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About Great Nation Moving

11910 Parklawn Dr
Rockville, Maryland

Hello! We are Great Nation Moving � a highly rated and experienced relocation company operating both locally and interstate � everywhere in the United States. We have been evolving every single day since our first successful job. We walked a long way and now we are one of the most trusted companies in the moving business, relocating thousands of people every year. Last year more than 3500 families trusted us with their personal goods and they received nothing short of a perfect move. We can say that during these years the small family company has grown to a big team of professionals providing flawless relocation experience nationwide. It is a fantastic feeling to see all this hard work and dedication paying off and the number one reason for our success are our customers and their satisfaction.

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Choose ANY other moving company

I see Rose has stonewalled and lied to other customers too...Samantha D, I had a very similar experience. Not only did they lose an expensive entertainment center, they actually tried to give me someone else's. In fact there were several items delivered that were not mine and we were told that we could keep them, which we declined because someone else was going to have the same issue of missing items that belonged to them and maybe even had sentimental value.
Rose would never return my calls..."I will run over to the warehouse or I will go see accounting and call you right back". Never once, I had to initiate each conversation....Unprofessional and unaccountable...
Obviously poor control of inventory and then to offer other people's things to us, very untrustworthy. If you have something valuable or personal, I would never trust Great Nation with moving my household goods.
I gave them several opportunities to do the right thing and they just kept putting off an honorable action.
Please protect yourself by choosing ANY other moving company.
As many others have stated quotes were hard to keep them committed to and more than once I had to dispute charges that they tried to add on...hang on to any quotes and document everything...better yet follow my first advice...Choose ANY other moving company.
Rose, I told you this was coming your way if you didn't get the company to be accountable and honorable...

David Epstein


I would never consider hiring Great Nation again

Unprofessional and discourteous to the point of behaving as extortionists. Once we had agreed to hire them to move our belongings across country for over $17,000 (which ended up being almost $22,000; be prepared for numerous additional charges) the folks who do their scheduling became belligerent and bullying. We had them scheduled to pick up most of our belongings, so that contractors doing work in the home we were selling could do their work, unencumbered. When the movers arrived at the house, I received a frantic call from my wife that Great Nation was demanding a $9,000 payment by wire transfer immediately, or they would not load the truck. I had given them a deposit the day before, and there had been no mention of a $9,000 payment due the next day. I called Great Nation and explained that I was in meetings all morning and would send the money shortly after lunch. The incredibly rude response I received shocked me, as I was informed that I was not trustworthy enough, and that if the money was not wired immediately, he would tell the movers to not load the truck. I put up with the bullying because we had schedules to keep in order to sell the house and get to my new job. The people that they hired to unload the truck at our new home were good people, but not professional movers. My complaint is not with the folks unloading our belongings, but with a company charging over $20,000 for a move who hire local laborers who are not professionals. I had a number of items that the Great Nation movers could not move into the rooms I wanted them moved into, saying it could not be done. I ended up moving the items into those rooms with the help of friends after Great Nation left. Not what is expected when hiring a professional company for over $20,000. I would never consider hiring Great Nation again, under any circumstance.



Don't use Great Nation

Great Nation called me 2 days before the move to confirm the move date and sent me a link via email to confirm my inventory. The link they sent was missing some of my stuff previously discussed in the quote so I filled it out and called them back. We went over the inventory verbally and he admitted there was a fault with their system, but because I added things to the inventory now it would cost $2,000 more. If I could have gotten another company to the house in 2 days I would have told them to shove it. Don't use Great Nation, they'll pull this crap with you too.



Worked hard for the entire process

Great Nation Moving is awesome. Before I booked, I was worried about movers damaging my new home during the move. As soon as the movers arrived, all my worries went away. These movers were careful moving all my furniture. Best moving company ever! They made my move super smooth.



Don't do it, plain and simple

Don't do it, plain and simple. They start with a nice estimate, in my case 6000 which by the end of the story was nearly 11000. From the hidden fees to the lack of communication between the drivers and the people working behind the scenes at great nation moving.. it smelled bad from the very beginning. They talk up a good game before moving day, talking about being pro military and blah blah blah. Next time I PCS, ill just throw the stuff on my back and hoof it. At least i have a bunch of moving blankets now, since they couldn't even unpack like they were supposed to. dogs love the blankets though so there's the silver lining.



Great Nation Moving

Great Nation Moving overcharged us and did not provide adequate service. They were not only unprofessional, but scammed us by raising costs dramatically (nearly double the quote), and even did the common scam of loading the truck 3/4 of the way and then demanding more money.

Below is a summary of the issues we faced in general chronological order.

Original quote nearly doubled, rising from the original quote of $6,500K to an unbelievable $11,655K. This is a move to a 1600 sq ft home. We packed everything ourselves. We can hardly believe this ridiculous amount.

Movers increased the price dramatically. They also loaded the truck 3/4 of the way and then demanded more money. We did not know what to do - our bill had ballooned out to almost double our original quote. They had our stuff on their truck. We were on a schedule. It was extortion. We got horribly scammed.

Movers also double charged us $335 for packing supplies despite the fact that we had already paid for them in the original moving quote.

Greg Smith (who provided the quote) was extremely rude and unprofessional when we called to discuss the changes in charges.

We could not determine a delivery date - the company forced us to contact the driver ourselves. We had to call the driver several times on his cell phone (while he was driving).

Upon delivery we did a large portion of the labor. We carried a huge portion of our furniture and boxes into the house ourselves. The driver did not bring appropriate assistance. He even asked if I "knew anyone nearby who could come help."

Upon delivery, driver refused to move a large portion of our belongings into the house. Instead he left a large number of boxes outside in the garage. This was done without our consent. We had to painstakingly move our boxes ourselves, despite having paid this huge amount of money.

We were forced to unwrap every single piece of furniture ourselves without assistance. We also did not receive any assistance at all with any furniture that had been taken apart.

All furniture and boxes arrived covered in filth. Our belongings were transported in a trailer attached to a pickup truck, then arrived in a U-Haul that was left open - our belongings were subject to open air and dirt. When we put the box spring on the bed a huge plume of dirt puffed up into the air. The dirt even got inside the boxes and inside the furniture blankets.

Damage caused by the movers includes a cracked door threshold, scratches on the hardwood floor, several plastic bins smashed (despite being new at pickup) and some contents damaged. Missing items include an oil heater.

Jennifer Barnes


Happy repeat customers!!

We just used Great Nation For the third time! This time we incorrectly thought some personal items had been lost in the move. We found them, but before finding them, Great Nation offered to reimburse us for the lost items - wow!! Luckily, our thorough movers didn’t lose anything but the fact that Great Nation wanted to help meant so much to us!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!



My move is not scheduled until May 2nd. I am writing this initial review because I was taken back by what one of the owners did for my business. I received a quote from them over a month ago and after shopping around, yes a week before my move, found a lower price some $4,000 less. I didnt pit one company against another I just cancelled with them. The owner called me up and I explained the size of my move was less than what was quoted. They used a survey from another company. David in order to keep my business drove from Rockville to Frederick, in rush hour, to do a survey and the size of the move was less than quoted. We worked on price that we both could live with and he provided the revised quote on the spot. If this is anything what I can expect with my move I am going to be extremely happy. More to come after my actual move on May 2nd from Frederick down to Jacksonville.



Great Nation just completed a local move in and for our office. Moved items from one floor to another from one building to another and all went great. Professional guys and courtesies staff. David and Greg are super easy to work with.



I had a small move from Dc to Rockville MD, The guys were prompt, fast and efficient, No regrets, The crew leader Mardo was very polite and careful. I ended paying about $900.0 it seems fair to me.



They did an excellent job moving a one bedroom apartment from WDC to North Carolina. The initial contact fully explained at the details of moving (first time we have used movers) and assisted in providing boxes and packing instructions. Movers where professional and did an excellent job on both ends in packing, unpacing and protecting all the furniture. Excellent communication. The move went very well. I recommend these movers.



I strongly recommend using Great Nation. I have used them 4 times, for both an instate and out of state move. Professional movers who are employees of the company. The movers I have had take great care of your items. They are helpful and polite. AND their estimate was right on. I have had companies provide an estimate to find out they low balled to get the job. David has provided estimates that turn out to be exact, he knows his business. I always think the highest compliment is a referral. I have referred them to several friends with the same great result.



This moving companies is one of the best I have dealt with yet. The prices are affordable and they are friendly yet professional. They were very cautious with my families belongings, even when it came to the animals items. I am very pleased with the work and would highly recommend them to others. They showed up ahead of schedule ready to work. Nothing at all was damaged in any way and for that I am truly pleased. Great job guys!!!



This moving company was fantastic from start to finish. They were very careful with every piece of furniture as well as respectful. It was an exhausting move and day which continued well after midnight. The movers never complained or acted tired even though they must have been exhausted! They always asked before doing anything extra and let us know how much any additional packing or supplies would cost.



We had to move home and was very glad to use the services of Great Nation Van Lines. The office staff - Greg, treated us nice and the moving team - Daniel, Jose and co did a fantastic job. They came down on time the very day and waited for us to get ourselves ready. The move was smooth and hassle free. These guys are very professional and friendly. The companys fees is also quite reasonable and we couldnt be happier. Thanks again guys and hope to work with you in the future!



Daniel, Jose, William and Tony did such a great job moving us to DC. They were sweet in every way and very professional. We got an excellent service and the office staff, Rose was great. We recommend this company and will use Great Nation Van Lines in the future.



I was very pleased with the recent move from Fairfax to Annandale. We moved from a 2 story townhouse to a 3 story TH so the amount of things to move was not overwhelming but they are bulky including a piano. The crew showed up early, proceeded to assess the requirement, and got to work promptly. They were efficient, careful, and very mindful of the furniture. The same kind of attention was provided unloading the furniture into the new townhouse. Throughout the process they were very efficient as if to realize the customer is paying by the hour, and very pleasant. The process was painless and as pleasant as possible given the move situation which always creates stress. Rose the service rep called two times during the moving day (Saturday) to ensure all was on track and met expectations. I would recommend Great Nation Van Lines to all.



We have used Great Nation Van Lines twice for our last 2 local moves. They were contracted by our mover when we moved from MA in MD. We really like them because they were very careful and fast so since then we chose them every time we needed help and would do so in the future. They are all very nice and professional and flexible to accommodate your needs. They show up on time, and they are very efficient and fast. I will definitively use this company again and also recommend them to anyone.



On rare occasions, I am privileged to work with a company that truly leaves their mark on every aspect through the process; especially when it comes to moving. I am a person who has not had the need to move for the past 12 years, and I was a bit stressed with all the planning and anticipation. Great Nation Van Lines are highly motivated professionals driven to succeed and made all your worries dissipate. I must say, it was a true honor to use Great Nation Van Lines for my move from Timonium, MD to Chicago, IL. Their dedication, respect to the customer (myself), incomparable ability to exceed, surpassed all my expectations. I highly recommend.



This guys did a fantastic job, and I am super Happy. Jose and his team are fantastic. From the start to finish I have noting to complain about. Greg was friendly and very polite, customer service was excellent. Over all fantastic experience. On the date of the move I got the gardest working people ever. They were on time and friendly, very polite very efficient. Thank You guys for the great job you did today.



These guys are great! I hired them over a month in advance and they were willing to answer any of my questions. Greg who I had spoken on the phone was very pleasant. They sent me an estimated quote within minutes and they were very professional. They called me a day before the move to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. They came to pick everything up on time and did everything quickly and neatly. The truck showed up at the exact time we were expecting them with absolutely nothing broken. Everything was done so neatly that it took them less than 30 minutes to unload an entire studio apartment from the truck. I paid what i was expected to pay, only a few extra dollars for some materials they used to make sure things wouldnt break. I was so pleased with the drivers, Tony and William unloaded things cleanly and placed everything where i wanted them to. I would use these guys again!



I found Smith from Great nations to be sincere and honest from the very beginning. My belongings were picked up and delivered on time with no problem. Though I was nervous, as I heard some horror moving stories but in my move, everything went according to the plan. Their office returned all my calls promptly and updated me throughout the move. I highly recommend this company.



I am really shocked!! Why I didnt discover Great nations earlier!! They made my move just effortless! When I found them through this site I was not sure if they would click for us. But Smith was very detailed oriented for my Potomac to NYC move. He scoped my total belongings and gave an exact price. The boys were very fast while packing. I think they have plenty of experience in this area. They did everything properly. All boxes were leveled. They used small boxes for every unique item. I am really happy on their work. Unloading was also a magic, like a perfect orderly manner. They are highly recommended. I will definitely use them again.



Our scheduled moving company wanted to move our pickup dateto 5 days later than scheduled. Wehad to be out of our home in2 days. Needless to say we were in a state of panic when Great Nations called us and rescued us. They called on a Thursday morning and were there the following day to pick us up and move us from Pennsylvania to Texas. Their staff was great. They contacted us several times to reassure us that they would be there as promised. We are very grateful to this caring company. We do not know what we would have done without them. If you have an upcoming move to schedule, we would highly recommend calling Great Nation Van Lines. THANK YOU GREAT NATIONS!!!



We chose Great Nation after hearing scary moving stories about other very large national moving chains. Our move from Silver Spring to New York City went smoothly and wonderfully well. GN movers packed up our delicate Grandfather Clock, artwork and other belongings with such great care and delivered them to our Manhattan apartment and storage unit without a hitch. Nothing was damaged or lost. GN office staff were kind and helpful in providing our move estimate and patiently worked with us as our move expanded. I would highly recommend this moving company!



I booked Great nation van lines for my Virginia to Maryland move. After doing the paper works with gvl, I decided to move on Sunday. Packing and uploading took only four hours. Not bad! I got my stuffs unscratched and safe. There was no doubt that they did an incredible service with very friendly and affectionate manner. All of them have been very honest and helpful throughout the move. I highly recommend them.



For the last two moves I have been using Great nation van lines. All the persons have been very professional and active. I learned many things from them. They showed punctuality in every moment of my moves. Quite economical than others. Friendly, helpful and careful. Always active. They packed our all stuffs. Took special steps to pack my aquarium! I had five goldfish and was worried if there was any problem but no, they efficiently handled them throughout the move. All the fishes were alive! And all of stuffs was delivered without any scratch and lose. It was a great relief.



Last winter I hired Great nation van lines. As you all know how rough the weather was but I had no option other than moving as it was a matter of my biz. I had to hire them despite having heavy snow fall. Their consultant, Smith took me all through the process and I was tension free when the movers arrived on right schedule at my home. Carlos was excellent in packing all fragile items. Tony was helping him. They seemed quite experienced at wrapping and packing services. They used plastics and poly bags to protect my belongings. Though the price was not so low, I agreed because of weather and I would certainly say it was a worthy moving. I rather would like to spend a little more money if I am delivered all stuffs faultlessly as well as timely. Great nation van lines did it! Thanks guys for a successful move. There was no damage or problem. Definitely recommended!!



This is my favorite moving company. Yes, I am talking about Great Nation Van lines. First time I saw their hard work few months ago at my neighbors home. Then they did an awesome job. I took their contact number ,from my neighbor for my own move. Over our telephonic conversation, they shared a plan regarding how they wanted to carry out the total process. I knew they would not disappoint me. Their crews were pretty gentle while at working! All of my stuffs got safely. Though it was a long distance service, I had no grudge. I like their punctuality as they finished all work in quoted schedule. I am going to do my next move within year. So I am determined not to look for other movers. I recommend them to everyone.



Hey! Great nation van lines! You impressed me very much. I got necessary information about you from the online profile. I got detail idea on moving package when I called on your office. I had to go through a long distance moving procedure with you. You fixed the date and dispatched three guys on time on the move day. All of them were professional and active. Packed all things in an innovative way. My family member enjoyed their works very much. I highly recommend always.

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