprise rental truck. This is no where near the proper size needed for a full 2 bedroom move. The movers can barely speak English, and tell me that they will load the truck today, but it will not get there until tomorrow. I was skeptical, but said okay. Later during the move, the movers start pulling out papers and attempting to explain numbers to me, again which is very difficult because they cannot speak English well. They tell me it will be $3200 vs. my previously quoted $1800. At this point, I said okay, whatever just get my stuff moved. Then towards the end of the move, the movers say they are done, but there are 4 large boxes, a painting, and 2 shelves that they had not loaded. The movers tell me they didn't have room for the boxes, but said they could probably "make work" if we tipped them. I give the mover $75 cash, and he loads the boxes. Then the movers tell us that there would not be room for our other furniture, and that it would be better for us to leave it. This was the last day of my apartment lease, and I had no where to store the furniture, so I was forced to abandon it, and leave at the dumpster. That night we drove half way to our destination, and paid for a hotel room. We were told that the movers will be calling us first thing the following morning to schedule a time for us to meet. Well that call never came, so I reached out to Unified to get an update. Of the three numbers I could find online, and listed on the contract, the sales department was the only one that answered the phone. The salesman assured me customer service would call me immediately to get this sorted out. I have yet to receive a call from anyone at the company regarding the matter. I don't know where my stuff is, I don't know when it is being delivered. I now have to deal with the issue of being in a completely empty apartment, while I wait for someone to return my call. Please for your sake, learn from my mistakes and do not use this company.

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