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11738 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA

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About Sprint Van Lines

11738 Parklawn Dr
Rockville, Maryland

Sprint Van Lines is a family owned and operated company;we have many years of experience in the moving business. Quality and excellence in service has been the foundation of our success throughout these many years.

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Lisa Harrison


Very Professional.

I've used their services twice. Their professionalism and good quality work forced me to write a review about them. Thank you guys, I will consider hiring your services in future as well. Thanks!



Definitely Awesome.

Moving is a drag. But having the right movers really makes a difference. Sprint Van Lines just helped me with a local move. They were on-time, efficient and easy to work with. It was clear that they really cared about doing a good job and they went the extra distance to make sure nothing was damaged.

William Ewing


So very reliable.

These guys were wonderful! From my first contact with them, they were, careful, smart, and friendly. They were on time and very reasonable, billing in 15 minute increments. They helped me plan and coordinate with my siblings as we were clearing out my mother's estate. Very caring people. I'm in real estate and would recommend these guys to my fussiest clients.

Leim Neg


Reliable movers.

One of the best experiences I've had encountered from a moving company!
The team is not just cool guys but is also so strong. Can't imagine how they lift my super heavy wooden couch out from my house and loaded it to their truck looks like they were effortless.
Also incredible in preventing my precious item get broken along the process. The communication was incredible as well.
Thank you, guys!

Gregory McClary


Maria Houser

The entire team of the Sprint Van Lines who processed and carried out my move was marvelous. Thoroughly professional all around. Everything went well, and the whole move was easier than expected. Very much appreciated their hard work to keep the job done.

Mary Crooks


Absolutely Recommended!

I was very thankful to this company for helping me with my local move to a new apartment. I was very much happy that they indeed a trusty company and help me throughout my move. It was a big help and the cost was reasonable too. They are very reliable and efficient. It a nice team to work with. Truly a great service.

Mary Crooks


Absolutely Recommended!

I was very thankful to this company for helping me with my local move to a new apartment. I was very much happy that they indeed a trusty company and help me throughout my move. It was a big help and the cost was reasonable too. They are very reliable and efficient. It a nice team to work with. Truly a great service.

Terry Henshaw



I have used Sprint Van Lines for 4 moves and every time it has been a great experience. The moves arrived on time and were fast and friendly. They made sure that all the furniture and boxes were moved into the appropriate rooms at the new location. And even set up some of the furniture for me. I've recommended them to several family members and would recommend them in the future.

George Kong



They did a fabulous job moving our furniture! The owner always responded to calls and emails quickly. The guys did the job in a professional manner. Plus, the price was very reasonable. I would use them again and I have already recommended them to friends.

Joseph Clifton



You will be very much happy if you get this company for helping you in moving. They have good services that will make you satisfied as they provide quality services that you deserved. They have good personnel that will work quick and accurate throughout from the start till the end. Try them now, it would be worth it. Highly recommend!

Sasah Ah


They deserve 0 stars

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I wish I had paid more attention to the reviews. I am writing this to genuinely try to save people from this fraud. The level of dishonestly is disgusting. They do an excellent job of luring you in with a low price in order to make you think that they are competitive, but that is just the beginning. EVERYTHING incurs an extra charge BUT ONLY when you are in a position where you cannot turn them away. That is because they sneak in the extra charges at (1) pick up, as in when the movers are in your apartment moving your possessions into the truck and (2) delivery. What kind of extra charges you ask? Here is just a small sample. A hallway? Extra charge. Have stairs? Extra charge. Think you are better off with an elevator? Nope, think again there is an extra charge for that as well! By the way, they don't pad the elevator, my building did that for them, nor did they have to wait for an elevator because it was reserved exclusively for my move, yet they still charge $75. Also, note if you have any glass or mirrors, each piece will cost you and additional $25 PER PIECE regardless of the fact that THEY WRAP ALL THE PIECES TOGETHER.

But it gets worse. After they took everything in my one bedroom apartment and the truck was packed, I asked AGAIN how much I would owe at delivery. I was told to have $X in cash ready at drop off (they were dropping off to a storage facility, ground floor, so fortunately, no stairs/elevators/hallways!). I EVEN WROTE THE TOTAL AMOUNT ON THE CONTRACT - I OWE $X. I confirmed repeatedly with the Foreman and with "Julie" that THE NUMBER ON MY CONTRACT WAS THE FINAL TOTAL. Fast forward a few weeks later. I get a call from the delivery driver with a NEW PRICE 24 hours prior to delivery. Now they are asking for an additional $350 shuttle fee because 18 wheelers are allegedly not allowed in the city of San Francisco. The driver told me that there are certain cities where this rule ALWAYS applies, and San Francisco is one of them. Insane because THEY KNEW THE DROP OFF WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO FROM DAY ONE and never disclosed that the charge would apply. Then, I called my storage facility, I asked them if 18 wheelers are allowed in San Francisco. GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE!!! AND THERE ARE CURRENTLY MULTIPLE 18 WHEELERS PARKED ON THE ROAD DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE STORAGE FACILITY. When I notified the driver of this, instead of being shocked that an 18 wheeler could park in San Francisco, he responded "sorry we already left the facility." Seriously, the lies are next level.

My point here is this: STAY AWAY. AVOID THESE CROOKS AT ALL COSTS. A move that they quote will cost $1,400 will EASILY cost you twice or even triple that amount. AVOID. Honestly, if you use them after this review you absolutely deserve to get ripped off. I will repeat again, DO NOT use this company. I will also add that I am incredibly fortunate, my company paid for my entire move so I did not lose any of my own money. I can’t even imagine having gone through this entire ordeal on my own dime. If anything, that alone should add more credibility to this review because I didn't even pay for it!!! I am nevertheless disgusted by Sprint Van Lines and the giant scam they are running. Moving is terribly stressful to start with, and their deceptive tactics just compound that. PLEASE AVOID.

Update - My furniture pieces were broken, my TV stand was in pieces and my boxes were destroyed. I will be filling a claim against your Company immediately. Furthermore, items were missing and the movers tried to give me 4 PIECES that did not belong to me. I am so sorry for anyone who is missing a small home depot box, a wall clock, a carpet, and an iced beverage dispenser. These pieces all ended up in California.

In closing, if you are foolish enough to use Sprint Van Lines after reading this review, make sure that you take note of this website where you can file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ("FMCSA")

Raul Saylor


This Absolutely Recommended!

Are you moving to a new home and worrying about how to carry all of your stuff because it is valuable to you and didn’t want to have it even a single scratch? Why not try Sprint Van Lines? They were the best company when it comes to moving matters. They will make sure and guarantee that all of your stuff was in good hands and they will handle it with care. They were professionals, knowledgeable and a man of word.

In my case, I had this anxiety of moving to another place because I had that attachment on my home before and the feeling of moving all your things from one place to another is very difficult not damaged even a single item. Thankfully, I found this company on Yelp and read many positive reviews and didn’t hesitate to get their service. They answer all of my worries and questions patiently and attentively. They booked me on my most convenient time and promise to deliver all of my stuff on the date of our agreement.

Greatly, these men at the back of my moving moment would able to handle all of my stuff without a single scratch. They make all their promises and deliver it on time. Not to mention, all of my items came back with not even a single piece was missing.
Overall, I had a great moving experience. Thanks to this company for helping and assisting me.No hard moment getting your service guys. You will be highly recommended to my relatives and friends for their future plans.

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