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8010 Castleton Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 USA

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About Wheaton Van Lines

8010 Castleton Road
Indianapolis, Indiana

There’s no way to avoid it: Moving is stressful. But that doesn’t mean choosing the right moving company has to be. You want moving services that will provide you with a comfortable, hassle-free experience. You want a friendly driver and an experienced crew. In short? You want Wheaton. After more than 70 years of moving families with friendly professionalism, we are the fourth largest van line and cover over 95 percent of the United States.

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Would NOT Recommend This Company!

his review is for Carolina Moving and Storage/Wheaton which are affiliate moving companies that were hired to move my parents from Hilton Head to Dallas in 2017. My parents were not new to this rodeo. This was their 10th across country move with professional movers but by far this is the most unprofessional group of people they have ever hired for a move. I would NEVER recommend that anyone work with this company. From the initial estimate to the final resolution of bill, incompetent and unprofessional mistakes were made by the company at each and every step. Here are the top frustrations (but I could have provided many more):
1. Deceitful Estimating – They came to the house to provide an estimate for the move. My father mentioned that he would like to insure the items being moved at Full Replacement Value. I have this in his handwriting from notes that he took that day. No documents were signed and they agreed to proceed with the move. On the day of the move, they shoved a piece of paper at my mother and asked her to sign it and crossed off Full Replacement Value which indicated that they had chosen the option for 60 Cents a Pound Replacement Value. This document was signed AFTER the truck was fully loaded, late at night, without any explanation and multiple price options on the page. Why would a company be obtaining a signature with an agreed price AFTER they have arrived with their crew and loaded up the truck with their possessions? Even after their items were shipped, we were told in writing by Wheaton that my parents had opted for Full Replacement Value….but later they informed us that they had actually signed for the “60 Cents a Pound Replacement Option”. So for example if you have a 50 pound TV that costs $4000 that gets smashed during the move, you will receive $31 compensation.

2. Beware! The initial estimate is a “non-binding agreement”. We later learned that there is no cap to what they can charge – regardless of the original estimate. We thought it was fair to have a +/- 10% contingency clause, but the total cost of the move was +19% vs. the original estimate. The only thing that changed vs. the original estimate is that my parents DID NOT TAKE a large front hall mirror and a set of golf clubs and ADDED one additional CHAIR. This is hardly enough to justify at +19% increase in price! The weight of the move was 16.5K which was also an increase of +22% vs the original estimate. And when the original estimate of the weight of your shipment is off by 22%, you will also experience a transportation charge increase of +18% and a fuel charge increase of +18%. The increases continued to accumulate.

Furthermore, the dish packing cost was +153% over estimate. When we asked about how this could be so poorly estimated, they blamed my mother and said that she had told them that she would pack up half the plates. No. My mother is in her 80s and has never packed any of her own plates for a move. When they came to prepare the estimate, she remembers being asked if she would pack any plates and replied NO. Was this part of their plan to provide a lowball estimate with a non-binding agreement?

3. Moving Day Nightmares – There was a truck that was dedicated to this move. A few days before the moving date my mother was told that there would be a truck arriving with some other items already loaded on the truck. Mom expressed concern that all her items would not fit in a truck with other items already loaded but was assured by the company that it would be fine. It wasn’t. A SECOND back up truck was required to come for the remaining items…. but was still not large enough for all of their items because they sent a smaller truck than what was required. A THIRD truck was required and this delayed the move significantly. Additionally, on the initial day of the move the drivers arrived on time, but their crew did not show up. A back up crew had to be arranged and they did not arrive until noon. Needless to say, it was an extremely long day and very dark by the time they left. (And this is when my mother was asked to sign paperwork with their “pricing” on it.)

4. Delivery Day Nightmares – The movers were specifically told to be sure the clothing and computer was on the FIRST truck. The move in date was scheduled for Monday 10/16. There was no crew available that day which delayed our move until Tuesday. On Tuesday morning we were told that if we wanted the truck weighed for verification, it would delay the delivery of the items an additional day to Wednesday. This was only for the FIRST truck delivery. When asked about the timing of the remaining delivery, we were told “we don’t know”. When the FIRST truck arrived, the computer and clothing were not on that truck as instructed. My parents had no clothes until 10 DAYS LATER when the SECOND truck arrived.

5. Nightmares with Billing Resolution – Repeated attempts for clarification on billing overages were met with vague answers, unsatisfactory explanations, lack of documentation requested, differing answers about our contractual agreement and a general answer of “non-binding agreement” to explain the overages between estimate and actual expenses.

This was a really difficult experience for my whole family. My parents are in their 80s and were moving across country to a retirement home. I only hope that by sharing our experience, it will help someone else avoid the months of hassle and heartache that our family had to endure by using this affiliated and incompetent team of Carolina Moving and Storage/Wheaton. Needless to say, we were highly disappointed by their service and hope to spare others from a bad experience.



Incompetent from beginning to end

Wheaton and their partner Bekins teamed up to make my move as difficult and bad an experience that they could. From being over promised on the pickup date to them loosing and damaging our belongings, then refusing to cover their mistake on technicalities even though I paid for the highest level of insurance they had. When the movers pulled things off the truck that didn't belong to us they said "it's yours now you want it?" I can only imagine that the people that got our lost items decided to keep them. Their Claim Reps. (Sharon and her supervisor Michelle who cowered behind her voicemail and refused to get on the phone) were rude and completely void of any empathy or responsibility for the situation. Not sure if its incompetence due to lack of training or just lack of care. Stay away from this horrible company and their partners.
Service cost: $13,000

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