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About Moving Mania Inc

2575 SW 32 Ave
Pembroke Park, Florida

For all your moving and relocation needs, Moving Mania USA can move you efficiently and smoothly. We have built a reputation based on quality, integrity, trust and excellent Customer Service. You can trust the Moving Mania crew to help make your moving experience enjoyable and stress free.

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Melanie More



i have just moved with moving mania and i have not one complaint!! they were on time, polite and over all amazing people i will make sure to move with them again!

Jarred Lowe


Thank you guys

Your crew did a phenomenal job. They wasted no time and took care to make sure that I was informed and comfortable with all decisions. I can't tell you how wonderful these guys were and company. price went up a little but that was because i forgot to add a few things during quote process. They had the weekend i needed available and delivered everything on time and actually put everything together for me and in its correct spot. I dont write reviews really but i did promise i would because i was in awh with how well the whole process went. Thanks again

olive hook



They did a splendid job with our move in the beginning of last month. Out of all the movers we've dealt with Moving Mania were by far the most professional. They took apart our beds, tables and just worked with speed and grace. It was a very quick and error free move which was quick and did not cost me more than the estimate

Jon Bentz


Damaged, Destroyed, Missing/Stolen Items

Moving Mania Inc, 2575 SW 32nd Ave., Pembroke Park, FL. 33023 is the absolute worst "moving company" I've ever encounter. The movers were rude and obnoxious. They accused my wife of paying them with a counterfeit bill. A number of items including fishing rods and reels, bedroom furniture, and china were destroyed. One of my firearms and ammunition is "missing. "It's nearly impossible to file a claim. We were charged for a number of wardrobe boxes but used only one. I will never use these clowns again and I will never recommend their company.

Tom Christmann


Overcharges, items stolen, missing and damage - Impossible to get a claim

Used Moving Mania for a cross country move. Should have known they were too slick in the sales process. Had items stolen, damaged and missing. Their third-party claims process is a joke. They make it impossible to complete the claim. If you have one thing missing on their pages and pages of documents, you can't correct it, you must completely do it over. I first had to send a dozen emails just to find out what was missing. They send links that are, "continue the claims process". They charged me for 1795 cubic feet of truck, but I used 1400, and with photo evidence, they ignored me. (They had a transfer truck pick up my move, and based the cost on a 50 mile load, versus a 2700 mile load. BS!!! Crooks one and all. NEVER use them.

Mary Eldridge



Dave Myers convinced me to use his company by telling me they would handle the my belongings from beginning to end. He said they are not a broker and it was better to use them because my belongings would not be transferred to other movers during the move. I moved from FL to AZ and they LOST 4 boxes, 1 large plastic bin, and 1 printer. I only had 20 boxes, 4 plastic bins, 1 sofa, 1 loveseat, 2 chairs, 1 floor lamp (which they broke), 1 mattress/boxspring set, 1 small boat bookcase, and a storage bench. I've tried for a couple months to submit a claim as instructed thru ( and I believe it's a scam. Their website will not let me submit my claim, nor will it let me print the claim document so I can submit it through the mail. I believe they have it set up to wear customers down so they give up. Most of the items I lost are replaceable, but that's not the point. Some aren't replaceable. The plastic tub contained all the new clothes I purchased for my new job in AZ and now they are all gone. I don't like feeling like I was scammed.




I'm writing this review as a warning... .DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
Last week I hired Moving Mania to move my son's things from Orlando to Denver based on my very professional phone interaction with Brandon, the coordinator.

We agreed upon a price based on cubic square feet being moved , signed an agreement and I paid my deposit. The pickup was scheduled for this past Sunday.

I hired someone on a holiday weekend to meet the truck in Orlando since I'm not located there and my son is already in Denver.

On Sunday, I made several phone calls and sent emails trying to reach someone with an estimated pickup time with no response. Needless to say the truck never showed up.

First thing Monday morning I finally reached someone in the dispatch office. I was told that the pickup was canceled because they did not receive an itemized list. When I explain that I was not aware that I needed to provide that list, this gentleman said that he tried to call me and I didn't pick up the phone so we cancelled my pickup.
I asked why he didn't leave a message because I don't normally answer numbers that I don't recognize and I've been inundated with calls from various moving companies. He had no answer.

When I asked him if it would be rescheduled his response was that he wasn't driving 200 miles out of his way to pick up my stuff and I needed to find another company.

In the meantime I heard from Brandon and he had no idea that the pickup was canceled. He said that he spoke with the owner and was very apologetic and wanted a second chance. Against my gut, I agreed under the condition that I would not have to deal with this very rude gentleman in the dispatching dept. I was told to expect a call shortly with details on the new pickup which would be either this Wednesday or Thursday..

I waited several hours and called back for an update. I was told that the owner was involved and making sure that everything was going to run smoothly and they would be calling me.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I tried to reach out to Brandon but was not able to reach him. The same rude, piece of **** picked up the call and told me not to call back and that he had no intention of picking up my stuff.n Orlando because the truck is located in South Florida.

When I asked for the owner or Brandon he told me to stop calling and hung up the phone.

I have no idea who this man is. I don't think he's the owner because they reached back out to meet to make good on what happened.

Regardless, I have not received a follow up call from the owner or Brandon. If that rude man is the owner, my suspicion is that this company will not be around for very long.

All consumers want is a fair price and to receive the services that they pay for.
I think it's important to share information like this to save people unnecessary aggravation during already stressful time.



Florida to North Carolina

Moving Mania inc has some of the better reviews online, so when my mom was relocating from Florida to North Carolina, we got them. The gentleman that I initially booked to do the shipping was knowledgeable, friendly and knows what he's talking about. Thomas did a good job of explaining the procedure, what the cost would be, the breakdown and when it would have to be paid. All my mom's stuff was in a storage unit here and it got picked up from storage and taken directly to her new place in North Carolina. However, it ended up being a bit more than we had expected. Evidently, that was based on weight. They estimated it lower than what it actually turned out to be, so I was a bit disappointed that it was quite a bit more.



Highly recommend using Moving mania inc

I used moving mania inc for my move and I had excellent service from my initial phone call with Sharon to my move with Drew, Peter and Mike. Customer service was very responsive. My movers were pleasant, friendly, professional and efficient. Moving is hard enough and they made it a little easier. I highly recommend using Moving mania inc. Thank you Drew, Peter, Mike and Sharon.



They were too good

We were moving for my husband’s new job halfway across the country. Moving mania inc was referred to me by my best friend. I called them and easily got a reasonable quote. The movers arrived early and started packing up my belongings. They loaded everything onto the van very carefully. The delivery was made on time. Nothing broke or got damaged on the way. In the end, I realized that this move was just too easy. I have read reviews where people said how easy their move was. I never thought I would experience one of those. Thanks a lot guys!



They don't care about you or your stuff at all

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. This is how they work... when you call you will connect with a representative (Adam Hanley) who will make you all types of promises and then take a deposit. The second you get off the phone with them they are unreachable. They do this because by breaking communication with that initial person they can do whatever they want as far as timing and you have no way out because you paid a deposit and you have nothing for written proof.
I made it absolutely clear I needed my stuff 10 days after pick up, because I had to leave for work for a week and my apartment would charge me 300$ For covering this service for me. I called 3 days before drop off and they hadn't even left the state and had 5 different excuses of why. So they showed up late after I had already left the state and I had to pay an extra 300$. Then when I asked for reembursement just for what I paid my apartment (300$) for showing up late, they said that they had 3 weeks to arrive and that they weren't late. But since they completely cut off ties with the initial person who plans your move they own you and screw you over.
1 positive thing is that the actual people who show up and move your stuff are super friendly and fast. They were great guys. The logistics people and customer service is terrible and they don't care about you or your stuff at all.




TLDR: Horrible Service from the entire staff with the exception of the guys loading and unloading. These poor guys work and are subcontracted by this company. Don't take the horrible sales tactics, lack of care and money shake down out on them. I would never use this company but if you do plan on whatever your quote it to be significantly higher by hundreds of dollars. Ours was 30% higher in the end. They refuse to answer e-mail or return phone calls. Communication essentially ceases from them.

Full review
Dave Meyers
Was very attentive during the quote stages which completely changed once he got the deposit secured from us. In the quoting stages I was very honest with the size of our furniture, that I was on the 3rd floor, and number of boxes because I DID NOT want to be surprised with extra fees. I even asked Dave if we could have someone come out to the apt ( which by the way was a one bedroom apt) to make sure my quote was as accurate as it could be. He preferred to NOT put anything in writing I'm sure so that he could not be held accountable later. He's a fast talker to gain your trust but the actions of this company's practices do not line up with what is sold or promised.
Communication with the day of instructions and time frame: The dispatch team was unorganized in their communication & we received duplicate calls,they changed the time from a AM pick up to a PM pick up. Pick up day: 3 men arrived. I let the manager know I had extra items aside from the 15 boxes. I had 2 suitcases, golf bag with clubs and a kitchen trash can. However I also let him know we did not have 2 nightstands so I felt it would balance out and there wouldn't be an addition charge. 2 workers wrapped furniture while the manager took the entire time writing up paperwork. They did however take great care in wrapping our furniture with moving blankets. I had everything else done for them. It only took them 1.5 hours to wrap and load the truck. The move day manager comes in shows me that my total is now 30% more than quoted For the addition of the few extra items. We had zero choice but to agree to pay it because our stuff was already loaded on their truck and It made me feel like our stuff was now held hostage. The office manager told me my tv stand and dinner table are oversized and the extra items is what drove the price up. She was very very rude to me and the boyfriend on the phone when we called to ask to speak to Dave who now is now no longer available and basically told us the price is the price based on weight and size of our stuff. I emailed Dave on 12/26 to express my concern. He never replied. It also took them 6 times to get us a correct invoice on 12/26 because we wanted the correct address and amount that would be owed at the time of delivery to our new location. Six times is the charm I guess because on 12/28 we finally got a correct one from Phillis. The first available date we could have received our stuff was Jan 2nd so I called to inquire the status. Let's face it I am excited to get settled and have our stuff. When I called I was told our stuff would be loaded onto a truck on the weekend. On Jan 5th I sent another email asking the status of our delivery and left a voicemail and got crickets from them. On Tuesday Jan 9th I received an invoice from them. Weird. Then I get this email from Phillis and I quote "He has a few stops along the way. He is starting in TX and should be there by Thursday, than he has a delivery in NM on Saturday and he should be in UT Sunday/Monday. He will call you the day before he arrives. This is the plan hoping weather and traffic don't tie him up.Phyllis". I sent yet another email on Sunday (Jan 13th) at 10pm I sent Phyllis a email asking for an update because we have heard nothing from them or a driver. On Monday while at work I called Moving mania at 10:02. The rep told tell me the driver would be calling me in a few minutes but that the driver said he would be delivered on Tuesday. The driver never called me. He text the boyfriend trying to tell him the balance of our move had jumped 1087.46 to 1300.00 thankfully I had copies of the latest quote from this company. The driver called dispatch and surprise surprise he was wrong. The balance is 1087.46 and we are scheduled for a delivery after 5pm on Tuesday. Day of Delivery: January 15th was scheduled for 5:00 they called and were running 45 minutes late. Truck arrived with 3 guys that were efficient and moved our stuff cheerfully with great attention to detail. I'm just glad to have our stuff even with the smashed condition of the boxes, a few scratches on our kitchen table.




easy move

You have to be kidding. There's no way that moving could be this easy. The whole move and process was just easy. Much appreciated Moving mania inc.



Affordable moving company

I am a fresh graduate off college. I couldn’t possibly afford an up market moving company. I hired Moving mania inc simply because they gave me such a good estimate. I thought they would be just crappy. But they surprised me. The movers were all extremely efficient and professional. They were very fast and always maintained their timings. The delivery was made on time too. The best part was that they charged me exactly what they said they would!



I highly recommend Moving Mania Inc

Great Movers! Moving Mania Inc is very honest, licensed and insured, polite and punctual. They were very careful with our furniture, very efficient and very respectful. Moving is stressful and Moving Mania Inc did everything to make this chore as easy as possible. They replied promptly to every email and phone inquiry. They took their time to understand our needs. They called both the day before the move and day of the move for confirmations. The charges were very reasonable and clearly stated before the move. I have used many movers previously, some of the big names, and Moving Mania is the best. I highly recommend Moving Mania for your move.




They were just excellent and their customer service chap was a genius! We were surprised to see the goods arrive early and we were worried if the goods had any damage. To our surprise we had no damage and the company has taken up the task to reach early as they were trying to make us comfortable. At our new place they never sat empty for a minute; they placed all the furniture in order and made sure the house was all set. Thanks a million for your great work. I am a fan of Moving Manica Inc!

Neoma M


amazing movers

Their packing skills were amazing and they were very prompt. They followed my every instruction and never complained or asked for a break. Not even a glass was broken when they made the delivery. I have to commend them for being so efficient and hardworking.

Shaun T


would recommend them

Recently i just moved and i used moving mania inc to assist me. I found this company through one of my family friends. I have no complaints in regards to the pick up or delivery. All my belongings were in tact and in good condition. Pricing wise mine was accurate and reasonable and it did not change. I am writing a review to share my experience with others. Ill be referring and reusing this company again.

Adam Diaz


Top Notch Crew ;)

Staff came on time and moved everything very quickly! Very nice and worked really efficiently! Would definitely recommend Moving Mania INC!

Richard Jackson


Excellent Movers!!

I tried Moving Mania INC. The movers showed up on time and worked extremely quickly. They were friendly and the process was super easy. The entire move, including drive time, took 2 hours. Everything arrived safely thanks to the care the movers provided in wrapping and securing my belongings. I highly recommend Moving Mania INC to anyone who is looking for a move.

Jordan D'souza


Gentlemen's Crew!!

I had an appointment with Moving Mania INC. So they gave me a phone call to let me know that the movers were able to get started on my move a lot earlier than expected. They arrived not too long after the phone call and staff were able to move everything out and into our new apartment and within two hours. This time frame includes them taking our bed apart and putting it back together.We really appreciate the service of Moving Mania INC and their team provided us. Thank you so much!

Chris Tate


Excellent Movers!!

Moving Mania INC was great and got my one bedroom apt move done in a timely manner. Moving Mania INC team were great and got everything taken care of, and within my budget. Would definitely use again.

Nicolas Mercy


Excellent Movers!!

All in all, I was very happy with the experience. I will surely recommend to anyone who is looking for a move. I dont think any other moving company can beat them in their quickness, strength and dedication of work . Highly recommended movers!!

Mathews N


Excellent Work

Frankly, these guys are highly experienced, hard-working and trustworthy. Moving Mania came in and made sure all the pieces of furniture were boxed, and wrapped. These guys did a top notch job. Their price was just right with my budget. They moved much quicker than I thought they would and they took care of everything. Highly recommend!

Ever L


Excellent Work

The team of Moving Mania were very friendly, careful with our things, professional and fast. Our stuff were boxed/covered at its best and we did not have any problems. They disassembled and assembled our furniture too. Their quote for us was reasonable. We highly recommend them!

Melinda B


Great Staff!

Moving has always been a nightmare for me, that is until I found Moving Mania. Polite, timely, excellent communication, careful with my things and very friendly. The movers genuinely care about your items and consider different options on how to best protect what you're moving. Highly Recommended. Thanks Moving Mania.

Hadel Y


Gentlemen's Crew

A wonderful experience with Moving Mania. Hard working, experienced and did a lot of work in the fastest time possible. Nothing broken, everything clearly labeled and clean. Would recommend and even use again!

Erin I


Excellent Moving Company!

Phenomenal work done professional. These guys work really hard, worth every penny. Since seeing how they were working non stop, no complaints about stairs, no breaks I was very happy. I Highly Recommend Moving Mania! Outstanding Experience!

Elliot S


Outstanding Company

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Moving Mania. They were fantastic from start to finish. The movers played no games on my packing. Once the movers scanned the house, they immediately got started and knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I'll definitely recommend them for moving needs. Thank you Moving Mania!

Ethan B


Great Service

Quick and easy move. Moving Mania did a lot in the 3 hour minimum window. They never slowed down. They were careful to wrap the items that needed it for transportation. They were responsive during initial scheduling, prompt in arriving at the agreed upon time, and diligent in handling my items with care.



Great Service

I used Moving Mania INC to move into my new apartment and the crew was great! Very respectful and conscientious. The fees quoted were exactly in line with the actual fees. A job well done.
If you are moving, call them now!



Great Service

I just completed my move with Moving Mania INC and I'm very impressed with his team! They were very punctual and efficient. They were always respectful, easy to reach, and were flexible. Thank you guys for making my move easy!

Niel J


Good Company

The movers worked at a feverous pace until everything was packed. The next day came the unpacking. They made every effort to put the boxes where they were labeled and not a single item was damaged. They took extra care to not damage the walls in the new house. Thank you Moving Mania

Joe J



I was really impressed by the professionalism of our Moving Mania! They arrived around 20 minutes early and were very prepared with tons of supplies to take care of our stuff during our move. We moved a one bedroom and it took just under 3 hours. These movers were super hard working and moved quickly even though we were paying hourly. We will definitely hire Moving Mania for our next moving needs!



Don't give them your business

It's taken me 3 months to write this review because I was honestly so angry and exhausted from my experience that I could not find the energy to review right after our move. Lets just say this - I cried after the movers left...and I'm not a crier. This is the worst company I have ever hired, period. I have so many complaints I could write short novel. Buckle up.

1. Scammers - show up on moving day and your quote doubles. All of the sudden, items I was told didn't need to be boxed, got boxed. Our medium boxes were charged as large boxes even though I specified the gallon amount on the phone in the initial quote. We paid a fortune in boxes. You can't tell them no or change your mind about hiring them because it's moving day and you have to move. We are seasoned movers (move a lot for career) and this has NEVER happened to us.

2. Lior is a sexist. Treated my husband nicely. Treated me like garbage. He talked to me like I was a complete idiot. Actually asked if I could hand my husband the phone!

3. Deposits can be paid with credit cards. Pick up has to be paid with check. And delivery has to be paid with either cash or money order - AND this isn't told to you until the delivery day. Three different types of payment. Are you kidding me?
So there I was on a Sunday, trying to pull thousands of dollars out of an ATM. Finally had to scramble to Walmart to get a money order while they waited to unload because they WOULDN'T UNLOAD OUR ITEMS UNTIL THEY GOT PAID. What? What company does that?! Lior actually called us "mean people" because we complained about this over a phone call.

4. Waited 21 days to receive our items. We moved from Orlando to New Orleans - 9 hours away.

5. Showed up to deliver a three bedroom house with only 2 guys to unload. My husband had to haul most of the load since the two movers were slower than Christmas.

6. Tried to tell us they couldn't deliver because of narrow roads - ON delivery day. "It's going to have to be a shuttle," they said, which was going to cost us hundreds of more dollars.
We don't have narrow roads where we live. They were literally parked two miles away in a completely different location nowhere near our home. I had to drive to their location and MAKE them follow me to my house. Obviously, they were trying to bleed more money out of us.

- In the end, for what we paid, we could've have rented the biggest Penske truck available (plus gas money), drove it to our our new location same-day (not waited 21 days), and hired THREE crews of man-power to load us up in Orlando and THREE crews of man-power to unload us in New Orleans.

- I have no idea how this company has a great BBB rating and good Google reviews. If I had checked Yelp and some other reviewer sites, we would not have never hired.

Thanks for listening. This was therapy. Don't give them your business. They don't deserve you.



Customers Beware

If you use this company, beware of deceptive practices by the original salesman (in this case “David”). Before making my final decision, I had 4 telephone conversations and he understood my entire situation. I was promised delivery of my furniture on February 3rd with the salesman knowing I was starting a new job in a new state.
After picking up my furniture, it ended up in a warehouse in South Florida for a week, finally arriving on February 10th. Upon contacting the salesman for assistance, he informed me he could not help me anymore and all call had to be routed to dispatch. Both parties stated there was language in the contract yet the salesman neglected to inform me after 4 separate conversations. Does this sound like someone who was looking out for my best interest?
Also, during the initial contact with the salesman, he insured me that his company does not put jobs out for bid, that, their experienced drivers will complete the delivery. However, to my surprise, this company did bid my job to another moving company. Plus, the driver requested an additional $300.00 above the agreed upon contract price.
In conclusion, this company is not very trustworthy and my salesman was by no means an ethical customer service professional looking out for his customers. I would never refer this company to anyone – future customers – beware and read the fine print.



Poor service & failure to fulfill contract

We contracted with Moving Mania to transport an item from Florida to Arizona. They arrived several days late to pick up the item and failed to bring the equipment verbally agreed upon to move it safely. They guaranteed delivery within 7-10 days. They contracted us at the end of that time telling us it had yet to be shipped. Seventeen days later, we received a call saying it would be delivered the following day & demanding cash payment in full prior to allowing us to inspect the item & saying it might have been damaged in transit. When my husband said he wanted to see it first, he received a call from a man who identified himself as Lior who immediately became verbally abusive insisting payment be made before the truck would be opened &, after calling my husband several vulgar names, hung up. He called back & told us since we had disagreed with him, we would be responsible for getting it off the truck & placing it where the contract said it was to go. When told we insisted he comply with the contract, he said he was just going to take it to Phoenix and sell it. The next time he called, I answered and he screamed at me and was verbally abusive. He proceeded to threaten me & told me there would be an unspecified additional charge and the item would be offloaded into our driveway & we could move it from there. When I asked his name, he said my husband knew. I asked the name of the company he was driving for and was told it was on the contract. In anticipation of having to deal with him in person, we arranged for a friend to be here as a witness in case we needed to file a formal complaint with the State Attorney General and/or fill a claim with the court. Fortunately, he had subcontracted with Executive Moving from Las Vegas and their driver,Eli, was outstanding! We would NEVER do business with Moving Mania based solely on the unprofessional and threatening interaction with Lior. Fortunately and through no effort on their part, our item was not damaged in transit.

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