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570 Mitchell Rd, Glendale Heights, Illinois 60139 USA

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About East Coast Moving and Storage

570 Mitchell Rd
Glendale Heights, Illinois

East Coast Moving And Storage is a Fully Licensed and Insured Nationwide Mover in Business for Over 25 years. We have the resources to cover all your relocation needs.

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I had a decent long distance move with East coast moving & storage two weeks ago. They are very professional. They were in and out of my apartment in 4 hours. Packed all the items neatly and carefully. Got rid of the extra things I did not want to take with me, and securely delivered all my belongings to me on time. They did not let me stress or feel pressurized. They got the job in time and without any damages. I highly recommended this moving company.



My move was effortless

They were very professional, on time, diligent and courteous. Cannot say enough about how well it went. Would defiantly use this company for any future move.



Number one

East coast moving and storage is the number one in this field. They are experts and they do know how to move you perfectly. My fiancé and I used them for our long distance move last month and they were splendid. The moving people came on time and they very quickly moved us out. The packing and moving was done with care and respect. All the antique furniture was nicely dealt with. There were no damages or scratches in the end. It was a simple and easy move thanks to them. We will need a moving company next year when we move back, we will call them again!



Great guys

The people at East coast moving and storage are great guys. Not only are they professional but they are also very friendly and humble. They moved me with a lot of care and respect. They always referred to me as SIR. They have nice uniforms which makes them even more professional. The team moved my belongings without any damages or scratches. They did not complain that the lift was not working on that day. They were very sincere and understanding. It was just a perfect moving experience. I highly recommend them to all.




They are very hardworking! I think everyone working there is hardworking and efficient. The foreman and his two helpers who came to my place to help were very skilled. They knew how to take out the furniture without damaging it. They even labeled all the boxes for me because I didn’t have the time to do it. They were very polite and caring. Moving with them was very easy. Whenever I need to move in the future, I will give East coast moving and storage a call.



So far the best

I have used many moving companies in my time because I need to move a lot because of the nature of my job. So I have used many moving companies! But so far East coast moving and storage is the best. They gave me a very good deal and they were very punctual which something I really liked about them was. They also did the packing very carefully and because of that none of my things were damaged. One last thing I want to add is that their pricing did not change in the end. And that is why I really liked them and I shall recommend them to all.



Great experience

I moved from FL to TX and it went so smooth! At first I was in a panic thinking it wasn't possible and then I found East Coast Moving with affordable prices and the time it took was impressive. I was think it would take over a week to get my things to my new house and it only took a little over 2 days and I didnt have to sleep on the air mattress any longer! Thanks again for your help and special Thanks to Steve such a gentleman!

Joel Gordon


Strong gentlemen

Very helpful, respectful movers that go out of their way to make sure a jobs done right. Thanks guys

David Korinsky


Made my move easy!

First of all I have to thank East Coast Move on their flawless execution, from initial scheduling to pickup and delivery, they were with me every step of the way. My move with East Coast came on short notice, yet their quality and expertise far surpassed my wishes and expectations. I had just gotten a new job in California but only had two weeks to be there and had no idea how I would be able to accomplish moving my family, household and myself in such a small time-frame. My moving coordinator, John was especially helpful in keeping my stress levels down as he gave me his word that they would be able to accomplish this with maximum precision, an agreement which he and East Coast definitely delivered on. I was given great tips on how our items and furniture should be packed, so what I thought would be entirely difficult was actually fairly easy thanks to this amazing moving company. I found staying in contact with John proved to be a valuable affair. I was quoted a much lower price than the two companies I previously contacted and saw some pretty good reviews on this company so of course I decided to use them as my valuables are very important to me, some of which belonged to my grandparents so the nostalgia I get from them (like grandma's old coffee table) were worth a lot more to me than their actual price. I put down a pretty small deposit and when moving day came John called me to ensure he alleviated any anxiety I was feeling (thanks John!) to keep things running smoothly. Once the moving guys loaded my things onto the truck I got my family together and we set off on our journey across the country to California. We arrived at our new residence in California just before our stuff got there so we could make sure all of our things were still in good condition (they were) as they came off the moving truck. Lo and behold, not one thing was broken which we could easily tell by the way the boxes still looked new and freshly packed as the movers unloaded the truck in an expeditious manner. I cannot say how pleased I was that none of grandma and grandpa's old things were broken or misplaced and as for all the other items, they were in A+ condition. I would definitely use East Coast Move again and recommend them to any friends or family that consult me on which moving company they should use to make sure everything gets from point A to point B, carefully. Thanks again John and East Coast Move for such a great moving experience. I start work on Monday, so wish me luck!

Debbie Cantu


They suck period

they didnt give me all my items and then tried to put the blame on me stating i should have went through all the items before they left,well how can you do that when they are im a hurry...they unloaded in a hour and they were gone..and the person i spoke to Wade was rude,non compassionate at all and continued to accept the blame,but put the blame on me..they charged us 4600 bucks to move us from Texas to New York,they think we are done with them once the job is over..wrong,we paid insurance and they will pay..already spoke to a your money people.

The Real Jason Blackley


Liars, cheats and scam artist

****DO NOT BELIEVE THE 5 STAR REVIEW USING MY NAME**** At least get the cities right, wow. I have my lawyer on that one. Little do they know they are trying to scam the wrong people. Lucky for my wife and I, we are well connected with South Florida law enforcement who have taken an aggressive approach to assure we will not be scammed further. From BSO sheriffs and Sargents, Broward County Detectives, Hallandale PD, FDLE, Inspector General, Lawyer and attorney friends, A very high powered Judge in South Florida, and the kicker which makes them extra stupid, my wife's father is in the Secret Service Miami Branch in the fraud and counterfeit department. How do you think that is going to end for you? Honestly. There is no need to write anymore because the same thing that has happened to all the 1 star reviews is happening to us now. Don't do like me and fall for the fake BBB rating page where they gave themselves an A+ ratings, scroll further down the page. Read all reviews sites on them, even facebook page comments. Do your homework and stay away. I'm in the logistics business, I know when jobs like this are brokered out which they claim to not do.
I got the old bait of a 6-7 day transit and it is now day 24 and it is still sitting in South Florida - Pembroke Park to be exact, with every excuse from, it'll be there at the beginning of next week, to it's in route but the truck broke down and needs to be fixed, but it will be an extra 3 days once it is fixed but we also don't know when it will be fixed to, the driver we had going there had a family tragedy and know we are looking for a new driver. So wait, were is our stuff? It's in a storage unit in Hallandale, FL. So it has never left FL this whole time? no it's safe at our storage. Man, good luck to them if any of our stuff is stolen or damaged, it'll get real ugly.

Jason Blackley


Great Company

I used East Coast moving begining of this month. I was very happy with the results. The service crew was amazing. My contact with customer service was good, I feel bad because I called 100 times out of nerves but everyone was polite. I had no issues they took great care of my belongings and will use this company if I have to move again. Major thanks to Mathew for the great rate!



I recommend them

These guys are truly the best. Although "Mike" didn't seem to speak English too well he was so sweet and handled my items with such care. I am recommending them to all my friends and family.

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