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6075 Atlantic Blvd. Suite C-1, Norcross, Georgia 30071 USA

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About US Express Relocation

6075 Atlantic Blvd. Suite C-1
Norcross, Georgia

It is our top priority to keep you informed of every step we take, responding promptly to your needs. Our dedicated staff of professionals makes certain that you have an excellent experience from start to finish.

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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU HIRE THESE CROOKS!! If I could give them a -10 rating I would. I never write reviews, but if this makes ONE person think twice before hiring them, it's worth the time to write. These people are total crooks. One, John, gives you a really low, super price after you tell him the size unit & how much stuff you have... you think you've done an amazing job finding someone who's going to take care of your stuff & is giving you a great deal on it, ... then comes the next guy, Merritt, he met us at the storage facility and here it comes, he says he can only load HALF of the stuff because it's more than you said you had .. which is a TOTAL LIE. So now, we're in too deep, we need our stuff moved, we have deadlines, etc, so we say, OK, how much will it be to get ALL of the stuff in the unit (he's at the unit), from Atlanta to Portland... he says $700 more money ... we say OK, done. We don't like it, but need the belongings, basically have no choice. Trip to Portland was planned with the date of belongings arrival in mind .... get there, no stuff.. call & get told the truck won't be there for 10 or more days!! OMG. They said this was in the paperwork ... maybe it was but it was NOT discussed when the DATE WAS DISCUSSED. It gets worse. Prior to arrival, an email arrives that it will be an ADDITIONAL $ that had to be paid BEFORE the belongings would be delivered!!! THEY HOLD YOUR BELONGINGS FOR RANSOM!! The total paid was $2000 OVER the beginning agreed upon price.... and here's more ... MOST OF MY STUFF WAS BROKEN & DAMAGED! Sentimental items that have been handed down to several generations, just gone. The owner BEN is the WORST CROOK OF ALL!!! Many conversations, emails, texts, he is a complete liar. Do yourself a HUGE favor and find a legit moving company and don't give these people any of your money.

Nathan Fish


My worst experience

I have made a wrong decision when I haired this company.they conduct their business by ripping off customers. Specially if you are foreigners pls don't deal with this guys they will take advantage of u like they did to me...don't not trust their fake quotes at the end u will ended up paying double, they are very disrespectful even on the phone"Ben" is the worst one and I would not recommend this guys because their racist act and greediness...avoid them even they gave u a cheap quotes it's not true they have so many hidden fees u would not know till they have ure stuff....and the guys who load ure items would negotiate with you which is another scum..don't do it

Ahmaad Dent


Moving Review

I hate to write reviews, and it’s very rare that I do in fact; however, I’ve been waiting on my furniture since August 10th when I moved out of Atlanta, GA to New Jersey. I had an agreement that I would ONLY be able to receive my stuff on the weekend due to my work schedule at the time. US Express asked if they could deliver my stuff to New Jersey the following Wednesday after they were ‘completing a job in Virginia’, I subsequently responded saying that I can only do Saturday/Sunday and they mentioned that it will be unlikely because they were doing a job in Vermont during that time. A few weeks had gone by and I still hadn’t heard from US Express, so I decided to call them and ask if I can change my address to my apartment in New York (this was August 29th) since the only reason I wanted my stuff delivered to New Jersey was so that it can be held in storage until moving into my apartment on September 1st. After calling one of the “delivery guys” named Sean, he said that he was busy and would return my call afterwards. It was Tuesday September 3rd and I hadn’t heard from him since Thursday August 29th, and I’ve been getting the complete run around. Currently my valuables (e.g., clothing, bed set, books, etc.) are being held hostage – they wanted to charge me an additional $800 to change my address from Millburn, NJ to my place in Manhattan (roughly 35 mins away) to cover storage, which is absolutely baffling as they were the one’s who couldn’t deliver my stuff due to their schedule. The unprofessionalism I’ve experienced using their service has been absolutely egregious and I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy. They’ve had my stuff since August 10th and I’m currently sleeping on the floor because I have no furniture nor any other belongings. I asked Jessica, one of the workers who answered over the phone, to email me the paperwork and receipt that I had signed on August 10th, and she mentioned that she doesn’t have it and that she would reach out the delivery guys who packed my stuff since they have it, which is another sign that this place operates with an unmatched level of disorganization and unprofessionalism. Lastly, they wanted a $200 deposit the form of a credit card payment, the first half of the payment in cash, or a 10% extra fee for using credit (obviously this disincentives one to pay with card), and the last half could ONLY be paid in cash once the delivery is completed (huge red flag!!).

Update: I received my stuff after paying the balance on the receipt following at 2 hours of arguing with the delivery guy. There’s no way I was paying an additional arbitrarily determined amount of $800 on top of my ~$600 balance. I received my belongings and they had broken my bed frame (the wood was split) and my dresser mirror was shattered! You get what you pay for, the reviews don’t like. I wish I would’ve looked before they contacted me like sharks after I did a moving quote online.



Truly amazing

I used US Express relocation for a move and my move was not easy. They had to move all my furniture using the stair ways from the 4th floor which was never going to be easy. But these guys knew the trick. They moved everything very carefully and also completed the task within the schedule. I was really impressed because they were so skillful that nothing was damaged at all! Not a single scratch!! They have showed how to act professionally and how to deal with peoples valuables. Thanks a lot guys for the great effort.




I wanted to thank you all at US Express Relocation. You made out holiday season stress free. We are a family that has moved a few times in our life and we dread it every time. In the past we used the biggest names in the moving business and spent thousands of unnecessary dollars. This company did a great job and they did it fast. We got our delivery with 10 days. I know u had to annoy my sales representative with all my questions but he was so polite and helped me every time. Coming from experienced movers we would absolutely recommend them. They went above and beyond for us. Not one single complaint

Ipsita Dandapath


Delivery from Atlanta to Orlando

The service was amazing.We moved from Atlanta to Florida, and the delivery people were very efficient.we received our things on time and in good condition.



Good moving company

I Moved from Atlanta to Nashville and chose US Express Relocation for my move. They were on time for pick up and delivery. The Driver wasvery patient with me as I was late to receive delivery of my belonging.They will charge you $75 if they have to take and elevator and if they have to do what they call a "long carry" from the location of the truck that's an additional 75.
Just read the fine print and you should be OK.



Smooth sailing

We were very pleased with the moving company - they worked with us to make a change in date work and we received the items quickly and the move in of the items went extremely smoothly. The person who unloaded the truck was very accommodating and pleasant!

Holly Jackson Sullivan


Knoxville to Fayetteville

Now my daughter is being repeatedly harassed via her phone by John the owner/dispatcher saying that he will sue her/us if our review is not removed within 24 hours. Good luck with that John. The review was 100% accurate. You can't change the terms once you have someone's stuff and disrespecting women and wives of our military is not a good business practice.



Moving Us express company

John N Ben with no last names . No proper ids from movers. Give you one quote and raising the price from $3000 to $6000.
Plus will hack your account and take more money out unauthorized. Lie and not professional and will not return calls or emails. I tried and they don't existent.
They say they return monies and don't Plus damage to property.

Holly Jackson Sullivan


Totally disrespectful Company

Company agreed to a delivery time and date and then demanded the date be changed after items were on the truck and out of town. John was extremely rude and said this is how he runs his business. Never use this company they are awful!

Kay W


Beware! Deceptive Moving Policy: No Firm delivery dates

Beware when you hire US Express Relocation services. I hired them to move over the weekend after Thanksgiving. I know that it was a holiday weekend, so before I booked the company, I asked several people, including the owner, if they would be open and willing to move my furniture the weekend after Thanksgiving. The owner, John, assured me that they would be able to move my furniture.

Well, I received a call and was asked to change my moving date to Sunday, November 19th. Luckily, I was able to change the date. The movers picked up my furniture on November 19th, and I was told that my furniture would be delivered the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Long story short, I didn’t get my furniture until December 1st. I was livid. I was not contacted nor notified of my delayed delivery date. I kept calling everyday for an update. After my furniture was picked up on November 19th, I was never given a firm delivery date. They changed my delivery date three times. My total balance due was nea

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