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3912 W. Mclean Ave Unit B, Chicago, Illinois 60647 USA

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About Best Price Moving and Storage

3912 W. Mclean Ave Unit B
Chicago, Illinois

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Best Price Moving & Storage understands how to take the hassle out of the relocation process. Our mission is simple. We create the most organized and professional moving service for our clients while providing them with excellent customer care. Located in Chicago, IL, Best Price Moving & Storage has the capabilities to service all long distance moves throughout the continental United States. We ensure the safety of your items through a meticulous inventory process, a well-trained staff, a variety of durable packing supplies, a fleet of trucks equipped with the best safety and tracking devices, and a highly secure storage facility. Best Price Moving and Storage observes only the highest standards in the moving industry. Specializing in long distance moves within the continental United States, we ensure that each move is handled with consideration and professionalism.

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Melissa Turner


Buyer Beware

This company checks off everything you should avoid when moving— they have played every scam trick in the book with us during our move and have been a nightmare. We chose them because they supposedly had a good standing with the BBB and have been accredited since 2015. However, their practices have added stress to an already stressful cross-country move.
Here’s the basic run-down of our experience with them:
1. Movers were rude and upon picking up stuff; condescending to us saying they’ve been moving for 18years when we asked basic questions about protocol rather than answering our questions
2. Company called and said they would arrive between 3-5pm, movers then showed up at 12:30pm and then tried to hurry us along as we were finishing up final packing
3. Driver insisted that we sign documents that were incorrect (delivery address was written wrong, items listed were triple the amount we had, box count was hyper inflated, etc)
4. Tried to charge us for supplies when we self packed, insisted on taping everything which was unnecessary so he could charge for tape; also did that with shrink wrapping unnecessary items and then tried to charge for it
5. Did not count boxes, other 2 moving guys were taking boxes away before they were even documented, we were still filling out paperwork
6. Tone and pressure of driver made us feel under duress and as though we had no choice to sign papers; I kept telling him I didn’t want to sign papers with incorrect information as it is a legal contract but he told me none of the information on there “really mattered”
7. Told us that at drop off we would have to pay cash to the driver and that credit cards were not an option in CA (we confirmed this is not true)
8. Driver informed us that the next driver could charge for taking our goods up stairs to our apartment when all along they have known we are on the second floor and were never told anything about extra charges for stairs in our bid or contract; driver said that anything over 12 stairs is game for being charged just depends on “whether the driver that day feels like being a dick”
9. Took our things and never followed up on an ETA for delivery
10. Finally, third party broker managed to get ahold of them after 10 days and weight came in at exactly 1000 lbs over the bid
11. Driver to SF claims he contacted us and left messages which is untrue as we have no record of calls or messages 2 days out
12. Set up time for a re-weigh in Oakland before delivery, told us to meet at 7am and was substantially late (we waited at the weigh station for over 2.5 hours)costing us time waiting and time taken off of work



Overall okay- but beware

Overall, had an okay experience with Best Price, but some things stand out that made it less than a stellar move.

First, I was moving from Chicago and the movers threw a fit when they showed up that they couldn't block one lane of the road in Chicago so they almost left until I begged and pleaded with them to stay since I was leaving the next day for my cross-country move to Denver. Even though they are a Chicago-based company, they acted like they had never moved someone out of the city and they were really ready to leave and not move me which was absurd. Luckily, I convinced them with my begging and pleading to park on Sheffield and stated that people would drive around their truck and there ended up being no issues during the entire time they packed and loaded me into their truck. How are you a Chicago based company and don't know that you can't fit your truck in the alley and you may have to block a lane? it happens on almost every Chicago street...

Once the packing got started,they were relatively quick which was nice. They weren't the most gentle people I've seen move items and it showed when a few pieces showed up and were damaged. None of the items were of huge value luckily, but disappointing to say the least.

I didn't choose this company, this company was chosen by the moving logistics company I used (Charter Van Lines) and I would never choose this company on my own. The estimate I received from the logistics moving company was about $2,500 less than what it ended up being so I assume that because it was two companies I was dealing with, that:
1. Both companies want to get paid so they charge more so both can make a profit
2. There is miscommunication between the money of how things are priced (i.e. cubic feet, weight, # of items, etc.)

If you have a choice, I recommend staying away from Best Price and Charter Van Lines (The logistics company) and use a company that quotes and moves themselves.

Jas Nair


Worst ever!!

I went room by room with sales rep and ended up shipping less than the original list, at the day of pickup it was 150% more than original estimate. The day after pick up they called up and asked for 1000$ more since they have to transfer truck !!estimate was 3 grant charged me 7200 asking for 1 grant more ! So if you have unlimited money go for them. Second, after shipping you talk to rude people in dispatch, always go to VM , never call back. It has been 7 days I have no clue where my stuff is. We are living with airbeds and disposable. Now they called and said may be a month!!I was told 4 days by sales guy! Stay away!

Ruth Muchiri


Worst movers

This is by far the worst service company I have heard of. They are extremely rude and have no sense of decency. Please, do not hire them, unless you are ready for headaches. They delivered my stuff after 21 days, the very last day on the scheduled window, from Chicago to Oregon. The delivery driver was a big joke. He came 4 hours later than He had scheduled, took an hour plus to transfer the furniture (single b/r furniture) to a uhaul and eventually claimed he could not fit everything...left some of the items on the parking lot and drove off. It took me and my friends just 10 minutes to rearrange his shody packing and everything fit. The driver was mad because i refused to pay $300 extra for them to deliver my suff to my apartment, as if i didnt pay for the service including delivery to the destination. Shame on you "best price movers". You are literally the worst in the business world. David Carter AKA sweet talker, know this, what goes around comes back are a lier and once you get the business, you wash off your hands and move on to the next victim....this guy will never talk to you once your items are picked up...
Pathetic company...DO NOT HIRE THIS have been warned

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