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Patrice Murrell



I hired this company on 9/26 at 10am. The movers called me at 9:15 letting me know they will be 15 min late because of traffic. They did not show up until 11:30am. One hour and a half LATE!!!!! They also broke my jewelry box. I called the owner to let him know I was displeased with the service and his response was "GOOD! I have my money!!" I was in complete shock!! He said he doesn't care about my complaint and that he's been in business for over 16 years and he's never had a bad complaint before and he said he will not reconcile my issue with me because his team could not control the traffic. I asked about my broken jewelry box and then he hung up on me. Bottom line... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! John Griffin, the owner is a liar and extremely unprofessional! They will tell you anything to get your money!!!!!!

Tia Smith


Still can't find missing boxes...

I do take full responsibility but felt I needed to write a review because I'm still at a loss. I used the company last year and everything went smooth. Pricing was fair, they had a team of 5 and my belongings went to storage without a problem. Given the pleasant experience, I called on the company again. This time, the experience didn't go so well. I moved some items in besides what the company moved in the first time and asked that they move everything. What I didn't expect was the price to double especially when there wasn't nearly as many items added the first time they moved me. To make matters worse, I wasn't told about the increase until they got to my new place. Needless to say, I was peeved and was told that they would leave with the remainder of my boxes if I didn't come up with the balance. I left to get the money and as I pull up, I saw the owner and his 1 crew member leaving with my belongings. I immediately called and questioned where he was going and he said to get something to eat while waiting on me to return but later said he needed to use the restroom and I hadn't had anything unpacked yet. I was fuming at this point! I asked that he unload my items before leaving and they came back and unloaded. I wasn't given the opportunity by the company to ensure that all of my belongings were off the truck the second time. The first time, I saw everything went into storage because I gave the guys a tip while standing at the truck. As I begin to unpack, I notice I am missing boxes, mostly kitchen items. I was the only person with a key to my storage unit and since I was staying with a relative, didn't need anything except clothes from the front of the unit. I never moved anything they packed inside. I made John aware that I was missing boxes and he stated all of the boxes were taken off. After unpacking everything, it's evident that either my boxes never made it in storage they left when the truck pulled off the 2nd time. I told John exactly what I was missing via text and he told me that I was making up stuff and I was just mad about the additional money I had to pay. I really wasn't making anything up because I know what I had in my home prior to. So now, I'm out of my glass storage bowls and have to replace all the mason jars I purchased right before the move. It took me over a month to decide to write a review because I wanted to make sure that I had unpacked every box and I'm always skeptical about leaving reviews. I take partial responsibility for not requesting to see the truck before they pulled off but being stressed about the move caused me to trust that the job would get done ethically. As it stands, my items are just gone and yes I believe the company drove off with them, why I have no idea. I would never want anyone to have this experience as I was deeply offended that John would assume I was making things up because of the fee. I'm not a liar and have no reason to, besides, when a person invest money into their business purchasing merchandise, what reason would they have to lie? This may have just been an isolated event but I won't be calling back a 3rd time for services and have stopped recommending to my clients and friends/family. I have no recourse except to spend more money to replace what is missing.

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