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457 Nathen Dean Blvd, Dallas, Georgia 30132 USA

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About Social Moving Group

457 Nathen Dean Blvd
Dallas, Georgia

Social Moving Group stands at the forefront of hassle-free moving. Our network of friendly staff and professionals is dedicated to a moving revolution involving the intervention of technology and planet-conscious resources, designed to make your moving experience as peaceful as possible. At SMG, we believe in no-nonsense, upfront pricing, compassionate involvement, and efficiency-driven equipment. To demonstrate this, you will receive a flat/Binding cost for your move, dedicated representative(s) to guide you through your experience, and green-friendly equipment to welcome you aboard!

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This company originally is called Social Moving Group and they have renamed themselved to US Express
Relocation to escape the ghost of their bad reviews and C- Better Business Bureau Rating. Before hiring
them, do yourself a favor and check their Better Business Bureau page in the link below. You can verify
what I am saying by looking at the "Alternate Business Names" in the bottom left section.

Basically the reason you should not hire this company is they will break your furniture, charge you hidden fees, embarass you infront of your neighbors,
twist your arm when your furniture is held hostage, charge you for things they did not do and/or refused to do, and only inform you
of a change in delivery or pick up after the delivery is due. In a simple bullet list here is a break down of what happened with me

0. They charge you hidden fees that they only inform you about when your furniture is in the truck. In addition, they make you sign papers that states that
they are not liable if some types of your furniture brakes. You will never hear anything about those papers until you have paid the deposit and your furniture
is in the truck.

1. They lie/change the truth. John claimed to be the owner of the company. Actually he is not. He has little to no power over the movers. In fact, the mover told me he is only a "sales guy". Other
examples are throughout this list.

2. They changed the delivery schedule without informing me of the changes. The driver did not respond to my text when I asked him what time he will be coming
the night before. I only found out of the change by the end of the delivery time window. As a result, I had to incur an extra night of hotel and leave a day
earlier. In addition, I had to hire last minute movers to do a part of the job. The last minute movers were really expensive.

3. They threatened to throw my furniture on the ground when I contacted them with a legitimate billing concern. There was an error in the original bill they
gave me. In addition, due to what happened in 2, they didn't do all of the job. The owner (Ben) who was the only supervisor I could talk to (since the truck driver said he only listens to "Ben" and
that the other person I made the deal with "John" was only a "sales guy") would not pick up the phone when I contacted him with billing concerns. When he finally picked up the phone instead of
either explaining to me why my concerns are wrong or adressing my concerns, he screamed at me over the phone and threatened to throw my furniture on the ground.

4. They broke my furniture. I moved about less than 25 items. In a move from Atlanta to North Carolina, they broke 5 (2 floor lamps, coffee table, bookshelf, dented dryer). In other words,
they broke 20% of the items they moved. Instead of starting my new job with a peace of mind, I have to look for replacement furniture and carry it up myself.
Please see pictures attached to this review. (The driver paid me compensation "out of his pocket" much less than what I had paid to move the items let alone how much they cost.)

First they accused me of lying and that the items were broken from before. They asked me for picture proof from items from before.

Then they said its my fault for not buying a box that was not recommended to me. See proof:

5. They are not clean. All over my original location they have left tapes and trash in their path. I had to clean up after them not to be fined by property management.

6. They are bullies. I was yelled at infront of my new neighbors. In addition, at my original location they sent three movers. One of them was not very skilled
in speaking English. Josh was bullying that mover who could not speak English and kept yelling at him in my apartment. At one point the third mover had to
speak to Josh to ease up on that mover.

7. They would not do the job. I had to argue with them to move items that were in the inventory and I was charged for. When they broke some of those items, they
told me its my fault for not adding those items to the inventory (again those items were in the inventory). I had to go around calling three different
people to have them do the job. It was clear they did not want to do the job and were "angry" with John for giving me a price so cheap. The made sure
to mention that a couple of times. The price John gave me was not cheap, in fact I have gotten other quotes that were about 20% cheaper. I still chose them
because I thought there is an advantage to speaking directly with John who I thought he was the owner of the company. Turns out he was just bluffing (as the
mover claims.)

8. When I confronted the mover about my broken items he claimed that they were already like that before. He insisted I need a picture to prove it was not
like that before. After I told him I am going to go after them, he told me its my fault for not adding those items to the inventory list (those items were in the list).

9. They overwork their movers and juice the most money out of them. I feel bad for the movers. They are tasked with more than they can do, but the mover
is the only one I could talk to since he handles paper work and moves at the same time.

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