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2112 S. Congress Ave, Palm Springs, Florida 33463 USA
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About Value Van Lines

2112 S. Congress Ave
Palm Springs, Florida

We understand the anxiety, the stress, and the uncertainty that accompany relocation. Putting your entire life in the back of a truck and trusting strangers to get it all to your new home on time and in one piece is far from comfortable . At Value Van Lines, we understand. Which is why we have gone above and beyond with a 24 hour customer service line. You can call us at 3:00 AM and we will be there to answer any questions you may have.

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Sharon Danzig


Value Van Lines are a SCAM

Sep 13, 2018 and 10/19/2019
Interstate move from Illinois to California
BEWARE!!! Do not use Value Van Lines. We recently retired and were moving our household goods from suburban Chicago, IL to San Diego, CA. We searched for a moving company and settled on Value Van Lines, feeling comfortable with the people we were dealing with, the quoted price, and the reviews. They picked up our shipment on July 23, 2018 and, as of today, September 13, 2018 we have not received our household goods. Here are the facts:
*They do not answer their phones, respond to voice mail, and rarely respond to emails. Their website says that their customer service number is answered 24/7 and even at 3 in the morning someone will answer. That is an absolute falsehood. They rarely answer that number.
*They give you delivery time lines, which are never met. We were given 4 different delivery time frames, none of which have been met, with the latest being Wednesday, September 12th. We were told on 9/10 that Sherman was on his way to San Diego with our shipment and will be there by 9/12. That didn’t happen. And now total communication blackout.
*While Mike, Customer Service Manager, has apologized, they make no effort to let us know where our goods are located and communication is very poor.
*The Driver, Sherman with E&S Moving Systems LLC, does not answer calls or respond to voice or text messages. The one time he did text back he said that the office set his schedule and to contact them. The office blames Sherman, Sherman blames the office, and no one takes responsibility.
*No one can tell us where Sherman is, where the truck is, or where are household goods are located. All we were told is that Sherman got behind in his deliveries.
*We had to pay the entire move upfront, since it was being delivered to a storage facility. All payments had to be in cash and the deposits were direct debits to our bank account.
We were told that we would receive a refund if the actual weight was less than the estimated weight. The actual weight was less resulting in a cash overpayment of $334. Seven weeks later we still have not received a refund.
*We were told that if the shipment does not arrive in 21 business day that we would receive a refund of the deposit. The 21st business day was August 20, and we still have no answer about the refund of $2,931.39.
The Saga continues….10/19
Rude. Unresponsive. Liars. We have not received our goods yet. Picked up July 23 and placed in a storage unit 45 minutes from our house and left there. Value Van lines told us if we could get the storage unit turned from the rogue driver to us they would get our stuff picked up. Even told us that they had another company there to pick up and the rogue driver would not turn over. Another lie. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. We are out $7499 and are now having to pay a reputable company to pick our goods up and bring them to us from Chicago to San Diego. THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE!!! Additionally the storage unit was not paid for the 3 months and Tasha (the rudest) at Value Van lines said "Well you guys just need to pay it" SURE!!! Value has $3,000 of our money for the service of passing us off to the rogue driver (who has $4499 of our money) but we should pay the storage (oh yea, we didn't want our stuff in storage we wanted it delivered as contracted). Read the reviews. I think we all should ban together and go after Value Van Lines and their dishonest practices. But...they will probably just change their name AGAIN and begin ripping people off under another moniker. On a positive note, Mike is trying to be a great advocate, if another reputable company is looking for a great CS manager call Mike.

Phillip Williams


Thank you so much guys

I was really impressed with their willingness to work with my unique situations. After the movers didn't show I was able to get a representative on the phone at 10pm....i was on a truck and on my way the next day. Thanks so much you guys!!

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