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First call Relocations has been providing the highest standards of packing and relocation services for over 24 years. We are a full-service moving and storage company that specializes in residential, commercial, intrastate and long distance relocation's. Our team of professional packers and movers are state certified with decades of experience. We have a wide range of vehicles and quality equipment for transport of your furniture and belongings. Whether you’re moving from an apartment, home or relocating your office space, First call Relocations has you covered. We want your move to be a stress-free success story!

My Move - Binding Contract



My Move - Binding Contract

It started with Paul Champion, he gave me a "Binding Moving Estimate" and I paid my $700 deposit. I thought all was good until it came to moving day. They were to pick up on 9/25 or 9/26. I received a call from Juan (the driver) on 9/24 stating he would pick up on 9/25. But when 9/25 things changed. I received a call from Juan (the driver), he stated he was running late & wanted to know if my Storage would stay open later in order for him to pick up because he was running late. He called @ 2:21 pm & was 5 hrs away. All along I would remind them that my Storage closes @ 7:00 pm. There was no way he was going to make it. He then stated he couldn't pick up on 9/26 because he had obligations. I told him I was an obligation too & I had a binding contract that stated it would be picked up on 9/25 or 9/26. That's when my nightmare began. Since the $700 cleared my bank, I was unable to talk with Paul, I left several phone messages & sent him an email. I received no response. I finally talked with a dispatcher (I think) they would never give there title Ben Wilson that was on 9/25. He said that to give him 10-15 mins to try & work it out. He did call back & told me he was going to training that takes 1 1/2 hrs, in the meantime he would have someone working on the situation & once he was out of training he would call me back. HaHa that was a joke. He never called & when I would call and leave messages he wouldn't return them. No surprise to me @ this point. I finally realized they were giving me the run around. I had to call the main number & I would talk with a customer service agent Juan. He would tell me that the dispatcher Ben Wilson would call me once he finished with the 2 clients & this was @ 9:00 am. Another joke!!! I never received that call. I called the main # & Juan answered again. He told me that he was going to take control & that he would try for Sun or Mon. Another joke. I did finally receive a call from Tyler Thomas (not sure his title either) but he did say that it's set for Sat or Sun. Hurray but that came too soon. I should have waited because it changed again. on 9/27 a female called & said that my move was going to be 9/30 or 10/1. Okay. I still didn't get excited because they way this has been going I figured it wouldn't stay. I was right. I received a call from Juan (the customer service) stating that I was going to have to pay more money that they couldn't do the move for the price I was quoted. Really ? I could not believe what I was hearing. He said we will refund your $700 to you if that is what you want. I told him I have a binding contract that states my move is $2000. This company shows it a At. Here I am stuck trying to find a new company @ the last minute. I am leaving on Monday Oct 1 and they knew this all along. Every time I spoke with Juan, I reminded him. So now I am waiting to see if & when I get my $700 back. I told him I need that money to hire a new mover so I want it asap. He said it would take 1 - 3 days. With my experience that I have had with this company, I'm not holding my breath! IF ALL POSSIBLE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Save yourself from stress & heartache.

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