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1300 N Federal Highway, Suite 104, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 USA

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About National Moving Group

1300 N Federal Highway, Suite 104
Boca Raton, Florida

National Moving Group is one of the largest full service movers and moving brokers in the United States. National Moving Group specializes in long distance moving, commercial moving, residential moving and auto transport. All of our movers are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind throughout your move. We will work with you closely to guarantee your moving experience is enjoyable. Call today to request a free custom quote!

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Kurt & Chas did an amazing job. They took extra care of everything. Lots of shrink wrapping and padding. Made sure to check that nothing was left behind. Put everything exactly where I wanted it. They arrived on time and were very nice and hardworking. I want to thank everyone at National moving group it is the best company you could ever find for your move. The office staff is excellent and very informative and helpful. Very quick as well. I plan to use National moving group for my moves forever!! I can't thank yall enough!!

Tobias Pratt


Service beyond perfection

It is now three weeks since I settled in Arizona. However, the vents of my relocations are still clear. I can still remember how everything took shape right from the moment the crew arrived. It’s not like I have a very good memory, I only remember what I perceive to be worthy. The relocation was one of its kinds, and so I find myself reflecting on it every time I am on my own. It was professionally handled and that is what made me happier. They knew they were coming for work, and they did what was expected of them. I recommend National Moving Group to all my friends and close associates. I recommend this relocation company to anyone who wants exceptional relocation services. They will have it delivered to you without any failure and I strongly believe that. After seeing them work for me with such vigour and determination, I now believe they are capable of doing wonders to everyone out there.

Randy Lopez


Very reliable company

For anyone who needs reliable relocations, I recommend National Moving Group. For those who are out to experience a difference in relocations, I suggest you try out this moving company. Chances of being disappointed are almost none since they have always fulfilled their duties. If they make a promise, they ensure that they live up to it. This makes them my preferred choice of movers. Even if I were to relocate today, National Moving Group is that one relocation company that will have it done for me. Over the years, I have come to trust and believe in them when it comes to diligence handling of relocation services. In the past years, I have hired them out thrice and all they delivered were quality relocation services. As such, I highly recommend them.

Deborah Leanos


Precious moments

There are those moments that you always consider precious to you. Such are the relocation moments of National Moving Group. When you watch them work, you might want them to continue without stopping. The dedication, diligence and hard work that they display in their work is so inspiring. I just wanted be somewhere and watch them execute their duties all day long. Truly, they are perfect when it comes to giving clients value for their money. I had a very good relocation experience with National Moving Group. It was, in fact, one of the best experience I have ever had with service companies. To be honest, it wasn’t expected, and such came a surprise. What I expected was an average job owing to the favorable quotes they had already given. With professionalism and expertise, they relocated every single property to Pennsylvania. I was so happy when all was done.



Low-cost charges

I will always remain grateful to National Moving Group fraternity. They delivered to me quality relocation services from Alabama to New Mexico. They did not charge exorbitant prices for all they did. Instead, they kept their expenses low enough. I was even tempted to think that the services that were to follow wouldn’t be that great considering the pocket-friendly quotes. The exact opposite of that came to happen; awesome service delivery. I am so happy with them and will definitely look out for them in the future. They did it once and I wonder why they shouldn’t do it again next time. My experience with National Moving Group was one of the best I have ever had with relocation companies. Previously, I had hired out other movers to help me with relocation and they did fairly commendable jobs. There was, however, a difference in the most recent relocation carried out by National Moving Group. It was just unique; for lack of better words. Every aspect of the relocation was handled with a high sense of professionalism that left me amazed. I am so glad they came my way.

Marcy Seiser


First experience - best experience

It was the very first time for me to hire movers. I rarely relocate because I do hate every aspect of the process, honestly speaking. That is why I contacted my mum to help me with searching for an ideal relocation company. She did her best and came up with National Moving Group. Her choice was impressive because what they offered was truly amazing. I am so grateful that they came my way. If I have to hire relocates next time, they must be National Moving Group. It was all perfect. They carried out the relocation to perfection. I watched them pack, reload, offload and arrange everything in my new home without a single flaw. The crew that came was so keen not to damage anything. From how they worked, I realised they were full of experience. They knew what they were doing. The move from South Carolina to Michigan was indeed a success and I owe it all to National Moving Group. They will forever remain my ideal choice of Relocation Company.

Andree Fiorillo


A Great Job

I was reluctant to go with this moving company when my office friends recommended them to me. But, I only accept them because I do not have more option due to lack of time to scout the internet. For truth, my move with National Moving Group was the best move I have ever experienced as the guys worked with such speed that they finished the packing on time and we moved without any ruin in my stuff. I am forever grateful. The quality of moving company you hired for your move will determine the level of stress you will have to face. My last move with National Moving Group was really void of stress as the guys display rare professionalism and expertise in packing and moving my stuff. For that reason, I am ready to recommend them to anyone that wants to enjoy pleasant and smooth move. Thank you for the service.

Heather Snow


They Know Their Job

The manner which this moving company packed, move and unpacked our stuffs made us to be pleasantly surprised. In fact, most big moving companies are not able to render such wonderful serviced to their clients. Indeed, National Moving Group is the right company for anyone that wants to enjoy wonderful and speedy move to any location. My husband and I only handled our big stuffs to this company to move for us due to the fact we underestimated them. But, the way they handled our big stuffs to our new location make us to regret why we did not ask them to handle the entire packing and moving. When we were planning for our move from end of Florida to North Carolina, we only wanted to work with reliable and reputable moving company. In that regard, we did thorough search on the internet till we came across National Moving Group. They guys rendered service more than our expectation. Thumps up!

Cory Hernandez


So amazing

It was such an amazing experience hiring out these movers to help me out with my recent relocation from North Carolina to Illinois. They did their best which undoubtedly impressed. The cost was so quotation was so favorable that I wondered whether they were going to get the job done to perfection. I was wrong to have judged them because they did it so well; beyond my imaginations. I recommend National Moving Group to anyone who want to experience an extra ordinary relocation. I was not sure if they were going to make do it just as I wanted when I hired them. After, giving them a call, they promised to be at my old residence very early in the morning on the agreed date. True to their word, they arrived in time and the relocation from North Carolina to Illinois kicked off as planned. They quickly loaded everything and were off to my new location before I knew it. The offloading was even faster, followed by a quick arrangement of properties the way I suggested. All this time, the National Moving Group crew maintained high sense of coordination, professionalism and expertise that is not evident with many movers.

Bruce Demlond


First Rate Movers

National Moving Group, it was a supreme experience I must admit. Especially the offloading part, it was spectacular watching the foremen handling my items, their unlimited efforts their focus to get everything safe. Ever heard of good care takers then these movers are beaming care takers of properties that do not belong to them. Their exceptional man power made the activity go fast, I was so delightful of the work the movers did. It was a stupendous move!!! High five for National Moving Group. You made my move to Florida so remarkable. Their sense of diligence and professionalism sparked me. The online reviews gave me a good image of them. In as much as I expected favorable services from them, I had my doubts because it was the very first time. The sense of dedication and coordination they displayed during my relocation from Maryland left me with nothing but admiration for them. In fact, I was challenged how such how such a team could work in unison to come up with an excellent outcome. Thumbs up National Moving Group.

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