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512 NE 190th St, Miami, Florida 33179 USA

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About Official Van Lines

512 NE 190th St
Miami, Florida

Official Van Lines has been in business for 17 successful years and combined moving experience of 35 years. We are proud to say that 70% of our business comes from recommendations and repeat customers. With our fully trained relocation staff on hand to assist you at any time, you, the customer, can be rest assured that you will receive assistance from our caring personnel.

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Great Experience

This is my 2nd time using this company. They are Very professional. In addition, they are very careful movers. I have had a great experience with Official Van Lines.

Darnell Citizen


I am still grateful

Official Van Lines has changed so many things in my life. There are certain views that I held before their encounter that I no longer hold. For instance, I did not believe that service providers could be trusted. I thought they were all about money with no concern on what was felt by the client. All that changed when I got in touch with Official Van Lines. Their quotes were so affordable yet their services so great. They wouldn’t drive out of the gate until they were certain that I was fully satisfied. I have always had doubts about relocation companies. From what my friends said, most of them were not reliable. I held that opinion even when I was hiring out Official Van Lines Crew. I kept thinking that disappointments were going to come my way. On the day of the relocation, therefore, I woke up prepared for anything. Honestly speaking, everything came as a surprise. My worries were turned into joy and my desperation into hope. The relocation coordinator and his team of movers did an incredible joy. To date, I am still grateful.

Barney Grice


Always in my mind

Those memories are still fresh to date. How I was relocated by Official Van Lines crew can never be erased from my mind. How can I forget such a mind blowing relocation? How can I fail to remember the diligence, dedication and sense of professionalism that was displayed? Surely, such memories will stick with me. With full confidence, I recommend this relocation company to anyone who would want to experience a great change in the relocation services. Official Van Lines! You are great, you are marvellous and you are awesome. You are just everything I have always longed for in a service provider. You did all that I expected of you in the last relocation you assisted me in. You packed everything in one piece and the loading was done professionally. You even helped me with slight decorations of my new home. Who else would that? I doubt if there is any. For that reason, you remain my best choice of Relocation Company.

Thelma Schley


Awesome team

My aunt referred me to this relocation company some months back. I had set up a new business in New Hampshire and my presence was necessary. I had to move with a few of my properties from New York. I do value my assets so I did not want even a single of them to get damaged in the process. She assured me that all will be well and that was it. Everything turned out quite excellent. I really appreciate the services they accorded me. I am so grateful that my aunt linked me to them. If the need be, I will hire them out again. I have never liked relocations in my life. The few time that I have relocated in the past weren’t the best of moments. I had to put up with lots of stress. The last one was, however, different. Very different. I sought the services of Official Van Lines and they proved to me they were worth every penny from a pocket. The work they did was really excellent; beyond my expectations, to be honest. I did not believe it was all done when their truck turned around to go. They had done it perfectly within a very short time!

Sam Narrow


The Best Moving Company

I will forever remain grateful to Official Van Lines. Even after paying them, I still feel I am indebted to them. I have never received such exclusive relocation services elsewhere despite having worked with a couple of movers earlier on. The last experience I had with this company was truly amazing. All my properties were moved from Florida to New York with ease. They did it with a sense of relaxation that only meant one thing; they were experts. They came my way when I needed them most. I don’t have a single reason not to hire them out next time. They did their best which was so impressive to me. The whole relocation process was ideally the best I have had in years. I did not expect the service delivery to be that flawless considering the favourable charges they quoted. The crew that helped me out was just fantastic. I was challenged by their sense of dedication, diligence and co-operation. The movement from Florida to New York was one I would boldly term successfully. Thanks, Official Van Lines.

Tyler Rogers


Great Moving Experience

My experience in moves has taught me that most of the moving companies that claim to have enough trucks only have few. I was able to discover this through an experience without moving companies. Nevertheless, this time I came across an honest moving company Official Van Lines. They promised to provide enough truck and they did exactly as they said. The guys came early enough with big truck which contains all my stuff at one time. I realized that I paid lower than costs the service this company rendered to me. Thank you so much. I needed some assurance from this moving company when I hired them. This is because I was anticipating having bad experience just as I had in the past with other moving companies. For that reason, they gave me their word that they will make sure that everything goes in perfect and well organized order. I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed wonderful and perfect move more than this company promised me. Thank you Official Van Lines.

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