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Brad Ser


Highly disappointing

I used for a move recently to pack household items and load them onto a moving truck. They set us up with ritenowmovers. I contacted ritenowmovers before the job to get an estimation of time (which he quoted us 5-7 hours) and for them to bring all the needed moving boxes and supplies. The day arrives, and it was terrible. A crew of 3 was there for nearly 12 hours, and they packed at best 75% of the house. They ran out of supplies less than half way through the day. We asked them how much more they needed, and went to the store and bought more supplies than they asked for. They ran out of supplies again 4 more times, and had to go to the store to get more. We complained multiple times to ritenowmovers during the day, and we were assured the pace would pick up and things would be made right. Neither happened. We ending up spending much of the day packing ourselves. At the end of the day, the job was not finished. The moving truck was filled, but the packing was not done. It took 4 people an additional 4 hours the next day to pack.
After arriving at the destination and unpacking, we found that they had packed the kitchen table without removing the legs. They did not support the bottom of the table with anything, and put heavy boxes on top. I have moved 4 times previously, and every time the movers took off the table legs and packed the table properly. Of course we discovered a significant crack on the top of the table. There were a number of other items damaged that were not packed properly. We discovered that about 10 boxes that were packed were half full or less. There were items scattered around the moving truck and not packaged properly. The crew also took an expensive table lamp and wedged it between boxes in the moving truck rather than packing it in a box.
The owner of ritenowmovers gave us a discount the day of, but it nowhere near compensated for the time (despite promising significantly less time), the poor packing job that resulted in damaged items, and the additional hastle of having to finish an uncompleted job ourselves. I wrote a formal email to ritenowmovers with the complaints, and heard nothing for weeks. While waiting, I called and submitted a formal complaint. The employee I dealt with said the right things at first, but then started to make excuses. I told him about the time, and he told me that the job could easily take 12 hours. He completely missed the point that we were given a 5-7 hour estimate, and it took at least 3 times that long, considering how much time we spent packing that day and the next. After not responding to a number of emails and phone calls, he gives me some legalize about how they can't be held responsible for damaged items unless they are reported while the movers were on site. Well, maybe we could have watched the movers more closely if we weren't spending all our time packing and going to the store and getting packing supplies for them. The issue is not resolved with yet, but I do not feel like my complaint was taken seriously enough, and as far as I am aware of, has amounted to anything.
As far as my interactions with ritenowmovers, I had sent a well thought out email, complete with photos, that overviewed the issues we had. After a number of weeks, we got a response that had a photo of the table in the moving truck with the heavy boxes on it, saying 'Here was how your table was packed. No damages were caused by my crew.' If he would have read the email and looked at the photos, he would have seen that the crack was on top of the table, and could not been seen from the photo. He did not respond to all the other complaints I had in the email. I replied several times to this email, and still haven't heard a word from him. He told me the day of that he wanted to make it right, but his actions show that this wasn't really meant.

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