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2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406 USA

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About Trinity Relocation Group

2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd
West Palm Beach, Florida

Trinity Relocation Group is a fully licensed and bonded. We are also licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended moving companies, we can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of our customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. We represent a high volume of customers and the moving companies that we recommend will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. Whether you book a move directly through us or hire our services as a broker, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

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Janice Fiaschetti


Nightmare move and handicap women left in dangerous situation.

The day of the move changed twice within 3 days, the time changed twice within a 24 hour period,the second change notification coming an hour AFTER they were suppose to arrive. From the beginning I explained that my mother was in a wheelchair, had diabetes and was 87 years old so it was not easy for her to stay in a hotel. The movers were supposed to arrive by 8AM,ended up not arriving unit 4:30 PM.When they arrived they were from I&A Moving and storage and rec'd a call from them stating that I need to pay MORE THEN DOUBLE, (over $6800,compared to the Trinity quote of $3150).I told the I&A I had a contract w Trinity and the move would not exceed $3150.The mover told me that my contract with Trinity has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, and that Trinity and other brokers purposely low ball quotes,get people to sign and give them a deposit knowing people are in vulnerable position the day of the move; pressed for time and stressed and then get the customers to pay significantly more. Deplorable!!! I spent 3 hours calling every Trinity person I spoke with as well as the I & A moving company dispatcher and driver.Trinity claimed to have called the dispatcher for I & A and said that I & A was adjusting their price to the $3150 and I would hear back from the driver shortly. An hour later still no call. I called the driver who said they are NOT adjusting their price.It had gotten so bad I told I & A to leave and I would go in another direction. It was only then I & A agreed to negotiate. If it wasn't for mother, stressed beyond safety&what I would have had to deal with if the move was delayed,including a delayed closing I would not have nego. Long story short,the price was nego down to $4000 plus the $1357 I had given Trinity. The total, at this point was $5357,more then $2200 over the original quote. I would deal with this after the move.
The mover then told me that my mother needed to sign a document. I explained to my mother that the mover would be writing up a new agreement for $4000 that she needed to sign. I was worried because she gets confused but thought this was clear enough. I found out later that the mover never revised the number and had her sign the agreement reflecting a $6800(plus the 1357 already paid to Trinity)and told her this is what I wanted her to sign.How low can you go.

The movers did not finish as promised so my mother had to spend another unexpected,unprepared night in this home.When she woke up the next morning she, AGAIN IN A WHEEL CHAIR, COULD NOT GET OUT OF HER BEDROOM.The movers left no path for her the kitchen,and SHE IS DIABETIC SO MUST EAT PARTICULARLY IN THE MORNING, OR to ANY EXITS PUTTING HER IN A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION. I immediately contacted the driver who said he'd be right over, was 40 minutes away. 1 1/2 hrs later they showed up and then AGAIN, ASKED FOR MORE MONEY. Again long story short I ended up paying $4200 to the mover plus $1357 to Trinity; TOTAL $5557, more then $2400 over what I was quoted.
On the destination end;The 2 men who loaded the truck were not the same as those who unloaded. This was a problem because they didn’t could not put back together some of the pieces of furniture.They also tried to charge more AGAIN:My contract w Trinity stated there was no additional charges up to 75 feet.I & A again said the contract with Trinity meant NOTHING TO THEM.Bolts, plates, and other screws etc were missing so some items: back board to the bed, a triple mirror on a dresser could not be put together.Packing material was left on some of the larger pieces.Damage to a picture,end table & a couple of other smaller items. Not only paying more then $2400 then I was quoted by Trinity,the items in this load did not take up even 1/2 of a Penske 29 ft truck.Be so careful who you use;DO NOT USE BROKERS and be sure the moving company comes out to see your job. We are pursuing legal action and hope to be able to get the $2400 back but am researching the laws in this regard.

Kendra Sands



I have done several cross country moves and have never had such a terrible move experience. If I could have given them zero stars I would have. I was completely mislead from the very beginning. My estimate increased by over 25% and I was given a completely inaccurate estimate on what it would cost to store my goods. I was told $300 per month and when it came time to pay my bill I was billed for $700 per month. At that point I was forced to pay because it was the day the storage fee was due and they had my things. In addition, Trinity completed misrepresented who they were and their service. I was told I was booking a direct move and after the fact I found out they are a broker. They had forwarded my move to another company that was rude, terrible to work with, and would not return my calls. When I received final delivery of goods I had damages totaling over $4000. My total move was $6700. When I went to submit a claim I was told that they would only protect my goods for up to 60 cents per pound. Based on the submitted damaged goods I was then only eligible for AT MOST $168 in insurance claims for goods worth over $3500. I am surprised this company received so many positive reviews. Pls save yourself the money, stress, and time by booking a direct move on your own. In retrospect I would have never used them and moved myself.

Thomas Healey


Please, please, please do not use this company!

DO NOT USE this company! They are a broker. They will broker your job to a smaller company that may be as shady as the one that I ended up with. No estimated delivery date. Read the contract. They have up to 21 business days to deliver your goods. And they will put your stuff into storage and wait until they have a full truck. You will wait, and wait. If you want it “expedited,” you will pay through the nose. Only cash or money order. Won’t even accept a Cashier’s check. Oh, and you have to pay the driver before he’ll unload your goods. How upstanding does that sound? At this point, I have little hope that I’ll even get my goods or that they won’t all be ruined. I’ve moved across the country 4 times now. This is, hands down, the worst experience I’ve ever had. Once they have your goods, you are at their mercy. Please be aware. Go with anyone else if you don’t want absolute frustration.



Get a Local Carrier

Here is our review of the broker Trinity Relocation Group:
1. We were looking for a carrier. The sales rep Dylan stated that Trinity is a carrier, and he phrased it in a way that implied they were only a carrier. He never mentioned that they were also a broker, which ultimately led to three different companies becoming involved with the move. Simply put, Trinity charged us $1700 dollars for their “estimation fee”, which would not have existed if we worked directly with a moving company.
2. Sales reps stated over the phone that shrink wrap is complimentary, when in reality, the shrink wrap costs extra. Trinity provided misleading information on potential costs, shrink wrap is only the first.
3. We repeatedly asked what potential costs to expect over multiple days and no warning was given for the $200 packing fee per glass item. We sent Trinity pictures of the items in the house to be moved (which clearly pictured the glass dinner table) and no warning was given.
4. Once again, after sending pictures of the house and included items - nobody mentioned that the live plants wouldn't be shipped.
5. I called Trinity repeatedly to confirm how many movers would arrive, and they all stated 4. In reality, only 3 arrived.
6. Trinity rarely replied to emails unless they needed paperwork/signatures for payments.
7. The final price was $2,277.23 above the estimate. Granted, an underestimate is expected, but this seems out of proportion especially when considering the hidden fees.
8. Sales reps said we could stack pillows onto couch, but movers highly recommended not to. Trinity’s sales reps should be familiar with what movers want from their clients, and should provide information that conflicts what the movers recommend.
9. We have contacted Trinity repeatedly about our frustrations in hopes that we could both walk away satisfied. 2 weeks later, Trinity never reached back to us, and we are forced to post this upset review.

All in all, their sales rep claimed that they were a carrier, withheld information about hidden fees, repeatedly didn’t hold up to claims and took a $1700 cut for it.

Granted, Trinity paired us with a good moving company, Cross Country Relocation Services, who were experienced and moved our stuff well.

Tracy Ross



We were initially quoted us $2600 to move a 2 bedroom and not only could they not tell me when they were actually coming out as we were NOT TOLD your company uses a 3rd party movers which basically have nothing to do with you!! They ended up calling us 2 hrs before the movers were supposed to show up when they claimed they would notify us 48 hrs ahead of our 3 day window! In the end they ended charging us $4200!! I was so upset I cried but couldn't cancel it as the movers already had my things and I had to be out that weekend. Bruce and Jeff are LIARS and took our deposit for commission for THEMSELVES and refused to return our calls after he got his money!! I'm never going to use you're company again and this incompetent company has turned me off movers for any future moves! You guys are scammers!!! Look up how expensive our move was!!! Job# B5050016 under Tracy Ross. IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW I HATE YOUR COMPANY!! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

Steven Shadley


Trinity Relocation Group: TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

TRINITY was this worst moving contractor I've worked with and I have hired interstate movers 4 times now to relocate for work. They said they would send a crew of 4 workers to load my belongings for my move from Billings, Montana to Flagstaff, Arizona. Two movers showed up in a flea-bitten truck covered in graffiti and it had different company logos than the company Trinity hired for my move. The moving truck didn't even have a ramp for easy access into and out of the cargo bay so the movers had to use a step ladder all day to carry my items into the truck bed. It took the movers almost 9 hours to load my 3 bedroom home and everything was packed by myself 3 weeks in advance of my move. The movers Trinity hired also refused to provide me with receipts for the cash payments I had made totalling $8700.00. What professional moving company refuses to provide the customer with receipts? Even Taco Bell gives the customer a receipt when you purchase a .99 cent taco. When I called Trinity to bring up these issues the staff in the so-called "customer service" department was very rude and confrontational with me when I brought up legitimate concerns about the movers Trinity had hired which has a long list of customer complaints and poor reviews on Facebook and online. The salesman at Trinity was completely abrasive and unhelpful after I made numerous calls and sent texts to Trinity seeking help with the completely unprofessional California based fly by night moving company Trinity hired on my behalf. I had absolutely no say in who Trinity hired to handle my belongings and stored all of my stuff who knows where?! I continued to try to reach out to Trinity for help when the movers Trinity had hired claimed the could not find my payments in their bank accounts after I went to the bank and made wire transfers. The bank said the deposits were indeed made but the movers didn't have any answers when I called them to inquire about the deposits and asking for updates on the location of my belongings and when my movers would deliver my stuff. Still NO receipts...after numerous requests for paper trails showing the money I paid and the contract for my move. Trinity refused to step in and contact the movers they had hired and after a series of phone calls, emails and texts to Trinity they continued to ignore me as a paying customer. I guess Trinity had their money so what do they care if the move was completed or not? Plus I can tell there was no effort by Trinity to vet the company they hired and they could careless if they followed through with the customer about the whereabouts of my belongings and the large amounts of cash paid to the movers with no receipts and no sense of communicating with the paying customers and the huge amount of financial responsibility in the contracts signed with Trinity. FINALLY after 5 weeks my items were delivered but no thanks to move was completed because I took it upon myself to continue to call the movers directly and apply pressure on them to get the move finished
TRINITY RELOCATION did NOTHING to help me after they received my payment and the staff was extremely unprofessional and incompetent. I plan to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Federal Transpotation Department and Florida Attorney Generals office...consumer affairs division. Florida is the home state for Trinity and good thing because if it was closer I'd drive out to their offices and protest their shoddy company in person. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid Trinity Relocation Group at all costs. Its stressful enough moving long distances without this group of unpolished amateurs putting up a fight along the way. Pick a different company for your move no matter what the cost.



Complete SCAM

These people are a complete scam. They 100% misrepresent themselves as a moving company, but intact all they do is call a moving company. We were charged over 2k for them literally to call some shady moving company for us. The moving company they sent was also a complete scam, over charged us, broke our stuff, and tried to hold our stuff hostage for an additional 1000 bucks. That company once they picked our belongings up, have it to an even shadier company to deliver. It was 6 days late, and the driver tried to hold my stuff hostage for 1700, because they said the truck wouldn't fit in the neighborhood. I had to hire local movers, meet at the local friggin Walmart to unload on to another truck to get my stuff. I sincerely hope the Florida department of consumer affairs looks into each complaint for each of the three companies. Complete SCAM.

Brandi larobardiere


Contact moving companies on your own!

Sold me on inaccurate time frames...they generate leads for other moving companies. Contact moving companies on your own! I have called the mover myself for time frames, which is completely different from their time line. They say they will call back and don't. They have mentioned a discount for the inconvenience and have not responded. Total sales job that has gone can arrange yourself and probably save money!

Jim Bernhardt



Our daughter was moving from Milledgeville, Ga. to Tallahassee, Fl. We called Trinity Relocations and got an estimate. They gave a very reasonable quote. When the move got closer, a few things were added to the list (10 things, the biggest being 2 plastic 3 drawer containers) and the estimate went up by about $1000!
The day of the move the movers (Star USA Moving out of Atlanta) arrived in a Budget truck and were 2 1/2 hours late! We had assumed that such a short move would be same day delivery. The movers told us the same day is $650 more! This was NEVER explained to us. Trinity said traffic or weather could make a difference, but NOT that most moves hold your things for 7-10 business days. The day of the move was a beautiful day and ours were the only items on the truck. When we called and complained to Trinity, they said that if we did not want to pay the extra fee, the movers could just turn around and take our daughter's things with them back to Atlanta and deliver them in a few days! (Even though they were less than an hour from Tallahassee, more than 3 hours from Atlanta, at that point). There was no reason they could not deliver our things the same day! It would have cost the movers more to go back to Atlanta. But we already had a lot of money in Hotel rooms and couldn't afford more time off from work.
The movers themselves were nice and did a good job, except that they stopped for dinner before delivering our things, which is fine but they never called us to let us know. The whole thing was misleading, frustrating and unpleasant. We will never use or recommend these movers or Trinity Relocation again. Buyer beware!




Trinity relocation group is nothing but HUSTLERS tried to con me out of $500 extra while I was on my way to my new location.... Had a contract they did not live up to.. Now they refuse my calls and won't reimburse me for damages or extra money I paid them for my move.



No worries with this mover!

I have moved quite a few times in the past few years and I have to say, I have never experienced such professionalism during a move. If up till now moving was a stressful experience, now that I met Trinity relocation group, it’s not anymore. They were punctual, careful and friendly and without any doubt I will be using their services in my next move.



Fast and easy move

I appreciate to the movers team, who showed professionalism and helped to transport all equipment from the warehouse to the store. The truck arrived on time and the guys started to unload stuff. There were no delays and the stuff was delivered without loss and no damage. This is one of the few companies that was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!



Great Company!

I hired them to move my furniture as well as my art studio full of HEAVY printmaking equipment and lead type. They were so careful with the furniture, bundling it up in moving blankets so nothing was scratched or damaged. And with the heavy stuff, they met the challenge with a smile. I hope I never move again but if I do, I want Trinity relocation group on the job! Thank you Trinity relocation!!



Damage free relocation

How many times I will write about you. Yes, Trinity relocation group is my permanent mover. I know them ever since I made my first relocation. Last time I took their support for moving to NY from West Palm Beach, FL. And once again got that awesome service. Uninjured and damage free relocation was done by Trinity relocation group in such a short time. And about the bill? I got a good loyalty discount from them. Thus I am delighted again.



Hard working

These guys were great. Michael, Sergio and Drew worked so hard and took good care of my belongings. I had pretty much everything boxed up but they wrapped my furniture and handled everything with care.
I was moving out of a somewhat awkward situation and they were supportive and considerate... and equally important; they work quickly! Having 3 people cost a bit more per hour but I am confident that it was way more efficient to have the extra help.
Originally I had booked an afternoon time slot but they called ahead and were able to get started earlier and finished in less time than the estimate.
Moving is no fun, but they handled the job with a positive attitude and were courteous and extremely hard working.



Everything arrived safe

I thank you guys for a timely delivery on such a short notice. Everything arrived safe and sound, and I cannot fault anything you did for me. Plus you allowed me to save some bucks!



They made it easy!

A special thank you to everybody that was involved in our move at Trinity relocation group. We appreciate you being very patient with us as we knew nothing about working with a professional mover. All we knew at the time was that we needed a large truck and temporary storage, and you guys provided that. Our furniture sat in storage for about 45 days before being delivered, nothing was harmed in anyway by the conditions. The dispatch department and customer service were quick to get our furniture out When we needed it. That delivery came within two weeks of us notifying them we were ready. The movers did a great job and unloading the truck and place the furniture throughout our house. We would be happy to refer your company in the future. There’s absolutely no way we could’ve done this without you.



Trust worthy

The service provided by Trinity relocation group was awesome and excellent. I wish I can provide more than 5 stars.. They were on time, early but they waited until everyone woke up and get ready with the moved...The Trinity relocation group are very nice, patient, very strong and trust worthy, felt totally at ease when they handling and drove our valuables to new location...

I thank you 100% and I very much appreciated the service you provided Trinity relocation group... kudos




Working with Trinity relocation group was good. The work was done on time. They worked fast and worked hard. It was my first time ever using a moving service.



Best Rate

Four guys came to move my belongings. These guys were jovial, worked prompt and competently. I was happy with them. I finished dealing having no complaint. I got the best rate. They quoted me a cheaper weekend rate though it was weekday. I am happy not only for their rate but they did everything what I requested. I had little but important items those I personally packed up but I was unable to wrap my big couches, beds and dressing table etc. They wrapped and packed my big household items carefully. They were very helpful. They did everything that they promised.

William Okeefe


Don’t believe

White glove van lines was the last name they used before this year. That’s where you will see the real reviews. Not the fabricated ones you see here. Don’t believe me. Check the address




Fast, efficient, reliable, professional. Helped me move for a very good price. Will be using again for sure. Thank you!



Fast and really nice

I used Trinity relocation group to move yesterday. This is the second time I used this service. Wesley and Jonah moved all my things across the city. I'll remember to ask for them next time I move. They were fast and really nice. They even moved a large wardrobe across the hood of my roommate's car that had died in my front entryway.
I will definitely use this service again. Always a great experience.

Queeny R



Thank you Trinity relocation group. The move went so smooth just as explained from start to finish. The movers where very professional and wrapped our special art work in such a great way. . After hearing so many horror stories me and my husband Andre happy we picked you guys. Thanks again. Anyone moving looking for a professional up front company here they are.



Tremendous job!

Trinity relocation group did a tremendous job with my long distance move recently. They moved me so quickly and smoothly that I can’t still get over it! They moved all my belongings with care and did not damage a single thing. They offered me a very low deal and they were flexible with the payment methods. They delivered on time as promised and there were no extra fees or hidden fees. I was moved without any problems at all! I will definitely use this moving company again and I will recommend them to all.



Nice movers

Trinity relocation group did what was in the contract. I want to give special thanks to the movers for their nice service. My movers were very nice and helpful, definitely made the moving process earlier. I thought my children wouldn’t be able to enjoy Christmas in the new house, as the moving process is a lengthy process. But these movers were super-fast and in the end we were moved into the new house with all our belongings. They saved our time and money- for which I will always be thankful. They helped with any issue that I had and made sure that all item were accounted for. I was very pleased with the overall service. Even my family was very happy with them.

Sergio Drew


High quality service

This was the first time I had to relocate and I was so tensed. My dad suggested that I hire Trinity relocation group to do the job. I called them and suddenly I felt like my stress went away. During my move I hired them with an affordable quote. They came to my house on exact time and did everything. They were perfect gentlemen and delivered really high quality services. They packed and allocated the boxes perfectly. They also showed their professionalism as we received all of our boxes undamaged. I will definitely hire them again.



Good Staff

Trinity Relocation Group definitely 5 star company. These guys work really hard, worth every penny. Since seeing how they were working non stop, no complaints about stairs, no breaks I was very happy. Overall, I would use this company because they are honest and trustworthy for me. Highly recommended!




Thomas and his team were on time, efficient, and extremely professional. Could not ask for more. I'll definitely seek out Trinity relocation group again for our next move.

Ariyah Deleon


Commendable job

I am a proud returning customer of Trinity Relocation Group. The movers did a commendable job, and I don’t see why I should not recommend them to my friends and relatives. Everybody at Trinity Relocation Group was very eager to help in every little way. The crew was friendly and very skillful in handling my belongings. They made it possible to have a stress-free process from start to finish. The way these guys handled my two king size mattresses, no body can do it better. I respect, and I recommend them.

Aileen Campbell


They were friendly and cooperative

Trinity Relocation Group are movers in a class of their own! I have been moved by other companies in the past but, I must admit that these guys gave me the best moving service I have ever got. When they got to my apartment, they were friendly and cooperative and always gave me an ear when I told them how I wanted it to be done. They did everything professionally and without any troubles. Trinity Relocation Group moved all my belongings without a single item getting damaged!!! None of my belongings was missing or was broken on delivery, and they delivered in a reasonable time. I chose them because of their long-standing reputation, and I was very proud of their professional service that was reasonably priced. I have no regrets at all and would recommend Trinity Relocation Group to anyone seeking to move their belongings.

Elliot Fraser



My move was completed in few days, and I was glad that Trinity Relocation Group delivered everything in its proper condition. The crew of four guys had all the right tools necessary to disassemble the things that had to be taken apart before they were packed in boxes and loaded in the Trinity Relocation Group’s van. I loved how every crew member was meticulous with my things, and I recommend Trinity Relocation Group any time. My first ever relocation using a professional relocation company was pretty cool with Trinity Relocation Group in control of everything. While there are many stories about customers suffering in the hands of dishonest moving companies, my move was excellently handled, and it explains why Trinity Relocation Group is the market leader in the moving business.

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