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2700 W Atlantic Blvd Suite 208, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069 USA

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About United American Moving

2700 W Atlantic Blvd Suite 208
Pompano Beach, Florida

With over 10 years of experience in the industry we take pride in our work. We are family owned and operated, reliable, experienced people whom you can trust with your most cherished belongings. Many moving companies will tell you the price you want to hear over the phone. Then on the day of the move, that price has drastically increased. Don't be a victim of these practices. Starting with a full and complete inventory of your belongings, we will give you an accurate, and Binding Estimate. Remember, cheaper is not always better when it comes to your valued items. ​We are fully insured, and only work with the best in the business. We take the time to disassemble, wrap, and load your items with pride and quality.

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United American Moving

I was working with this company for 2 months and it was the worst month of my life! I will never try again to hire this company for the move. They will just take your money and forget about your delivery.
They will tell you that you will have your delivery in the few days, but then they will just take more and more money until they will understand that you don`t have any more money and will deliver your belongings all broken and damaged and will block you everywhere just not receive calls from you.
Never will recommend this company, don`t hire them!

Steve Replogle


Find another company

This company gave me a quote for moving from Portland OR to LA. They went lower on the price since I said I would be packing everything myself. A week before our move they called to go over everything I was packing, they said my boxes were slightly too big to be considered small boxes and would have to be counted as medium boxes. Apparently the person who gave me my first quote went light on all the measurements I gave him because my new quote was 1,300$ higher than my original. This is one week before I moved remember, not a lot of time to find new movers.

They assured me it was an over estimate and that any space I didn’t use would be refunded to me.

The day of the move the movers show up. It’s a different company than they said it would be so I had to get another check with the right name. When I asked about refunds for unused space the mover said “well we aren’t going to charge you any more than the quote” but acted like they did not give refunds for unused space. This is before any of the stuff is even on the truck.

I also got three seperate moving quotes from three seperate people.
1st person with the first quote said 2-4 days tops
2nd said 3-5 days
The movers said 5-10 days.

Total time ended up being 6 days. Then on arrival I was told that my apartment was too far from their parking spot so I got a 75$ fee. I had already gotten the money order ready so I had to run out to an ATM and get the money for the new fee.

The movers were the only ones who I felt like were being honest.

Do not hire this company.



Amazing company

I’m very pleased with my experience using this moving company. They were extremely helpful and also very careful with my belongings. Moving is a very stressful event and these guys definitely made things so much easier for me, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company.

Richard Goldstein



Have been waiting for my furniture for 3 WEEKS. Have been lied to , BULLSHITTED, what a ripoff operation. Told everything would be at final destination in 10-12 days. In my life , I have been scammed, lied to, cheated & stolen from , well United American Moving , YOU ARE THE BLUE RIBBON WINNERS !!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER & DELIVER MY FURNITURE !! MY ATTORNEYS PHONE NUMBER IS 1-800-SUE THE BASTARD, ask for Robert.




These people are Brokers. Sent a company that wanted to add $3,850 to my already $2,225 estimate. They wanted cash to boot at pick up. Bait and Switch. SCAM I recommend calling DOT and N ew York attorney general before you say yes. I called the broker they put me on hold for 30 minutes leading me to believe that they were calling the dispatch of the moving company, which they never did. And now they won't answer my calls! And the movers got in the truck and left once they realized who I was calling (DOT and NYS Attorney General's office).



Whatever you do, DO NOT, use this company to move!!!!!

They're a complete SCAM and should not be in business! Here are just a few painful points we encountered with these con artists:
-the price changed from original quote for $2,600 upon singing the contract to $5,900 upon pickup.
- the delivery timeframe changed from 7-10 days from the pick up date upon signing up to the 25 days from the first available delivery date upon their vendor movers showed up to pick up our stuff (btw... it's been over 31 days already and our stuff still isn't here).
- numerous calls to their customers service to hear the same answer "we're sorry, there's nothing we can do, your stuff is still in Seattle, WA (where it was picked up from) but the driver is assigned to the moving truck". As it's supposed to make us feel better??!!??...

Bottom line... you will feel frustrated, helpless and lied to; so save yourself sanity and money- go with someone else rather than these scammers.

Amoldeep Kainth



FRAUD, MISLEADING, RUDE !!! I have never ever written a bad review for anything but they were horrible. Many things went wrong when I moved with these guys (I will not call them a "company" because that term have some dignity and these people don't). These are just brokers who play in between game with you and the actual moving company.
1. The guy on the phone (Archie) lied to me about the estimate to get my contract. On the basis of my inventory, he made an estimate of around $1800 with some verbal drama of saying that he has added space for little more. The actual cost that I had to pay, on the basis of my exact (I mean EXACT) original inventory, was around $2500.
2. I clearly told Archie that my destination neighborhood may not accommodate large his usual misleading way, he said it won’t be a problem as my stuff is not that much and a smaller truck will be used. Guess what !! the moving company brought a large truck and I had to pay $250 extra (total around $2800 instead of $1800 that were told to me).
3. Archie told me that my stuff will take around 3 days to transfer. So, I booked my air tickets according to that. The stuff took 5-6 days and my family had to live without anything.
4. If you try to call Archie after you have signed the contract, the customer service will intervene and will be thoroughly rude to you.
5. They had no clue about the pick-up date and time as well delivery date and time until the actual day when it happened.
After I signed the contract, I got a slightly better offer from another company (in less than an hour). I stuck with them to honor my deal even though I could have legally cancelled the contract. I guess they are not deserving of the honorable deals.

So, if you want your peace of mind to be obliterated while moving, end up paying way more than what you are told and be deceived by a group of individuals, this is the right choice for you. I am a student and have a tight budget and schedule. I really wished I had time and resources to sue them. Please stay away from them even if it means paying little extra to another company.

Lucy Marcheschi


Awful. the worst. Don't do it. if I could rate -10 I would

Hired this company to move from Ohio to Michigan. *Initial phone process was professional and seamless.

Day before the move ( Sunday evening ) we got confirmation of arrival time from an individual very hard to understand. Unbeknownst to me ,United American had subcontracted with :Direct Movers, 3221 Bergline Ave, 2nd floor, suite Z, Union City , NJ 07087

Moving day, they arrived on time , in a UHAUL truck. Foreign speaking gentleman , he had no prepared paperwork. He came into my home, announced : "this is not much of anything to move, this is nothing, I thought I was going to have work to do?".
He then asked to sit on my sofa, looked around ,sized up my space and belongings and told me there would be additional charges . He attempted to have me sign blank invoices as I filled out the paperwork with pertinent move information. He continued to try to tell me the estimate was inaccurate and if I did not pay his additional $ 500 ,the scheduled 4 hour drive to Lansing would take 2 days. When I told him to leave, his services were not needed, he told me he had to call his superior. I suggested he put his supervisor on speaker phone and "we" could discuss. he exited to speak outside by his UHAUL. after 20 minutes, he agreed to the price I was expecting. He then requested that he be paid the remaining balance with a cashiers check upon delivery in Lansing. I had been told half of remaining balance was due on pick up and half on delivery,personal check and money order were acceptable forms of payment . When I asked who the check should be made out to, he suggested leaving it blank. I declined that option and he suggested making payment in cash. Again , I declined. He finally said Direct Movers.

Upon arrival in Lansing, he tried to get an additional $75 for each flight of stairs from my son . My son refused . These are dishonest and untrustworthy people
This was an unacceptable experience. I did not know my job was going to be subcontracted . I do not recommend working with either of these companies , ever.

Ellen Matics


NEVER again will I deal with this company

It's not even done yet. I cannot even believe how long this is taking. NEVER again will I deal with this company. 7-21 days to drive across the country?? Really. One month in storage before its shipped. Really. HORRIBLE customer service. I can't even remember how many times I have called with a promise of a call back. THEY NEVER CALL BACK. My granddaughter has been sleeping on an air mattress for over a month waiting and waiting and waiting. She is still waiting. I hope this isn't a scam.

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