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First call Relocations has been providing the highest standards of packing and relocation services for over 24 years. We are a full-service moving and storage company that specializes in residential, commercial, intrastate and long distance relocation's. Our team of professional packers and movers are state certified with decades of experience. We have a wide range of vehicles and quality equipment for transport of your furniture and belongings. Whether you’re moving from an apartment, home or relocating your office space, First call Relocations has you covered. We want your move to be a stress-free success story!

Lies from the Beginning

James Lapham


Lies from the Beginning

This company initially tried to extort twice their quote upon arrival I ended up transporting 1/2 of my belongings and paid for expedited service which was not honored in contract - then they wanted Cash on arrival and told me that they were in a 73' truck and we would need to pay an additional $700 these transporters told me that all of this was their drivers - its obviously not it is contract - I have filed a formal complaint with the DOT and notified my Attorney - be warned this company will lie and give you any price to win the business and then extort more money - I still do not have my property and am worried about the security of my property. Look else where this company was contacted several times and never gave an ETA I had no word until the driver was in route - use another company..... Understand it has been discovered that many of the good comments on this company have been coming from the Same IP address according to an online investigation - I urge all who read this to judge why some one would bad mouth this company if there was not a problem - you judge for yourself....

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