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100 E Linton Blvd Ste 200A, Delray Beach, Florida 33483 USA

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About Perennial Van Lines

100 E Linton Blvd Ste 200A
Delray Beach, Florida

Perennial Van Line is a full service moving brokerage with authority. We specialize in providing the most comprehensive and practical solutions to individual relocation requests. Our clients stay put while we mobilize resources and aggregate teams of movers to help them resettle in a new location.

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Very Reasonable!!

We used them and it was a seamless move.. very efficient nothing broke, very friendly and made our move stress free. Also very reasonable!



Amazing Service!!

Amazing service! Very professional answering service, dispatch service, and movers are extremely kind and smart and professional. This company helped me move immediately even when I called the night before needing to move. This is a family business and you can trust them.

Rosemarie Cruz



I booked on Friday with Michael. I told him I needed my stuff by Tuesday. He told me it could happen. He never left a doubt that it wasn't possible or that it could take longer or that I would need to pay more for the privilege. They sold my contract to another company who cannot deliver until 5 days from the date specified. I'm screwed because Michael was not honest about his company or their ability to deliver on time or the date specified. They're customer service was also very unhelpful. No one every said it wasn't possible or that it could take up to 5 days. They are liars.

Stephen putnam


Worst company ever

This is literally the most dishonest, unprofessional group of people on the planet. Our move was literally a nightmare. They lied from day 1, tried to revise quotes and say items weren't on the list, hired a fly by night company to kove my good who broke half of what we had and were over a week late. I would rather a group of monkeys move my stuff than this company. I plan to sue

Pointing dicruz


Fastest Move

Moving team on both ends were very professional and ensured everything was well taken care of. Packing went smoothly and so much faster than I anticipated. They were super nice and worked their tails off even with temps in the mid 90's. I would recommend them to anyone, anytime!

Ketan Sharma



We hired Perennial Van Lines for an inter-state move. They gave me an estimate of about 4,000 lbs for my belongings and a price of roughly $3,000. When the movers came, they said my stuff weighed 8,000 lbs, and demanded $6,000. I requested to have the truck reweighed as this seemed suspicious, and they refused. They also destroyed a lot of my belongings, and didn't deliver everything - I'm still waiting on about 25% of my stuff. Lastly, the movers would schedule a delivery and then not show up SIX TIMES IN A ROW. They finally delivered to a different city, and I had to hire a different moving company.

Perennial states they are "just a broker" and not legally responsible for the carriers they hire, but then what good are they? Also their customer service is AWFUL. They told me I'd have full value protection for my move, then when they came to pickup, said it wasn't possible.

This move has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I am now engaged in civil litigation. NEVER USE PERENNIAL VAN LINES- SERIOUSLY.



Professional Moving

What an amazing company. We moved out of state and PVL went above and beyond to make the experience stress free. They were also concerned with protecting our house such as floors and wall corners etc. Overall great service.

Donald Purnell


They were working very quickly and efficiently

Communication with the company was easy, done by phone/email. Contacted them based on the pricing & availability. The movers were very polite, truthful also they were very cautious with my stuff. Will certainly be hiring them for my next move.

Nitex Biloi


Great prices and quality service

Very professional moving company. My friend recommended Perennial Van Lines and I'm glad we made the right choice. I saved money and moved quicker than anticipated. I'm very satisfied with the experience

Drain D


Best movers I have ever had

The movers were friendly, efficient & very professional. Everything was picked up and placed with care. They made the move stress free. Thank you.

Boloni Toh


Pretty Much Good Service

Outstanding customer service from start to finish. Quote was accurate and everything was picked up and delivered as such. If ever we need to move again, we will certainly use this company.

Samuel D


As expected

We contacted 5 moving companies and PVL not only gave us the best rate but their communication thru out the process was excellent. Thumbs up for everything.

James Monk


1star too many

Broker service and not worth the hassle. If you receive a call from Perennial Vans Lines hang up or politely say no thanks. They are not truthful and will promise the world until they collect a deposit, then they feel they have you hooked and they become extremely rude and unresponsive to questions and requests. Read the reviews and heed the warnings. Your money will be better spent elsewhere.

Dann Harris


Satisfied Last minute move

This company came in last minute and help me move after the company i made a reservation with didn't show up.

Amine Z


Horrible, Terrible, disgusting, Unprofessional company. Please run away, this will be the worst experience of your life

If I could rate minus 1000 I would but unfortunately, you can only put one star as the minimum. Let me start by saying that this IS NOT a moving company but a broker. They tell you everything you want to hear when you call them at first and ask you to read the reviews online that supposedly shows how great they are but after the experience we had, I'm pretty sure those are fake reviews. First of all they tell you the price you want to hear based on the amount of furniture you give them and they even round it up higher to supposedly give you a cushion, but then when the movers come that they send you they want to charge you an extra $1200 because supposedly your furniture will take more cubicles in their giant truck. You call them to try and understand what the hell and of course they argue with you on the phone that it's not their fault and it's a lot of back and forth between the two companies and everybody is trying to negotiate with you and try and charge you a lot of money. This also is done in a very disrespectful, unprofessional, rude, mean way to us since we had already paid the deposit so they think they basically got you by the b.......Anyway the first movers get sent away because there was no way we were going to pay more money. So Perennial Van Lines puts it in their system again to send us other movers, mind you while they're doing that everything has to be changed from our end, flights, hotels, new apartment in the other state we are moving to and all the fees we have to pay to change it all and of course Perennial doesn't give a damn about your life issues. So anyway the other movers come, same problem again when all the furniture is already accounted for. Also, the way they place it in the truck is a disaster, they assign you a super tiny space and stack everything up so you don't use up a lot of space. Long story short, run away from this company, they really are very unprofessional and rude, they lie about every single thing, they even make you pay to cover your furniture etc which is supposed to be included in the initial price. I mean the list is long and I will never be able to write it all. My advice, is again if you want your sanity to stay intact and don't want to have to stress on top of the fact that the move itself is a huge stress itself. Perennial Van Lines are cheaters, liars, do'n't know what professionalism means and they really screw people over big time. Worst experience of my life ever. Also, one thing I almost forgot, once the furniture is picked they invent 21 days for delivery when they sell you in the beginning 3 to 10 days maximum. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible people at Perennial Van lines all the way up to management.

Melissa Hamo


I wish I could leave ZERO stars

I hope I can save even one person from booking their move with these people. They are dishonest, terrible people. I honestly do not understand how their business even stays afloat. Alexis, Hannah, Leonore, Shannon, they are all extreme con artists. Shannon is probably the worst of all of them. She should be rotting in a jail cell. Just a terrible human being. They are the typical smooth-talking salesman that will tell you absolutely anything to get you to book with them. Even when they are making promises they cannot fulfill. Their idea of “crating” specialty items is wrapping them in bubble wrap and blankets and shoving into a wardrobe box and then charge you for “crating”. I wish I had paid a couple hundred more and went with one of the other 6 companies I had spoke with. Now, weeks have passed and they pushed back my move date 3 times and now they can’t do it at all. And all of those other companies I wish I had booked with, are full and/or the price went up. Perennial Van Lines is a complete joke of a business. It’s people like them that the world a jaded, ugly place. This review will probably quickly be covered by a bunch of fake 5 star reviews from the same day but I hope at least one person reads this and chooses not to book their move with perennial. I’ll have saved at least one from this enormous headache they’ve forced upon me.



Qualified movers!

They are very much qualified! I do not think any other moving company can do a better job than them. They have the best rates in town and they have the best team in town. When they moved me last month, a great moving team came to help me with my move. They were so efficient and professional. All my belongings were super well packed and protected. None of it got damaged and none of it got bumped. It was delivered the way it was! I had the best experience of my life and that is why I highly recommend Perennial van lines to all. They will get the job done!

Yazmin Vasquez



If I could give zero stars I would, I am beyond frustrated. It’s Mother’s Day, I am 1500 miles away from my children because they were supposed to provide me with service yesterday like my contract stated to come and pick up my things to move out of state and no one showed up. I’ve spent $460 on rescheduling my flight because they did not show up yesterday. From the beginning the “AVP Senior Moving Coordinator“ who help me book my contract Jasmine mentioned she’d be available to me 24/7, guess they have to say that to sound like they care yet all they care about is to book your contract and get your money. Then due to the weather all flights were cancelled Thursday night so as soon as I heard the news I relayed that to Jasmine who put me in contact with Dispatch, Diane. I explained the situation to both. Mind you, my contract states I had the moving separated for us Friday and Saturday.
So Thursday night southwest resolves the flight issue. I have a flight leaving Friday evening: I relay this information to dispatch and the coordinator.... we agree that the movers will show up Saturday morning from 8-10am and that they would call me 15minutes prior they arrive. I receive an email confirmation which I still have in my inbox. Okay... so I think everything is fine and ready until it’s not. Come Saturday, 8am comes along, no call 9am comes along no call so I decide to give Diane a call. Melissa From dispatch answers and says she will find out more because she does not know. Okay, so I wait... I make more calls, the coordinator is no where to be found I text I call no one answers... a Ceasar Calls me back and tells me that they won’t be able to do it that day that they can do it Sunday morning from 7-8am and that ..... “they will call me 15mins prior” I explained how my flight leaves at 5am and cannot be there ... of course they don’t care because the people and truck that was supposed to be separated for me as my CONTRACT stated are not available. So then I agree, speak to southwest and pay 460 dollars to change my flight.... Sunday comes along (today) and I’ve been sitting in the storage parking lot for one hour and 15 minutes and still no call... I’ve tried to reach Diane Melissa Ceasar, Jasmine... nothing. Worst service worst experience of my life, hands down. I do not recommend you get this service. On Thursday when we were verifying inventory over the phone they charged me $200 more for the deposit after I had already paid $600 for the deposit. I should of known then that this would be the shadiest company to hire. HUGE REGRET.



We moved effortlessly

Perennial Van Lines is possibly the most professional moving company out there. Sure, they are not the cheapest! But what I got for the money I spent was pretty damn amazing. They showed up right on time, which is quite unlike any other movers I have hired. They efficiently worked for 3 hours, packed up everything and loaded the van. The delivery was made on schedule as well. I checked and found all my things without any damages. Cheap companies would ruin your furniture beyond any repair. But hiring Perennial Van Lines really assured the safety of my valuables.



I am Happy

I used Perennial van lines just 2 days back. After experiencing their great service and price I became a fan of them. But I did not know about them. When my friend Reno recommended their name to me, I decided to have a go with them. Now I am happy because of my decision of using Perennial van lines. Movers arrived on time and they delivered more than what I was looking for. They seemed to be very confident and focused. The way they managed the entire move and handled the odds deserves to be appreciated. It was a very professionally executed move. I have to admit that I got a lot more than what I paid to them.

Chris Reinstatler



This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I scheduled my move over a month in advance.
The didn’t show up at all in the 2 day window they gave me. I asked them several times if they would, as I was flying out the next day.
They showed up on the day after, when I was on my flight. (my friend had to drive 2 hours to meet them since I was on a flight)
Then, they just left!! They didn’t move my stuff. Just left it in my apartment.
Then, they charged me over twice as much as the quote.
Dishonest. Unethical. Late.
The don’t care about their clients in the least.



Low prices here!

Need to do a long distance move and want to cheapest deal? You will get it here at Perennial van lines. They are the one for you. They are the most talented, experienced and professional moving company that I have ever worked with. I hired them last month to move me cross country and my move was amazing! They came on time, did their work and left. Every single item was returned back to me in the same conduit. You will also don’t need to worry about extra fees. There is none!

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