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449 Randy Rd, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 USA

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About American Home Relocation

449 Randy Rd
Carol Stream, Illinois

American Home Relocation specializes in reliable and timely nationwide moving services. From local and long distance moving to professional packing and even auto transport.

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Kaela Nagucki



Untrustworthy. Will change amounts due after signing contract. Unreliable shipping dates. Added fees (“only cash”) holding items hostage. Terrible customer service. Almost all reviews I’ve read have had many broken items and missing things. DO NOT USE

Kaela Nagucki



Untrustworthy. Will change amounts due after signing contract. Unreliable shipping dates. Added fees (“only cash”) holding items hostage. Terrible customer service. Almost all reviews I’ve read have had many broken items and missing things. DO NOT USE

Kaela Nagucki


Terrible Company

Do Not Use this company! I repeat DO NOT! They’re a scam, charge you more than their quote, unreliable shipping dates, charging fees (“only cash”) after they have furniture - holding items hostage. Not to mention the broken and missing items in every customer review and absolute terrible customer service. BEWARE!!!

Kaela Nagucki


Terrible Company

Do Not Use this company! I repeat DO NOT! They’re a scam, charge you more than their quote, unreliable shipping dates, charging fees (“only cash”) after they have furniture - holding items hostage. Not to mention the broken and missing items in every customer review and absolute terrible customer service. BEWARE!!!

Scott P


IN to CA. Worst Experience EVER!

Treated me and my belongings terribly! The price kept going up. They loaded the truck at pick-up and never sent the new weight, but demanded more money after they had my stuff! The manager at the relocation facility told me if I did not like the way he did his F-ing job, I could bring my white a** to Chicago and get my sh^^! I complained and got no response. They lost SEVERAL items from the truck and damaged many things beyond repair. Items that had been moved many times have been totally destroyed! The carved bedpost were removed and lost of my bed. Why would they remove them? Broken glass all over. They made me wait over a month for delivery because I needed a "weekend delivery" and then delivered it through the week! I have to pay $750 for one month of storage! When they delivered my shipment, the unloaded several items on the sidewalk and drove off without saying a word! These people lie, have horrible ethics and are careless and unworthy to handle people's possessions. We need a class action lawsuit for all of us who have lost goods. They STILL have not tried to settle and literally damaged over half my shipment!



Affordable rate

American Home Relocation provided a professional service at an affordable rate. I couldn't have asked for more. Other companies where trying to break my bank account just to move me from Florida to Ohio. Thank you American Home Relocation for complete satisfaction of my move and packing needs. I fully support this company and recommend them to everyone and anyone moving across street or across the country. Will be using your services again.



Excellent Service

I just used American home relocation to move a family member to Texas. They provided excellent service from beginning to end. You hear so many horror stories with moving companies and I have to say I was very skeptical. American home relocation proved me wrong. Their initial estimate was accurate and they did just as their sales person had promised. Their teams were professional and courteous. If I am ever in need of a mover again I wouldn't hesitate again and I would feel comfortable recommending anyone. Thank you so much American home relocation!!



Professional and knew what they were doing

I called American home relocation and someone came out and gave me an estimate. We made the deal, and they sent out boxes. A couple of days before the movers came, he came out again to firm everything up.

The movers showed up on time. In the packing and delivery the people were all very nice and helpful. They were careful with all my stuff. The only little problem was that I needed more boxes and the delivery got a little messed up. I had to call them for the boxes to actually come.

American home relocation was professional. They knew what they were doing and wrapped everything. They were very careful.

Jacob Farley



STOP AND READ!! I advise to never use this company! What a scam! Aside from all the spam 5-star reviews that are clearly fake accounts, they are outright crooks. They caught a warehouse employee stealing my 65” Flatscreen TV on camera while their warehouse manager was on medical leave. Dispatcher Jerry, Customer Service Michelle, and the delivery drivers assured me they would make things right and replace my TV. They assured me the warehouse manager was aware of this incident and several other flatscreen TVs that were stolen...on camera! I jumped through the hoops of filing a claim and they have the nerve to say $76 is fair for my $2500 tv. I hope karma serves American Home Relocation and every employee involved a swift justice. Apparently if you work for American Home Relocation you can steal whatever you want and get a slap on the wrist.

Do your research and steer clear of these guys or better yet just rent a U-Haul so you can get your belongings to your place on time and fully accounted for.

Lj Strong



I am pretty sure all the 5 star reviews of this company are FAKE. I found out that I had to move unexpectedly across country within two weeks. I went with American Home Relocation because they gave me the lowest quote ($1300). The rep (Kevin) told me that the movers would come within a two day time slot (February 2-3) and I would be called 24 hours in advance before the pick up. I had to call several times just to find out an exact time the movers were coming, I left several voicemails and was never called back. The movers called me TEN MINUTES before they arrived (thank goodness I was not far when they called). When I met the movers and had some conversation with them, they told me they were not employees of American Home Relocation, but rather contractors that had rented their own truck. In other words, THEY WERE NOT QUALIFIED MOVERS. In addition, when it was time to pay I found out the company was now charging me $1800. I asked the mover why I was being charged $400 more and he said that I needed to pay for gas etc., when I asked why that wasn't in my initial quote he said he didn't know. So now I was being charged a much larger sum unexpectedly. Fast forward- I moved out to Southern California from Illinois, and found a great apartment. I was called on February 9th, one week before my chosen drop off date and told that my stuff would be on a truck that Monday and would arrive the Saturday date, February 16th. I was told again that I would be called 24 hours before the truck arrived. Friday comes, no call. I called and left several voicemails. Saturday, no call. Sunday, no call. I left 5-6 voicemails, and received no call back. At this point I'm very upset, and I'm worried that I will have to take off work to receive my belonging, or that my belongings would never come. I finally get on the phone with someone (I can't remember her name) and she says that my belongings just got into a truck that past Sunday (February 17th) A WEEK LATE. I ask why it is getting on to a truck a week late, and I am met with a snarky response that she doesn't know why. When I ask her what day the movers will be in California, she also has no response to that because the company itself does not handle the drivers' drop off schedules and I will have to call the driver to verify the date of arrival. She gives me his phone number, no answer, and the voicemail box is full. I call again the next day, no answer, voicemail box is full. The weekend comes, and I'm highly upset because I have been living in California with only one suitcase of clothes, no furniture, no kitchen supplies for three weeks. I finally receive a call on the Saturday (February 23rd), and the driver says he will MAYBE be able to able to make it the next day, but will most likely come on Monday. I tell him that I need him to come on Sunday, because I need to work on Monday, he gives me attitude and says he won't come after 3 pm on Sunday so it'll depend on how fast the first drop off will be. I was lucky enough that his first drop off did go quickly and I received my belongings that Sunday (February 24th). In addition, most of my furniture was damaged due to poor packaging.

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. They are merely brokers that contract jobs to unqualified movers. They are uncommunicative, rude, and unhelpful. I moved cross country in a very short period of time and I was hoping that hiring movers (rather than renting a u-haul) would be less stressful on me while I focused on starting a new, high demanding job, and starting a new life away from family and friends. This company did nothing but add stress to my move. In hindsight, I think I am lucky that my belongings made it out to California within a month, had I not called several times, and made several complaints, I think it would have taken longer. American Home Relocation is an outrageous, deceitful company that does not care about its customers. Find a more reputable company or move your belongings yourself!

Linda Kane


Interstate move from OH to AZ

WARNING! Check OUT EVERYTHING about this company on as many sites as possible including and the BBB Chicago area (F RATING and ALERT issued due to # of complaints). This company is a long distance BROKER. Their website talks about “our” movers, etc., and has a photo of an AHR truck, which I don’t think exists (DOT states they have 1 TRUCK). Website claims they are based in GA, but they are incorporated in IL. Somehow affiliated with Moving Services Group LLC in GA - “customer service”, etc. located there. Issues: 1. Doubled their quote after load picked up- claiming overload. Their paperwork indicated it was 9 lbs. under - the driver who picked up the load also called me the next day with the weight. There was no way that the load weighed as much as claimed. Then demanded full payment before they would even schedule delivery (not remainder due ON delivery as the Binding Estimate we signed states).Had to complete and notarize 4 forms for them to accept my credit card. 2. No communication/liars: they are brokers (without a brokers license). They took my items to a warehouse in IL - never told me it was going into storage. I assumed when they (2 guys from GA) picked up the load in a small box truck (no identification on it), they were taking it to load onto a bigger truck going to AZ. The delivery date was, as requested, 11/2-3. I was told up until that date, that items were in transit. On 11/2, while driving to AZ , I was first informed they did not receive payment and won't schedule until it is received. They later "discovered " payment was received but delivery won't be for another 7-21 business days from 11/2. Rudest and most inept operation- no return messages/calls. I found out about the delivery date before they did! 3. Delivery: There was only one guy on the truck so my son had to help unload. Missing 6 out of 24 boxes (and one was left behind at my house). AHR, or their cohorts out of GA, picked up the load on 10/20/18 and a third party, 495 Movers, delivered on 11/16/18. I informed Jerry Whaley (678-471-4581) who is the Principal/Dispatcher- immediately that the boxes were missing. First told me all boxes were accounted for and loaded on truck. After practically begging him to look in warehouse, he called back to say that he had them (5 or 6) and that we "HAVE HIS WORD" that he will get them to AZ, "no charge." We waited to hear from him but I had to contact him every time for any updates. He used excuses that he couldn't find a truck going to that part of AZ. Then, he couldn't find a truck going to AZ at all, although they claimed AZ is their most popular destination ( per emails with quote). To make a long story short (yes there is more), months passed and still no boxes. In early January and 2 weeks later, I texted Whaley and told him to return them to me in OH. No response. We decided last week to go to Chicago (700 mi round trip) and get the boxes ourselves. He was all game for that! We went to the warehouse on W48th
Place in Chicago and got the 4 remaining boxes. He refused to reimburse us for our travel expenses or the cost to ship to AZ ourselves. AHR was formed in Oct. 2017 but the number of complaints far exceed what you would expect from a legitimate business! DOT and IL Atty General notified.



my moving experience

when my company decided to move me and my family and we hade to quickly find a mover that will get the job done in the way I wanted. the American home relocation were u the one we want with. before we found American home relocation, we had contacted several moving companies who either could not accommodate us in a timely manner, did not respond to our calls, or took a few days to reply. American home relocation gave us an accurate estimate and we were able to book them within a few days. the 3 man crew showed up on time and were very professional. there were extra charges for packing and they did a great job protecting our furniture from damage. since our neighbor was also moving same location American home relocation made it easy for us to book them together to pack and move both our houses and relocate us our new home in California. the move was successful just as I wanted to and customer service kept us informed all the way to the delivery we got delivered in 7 days the delivery crew was amazing.
thank you guys for a great experience I will definitely recommend to our family and friends.



professional movers

This went great. From the very start to the very end. I am just going to let everyone I know how great they are and how professional they are. Thanks American home relocation!!!



I had a unique experience

My move with American home relocation was unique and I mean it in a very good way. They moved me a couple of weeks back and did a great job! I had very little time in hand and no one could move me under such short notice. But this moving company was the one who agreed to move me and not only just that, their rates were very low too! On the day of the move, a foreman and his team came on time and helped me with the packing and moving. They really did a good job! They handled all the furniture’s professionally and did not damage anything. They delivered exactly on time which was my 1st priority. Thanks once again!

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