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1451 West Cypress Creek Road, Ste 300, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA

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About Quality Express Van Lines

1451 West Cypress Creek Road, Ste 300
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When you choose Quality Express Van Lines as your moving company, you don’t have to worry about damages to your possessions, overpricing, or late delivery. We know what you want from your relocation, and have set out to offer a reputable moving service with your best interest at heart. With an experienced team of moving professionals at our side, we offer long distance relocation as well as local moves. Our interstate moving company caters to families, individuals, as well as businesses and corporations. We encourage you to give us a call and our friendly representatives will get the moving process started.

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Ankia Brewer


Excellent movers

My movers were excellent: fast, careful, and courteous. The team treated our furniture as their own and more importantly treated us respectfully. I have to say three important things about them. First, the price was reasonable not outrageous like most moving companies. Second, they are very flexible change my move date a few times due closing date changes. And third, they were extremely professional no broken furniture or walls! Good job!! They really know how to please their clients

shayne mata


very professional team

The team were always very professional and available for every question we had, they walked us through the whole process step by step, their pricing is also very competitive, will definitely use them again for our next move. In each step of the way, they gave me excellent customer service. Everything arrived on time, the moving crew was better than I expected and everything occurred on time according to schedule and there was no damage to any of my items.

Asia drake


Greatful for the whole team!

I just wanted to thank you guys for your hard work this past week. I was very pleased with the service and the guys were very polite and courteous. I had contacted several movers prior to hiring this company and you guys gave me the best deal. I would definitely recommend your services to friends. Thank you for an amazing move.

Mike Dixon


Fraudulent Company NOT MOVERS, BROKERS

If you see or hear the name Robert Kraft associated with movers turn the other way. I was given a low estimate based on paying by weight, only to have movers show up (with a different company name Boost Express Van Lines) and tell me that I would be charged by the sq ft. This increased my amount 800 dollars. Not only that, it turns out they view your delivery date as optional. I've been here for three weeks and I still don't have my furniture or belongings. Do yourself a favor and run to any other company. These people will rip you off and be rude while they are doing it. I'm 100% sure every positive review is fraudulent, please avoid at all costs.

Brittaney Cox


Fraudulent and Rude - Please don't use!

We spent three hours on the phone going over every single item we own in our home. We have been packed for over a month and had a complete inventory list. I submitted it online through the link they sent me. We were requesting several quotes so I had an entire list with item dimensions and weights listed out. The customer service rep then went and changed some of the sizes and weights of the items to give us a bigger discount and induce us to sign the contract. Then, three days before the move, the quality assurance manager called me and stated that the weights manually entered by the service rep could not be used because there is a federally created system to protect themselves. He then informed us that our move would cost an additional $2,000. When I explained that we could not afford that and would need to cancel, the customer service was appalling. Even though this was the company's error, they are refusing to give us back our $887 deposit. The supervisor hung up on me when I tried to explain that it was their error and we should not be held accountable for it. When I called back Gina was very rude to me. She would not transfer me to a supervisor and kept changing her story. She kept saying that our inventory changed. It absolutely did not. When I explained that, she stated that we had signed off on the inventory changes. We did not. Our inventory never altered. When I asked if they had the original inventory list that I submitted, so they could see the difference, she told me they purged that. I asked if they recorded calls for proof. She said no. Then she went so far as to suggest that we continue with the move, but leave half of our things in another state. All we want is to get our deposit back, because THEY made an error. Instead, they told us the facts three days before the move, in an effort to trap us into completing the contract and then charging us an additional 70% once they had our stuff hostage. We finally got to the point where we said that we would have to go to small claims court to get our deposit back. Their response was "good luck, you have no proof." Please just give us our deposit back. This was your error.



Fraudulent Company

About two weeks ago we reached out to Quality Express Van Lines asking for a quote to do a move from California to Colorado. We manually submitted an inventory list that listed every single item we own and an accurate box count (listed out by size). The representative then went through my inventory making manual adjustments because he said that the system lists items at a substantially higher weight than normal. After spending almost three hours on the phone with the company going over all our inventory they gave us a quote just over $3,000.

Three days ago (the move was scheduled to go through today 10/14/19) they called back and increased the estimate by 70% (new quote was over $5,000). The quality assurance manager explained that they had to change the weights all back as they are required by law to use that system. We couldn't afford an additional $2000 from our estimate so we had to cancel. Even though this was their error (their employee manually changed the inventory themselves, we did not do it) they are trying to keep our deposit of $900. The supervisor hung up on us.

Now, they won't return our calls. They hang up as soon as they figure out who we are. It has gotten to the point where we are looking to take them to court.

Save your money and look elsewhere. They enticed us with a quote they knew they weren't going to honor to get us to give up a deposit. Instead of fixing the error as soon as it was caught, they gave us very little notice to change plans in order to trap us.



stress-free move

I went with Quality Express Van Lines for my move from Florida to Nevada because of their price. They had to meet me at a storage facility and they were punctual. Also, they had to disassemble some of the furniture and when they brought the furniture into my house, they assembled all my furniture for me. They went beyond what they were paid to do. My experience with them was pleasant and stress-free.



Thanks for the great job

Quality express van lines came saw and conquered. I used the biggest names in moving in the past and spent thousands more then I ever had to. Not only did they spend time on the phone with me but they even sent a professional to my house to see the items for themselves. This way when the moving men came I wasn’t charged a dollar extra. I wanted to know what the updates were as my furniture traveled so I had the drivers phone number. The move was so smooth and I watched football and relaxed. Thanks guys.



Excellent Service; Hardworking Movers

Working with Quality express van lines was good. The work was done on time. They worked fast and worked hard. It was my first time ever using a moving service.



Great service

These guys are amazing! Every time I move I will always use them. Great service! Hard working guys! Highly efficient and quick!



They work really hard!!

You will not go wrong with this moving company! They are amazing! I called their company to get a quote and the price was very low and reasonable. On the day of the move I thought I would have problems with them because I had more stuff onto the inventory which will cause my problems. But they provided detailed estimate onsite and did not make it a big deal. They were very helpful to be honest! The moving part was great! They moved me in time and there were no damages in the end. I have no complaints at all. I strongly recommend Quality express van lines to all.

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