C and D Movers

55 E. Monroe Street, Suite 3800, Chicago, Illinois 60603 USA
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About C and D Movers

55 E. Monroe Street, Suite 3800
Chicago, Illinois

C & D Movers is one of the leading moving companies in Chicago. Our services are available throughout this sprawling metropolis, and can assist customers with all their moving needs, both large and small. Based on Monroe Street, we offer our services to customers from all over the city. C & D Movers was formed many years ago. We realized the many challenges that customers faced when they had to move houses. It was difficult for customers to find a decent place to stay during the few days that remained before they had to move. As a result, many people had to find temporary storage solutions for housing their belongings. Realizing the many problems that people faced, we decided to offer a complete one-stop moving solution. Today, C & D Movers is one of the leading companies that currently offers top-of-the-line moving services to clients from all over the city.

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Real person. Real experience.

Estimate - 3K Actual - 7K Delivery - No accurate date Short van paid for. Not communicated to delivery team. No refund. Table, bed, 2 lights, printer, TV - Broken - 3rd party claims process Worst ever




First, there are lots of iterations of C&D Movers/Moving and Storage online. Each appears to be located in a different region of the US. Turns out, they are all the same. And they are all horrible!
I booked a move from MD to IN. Pick up was over 8 hours later than scheduled, meaning that they didn't finish loading my items until after 10pm. Delivery time estimate was standard, though on the day of delivery I received a call saying that a check I provided at pick-up hadn't been processed through their system, so if I wanted my items I would have to pay an extra $600 (the amount of the unprocessed check) and then request reimbursement. My bank showed the check had been cashed successfully, but since the company's "system" didn't list it as processed, they refused to accept my bank's word. So last minute I had to beg and borrow an extra $600 to OVER-pay the delivery guy so that I could get my items. They then arrived over 5 hours later than scheduled to deliver my items, meaning that they didn't finish unloading the truck until nearly midnight. During the unloading, it was apparent that one of the delivery men was intoxicated. He kept mentioning needing to go back to the truck to get more liquid energy, would bring in one box at a time and then try to engage me in conversation for 5-10 minutes about his girlfriend. I (literally) had to hide in a bathroom to get him to focus on bringing my items in without stalling to chat. After he gave up trying to socialize with me, he continued to bring the remainder of my items in while talking on his cell phone to the aforementioned girlfriend. I noticed multiple items being brought inside upside-down or in damaged boxes. A clearly marked box of glassware was deposited indoors on end (over half of the glasses inside were broken). A small desk was completely destroyed (not just chipped, but the sides were physically torn off of the top). The leg of a side table was torn off. They tried to leave a child's tricycle at my new home, and when I pointed out that the item was not mine and must be from another load in the truck, they left the tricycle in my new neighbor's yard rather than putting it back into the truck. So some other customer is missing one of their items, as well. Upon following insurance claim protocol, I was eventually offered $30 for my damages provided that I not review them online ... well, they can keep their $30. I was eventually reimbursed the extra $600 for the over-payment due to their processing error. It's been a nightmare all around.

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